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12" Kuroikage (Ternion Wars)

Triad Toys
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Barcode: TT003
Product no.: TT003
Triad Toys

This item has been cancelled by the manufacturer and will not be produced !

Product: Action Figure
Theme: Ternion Wars
Size: 12" (30cm) tall
Weight: 0,8 kg
Material: PVC
Packaging: Box
Edition size: unlimited

Behind every war is an untold saga. . .

After the Great War, the once powerful Guardians of Ternia have all but perished in the flames of battle. The remaining few are dispersed and roaming the land; seeking to restore Ternia to its former power. One of the last known descendants of the Guardians is Kuroikage (Black Shadow). Born with natural white hair and inhuman abilities, Kuroi knows no challenge when it comes to battle. Wielding the Phantom Destiny sword handed down by the Shirow Sword School, Kuroi is relentless as the last descendant of the Shirow School. Her eye patch reads "Death" as a memoir of her ancestor's selfless heroism - the great Genzoukage.

Kuroikage 12 Inch Figure includes the following items:
- 1 Kuroi Headsculpt with Rooted Saran Hair on the Otaku 1.0 Caucasian Skintone body
- 1 Black Eye Patch
- 1 Black PVC Armor Body Suit
- 1 Pair Arm Guards
- 1 Adjustable Leather Shoulder Arm Guard
- 1 Adjustable Leather Full Arm Guard
- 1 Adjustable Leather Upper Leg Guard
- 1 Adjustable Leather Pouch Holder Belt
- 1 Pair Black Armored Boots
- 1 Weapons Attachment Backpack/Sword Holder
- 1 ATAC Scythe Weapons Set (includes functional coma, 2 extending attachments, ender, spear, and connector)
- 1 ATAC Phantom Destiny Sword (includes sword handle, blade, ender, guard - can be attached to Scythe set for more combos and customization)
- 2 Pairs of Hands (Sword Grips and Martial Pose)

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Only suited for adult collectors - not ment to be a child's toy!

Keep away from children under 3 years - choking hazard because of small parts.