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Everything comes to an end, even »Supernatural«. In October, the Winchester brothers get into Dean's '67 Chevrolet Impala for the last time and embark on the adventures of the 15th and final season of the series. For this occasion, a new poster and a new trailer were released.

Here at S.P.A.C.E, Tobi is a big fan of Supernatural - for some others in the team, the mystery series is still on the to-watch-list. The fans in Germany have to wait another year until season 15 will be available on German Pay-TV.


Do you remember the super cool trailer of Suicide Squad, cut on Queen's »Bohemian Rhapsody«? How did we celebrate this at the time... But after the movie, there was more like a hangover mood. Well, some characters - especially Harley Quinn - left a lasting impression. But the story of the film was anything but not exactly whipped cream.

As you know, DC and WARNER start a new attempt, probably in the form of a soft reboot and not really as a sequel. To be honest, »The Suicide Squad« is not yet really predictable to us.

Director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) shared the cast list of the new movie on Twitter recently. There will be a reunion with some old acquaintances like Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman and Jai Courtney. Also numerous new names like Idris Elba, Michael Rooker and Nathan Fillion are on the list. Jared Leto is missing though.

The film will launch in 2021. So there could be still a lot to happen. We remain cautiously optimistic - in any case, we expect cool collectibles by DC, Hot Toys an co.

For those who can't wait, we highly recommend the super hot Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure by SIDESHOW.

16.09.2019 • SATURN AWARDS 2019

On Friday, the 45. SATURN AWARDS were presented in Hollywood. Since this award is all about genre productions like science-fiction, fantasy, horror and thriller, this prize has just the right amount of geekability to be interesting to us.

The big winner of the evening was Marvel with six awards, including »Best Comic-to-Motion Picture Release« for »Avengers: Endgame« and »Best Actor in a Film« for Robert Downey Jr.

As the best actress in a movie, Jamie Lee Curtis was awarded for »Halloween«.

HBO's »Game of Thrones« brought four prizes home to Westeros. »Westworld« was awarded as the best science-fiction series.

Here is the list of all winners and nominations.

12.09.2019 • IT IS PENNYWISE

"IT" is now running since one week and it is already apparent that also Part 2 will make a proper checkout - even if the critics to the film are a bit restrained. Did you already watch IT?

We are very pleased that Hot Toys announced their 1/6 Pennywise at the right time. We have already seen him at the SDCC in July - now the dancing clown is finally available for pre-order on our website. And it has become a marvelous cool figure!

If you like it really big though, there's also a Pennywise in 1/3 scale by Elite Creature Collectibles ;)

10.09.2019 • IS "IT" HARLEY QUINN?

It seems as if the creatives at WARNER are really into red balloons. Everybody knows that they are the hallmark of Pennywise. To do a self-deprecating marketing bridge to BIRDS OF PREY, will have surprised the visitors of IT - CHAPTER 2, surely.

Harley Quinn is »so f***ing over clowns« and she drums up her also loopy and sexy colleagues from the DC villain pool to ring in the »Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn« for February 2020.

By the way, the film is supposed to be rated R. That's right! Because a family friendly Harley Quinn is basically a contradiction in terms.

You can find the newest trailer with the red balloons here.


Full 17 years after their last movie, the BAD BOYS are back - namely FOR LIFE!

The trailer looks pretty cool and makes - at least us - hungry for the movie. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have - of course - grown older (and Big Mama... ahh Lawrence a bit chubbier) and they play their roles with much wit and self-irony. No question, they will let it rip in Miami again.

»BAD BOYS FOR LIFE« will hit German theaters in January 2020. Exactly your thing - or do you rather think: Who needs a third part now?!


Hooray! The summer hole is behind us and the cinema autumn promises to be exciting with some high-carats in the starting blocks. For September, it was not easy to agree on a Top 5. There was not much to discuss in the high entries, but there was a lot to choose from for the numbers 3 to 5, which will at least drive some of our crew to the theaters. Our Minority Report calls here: »Downton Abby«, »The Goldfinch« and the Dreamworks animated film »Abominable«.
And here is our top 5:

Number 5:
AD ASTRA | release date: 19.09.2019
It took a long time - now it is here. The cast with Brad Pitt, Liv Tyler, Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland lures us to the movies.

Number 4:
READY OR NOT | release date: 26.09.2019
That promises to be pretty bloody. 17 wedding dresses in various stages of decay and bloody pollution were needed for lead actress Samara Weaving.

Number 3:
MIDSOMMAR | release date: 26.09.2019
After the overwhelming success of »Hereditary« the expectations of the new Ari Aster movie are of course high.

Number 2:
RAMBO: LAST BLOOD | release date: 19.09.2019
It's the return of action legend Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo almost 40 years after the »First Blood«. Of course, we can not get around.

Number 1:
IT CHAPTER 2 | release date: 05.09.2019
Part 1 is considered the most commercially successful horror movie of all time. Twenty-seven years after the stage victory against the evil, the Losers' Club returns to the city of Derry, facing the diabolic clown Pennywise again. We're looking forward to the adult losers (including James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain) and also to see the kids again (in flashbacks). And above all, of course, to Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise.

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!

03.09.2019 • PUT ON A HAPPY FACE

For movie critics, comic book adaptations from the superhero genre are probably something more like a guilty pleasure. So it amazes even more that JOKER got his eight-minute standing ovations at his world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Right - EIGHT minutes!!!

And that has good reasons: Joker has become an adult R-Rated movie with the exceptional talent Joaquin Phoenix in the title role. The critics' reaction to the film is multiplying our anticipation and we can well imagine that the Joaquin Phoenix Joker is equal to or even trumps the acclaimed portrayal of Heath Ledger, and Phoenix finally will get the long overdue Oscar after three nominations.


IRON STUDIOS is rather a young player in the world of collectibles - the manufacturer, which is based in Brazil by the way, was launched only in 2012. After - according to us - initial difficulties, which especially concerned the head sculpts of human characters, Iron Studios shaped up pretty well and they can now confidently be referred to as an established and credible brand. Not only the quality of the products but also the portfolio of licenses is really gratifying.

That's why it was only a matter of time until we finally would point out a statue by Iron Studios as our »Product of the Month«. In spite of the dominating MCU contingent, we decided to pick a classic - the SUPERMAN 1/10 Deluxe Art Scale Statue, which is based on the very first movie from 1978. Superman's pose and simply the whole realization of the statue, including a flexible »Stars and Stripes« flag, pay tribute to the unforgettable Christopher Reeve. This collectible is definitely a great highlight in the collection of every fan of classic comic film adaptions.

29.08.2019 • EL CAMINO

What is Jesse Pinkman doing?

This question might be answered by »El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie«. The movie will air on Netflix on 11th October already.

"After his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse has to deal with his past and plan for his future..." so the summary. Of course, Aaron Paul plays his leading role. Whether Bryan Cranston will appear in any form as Walter White in the movie, is still a secret. Series creator Vince Gilligan takes his place on the director's chair again. Here you can see a first appetizer:

The series finale of Breaking Bad was a precision landing. Does it really need a sequel? Nevertheless, we can not resist and look forward to this new chapter.

28.08.2019 • D23 ROUND UP: STAR WARS

The second hot topic at this year's D23 Expo was of course STAR WARS. For all our pleasures DISNEY was not stingy with news and new material.

There is a teaser-poster of Episode IX and the breathtaking „Special Look“ on »The Rise of Skywalker«. The last scene of the clips ignited fireworks of speculations among fans. Will Rey end up on the dark side of the Force in the end?

The trailer for the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN, which will take place after »Return of the Jedi«, is pretty gloomy and quite promising.

And then one of the big moments - Ewan McGregor on stage with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy:
„Kathleen, can you ask me in front of all these people, can you please ask me, am I going to play Obi-Wan Kenobi again.“
„...Ewan, are you going to play Obi-Wan Kenobi again?“
Of course cheers broke out in the hall big time!

CLONE WARS also finds its new home at Disney + and airs on February 22nd 2020 with brand-new episodes of season 7 there.

Another yet unnamed series is to become a prequel to ROGUE ONE, focusing on the adventures of Cassian Andor and K-2SO. The series seens to be in pre-production already.

Disney fired off a full broadside also when it comes to Star Wars. May it be fall :-)

27.08.2019 • D23 ROUND UP: MARVEL

Last weekend, the D23 Expo took place in Anaheim, California. This is the big fan event which DISNEY aligns itself and shows us once again what now belongs to the media giant.

Around the MCU, there were a bunch of news, specific release dates for some movies and showpieces such as new posters on BLACK WIDOW, WANDA VISION and FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER

Already at San Diego Comic Con, MARVEL president Kevin Feige revealed several new Marvel films and series. Now he announced three more launches on the new streaming service »Disney+« on top of the five already known shows: SHE HULK, MS. MARVEL and MOON KNIGHT!

Disney + launches in the US in November. The first two European countries will join in the following two months. A German launch date is not yet known, but we think the first quarter of 2020 is very likely.

