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Flint vs. Zartan Diorama (G.I. Joe)
Flint vs. Zartan Diorama (G.I. Joe)
Flint vs. Zartan Diorama (G.I. Joe)
Flint vs. Zartan Diorama (G.I. Joe)
Flint vs. Zartan Diorama (G.I. Joe)
Flint vs. Zartan Diorama (G.I. Joe)

Flint vs. Zartan Diorama (G.I. Joe)

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Hersteller: Sideshow
Barcode: 2626
Art.Nr.: 2626
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Produkt: Diorama
Thema:G.I. Joe
Größe:30cm (12") hoch
Gewicht:6,8 kg

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to continue the G.I. Joe Diorama series with the Flint VS Zartan scene. This detailed sculpture captures the ongoing game of cat and mouse between the Joe team and the Cobra mercenary Zartan. Complete with a removable moss detail for a customizable display, each piece is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The Flint VS Zartan Diorama is an outstanding addition to any display, a perfect centerpiece to any G.I. Joe collection.

Before entering the Army, Dashiell Faireborn, code name FLINT, was a Rhodes Scholar with a penchant for English Literature. Since he left the academic world in search of a more challenging atmosphere, he attained the rank of warrant officer and has led the G.I. JOE team on several relentless and effective attacks against COBRA and its evil allies across the world. But Flint is not the kind of soldier who sits back and watches his teammates have all the glory. Known for his arrogant attitude, Flint has often led by example, charging his troops into battle with an admirable and sometimes reckless boldness. Whatever the task at hand, Flint is front and center, ready to get the job done. With the G.I. Joe team often facing seemingly insurmountable opposition from Cobra, you can be sure that Flint is behind the perfectly executed missions that take his team towards victory.

Every member of G.I. Joe has encountered the espionage agent known as ZARTAN at one time or another. A master of disguise, Zartan has found no shortage of ways to deceive the Joe team, luring them closer and closer to Cobra and his gang of violent mercenaries known as the DREADNOKS. Infamous for his camouflaging techniques, Zartan is capable of mimicking both the voices and physical appearances of those he impersonates, and when he finally reveals his true self, still partially concealed beneath a hood and threatening face paint, he becomes a more physical threat, wielding impressive martial arts and archery skills.

Zartan has worked directly with the vile COBRA COMMANDER on several missions. A seasoned member of the G.I. Joe team, Flint knows that wherever Zartan lurks Cobra can't be far behind. Zartan and the Dreadnoks call the jungle their home -- the only environment as savage as they are, and though Zartan may think he has the upper hand in this familiar surroundings, he just may have underestimated Flint's resourcefulness and tenacity in battle...


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