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Dear visitors, customers and passionate collectors, dear movie- and comic-enthusiasts,
welcome to our online-store!


Since 1998 we deal with the continousely growing market around collectible figures and items of all possible license themes (mostly movie and comic related) and offer you a large range of products of numerous themes from all major manufacturers of this industry.

"We" - that´s a young, kind and funny mixed team of (surely not normal) people, around Sven, the founder of S.P.A.C.E! Each of us has the proper portion of interest, fantasy and enthusiasm for the products that we are allowed to work with, and is therefore able to identify himself with everything very passionately.

Besides a large seelection, that we want to offer to the collector and movie-fan, customer service and contact have highest priority with us. Therefore each and every request, every order and any matter is treated and answered personally by a team mate. We do this with the neccessary time and attention. Since most of our colleagues see theirselves as fellow collectors, we always used to maintain a very personal and direct contact to our customers from the very first beginning.

Our product range contains everything from the 7 inch tall action-figure at about 10 euros to the life-size high-end statue at an upper 4-digit price level. Definately 99% of our selection has not to be concerned as children´s toys, but as collectible items for adults.

Most of our manufacturers are US companies, who have their officially licensed products done in far-east. A lot of these items are hand-made (especially the painting, of course), which affect that small differences in detail may occur - also compared to the manufacturers´ prototype-images.

Since most of our items are produced as limited editions (either as a strictly numbered issue or a limited production-run) it´s our daily business that a lot is out of stock or sold out very fast. It appears not seldom that a statue raises its price mulltiple in the so called secondary market (f.e. eBay).

That´s why we work a lot on pre-order basis. This is dictated to us by our manufacturers and we also recommend the same to our customers, in order to avoid dissapointment about a sold-out item.

It is very important to us though, that you only pre-order with us when you are sure that you want and especially can take the item. Cancelling a firmly noted pre-order does affect our steady very precise allocation negatively and is, because of the big effort, not welcome around here. Furthermore, it would not be fair to other customers if a place on the pre-order list would be blocked.

Our steady customers benefit, besides many promotions and special offers, from our bonus-system S.P.A.C.E REWARDS, on which everybody can participate free. By collecting points for your purchases you get coupons from time to time and will enjoy also other benefits like f.e. general free shipping.

Alhtough we are always exerts to raise our bar and are trying daily to give our best, sometimes mistakes or complications can also appear with us. In many cases these come through circumstances beyond our control, like f.e. a never ending delay of a delivery date of an item by the manufacturer. Please see us if you feel uncomfortable with anything. We are always open for criticism and so far were able to find a solution for any problem.

Your S.P.A.C.E Team