Disney's major offensive to break Netflix's dominance in the streaming business is already in full swing. If you want to see all the new series in the MCU and in the Star Wars universe, you probably can not get around a Disney + subscription. Because the new content will only available there. However, sometimes we ask ourselves, who has so much spare time to watch all this...


After a little dry spell we are finally having another MOTU MONDAY, dear »Masters of the Universe« fans!

Since the announcement came shooting out of all corners of Eternia during the last couple of days, we decided to round up the current happening in a special newsletter for you:

Have fun browsing!

Just a hint for all pre-ordering customers: even if all the different shipments will arrive here during the whole month of September, we would prefer to combine as many pre-orders as possible. Like if you, for example, pre-ordered Vintage Wave 3 and the Power-Con Exclusives, then you would get 1 package from us. If you don't want to wait and prefer several instant shipments instead, please let us know.


MATRIX part 4 is confirmed! You are reading correctly - Keanu Reeves will return to the silver screen as Neo. Also Carrie-Anne Moss will be back as Trinity and Lana Wachowski will take the lead again as director, writer and producer. Whether Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith and Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus will also be on board, is not yet known.

The first Matrix of 1999 set standards in genre cinema. Don't we all still remember how enthusiastic we came from the cinema back then. Well, in case of part 2 and 3 opinions differed a lot. We're excited to see what the new sequel will come up with...

21.08.2019 • THE OLD BEN KENOBI...

Now it seems to be official and confirmed by »Variety«, »Deadline« and »The Hollywood Reporter«. Ewan McGregor will be returning as Jedi Master OBI-WAN KENOBI! Not on the big screen but on the telly in the form of a series for Disney's own streaming service »Disney+«.

According to McGregor's age, the story will probably be located between Episode III and IV.

What do you think? Do you feel the Force and is this a reason to celebrate - or does Disney milk the Star Wars franchise to death in the battle for market share?

19.08.2019 • MOTU x NETFLIX

MOTU fans, heads up! The week is kickin' off with incredible news, directly from POWER-CON which tool place last weekend in Anaheim (California):

NETFLIX in collaboration with »MATTEL television« will produce a brand-new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE animated TV show! Show runner and creative head will be Kevin Smith, who we all know and love for his cult movies like »Clerks«, »Mallrats«, »Dogma« and of course »Jay and Silent Bob«. Kevin himself revealed the news inlcuding a first artwork during a panel at Power-Con. You can imagine how the crowd on-site was freakin' out.

Toy YouTuber PIXEL DAN was also there and able to catch Kevin for an interview in front of the camera. You have to check out this cool conversation:

So Eternia's future is safe :-) Looking at figure news, it's also heating up here like hell these days. More details can be discovered on our website during the next days and upcoming MOTU Monday in our news...


GAME OF THRONES - for many the best series of all time - is history. Nevertheless, we are still getting blessed by collectible novelties to the series. A special highlight of the past weeks was DROGON by McFarlane Toys.

We just had to fly towards the sunset with him... and thanks to the great support of wonderbunk, the result are some super atmospheric pictures. You can find them in our Facebook album.

Drogon is in stock right now and therefore immediately available, by the way:

At a price of under 40 EUR, this figure is a MUST for all GoT fans ;-)


Do you know EVENT HORIZON? The sci-fi horror film from the year 1997 didn't get good reviews, but is now considered as an underrated genre pearl with a solid fan base. The director Paul W.S. Anderson had actually planned a 30-minute longer version, but Paramount pulled the emergency brake at that time, because the result in brutality would have become too hefty. Unfortunately, a director's cut never came.

But there are good news - Amazon and Paramount Television are teaming up to reopen the gate to hell - as a series. »You're Next« maker Adam Wingard will take seat in the director's chair. Are you ready for the hell trip?

12.08.2019 • THE 1/6 WORLD

Not even half a year and the 2010s are history. According to our current arrival at the 1/6 Super Section, our colleague Mick, "Master of 1/6 Puppets", put together an interesting retrospective. He explores the following question in the Action Figure District: What has happened in the 1/6 world in the outgoing decade? For all collectors of this scale, this is really an exciting and well-researched article.


It seems as if we are not out the summer hole yet. In some months, so many blasts hit the theaters, that it's almost impossible to limit the selection to five films. August is more like a month, where we were glad to find five cool movies for our list...
So here's our August cinema watchlist:

Number 5:
FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS & SHAW | release date: 01.08.2019
Shut down the brain in the economy mode, order a bucket of popcorn and get ready for some entertaining action fun!

Number 4:
CRAWL | release date: 22.08.2019
Alexandre Aja understands something about the horror genre - let's see what he made out of the alligator story.

Number 3:
TOY STORY 4 | release date: 15.08.2019
A reunion with Woody and Buzz Lightyear - that's like meeting old friends.

Number 2:
I AM MOTHER | release date: 22.08.2019
After the trailer, we have marked this movie in our calendar - also because WETA is involved.

Number 1:
ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD | release date: 15.08.2019
A Tarantino is the classic No Brainer. And if movie lover Quentin takes on Hollywood, then we look forward to a quotes-rich cinema pleasure.

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!

06.08.2019 • BIOSHOCK - THE MOVIE

Fans have been waiting for a long time for a film adaptation of the first-person shooter BIOSHOCK. Now »Mortal Kombat« author Greg Russo announced his interest in a BioShock movie. In an interview with »Comicbook«, Russo argues that he would put the main focus on the horror elements of the game. We like to hear that - but it may be a bit early to errupt in cheers, because there have been some failed attempts to a screen adaption...

Anyway, we would be really thrilled by it! The underwater world with the Art Deco style design of America in the 1930s, plus Big Daddy and Little Sister - that sounds like a visual treat.

What would you say about a BioShock movie?

05.08.2019 • CHAPTER 2

Just one month left and »IT CHAPTER 2« will hit the theaters. For the countdown, Warner Bros. just released another new, very stylish poster. Would eye lie to you?

We are very impressed by the graphic concept of the It Posters and we are looking forward to the movie with eager expectations.

What about you? Are you also counting the days until we meet the Losers' Club and Pennywise, the dancing clown, again?


BLITZWAY is quite a small manufacturer in relation to others, but they managed to play in the first league of collectibles providers with great care, high quality and lots of enthusiasm. That especially applies to the 1:6 sector, where they recently left a lasting impression to the collectors' community with the Ghostbusters and the Ecto-1. The second mainstay at Blitzway are the magnificently realized 1/4 "Hybrid type" statues with highlights like e.g. Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Stone - and of course the latest release: Don Vito Corleone from »The Godfather«.

»The Godfather« or »Der Pate«, as the movie is called in Germany, is one of the modern classics of American cinema, it made Al Pacino a star and gave Marlon Brando his most memorable role. The studio management wanted to neither bind Pacino nor Brando. Good for film history and us, that director Francis Ford Coppola made his way.

The 1/4 Superb Scale Vito Corleone Statue by Blitzway catches the mafia godfather perfectly, just as if the Don had just emerged from the big screen. Making him our Product of the Month August 2019 was inevitably an offer we could not refuse.

This collector's piece surely brings joy to the heart of every fan of classic movies. "Great men are not born great, they grow great..."


As we already know for some time, THE WALKING DEAD will get another spin-off. AMC released a first teaser for the still unnamed series. And now, it's already talked about the "Walking Dead Universe". How imaginative...

The teaser almost doesn't reveal anything, shows a bit of concept art and introduces the youthful protagonists, what may be due to the success of STRANGER THINGS. Teenagers in horror context - well that's also something that likes to backfire. And a coming-of-age story in the shadow of the zombie apocalypse? That, unfortunately, sounds like a lot of nerve potential.

Once upon a time, TWD was AMC's main attraction, but it weakened for quite a while and got low viewing figures. From the ninth season onwards, with new showrunner Angela Kang, the series is back on the way up a little. We will learn what the new series is good for in spring 2020. Let's be surprised (hopefully positive).

30.07.2019 • JOIN THE BOYS!

The whole world loves superheroes. Superheroes are also superstars causing a gigantic media interest and attracting millions of fans and followers. Above all, superheroes are a very lucrative business. In fact, most superheroes are big assholes...

If you are trembling now and say we're insulting one of your favorite heroes, you're on the wrong track, because we're not talking about Marvel and DC here. We are talking about the new AMAZON series »The Boys«.

The many parallels to the persistent superhero hype is of course intended by the authors. In »Homelander«, for example, we recognize Captain America, in »Queen Maeve« Wonder Woman, in »A-Train« The Flash and in »The Deep« Aquaman. Who has super powers, can dare a lot. Homelander sums it up: "I'm a superhero. I can do whatever the fuck I want!". Collateral damage is simply covered up in the interest of big business. This must also be experienced by Hughie Campbell, whose girlfriend becomes a superhero victim. He gets a visit from Billy Butcher, who has every reason to hate the Sups passionately. And so The Boys are being founded...

