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1/4 Scale Predator Maquette (Predator)

1/4 Scale Predator Maquette (Predator)

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Barcode: 747720207622
Product no.: 7143


Product: Premium Format Figure
Theme: Predator
Size: 24" (60cm) tall
Weight: 13 kg
Material: Polystone / Fabrics
Packaging: Box
Edition size: 750

He lives for the thrill of the hunt. He is The Predator, a creature from a distant world. He lives to fight, fights to win, and would sooner die than abandon the hunt. He is fearless, merciless and armed to the teeth. Carrying an arsenal of hi-tech weaponry and a suit that provides the perfect camouflage, he stalks his prey, collecting the skulls of victims as trophies and leaving bloody carnage in his wake. Though brutal, he is not without honor. Killing only prey that is armed or capable of self-defense, for the sport is in the challenge, he is on a quest for the greatest challenge and the fiercest game. Whether it is an acid-blooded alien or an elite team of human commandos, the Predator is always up for a knock-down battle to the death.

Sideshow Collectibles, in partnership with Stan Winston Studios, presents the definitive Predator collectible product. The Predator Maquette stands at an imposing two feet in height, including the detailed jungle base. It includes detailed body armor and a fabric net body suit authentic to the iconic film costume, with leather material accents and impeccable detail, right down to the shoulder cannon and complex skin patterns. Starting with scanned data reduced in size from the 1:1 scale original on display at Stan Winston Studios, senior artists Trevor Hensley and John Rosengrant have meticulously recreated the cinema classic in approximately 1:4 scale with unrivaled authenticity. In their words, "the details surpass the original." This maquette will stand out as the centerpiece of any trophy room on Earth or beyond the stars.

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This product is a collectible item!

Only suited for adult collectors - not ment to be a child's toy!

Keep away from children under 3 years - choking hazard because of small parts.