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The S.P.A.C.E Bonusprogram

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Customer loyalty gets rewarded with us - with our S.P.A.C.E REWARDS!

To participate with our S.P.A.C.E REWARDS bonusprogram, you have to register once by using the form on the right. We will activate your account and then you´re all set. The registration and participation is free, of course. The only requirement for you is a functional customer account1 on our website. All other administration will be done through us and collecting reward-points runs automatically from the moment of your registration for our REWARDS program!

How you can collect reward-points:
For each invoiced full Euro of turnover2 one point will be credited to your rewards-account. Once per month you will get an info mail with your actual point-balance for your overview. Points do rise unlimited with every further purchase. Proper for earning points is the billed turnover on your issued invoices (normally at the time when we ship, not already during a pre-order phase).
You will have the chance to earn extra or multiple points on temporary special promotions. Hints for such promotions can be found in our daily news or in our newsletter.

These are your benefits:
For every achieved 500-points-step you will automatically get a store-voucher in value of 10,- EUR from us by e-mail. You can redeem this credit by yourself in your account and use it for example on your next order.
Once you´ve reached the 2.500-points-border, you will become a S.P.A.C.E Trooper and receive a permanent liberation of shipping costs3 within Germany and the EU.
The next step is the marker of 5.000 points on which you - as a S.P.A.C.E Elite Squad Member - will get a one-time 20% discount-coupon4 for one pre-order item of your choice.
From 10.000 points you will become a S.P.A.C.E Major Collector and qualify for a permanent 5% discount on everything5 from this moment on (instead of the repeating 10,- EUR vouchers).
Participating is absolutely free, won´t hurt and - it´s worth it! Just give it a try.




1 Please check if all your personal info is completely and correctly on file and that your log-in works. You can contact us on technical issues here:
2 Gross turnover, related to the pure value of your purchase. Surcharges like shipping costs, credit card fees aso. are excluded.
3 Freight shipping costs for palette-shipments are basically excluded, but might be granted upon our discretion.
4 The one-time handout of the 20%-coupon will take place instead of the 10,- EUR voucher. The use of this coupon is only possible a single time towards one pre-order item and the discount will only be granted towards the purchase-value (not towards surcharges, like shipping costs aso.)! In case of cancellation or non-acceptance of the order, the coupon will expire!
5 On-sale items, reduced items, special orders aso. may be excluded.


Important hints:
"S.P.A.C.E REWARDS" is a bonusprogram for our consumer customers. The program is not valid for dealers / resellers.
The bonuspoints are not transferable to third parties. An assignment of points will only be granted for billed turnovers of purchases of goods through our website (f.e. not for trades or gift-vouchers and also not for purchases through external portals like eBay).
Points for returned items will be subtracted afterwords.
A cash payment of the assigned vouchers is not possible. The redeeming of vouchers will only be accepted and granted through our webshop with a related online-order.
Collecting points is only possible from the moment of your registration through this form. We will not assign points afterwards for turnovers that have been done before the registration.
We keep the right to reject customers from this program if they appear with negative notes.