If you're a little superhero-tired or want a refreshing satirical perspective, then you're deinately in the right place with this brand-new show! And, by the way, it comes from the same folks behind SUPERNATURAL and SAUSAGE PARTY and definately has a high addictive potential.


2009 - so unbelievable 10 years ago! - ZOMBIELAND hit the theaters and became a big surprise hit. Now the sequel »Zombieland: Double Tap« will follow and almost all the cast and crew members are back on board: Ruben Fleischer again takes the director's seat, the authors Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick deliver the story again and there is a reunion with the four main actors Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin). These are already good prospects!

We are curious if part 2 can build on the spirit of its predecessor. Of course, we are looking forward to the movie, but we have to say that the first trailer - which is currently available only in the English original - has not really ignited with us...

26.07.2019 • MAD MAX RETURNS?

It was one of THE unexpected successes at the theaters of the past years: MAD MAX - FURY ROAD. The fourth part of the Mad Max series, which already started in 1979, is really a terrific end-time-action-cracker that hardly anyone would have expected like that. The film with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron was decorated with six Oscars in 2016.

Now it seems as if there will be a sequel or even up to 3 more movies! Director George Miller confirmed that he has ideas for three movies in his mind and really would like to realize these projects. Still there is some trouble though because of the dispute between Millers production company and Warner Bros. - but they are on a right way.

We would like to see Mad Max back on the big screen so bad! :)


In addition to all the superheroes, super villains and adventurers from galaxies far away, SIDESHOW launched »Court of the Dead« a few years ago with their own original concept, creating an individual combination full of horror and morbid eroticism. Who never nibbled at death, never rummaged in grief…

The statues in the Premium Format are real eye-catchers and you can see, how much fun the artists had working on them. Of course, the artworks are not cheap and those who want to collect them not only need the appropriate budget but also a lot of space.
So it is all the more pleasing that Sideshow now brings the characters in a PVC version on a handy scale. Last week, the first three models arrived at the S.P.A.C.E headquarter. And good luck for us: toy photographer Patrick alias "wonderbunk" was our guest on the SDCC weekend and took some awesome photos of »Kier«. The first shipment of her is already out of stock, but we try to get supplies. The other characters are immediately available - you can find them here.

More magnificent captures from the shooting can be admired on our Instagram Channel.

Kier also appears as a 1/6 scale »First Sword of Death« version collectors figure in cooperation with TBLeague. There comes life to the realm of the dead...

23.07.2019 • SDCC 2019 ROUND-UP: OUR HIGHLIGHTS (2)

As we all expected, this year's SAN DIEGO COMIC CON gave us a big boost of new trailers. Including a lot of material that really makes us hungry for the productions. From veteran series such as »The Walking Dead« (which is getting better again under new showrunner Angela Kang) to promising newcomers like »Watchmen«, »His Dark Materials« and »The Witcher«, to »Star Trek: Picard« (goose bumps!).

At the panels, especially the MARVEL Panel was eagerly awaited by the fans. Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige - supported by clenched star power - presented Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, leaving many cats out of the bag. Comic dude Marc, who was our guest on Saturday, reacted with lightning speed and put together an overview of the upcoming Marvel movies and series on his YouTube channel Der Comic Laden.


The San Diego Comic Con 2019 is behind us. We are still busy processing all sightings. On Friday and Saturday we went "live" and shared our impressions with you. You can find the two live streams on demand on our YouTube channel.

This morning we went through all news and revealings and put together our particular Top 3 collectible highlights.

1. Weta - Gandalf & Frodo MC (Lord of the Rings)
2. DC Collectibles - The Huntress Statue (DC Bombshells)
3. Hot Toys - 1/6 Scale Wicket (Star Wars)

1. Iron Studios - 1/10 Scale Joker Nurse Version
2. Blitzway - 1/6 Scale Jimi Hendrix
3. Pop Culture Shock - 1/4 Scale The Rock Statue

1. Weta - Possessed Galadriel Statue (Lord of the Rings)
2. Kotobukiya - Poisen Ivy Returns (DC Bishoujo)
3. Sideshow - Dejah Thoris Premium Format Figure (John Carter of Mars)

1. Quantum Mechanix - Deadpool & Ghost Rider Q-Fig (Marvel)
2. DC Collectibles - Harley Quinn blue & pink Statue (DC Designer Series)
3. Sideshow - Scarecrow Premium Format Figure (DC Comics)

1. Hot Toys - 1/6 Scale Pennywise (IT 2017)
2. Weta - Possessed Galadriel Statue (Lord of the Rings)
3. DC Collectibles - Catwoman Statue by Joelle Jones (DC Designer Series)

1. Weta - Skekso the Emperor Skeksis Statue (Dark Crystal)
2. Sideshow - Gladiator Hulk Maquette (Marvel)
3. Sideshow - Colossus Premium Format Figure (Marvel)

1. Hot Toys - 1/6 Scale Wicket (Star Wars)
2. Iron Studios  - Triceratops Diorama (Jurassic Park)
3. DC Collectibles - Harley Quinn blue & pink Statue (DC Designer Series)

1. Blitzway - 1/6 Scale Jimi Hendrix
2. Blitzway - 1/4 Scale Mother of Dragons Statue (Game of Thrones)
3. Hot Toys - 1/6 Scale Wicket (Star Wars)

17.07.2019 • SDCC 2019 COUNTDOWN: 1 DAY LEFT

Tomorrow it starts again - the awesome SAN DIEGO COMIC CON madness!

Like every year, we will provide you with many Breaking News on our Facebook page, with collectible highlights in the ticker, news about panels, new trailers and everything that has the necessary geekability.

And like every year, we invited guests to our live streams. This year, toy photographer Patrick alias wonderbunk, Marc from the YouTube channel "Der Comic Laden" and our S.P.A.C.E outpost Mick, staff member and Action Figure District creator. We scheduled a stream on Friday evening at about 6 pm and another one on Saturday at 1 pm - on all common platforms. We look forward to many of you tuning in and have a chat with us!


Only one more day until San Diego Comic Con! Let's take a look at Mattel and the highlights that the veterans at the Toy Market are presenting as Exclusives this year.

Of course, there are various HOT WHEELS to well known films and comics. For fans of JURASSIC PARK, there is a 3" action figure of beloved John Hammond from the Jurassic World Legacy Collection. Also the MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE action figure with accessories from a »Slim Jim« commercial looks pretty cool. Very colorful is the four-piece SILVER AGE set with Negative suit Batman by Detective Comics #284, Zebra Batman by Detective Comics #275, Rainbow Batman by Detective Comics #241 and of course also a classic Batman.

For all MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE fans there will be a He-Man & Prince Adam double pack, which comes in a really nice 80s oldschool comic style box! The set marks the beginning of the new announced »MOTU Origins« line. Mattel also brings an exclusive MOTU Mega Construx Battle Bones set plus a 2-pack of She-Ra and Shadow Weaver to the DreamWorks/Netflix series »She-Ra And the Princesses of Power«.

We assume that the Mattel Exclusives are going to be extremely desired at the San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately, Mattel didn't make any concrete plans for an international distribution of the new MOTU line so far, so we probably won't be able to get bigger quantities of the 2-packs (for a reasonable price). But we keep an eye on that, of course!


Only two days left until SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2019! We are looking forward to interesting panels, new trailers and countless collectibles. Will we get to see a new Star Wars trailer for Episode IX? Speaking of Star Wars IX... that brings us to Hasbro:

In the »Black Series« comes the brand new, fiery red SITH TROOPER as official harbinger of »The Rise of Skywalker«. He will probably be the most popular exclusive at the Hasbro Pulse booth. Hot Toys will also introduce the figure in San Diego - but in 1/6 scale.

Other Hasbro Star Wars exclusives will include a 6" BOBA FETT and a 3.75" Vintage Collection Original Trilogy LUKE SKYWALKER Jedi Destiny figure set.

Who ya gonna call? Transformers! Wait, what?!? Yes, Hasbro's next SDCC exclusivity is a crossover between Transformers and Ghostbusters: the ECTOTRON ECTO-35. Both franchises are celebrating their 35th anniversary this year.

And because we love Jeff Goldblum, we're passionate about Marvel Legend's THE ELDERS OF THE UNIVERSE, featuring 6" versions of the Collector and Grandmaster.


We are on the home stretch - only six days to go for San Diego Comic Con!

As in every past year, HOT TOYS also brings us some "Summer Toy Fairs" exclusives. This time, it's Spider-Man from the »Marvel's Spider-Man« videogame (okay... not bad). Then we have a new Harvey Dent aka Two-Face, a state-of-the-art re-issue of this character which already was released some years ago. Toy Fair exclusive number 3 is really a big bang though: Stan Lee in space suit, as seen in this cameo in »Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2«. This will absolutely be the figure which fans will be fighting for. What an awesome idea and a wonderful, posthumous tribute to the grand master. Excelsior!


