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Notes for new customers
As a new customer, you have the choice to create yourself an account in our online-store (with your e-mail address and your own password). This has the advantage f.e. that you have the administration over all your orders that you placed online.
You are also welcome to order as a "guest" with us (without registration). Of course it´s important to submit all your data correctly. We treat these strictly confidential, of course. Submitting a telephone number makes a fast contact easier for us, f.e. in case of a query regarding an order.


Payment as new customer
If you place your first order with us, you generally can choose from all given payment methods (except "on account").
With new customers, we prefer the payment by pre-payment / bank wire, because this is very fast and easy to be done by everybody.


Shipping costs within Germany
Within Germany we currently charge a flat fee of 4,90 EUR for each order that gets sent out.
If you order for 120,00 EUR or more (value in the package), then you get it even shipped free!
Please note that with the payment by cash on delivery surcharges apply (cod-fees).


Payment of pre-orders
Pre-ordered items are not due with us at the moment when you place the order, but when the items are available.
E.g. you pre-order one or more items in March, which will be released in June, we ask your payment then in June - as soon as the items are in stock with us. If you ordered with bank debit/credit card, your account/card will also be charged then. We concern this mode as fair, both for us and our customers and it proved true over the last years.
Of course this requires on the opposite trust and reliability from your side. Since we normally have to pay our shipments up front to our suppliers, we wish to get prompt payments also from our customers.


On some items - especially on very limited products, high-pricey items or such, that we order upon special customer request - we ask for a deposit up front. The height of the down-payment will be determined from us for each unique transaction (normally about 20% of the product price). In single cases, we feel free to keep this down-payment, if the a customer does not take his (pre-)ordered item or cancels his order.
We ask for your understanding about this - unfortunately we had to face some financial damages in the past through such situations. With this regulation we can at least compensate our damage a little bit in single cases.
If it´s about a very limited item, which was promised and exclusively allocated to a customer in advance or which was specifically ordered for him from abroad, then the acceptance is unavoidable. We can also not accept the "return because of dislikeness" in such a case of a special order.
The same regulation applies to a cancellation of such an order.


Cancellations of pre-orders are most of the time very unpleasing and costly for us.
Most of the items - especially of course high-pricey statues or replicas f.e. - we order in the proper amounts that we get pre-orders from customers for. We have to accept all pre-ordered items from our suppliers and normally have to pay them before they get shipped!
Therefore it is very important to us that everybody accepts his pre-order and will not cancel. Whoever still wants to cancel an item that he pre-ordered and that we planned fix for him, should please contact us as early as possible and in time. The following progress will be discussed individually.


Confirmation of an order
The confirmation of your order will be done in two steps:
First you will get - shortly after placing your online-order - an automated confirmation-mail by our shop-system, so you can be sure that your order was submitted with us.
After that you will receive a detailed, personal confirmation-mail from our staff. In this email you will get more infos about your order, like f.e. the availability of the items, our bank info for the pre-payment aso...
Please always give us some time for this second confirmation-mail. Since we process all orders by hand, it can take up to a few hours (during our regular operation hours). But then you will have your direct and competent contact person of flesh and blood.
Orders that come in over the weekend are processed normally on the next working day. Of course you can inquire the status of your order anytime by email or phone.


Redeem a voucher or a coupon
If you received a voucher or a coupon from us (f.e. connected to a special promotion or by collecting S.P.A.C.E REWARDS points), you can activate it in the shopping cart in the proper box.
»Vouchers« normally refer to a certain value. This Euro-amount will then be booked on your online-account and you can use it on any of your orders as you wish. »Coupons« always get cashed immediately after activation with the current order and may f.e. also consist of a percentage discount.
If you have further question about vouchers / coupons, feel free to contact our customer service anytime.


Delivery time within Germany
Items marked with "In stock" are usually ready to ship from our warehouse immediately. In the best case (depending on your payment) the package can leave our warehouse the same day, either by DHL or UPS.
Pre-order items of course can first be shipped once available. Of course we keep you posted about this.
Once a packages leaves our warehouse, the consignee gets a shipping-email from us on the same day with the tracking number. If nothing goes wrong on the postal way, you should receive the package on the next (latest the next but one) working day!


Foreign shipping costs
We have different ways to ship abroad. The shipping cost of course depends on the destination and the weight / size of the shipment.
Please click here to get to our special shipping costs info-page.


Payment on foreign orders
On foreign orders we only accept pre-payments - either by bank wire, credit card or PayPal. More informations about this can be found under payment methods.


Delivery time abroad
The delivery time to a foreign coutry of course depends on the destination and the shipping way.
Please click here to get to our special shipping costs info-page. You can see the regular shipping times for most of the countries there. Normally an order gets shipped out on the same day that we receive the payment.


Shopping on-site
We don´t run physical store anymore - but still you are welcome to visit us in our warehouse, to pick up your order or just poke a bit.
Please tell us in advance and coordinate an appointment with us. We also can get you a direction.


Order of items not listed online
When you are looking for other special items that you cannot find in our store, you can of course inquire this anytime.
Sometimes we still have special or older single pieces in our warehouse or can also get different items specially for your. For these special requests we also provide a special service, our ToySeeker!


Reclamations and returns
If f.e. something arrived damaged or so, please contact us as a first step by email of telephone under +49 (0)9081-25696. We then go through it with you and search for a suitable solution together (replacement, discount afterwords, aso.).
Return shipments of any kind should definately be stamped sufficiently and not be sent to us "carriage forwarded".
Further informations (also about the right of return) can be read in our Terms & Conditions.