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1:1 General Grievous life-size Bust (Star Wars)

1:1 General Grievous life-size Bust (Star Wars)

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Barcode: 747720210592
Product no.: 2945


Product: Bust
Theme: Star Wars
Size: 23" (58,4cm) tall
Weight: 12 kg
Material: Polystone
Packaging: Box
Edition size: 750

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the latest addition to the Star Wars Life-size Bust series, General Grievous. The General Grievous Life-size Bust has been meticulously sculpted to capture every detail of Grievous' techno-organic visage. The General Grievous bust is mounted on a Star Wars inspired display base, including a 'General Grievous' nameplate. The hand crafted, hand painted General Grievous Life-size Bust is sure to become the premier addition to any Star Wars display.

The strength of the Galactic Republic begins to crumble as the weakened systems of the galaxy merge their resources, coerced into union with the corporate sectors. Rising from the rubble of the former Republic, a new strength appears - the Confederacy of Independent Systems. A droid army of innumerable size is formed, and from within its ranks emerges General Grievous.

A brilliant and cold strategist, General Grievous is not burdened with compassion or conscience. His unaffected demeanor and brutal military campaigns build his reputation among the frightened peoples of the Republic, and soon the threat of his wrath becomes more terrifying than those posed by Count Dooku himself. His body is a deadly weapon forged by developers of the Confederacy, its living matter encased within a precision-engineered artificial body. Inside the mechanical exterior beats the heart of a remorseless killer. Grievous hunted Jedi for sport and kept his victims' lightsabers within his cloak as trophies. His unorthodox fighting form and mechanical enhancements gave him an edge in close-quarter combat.

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This product is a collectible item!

Only suited for adult collectors - not ment to be a child's toy!

Keep away from children under 3 years - choking hazard because of small parts.