With the end of »Game of Thrones«, many fantasy fans wonder if the NETFLIX series »The Witcher« might be the substitute drug of choice. A start date is not fixed yet, but it is likely that it could be in December already. Recently, Netflix released the first pictures of Henry Cavill (Geralt), Anya Cholatra (Yennefer) and Freya Allan (Ciri). We think that they looks great. The three actors will also be featured in a panel at San Diego Comic Con. In addition, we take every bet that we can spot the first Witcher trailer during SDCC.

When it comes to collectibles, the videogame series is already well served. Let's see if there is also a licensee for the TV series. In terms of optics, there surely is a lot of potential :-)


Only 9 days left until SDCC. Today, we'll take a look on the exclusives by IRON STUDIOS. For the 2019 con season, the Brazilian manufacturer will bring four 1/10 Art Scale statues from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And here they are:

Iron Man - Tony Stark and Iron Man Mark I
(to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the MCU comes this double statue)

Marvel Comics - Ghost Rider on his bike
(based on comic references comes this cool Ghost Rider statue including the fiery bike)

DC Comics - Bane
(based on the original concept art of Ivan Reis, this exclusive limited edition has an extra hand that holds Batman's cape)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Luke Skywalker
(Luke in the famous scene from EPISODE VIII. This statue comes with two interchangeable heads!)

And the best is yet to come:
The first three positions from the list are already online on our website. We actually expect these three exclusives to arrive in our warehouse already this week! Since the Star Wars license from IRON STUDIOS unfortuntely does not go further than South America, we won't be able to offer Luke.


After »The Beauty and the Beast«, »Dumbo«, »Aladdin« and »The Lion King«, DISNEY is now reissuing the next animated classic as a live-action movie with »Mulan«. Release date will be 26th March 2020 - yesterday, Disney published the first trailer!

Besides leading actress Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li and Li Gong are also on board. The New Zealander Niki Caro (Whale Rider) is the director. The film was shot in China and New Zealand.

We think the trailer has epic qualities and is reminiscent of Chinese historical movies. It definitely makes us curious. Will Mulan also attract you to the cinema?


Today, we take a look at DIAMOND SELECT TOYS' Exclusives at the San Diego Comic Con 2019.

Of course, many of the usual suspects of MARVEL and DC are here again and long-time favorites like the GHOSTBUSTERS and the MUPPETS. There are action figures, Vinimates, PVC statues and busts. In the action figures segment, the slimed Ghostbusters are our favorites, followed by the Messy Swedish Chef from the Muppets. Let's start a cheerful "Smörrebröd röm töm töm". At DC, Harley Quinn enchants us in her Harlequin outfit from the animated Batman series. At Marvel, we can not decide at all - Captain Marvel, X-Force X-23 as Wolverine and X-Force Deadpool all look great. The last one also comes as a 1/2 scale resin bust in the »Legends 3D« series. Well, Vinimates are a a matter of taste but as robot fans we can not get around B9 from »Lost in Space« and Robby from »Forbidden Planet«, both in the vintage look of classic tin toys.

What are your Diamond Exclusives favorites? An overview can be found on the Diamond website.


In the heat, for most of us (if we do not have to work), it's off to the quarry pond or the swimming pool. But you can also escape to an air-conditioned cinema - in spite of the summer hole, there are also a few interesting theatrical releases in July. We are still undecided with »Yesterday«, which is NOT a Beatles biopic, but really a far-fetched story... but songs from the Beatles and director Danny Boyle, that would be two reasons FOR the movie.
Anyway, here comes our personal July watchlist. In the "lower" Positions, our anticipation is still a little muted, but let us be surprised.

Number 5:
ANNABELLE 3 | release date: 04.07.2019
Seventh movie in the Conjuring Universe; for all who love jump scares

Number 4:
CHILD'S PLAY | release date: 18.07.2019
The Chucky Remake - if that really was necessary...?

Number 3:
ANNA | release date: 18.07.2019
The new movie by Luc Besson - the man who brought us »Nikita« and »Leon the Professional«

Number 2:
THE LION KING | release date: 17.07.2019
The 3D realization of a Disney classic - the trailer rocks!

Number 1:
SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME | release date: 04.07.2019
We look forward to a new, fleet-footed Marvel adventure. At Spider-Man it has always been the combination of superhero action and coming-of-age story that made the special attraction. And we just like Tom Holland as Peter Parker very much. So we are glad to take refuge in the air-conditioned cinema.

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!

02.07.2019 • SDCC 2019 COUNTDOWN: PANELS

At the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON you meet them all: makers and actors, from Hollywood blockbusters to trendy TV series of all channels and streaming portals. Sometimes, there's a big surprise when one of the top players is not represented. Where was »Star Wars« last year? The program is not fixed yet and we can certainly look forward to many exciting announcements. We do not want to speculate about who might be there, but take a look for some already confirmed messages today.

On Thursday there will be a Q&A with Robert Kirkman. There will also be panels on »TWD« and »FTWD«. The cast is not fixed yet though.
On Friday it's going to be very exciting for all Marvel fans, when it's time for »A Conversation with the Russo Brothers«.
After the controversial final season, the panel to »Game of Thrones« should be very interesting. Jacob Anderson (Gray Worm), John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), Nathalie Emmanuel (Missand of Naath), Iain Glen (Ser Jorah Mormont), Conleth Hill (Varys), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) will be there, as well as Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.
Also promising is the panel on »Westworld« featuring creatives Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy and actors Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson, Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright.
Among the other series we already know, there are the Amazon Originals »The Expanse« and »The Man in the High Castle« - speaking of old acquaintances.
The Q&As on the FX series »What We Do in the Shadows«, an American TV adaptation of the New Zealand comedy hit, which has not been on our screens yet, seem no less exciting. HBO series very often catch our attention, and so does »His Dark Materials« starring James McAvoy (Split) and Dafne Keen (Logan). Furthermore the Amazon Originals »The Boys«, to which we recently celebrated the trailer and »Carnival Row«, a series starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in a Victorian fantasy parallel world.

And that's only a fraction of what we can expect from SDCC 2019...

01.07.2019 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH JULY 2019

It took a while until we decided to pick a collectible by PRIME 1 STUDIO for our Product of the Month. Now it's about time! Absolutely enthusiastically, we present you the extraordinary, super sexy and just beautiful CATWOMAN MUSEUM MASTERLINE STATUE in 1/3 scale from the cult game »Batman: Arkham Knight«.

The complexity and details, that the Japanese manufacturer Prime 1 is putting into their collectibles, are just breathtaking. The sculpts, poses, paint job and not least the possibilities you have with such a statue, are outpacing the products of other companies by far. Of course, they have their (prodigious) price but they are something really special and definitely a highlight in every collection.

You should definitely take a look at this precious piece and stay excited about what we are planning to do with Catwoman during the month. If you have now gained a taste and you still have budget left from your holiday pay, you now still have the chance to grab one of our last copies. But don't wait too long because she's limited to just 800 pieces!


Today we are taking a look at this year's SDCC Exclusives by FUNKO. At the probably biggest licensee for - yes, almost EVERYTHING - the motto has always been "we do things in a big way". And so they throw out about 50 Comic Con Exclusives! We are already curious whether there will again be riots, screechings and sustainable pluck out of hair at the Funko booth...

Our favorites are clearly the Big Bang Theory Nerds in their »Justice League« cosplay outfits - what could be better for Comic Con :-)
In second place is Jaws Biting Quint - Bon appetite, Bruce!
Third place in our favor is shared by Forrest Gump, Teen Wolf Scott Howard and Gamora.

Here you can find a - at least so far up-to-date - overview of the 2019 FUNKO Exclusives. Let us know, for which of them you would nab blue spots in the queue.

27.06.2019 • THE BOYS ARE (BACK) IN TOWN!

Let's be honest - if you had superpowers, would you use them for the good of humanity, or just look for your own fun and advantage in a hedonistic way?

It is well known that power often has a decidedly corrupting effect. So who will take care about all those out of the tracks superheroes? That's where THE BOYS come in!

Amazon will launch the (anti)superhero series, based on the comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, on July 26. The trailer already clearly shows that it is quite hearty and is not stingy with splatter effects. We think that looks like big fun and makes us extremely hungry for the show. What do you think?


The countdown to SAN DIEGO COMIC CON continues: 22 days left to go! To increase the anticipation, we take a look at already announced Exclusives during the waiting time. NECA will be launching 6 Comic Con Exclusives:

- there will be a the cool "The Capture of Splinter" pack of 4 with 7" action figures to the 1990 Turtles Movie
- to the remake of Stephen King's It they release another 7" Pennywise, now in a monochrome "etched" version
- in an 8" Mego-Style with fabric clothes comes Kreese from Karate Kid
- the Ultimate John Connor figure with his motorbike looks also very cool
- there are two more 2-Packs to the DC/Dark Horse Comics, that will be  »Superman vs. Aliens« and »Batman vs. Predator«

There was a big demand for NECA Exclusives in the last years, so we can not predict to catch some of them. The bustle at the Comic Con is also getting crazy more and more. Still, the Cat Fight for some Exclusives at the Funko Booth, for example, brings amusement and head shaking in our team.

25.06.2019 • FAR FROM HOME

On the 4th of July »Spider-Man: Far From Home« will hit German theaters. Spider-Man is on vacation in Europe with his friends.

We think superhero action is doing extremely well in front of the scenes of London and Venice. And Peter Parker in his new stealth suit looks really damn cool and is presented to us collectors by Hot Toys in 1/6 scale in a regular version and a Deluxe Edition with a LED illuminated Molten Man Diorama Figure Base.

21.06.2019 • BACK TO 1985

In about two weeks, exactly on the 4th of July, NETFLIX will take us back to the American small town of Hawkins and into the summer of 1985. The streaming service just released the final trailer for the third season of »Stranger Things«. And it makes a big appetite for the series without giving away too much.

We are also looking forward to all the pop cultural references for which the series is well known. As a reminder, we are in the year of »Back to the Future« and the »Goonies« :-)

Are you also looking as forward to the reunion with Eleven, Mike, Dustin and Co. as we do?


The clock is tickin'! Exactly in one month from now, San Diego will again become the epic center of Pop Culture. This also means that only 9,754 kilometers away, the geeky siege will be happening in Deiningen, Bavaria.

We will observe and comment the events at Comic Con, introdoce new stuff to you and stay in touch with our Exclusive hunters over there in California.

Of course we will also have interesting guests at the S.P.A.C.E headquarter for these days and we will be live on air for you a couple of times, massive and interactive, with give-away promotions, nerd talks and lots more... So: stay tuned! More infos coming soon :-)

18.06.2019 • THE 2019 MTV MOVIE AWARS...

Has anyone of you spent last night in front of the TV, watching the MTV Movie & TV Awards? The big winner of the event was of course »Avengers: Endgame«. The MARVEL Bbockbuster was nominated four times and was awarded as Best Picture. No wonder, since it is in the fast lane since its theatrical release. Currently, it is in second place of the most successful movies of all times (based on the box office takings), just shortly behind James Cameron's »Avatar«, which it probably contest the crown of victory.

The best hero was Robert Downey Jr. awarded as Tony Stark. The prize for the best villain went to Thanos / Josh Brolin. Only the honor for the best fight was granted to another movie: the award went to Brie Larson vs. Gemma Chan in »Captain Marvel«. But okay, it stays in the family...

See all nominees and winners here:

17.06.2019 • LOBO IN SERIES!

Everything is connected in the DC Universe. That goes for the comics and, of course, for the many TV series as well. So the intergalactic bounty hunter LOBO has an appearance in the second season of the Superman prequels »Krypton« in the episode »Light-Years from Home«. You can find a little appetizer in this trailer!

The beer and heavy metal loving space biker is played by the Irish actor Emmett J. Scanlan (The Fall). But there is better news for all fans of Bad Ass Lobo: Syfy has confirmed that Lobo will get his own TV series!

What do you think about the live-action Lobo? Incidentally, the Comic Lobo has a couple of extremely cool collectibles from Iron Studios, Prime 1 and Sideshow coming our way - just click HERE.

13.06.2019 • SHE'LL KEEP YOU SAFE

Did you already watch the trailer of »I am Mother«? We think that it really looks promising.

Hilary Swank is known for having a good hand in choosing her roles. And movies with robots are a must-see for us anyway. ;-) In the US and some European countries, you can already watch the film on NETFLIX - in Germany, it will be shown at the movie theaters first, starting August 22.

By the way, New Zealand's special effects magicians at Weta Workshop are responsible for the design of the Mother robot. Of course that gives us hope for a cool collectible from the movie. Mother would also make a fantastic action figure. That would be a cool project in 1/6 scale for Threezero, 1000 Toy or Pew Pew Gun.

12.06.2019 • 3 FROM HELL

After "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects" the Firefly family breaks into the third round after 16 years! Rob Zombie has just released a first trailer or teaser of 3 FROM HELL.

We don't know nothing about the content yet and the clip doesn't reveal much - only that the horror film will get a bleak R rating. So that basically means sadistic violence, drugs, nudity and explicit language - all that is expected from a Rob Zombie movie.

Due to its popularity, the manufacturer NECA made very cool collectibles in all sorts of formats for the first two films. So the prospects seem to be pretty good for new things of "3 from Hell" also. We look forward to Baby, Otis and Captain Spaulding - on the screen and (hopefully) as action figures :-)

11.06.2019 • BECOME A JEDI

Last weekend, the official trailer including in game material for the new EA Star Wars game STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER was published. The game will be released November 15 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

We like the trailer very much, it looks like really cool Uncharted action. Also great that Saw Gerrera appears in the game - as we like to learn more about him since ROGUE ONE.

What only puzzles us, how sloppily the order 66 was executed back then. Because again, a young, gifted Padawan has survived the massacre and faces now the Empire. Let's hope that the developers at Respawn have more ideas for the story than to rehash the eternally old story. What do you think? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much are you looking forward to the game?


The familiar summer slump at the movies is more and more noticeable again. There are less starts and you can only find some individual big franchises. We did again put together our personal Top 5 and almost everything from action with super powers, horror, a biopic, up to zombie comedy is represented. We want to mention one movie separately: cult director Peter Jackson made a documentary called »They Shall Not Grow Old« where he colored and converted in 3D historic recording images and sound of soldiers in the First World War. He really created a unique insight into this dark chapter of history - worth watching, but it will only be shown in cinemas sporadically.

Number 5:
MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL | release date: 13.06.2019

Number 4:
BRIGHTBURN | release date: 20.06.2019

Number 3:
TOLKIEN | release date: 20.06.2019

Number 2:
THE DEAD DON'T DIE | release date: 13.06.2019

Number 1:
DARK PHOENIX | release date: 06.06.2019
The trailers did only convince us to some extent, but we hope that 20th Century Fox managed to produce a worthy closing of the X-Men series. There should not be much to complain about the cast with Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and a lot more - only Jennifer Lawrence looks like she's annoyed by the mutants... What Disney will do with the franchise, remains to be seen - next year, however, the NEW MUTANTS will arrive at the big screen first.

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!

04.06.2019 • THE POWER RETURNS

Sony has released the first "poster" of the new »Masters of the Universe« movie. It's arranged completely in gray (probably following Grayskull) and shows a slightly modernized logo and the words "THE POWER RETURNS - MARCH 2021" in the MOTU characteristic font. However, even if it's "only" a first teaser poster, we actually expected kind of a little more. Something that gives us more nostalgic feelings and anticipation of things in the future at the same time.

The He-Man protagonist is already found in Noah Centineo and he is also faced with divided opinions. Let's hope that the joint project of SONY and MATTEL will have some more to offer in the next 21 months...

03.06.2019 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH JUNE 2019

Our Product of the Month June is really a massive chunk. It's nobody less than Jabba the Hutt, which Sideshow Collectibles is presenting us as 1/6 scale figure. The realization is based on his appearance in "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi". The notorious Jabba comes with his throne and many interchangable parts for various expressions and poses. Next to lots of throne decoration and Jabba's Shisha, the accessory includes Salacious Crumb, his nastily giggling mascot!

If you like to see the dimensions of this fantastic Star Wars character and you feel like enjoying a little tidbit, you should check out the unboxing video by Sideshow:

That really looks like THE talking piece for every 1/6 scale Star Wars collection and we can already immagine many scenes where our Star Wars heroes meet the stout villain. That means taking pictures until the SD card (and the hookah) are smoking.

Jabba will soon arrive here - right now we have a few copies left available.

30.05.2019 • MANGA-MANIA!

If you visit a comic con these days, the high percentage of manga / anime based cosplay will catch your eye. This reflects what other numbers prove: the share of mangas in the German comic market for instance is now 75%! The rest is shared by superheroes and Franco-Belgian comic books.

Yesterday, the sales numbers for the last half year of mangas in Japan were released. The number 1 in the charts is no surprise, because ONE PIECE led the list already in 2018.

Of course proper collectibles have long been indispensable in the world of mangas and animes. Brands like TSUME or TAMASHII NATIONS are totally focussing on that and also we at S.P.A.C.E are expanding our product range more and more, to be able to sweeten your hobby, dear fans and collectors of One Piece, Dragon Ball and Co. ;-)

28.05.2019 • DISNEY'S ALIEN

Alien is one of the great classics of sci-fi horror cinema and HR Giger's Xenomorph is the icon as a monster. Hard to believe, but Ridley Scott's masterpiece actually celebrates its 40th birthday. In those years we saw four alien movies and the prequels "Prometheus" and "Alien Covenant".

Meanwhile, Disney swallowed up Fox and gave a Go for a third prequel, directed by Ridley Scott. The working title is "Alien Awakening". Waking up at last would certainly do the franchise good. After pseudo-philosophical considerations, bad CGI effects, an outrageous incompetent spaceship crew and the most memorable flute solo of an android in film history, hopefully it will go uphill again with the series.

What is your opinion? Anticipation or rather mixed feelings?

27.05.2019 • HAPPY MOTU MONDAY!

Time for SNAKE MOUNTAIN is tickin’, dear MOTU fans! The first pre-order phase does only last four more days - so you better hurry, because all orders coming in by this Friday will normally be confrimed by us, with the pre-order price of 899,- EUR (incl. 19% VAT / plus 35,- EUR oversize shipping upcharge for most European countries).

You want to skip the waiting time and upgrade your ReAction Figure collection a bit? Then we have a small quantity of the 2019 Variable Variants Wave Set of 5 and the ReAction Slime Pit He-Man left in stock for immediate shipping!

Last but not least, we would like to point out the two Mythic Legions figures from the  FOUR HORSEMEN Studios - Soul Spiller Cowarros and Soul Spiller Malynna. They are a hommage to the »Masters Of The Universe« and we are so glad that these collectibles will be arriving soon in our headquarter.


Once again, the journalists of VANITY FAIR were lucky enough to visit J.J. Abrams and the Cast and Crew on set. The current cover story on EPISODE IX trägt is titled »The Ultimate Preview« and it gives us - alone by the outstanding set photos by Annie Leibovitz - an exclusive first look on The Rise of Skywalker.

If you are a hardcore fan, then your hairs will lift up at the latest during the 74-second Behind the Scenes clip... ;-) We linked you the article here - enjoy!


»Terminator: Dark Fate« including Arnie and Linda Hamilton will hit theaters on October 24th. Yesterday the first poster, just now the first trailer - they are really making us hungry now. :)

James Cameron participates the production of the movie and the director is nobody less than Tim Miller. The film directly connects to »Terminator 2: Judgement Day« which means that it ignores all other parts. This could get really rad and maybe Terminator fans could be finally propitiated - what do you think?

22.05.2019 • TARANTINO NO. 9

Exactly 25 years after Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino's movie "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" premiered at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday. For all who could not be part of the first visitors, there is at least a new trailer, which shortens the waiting time until August 15th (in Germany) a bit.

The press reactions to the premiere were mixed. Here and there is talk of a "masterpiece" - Spiegel Online writes "... his tale about the Manson murders with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio is great, meaningless fun." and headlines "So disappointing is Tarantino's ninth film"

The new trailer definitely makes us hungry for the movie. A visit of Hollywood in 1969 with Mr. Tarantino as tour guide on this journey through time... that promises to become very entertaining. A visit to the cinema is an absolute no-brainer for us.

What are your expectations for Tarantino's Number Nine?

21.05.2019 • GOTBYE

This is the End.

Now it's truly over. The Game of Thrones is settled. The HBO series accompanied us for more than eight years. We cheered, mourned many deaths, loved so many of the characters that we met in the Seven Kingdoms - from the freezing cold beyond the walls to the sun-drenched Dorne. And all the characters that we loved to hate...

The scenic level of GoT has definitely written TV history. With so much emotion, it is not surprising that many fans got carried away, because they were dissatisfied with the last evolutions of the series. The peak was a completely ridiculous petition where they called for the final season being redone. It was signed one million times - absurd. Welcome to the wonderful world of the internet. Surely, there are some dramaturgic decisions that can be criticized. Also some things were maybe treated too quick, but if we look back, most of the evolutions were consequent.

We say thank you to George RR Martin, HBO, D&D, the fantastic cast and the legion of creatives behind the camera. Thanks for A Song of Ice and Fire and the Game of Thrones!

20.05.2019 • GOTHAM'S NEW HOPE

Is this really the superheroine that we have all been waiting for? Kate Kane alias BATWOMAN did already have appearances in »Arrow« and »The Flash«. The heroine, embodied by the Australian actress Ruby Rose, will get her own series this fall. Here you can find the trailer.
What is your impression? Are you looking forward to the series or are you rather deterred by the trailer?

Either way, Ruby Rose is definitely an eye-catcher. You can find a beautiful 1/6 scale head sculpt of her online - like Batwoman with short hairstyle, whereby her appearance as Stella Carlin in »Orange Is The New Black« was the model for that.


Yesterday, the 72nd FESTIVAL DE CANNES was ceremoniously opened. The International Film Festival is probably the most important movie festival in the world and many great films celebrate their premiere on the Côte d'Azur every year.

As this year's opening movie, the zombie comedy »The Dead Don't Die« by Jim Jarmusch was presented - the stars around Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Selena Gomez & co. where on site in person of course.

The mega event will continue until May 25th and we will also get to know who will win the Golden Palm on that day. About 20 movies are competing for the popular award this year. Quentin Tarantino's »Once Upon a Time in Hollywood« is a hot candidate - exactly 25 years after »Pulp Fiction«, this would be a nice story, right? ;-)

14.05.2019 • THE X-MEN WILL FALL

FOX has chosen yesterday's date 05/13 as X-MEN DAY. The reason for that is probably the final part of X-Men that is produced by 20th Century Fox: DARK PHOENIX. It will hit theaters on June 6th and likely marks the end of the mutant force after Fox's takeover by Disney.

There were two featurettes for the honor day, »The X-Men Legacy« and »Marvel Icons: Chris Claremont & Louise Simonson«. There was also released another new trailer of DARK PHOENIX, which plays with flashbacks as well and it completely concentrates on Jean Grey.

The 10th part of the X-Men universe could become another big success at the box office - but will it be able to have such a big impact that Disney will continue the serious...? Rather not.

13.05.2019 • THE END IS NEAR!

Today the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones will be broadcasted. Who will live? Who will die? And who will sit on the iron throne? A question that's concerning us fans worldwide. Are you all in the Game of Thrones fever as well? What do you think about the final season? Some things are a bit quick or even too quick...

HBO is also working on spin-offs for the series. So we can stay a little longer in the world of Westeros.

Oh dear George RR Martin, do you still need much time for the Winds of Winter? We are all looking forward to read your version of the Westeros story.

Even though the night is dark and full of terrors, that does not apply to our collector's universe of a Song of Ice and Fire. Our friend Mick went behind the wall and checked out the White Walker by Threezero in a detailed review on Action Figure District.

Valar Morghulis!


The so called Merry Month is not really satisfying us with spring-like weather yet - so it is very appropriate that lots of great new movies are starting in May! In the following, we put together our personal Top 5 for you.

Number 5:
ALADDIN | release date: 23.05.2019

Number 4:
STAN & OLLIE | release date: 09.05.2019

Number 3:
GODZILLA II: KING OF THE MONSTERS | release date: 30.05.2019

Number 2:
JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM | release date: 23.05.2019

Number 1:
POKÉMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU | release date: 09.05.2019
Teenager and former Pokémon trainer Tim Goodman wants to find his missing father. His dad is a detective and he's got his own Pokémon: Pikachu. It's able to communicate with Tim and it follows him to Ryme City, where people live together with Pokémons, where they are searching his father. The movie definitely thrives from Pikachu or rather Ryan Reynolds, who gives him his voice and - thanks to motion capture - his own facial expression. The video game adaption would have probably become even more like Deadpool when it comes to rough sayings, but the movie shall be family-friendly and reached a soft PG rating. Maybe there will be a R rated version in the future - Ryan Reynolds did already signal that there are at least many many outtakes that are not suitable for kids' ears :)

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!


There will be a reboot of the cult horror movie HELLRAISER! David S. Goyer will be in charge for the script and the production. He already worked as writer for Nolan's »The Dark Knight« trilogy and he was also under discussion for the upcoming »Masters Of The Universe« film - the screenplay was too epic or let's say too expensive in Sony's eyes though. :)

The production studio Spyglass says that Pinhead and Co. will definitely be dark and thrilling. So let's hope that it won't be just another bog-standard reboot with softened horror scenes, but qualitatively on a completely different level than the last of the 9 sequel movies...


Google has just announced that later this year, YouTube Originals - which are the in house productions that were only available within the Premium subscription so far - will be also provided for users of the free YT version.

Restrictions at this are commercial breaks and the availability for a limited period of time though. Between August 29th and September 11th, for example, the first season of COBRA KAI will be enabled to be streamed by everybody. Following that, there will be released an episode of season 2 every week. By the way: a third season of the Karate-Kid sequel series is already planned and supposed to be released in 2020.

If this will be the end of YouTube Premium? The paid option remains for now, but it has a significantly lower added value, in our opinion...

02.05.2019 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH MAY 2019

In merry month of May, we chose a very special collectible as our new PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: the FAUN from Guillermo del Toro's »Pan's Labyrinth« by NECA!

The main character of the fantasy adventure comes with amazing details like two satchels, a dagger and a bone flute - all worked out extremely detailed, like we are accustomed by NECA.

Pale Man from NECA's »Guillermo del Toro Signature Collection« is in stock for some time already and also Ofelia will be soon on her way to us.

You can even find Guillermo del Toro himself (at least as 7" Figural Doll) on our website - the figure is a SDCC 2018 Exclusive and strictly limited!


Yesterday, »Paramount Pictures« dropped the first trailer on their videogame conversion of the SEGA icon SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!

Basically, the clip is done well, especially the little details (right from the start during the intro) are very geeky and funny. But do you also feel reminded to »Detective Pikachu« somehow? Jim Carrey as evil Dr. Robotnik will surely benefit the movie - already with his even more evil mustache. But we will have to wait and see if the blue hedgehog will be able to win the race against the yellow beloved Pokémon. On top of that, Sonic will somehow compete with STAR WARS at the box office towards the end of the year. Hmm... this could actually go pear-shaped.


After not even one week, AVENGERS: ENDGAME already scored ground-breaking records at the box offices! The MARVEL blockbuster is the movie with the most successful starting weekend of all time, both measured within the US and also on the worldwide ticket sales. Of course this is also due to the fact that the film started at the same time also in China, but let's be true - nobody did expect something else, did we? We feel very happy for all superheroes and especially the Russo Brothers!

So if you are now looking for some cool inspirations or appetizers for your Avengers collection, we highly recommend you this cool video by HOT TOYS. There you can get a glimpse from the current special exhibition at the Lee Gardens shopping center in Hong Kong (by the way with a inconspicuous, only 4.5 meters high Iron Man as bouncer in front of the mall).

Also take a look at our pre-order section - we just put up three 1:1 replicas from Hasbro out of their »Marvel Legends« series :-)

26.04.2019 • THE STRIDER

Although basically everything is focussing on the superheroes of the Marvel Universe this time around, it's still worth taking a look towards offside the roads! It was teasered already about six weeks ago - now, the breathtaking, strictly limited ARAGORN AT AMON HEN statue by WETA is finally up for pre-order :-)

Again we are absolutely astonished by the magical conversion which the artist-team from New Zealand has put in 1:6 scale. It is clearly visible on the first sight how much passion and heart stays behind this project. But please check out Weta's three-and-a-half minute long »Crafting Aragorn at Amon Hen« video - simply great!

Since this collectible will be released with an edition size of 400 pieces only, we highly recommend everybody who wants to secure the Strider for his collection to give us your pre-order today. We assume that we will set this piece's status to "Wait-List" already early next week...

24.04.2019 • ENDGAME!

Today's the day - today, the AVENGERS take off for their maybe last fight against Thanos... in the final battle... in the ENDGAME!

Of course almost everybody out there is as thrilled as we are, about what to expect from the ultimate MARVEL summit. Because whatever fan's theory or speculation about the story will come true - one thing is for sure: it's gonna be epic!

As a matter of fact, Kevin Feige just recently spread the news that not »Avengers: Endgame« but the upcoming »Spider-Man: Far From Home« will mark the end of phase 3 of the MCU. We will see on 4h July when Spidey will return to cinemas.

However - let's head into the over 3-hours-long endgame of the Avengers today. And you surely know: whatever it takes... but #DontSpoilTheEndgame ;-)


Stephen Lear - online better known as "WhyTheLongPlayFace" - simply is a cool dude. After letting out his creativity a short while ago by redesigning legendary album covers in STAR WARS style, he now made room for his passion for GAME OF THRONES!

A couple of days ago, the nerdy digital artist from England uploaded a bunch of re-designed covers to his Facebook page under the motto »Game of Thrones Album Cover Comparisons«. A real eye candy for every GoT fan and our web-find of the week :-)


Less than 7 days until the Endgame! And MARVEL really knows how to increase the anticipation of AVENGERS 4 into the infinite. The trailers do not contain any concrete information about the plot of the three-hour mega blockbuster, but they are spreading incredible goosebump feeling. For the presumably last teaser, they just thought hey, why not doing a journey through 22 (twentytwo!) movies of the MCU? Hype²²!

The Russo brothers did even write a public letter to the fans, where they ask to keep everything you watched in Avengers 4 private, as soon as you watch the movie the next weeks. So: beware of spoilers because there is already some leaked footage that is buzzing through the web! #DontSpoilTheEndgame

16.04.2019 • SWCC 2019 ROUND-UP

The STAR WARS CELEBRATION is now behind us - and almost all expectations have been fulfilled! The goosebumps from the EPISODE IX trailer, which was released on Friday, slowly fades away. And the child has a name now: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. What's exactly behind that, remains to be seen. However, it was confirmed that after Episode IX the work on new Star Wars films will rest for some time - very likely even for several years. They want to concentrate more on series projects like THE MANDALORIAN. And, speaking of that, we have the next highlight.

A first trailer and some film footage of THE MANDALORIAN was only shown to the audience in Chicago. You can find secretly recorded clips on the web and we expect the official trailer to be uploaded soon, too. Some pictures and the logo have already been released. The first live-action series from the SW universe looks like it has to offer a large portion of Italo-Western style - but it looks awesome! The series with protagonist Pedro Pascal will be launched as flagship on Disney+ plus in November.

For all gamers, the trailer of the next Star Wars game - JEDI: FALLEN ORDER - was surely a highlight. Also this visual tidbit can be found online already.

15.04.2019 • WINTERFELL

The waiting is finally over! Then again, you can feel the melancholy that it's the last waiting... Of course, we are talking about the start of the 8th and final season of the mother of all series, GAME OF THRONES!

Hardcore fans probably had a short night here, because they watched the premiere of the episode WINTERFELL at 3 AM in the morning right away. We won't do any spoiling here, surely, but the first episode just starts with the... just kidding ;)

In Germany, you need a SKY subscription to benefit from binging the recent episodes. But then you have the possibility to take part during the night from Sunday to Monday in English AND German language. Each episode will also be repeated on Monday 20:15 and is available on demand.

Season 8 contains six episodes. The grand final - the episode will take about 80 minutes! - will be broadcasted on May 19th and we are going to find out who will make it to the Iron Throne :)


11.04.2019 • STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2019

Today starts the STAR WARS CELEBRATION in Chicago, which takes place every year - the world's largest fan event around a galaxy far, far away. The essential topic will of course be Episode IX that is going to hit the movies on December 19th this year. It looks like if tomorrow the very first trailer will be awaiting us and at the same time, the official film title should also be revealed. Of course, we keep our eyes and ears open to inform you about hot news.

There was already a little teaser up front, even though it is "only" the logo of the upcoming EA game »Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order«. The game will be presented in detail on Saturday :)


Apparently, the streaming giant NETFLIX intends to purchase the traditional »Grauman's Egyptian Theatre« in Hollywood. We don't expect Netflix to build up their own cinema franchise or something like that - it seems as if a possible purchase of the building, which was opened in 1922, would be an one-off action.

If the company with the big red "N" plans to hold premiers of their own movies there or what they are expecting exactly, is still unclear. First, it remains to be seen if the owner (American Cinematheque) will even sell »The Egyptian«...


There will be a live-action filming of the cult manga AKIRA! It is based on the original manga by Katsuhiro Otomo, not on the anime movie from 1988. After Warner Bros. acquired the screen rights more than ten years ago, it is now certain that they caught Leonardo DiCaprio as producer and Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) as director.

In addition, they received an $18.5 million tax credit by the »California Film Commission«. Also because of that, the shooting - which is supposed to start in 2019 - will only take place in California.

What do you think, will this be a flop like »Ghost in the Shell« or will Waititi be able to make a success out of it?

08.04.2019 • HAPPY MOTU MONDAY!

Dear MOTU fans and collectors, today you will get your money`s worth! As we already announced, you can pre-order the 2019 POWER-CON EXCLUSIVES now. We don´t have an exact arrival date for those exclusives yet but we do our best to get them as fast as we can. The quantities we will get are strictly limited, so we recommend to order them as soon as possible.

Furthermore we listed the new MOTU VINTAGE WAVE and the JAPANESE PACKAGING versions of Skeletor and He-Man. You also can pre-order those figures now.

Within the next 2-3 days, some other highlights from Eternia will arrive: the SHE-RA & CATRA bundle from the Netflix series and two MEGA CONSTRUX sets - the WIND RAIDER ATTACK and the BATTLE FOR ETERNIA 5-Pack.



Fans of superhero action as well as of the horror genre truly get their money's worth in the cinema month April. We arranged our TOP 5 for us - whereat the order was very hard to define this time. Only the frist place was pretty obvious... ;)

Number 5:
THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA | release date: 18.04.2019

Number 4:
HELLBOY | release date: 11.04.2019

Number 3:
SHAZAM! | release date: 04.04.2019

Number 2:
PET SEMATARY | release date: 04.04.2019

Number 1:
AVENGERS: ENDGAME | release date: 24.04.2019
Did we already mention that we are hyped for the 4th part of the Avengers? Earlier this week, Marvel served us a one-minute clip as an appetizer again. You can find the link above. The Russo brothers' opus is supposed to be three hours long - an epic, unprecedented battle is lying ahead of us!

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!


We are virtually getting overwhelmed with new trailers today :)

The first preview of Jim Jarmusch's new film did astound us. The horror comedy »The Dead Don't Die« with Bill Murray, Adam Driver and lots of other familiar faces comes in a »Zombieland« stlye and it will hit the US theaters on June 14th. There is no date for Germany yet.

Just before the cinema start this week, there is now also a final trailer of »Pet Sematary«. And it's the scariest one by far!

Furthermore, two new teasers of the last season of »Game Of Thrones« were released (Together / Survival). Now it's just less than two weeks until it kicks off - the countdown is on!

01.04.2019 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH APRIL 2019

We chose something really special as our Product of the Month in April. The Japanese manufacturer High Dream (HL PRO) made a wish of every 80's fan come true - they brought to market the very first true to original diecast model of CAPTAIN FUTURE's COMET.

The spaceship from the cult anime series is especially convincing due to its exchangeable antennas and the rocket launchers. Who's not re-discovering the child in himself here... ;-)

Unfortunately, the first shipment is completely out of stock already, but in a few weeks, further copies will land at our headquarter. It's definitely worth waiting!

28.03.2019 • AVENGE THE FALLEN

We are just about four weeks away from the biggest super hero epic of all time - AVENGERS: ENDGAME. There have now been released 32 posters of each character, 16 in color and 16 in black and white. Above all faces are the words »AVENGE THE FALLEN«. So Marvel gives us an overview of all super heroes that are - status quo - still alive or have been just flicked out by Thanos. The only "secret", which was in our opinion disclosed with the posters, is SHURI's passing.

It remains to be seen though, who we are going to see again on April 24th (the cinema start was moved up one day in Germany!). We are just hyped so badly for Avengers 4... how about you? :)

26.03.2019 • AND NOW ALSO APPLE...

The next streaming service is in the starting blocks... yesterday, APPLE presented »Apple TV+«, which they will put the fear into competitors around Netflix and Amazon Prime Video with. For their in-house produced movies and series, they took on board big names right away: Steven Spielberg, J.J.Abrams, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon - just to name some.

The video platform will be launched this fall. Mainly on the devices of the Californian company, but there will also be an integration on the latest smart TVs. We still don't know anything about pricing over here.

It's about to get quire confusing in the streaming landscape, since also Disney is going to enter the ring soon. But especially with their in-house productions - Netflix shows it impressively - the providers are real alternatives to the long-established film studios and you almost can't get around a subscription, or rather three to five...

25.03.2019 • STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2019

In about two weeks, more precisely from 11th until 15th of April, all STAR WARS fans will get their money's worth! Since the STAR WARS CELEBRATION - the world's biggest event of the galaxy far, far away - will take place in Chicago.

We are expecting not only news and trailers of Episode IX, but especially of the real series »The Mandalorian« which is currently in the making. The producer Jon Favreau just posted a picture on which we can see Taika Waititi giving voice to the legendary bounty droid IG-88. If this role will get a similar humor like we got to know it from Waititi in THOR 3, remains to be seen.

Will you also excitingly follow the SWC online or in the live streams - or will somebody even be there?


Another step into a monopolistic film landscape. A big step. Because the day has come - Disney completes the acquisition of 21st Century Fox with an unimaginable sum of 71 billion dollars. The record breaking deal was already resolved at the end of 2017 and today, the official takeover occured.

What this means to movie fans, remains to be seen. What is going to happen with the X-Men, what about Avatar and how are the remaining Hollywood studios going to react? Disney was and still is magic and nostalgia - but Disney is also a powerful major company, whether you like it or not.

What do you think about this deal and what development are you expecting?

19.03.2019 • 40 YEARS OF ALIEN

In 1979, the first ALIEN movie was released - that was 40 years ago, unbelievable! 20th Century Fox came up with something great for the ALIEN franchise's anniversary:

In cooperation with the creative community »Tongal«, fans from all around the world had the chance to submit their own, ALIEN inspired, short films. They've chosen and professionally produced six out of more than 550 proposals. The result will be shown weekly on IGN from March 29th on and from May 5th, it will be published on the »Alien Anthology« social media channels - including behind-the-scenes material!

You can already find a teaser of the shorts (»Alone«, »Containment«, »Harvest«, »Night Shift«, »Ore« and »Specimen«) here.

18.03.2019 • BACK AND FORTH

180 degree turn from Disney - James Gunn is now reinstated as director of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3! After he was fired in summer due to controversial, some year old tweets, he is now back on board. Surely, not a bad decision!

Because of his contracts, he will first take action at the DCEU though and finish the SUICIDE SQUAD sequel, to then step into the MCU again. We think that he will be able to manage the balance between Marvel and DC without a doubt ;-)

14.03.2019 • WHATEVER IT TAKES...

TRAILER ALERT! We didn't see that coming... one week after the cinema start of »Captain Marvel«, a new trailer of AVENGERS: ENDGAME came online just now! And what can we say... preferably nothing, just watch it!

The flashbacks, the new suits, the score... Epic! Goosebumps are guaranteed! And now we still have to wait until April 25th... argh!

There's also a new poster on top :-)


Already some years ago, Steven Spielberg snapped up the rights on Stephen Kings novel »The Talisman«. He just found a proper director for a screen adaption: Mike Barker, who already directed »The Handmaid's Tale«.

After »Pet Sematary«, which will hit theaters in three weeks, and »IT 2« with start in September, the next filming of a Stephen King novel is in the starting blocks. Err... by the way - where the hell is the first teaser of the second part of IT?! It's about time, right?

12.03.2019 • GUNN & ELBA

If somebody missed it: James Gunn, who was shown the door by Marvel/Disney as director of »Guardians Of The Galaxy«, picked up the (direction) torch to the SUICIDE SQUAD sequel. The movie about the DCEU rogues is supposed to hit theaters in summer 2021 - in a significantly different line-up than part 1 though.

It's actually confirmed that Deadshot will no longer be embodied by Will Smith but by »Luther« actor Idris Elba. However, Smith was not "fired", they just agreed on this step due to timing issues. The second part could benefit from Elba, what do you think?

Which other changes will be made in the cast, is still unknown. There is speculation about new characters like Peacemaker, Polka-Dot Man, Ratcatcher and King Shark.


March is brimful of great, varied new starts at the theaters across all genres! We gathered up our personal Top 5 as always, which was anything but easy though. There are even more movies that didn't make it to our ranking list like e.g. »White Boy Rick«, the Western movie »The Sisters Brothers«, »Mid90s« by Jonah Hill, the freaky comedy »Beach Bum« or the second part of the trash spectacle »Iron Sky«. Who has the time for it, could even book a season ticket for march straight away ;-)

Number 5:
IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK | release date: 07.03.2019

Number 4:
DUMBO | release date: 28.03.2019

Number 3:
US | release date: 21.03.2019

Number 2:
WELCOME TO MARWEN | release date: 28.03.2019

Number 1:
CAPTAIN MARVEL | release date: 07.03.2019
We actually don't need to say much about CAPTAIN MARVEL. We are looking forward to the movie, even though first critics are very mixed. But we think, the way that Brie Larsson - only based on the trailer - was pulled to pieces, is completely exaggerated. In our opinion, it's very questionable to judge her emotionless attitude upfront, without knowing about a possible evolution within the movie. We are just curious now, what the forerunner of Avengers 4 will have to offer. Tell us your opinion as soon as you watched it!

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!

05.03.2019 • JUST SAY THE WORD

The second trailer of the upcoming comic adaption SHAZAM! is here! Just like the first one, in our opinion, this one is also extremely funny.

SHAZAM! is maybe more of an "underdog DC film", which many fans of the DCEU may not really have on their radar. We are also not quite sure if the movie with Zachary Levi in the main role will be so succesful... but however, it will surely be refreshingly amusing.

Cinema release will already be in about a month from now, more precise on April 4th.


HAPPY MOTU MONDAY! About two weeks ago they were announced at New York Toy Fair - now they're listed for pre-order at our website: the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE »William Stout Collection« of the MOTU Classics line by SUPER7!

32 years after their cinema appearance, Super7 really managed to roll out these figures, based on the original designer's drafts, sculpted by the Four Horsemen! You are able to pre-order the main characters He-Man, Skeletor, Karg and the Hyper Skeletor (better known as "God Skeletor") separately as well as a set of 4, on our website from now on. The figures will probably be shipped in late summer this year.

We are now fuelling hopes for a second wave, maybe with Man-at-Arms, Evil-Lyn, Teela, the Sorceress or Detective Lubic...? Also Centurions and Troopers as dual pack for army building would be perfect ;-)

Besides this new, highly anticipated MOTU wave, Super7 has just released the Deluxe Conan for pre-order. The flagship Barbarian fits perfectly to your MOTU Classics figures regarding style and scale - we recommend that you purchase also straight away.

Back to Eternia - and to this year's MOTU Power-Con Exclusives:
Like already communicated, we will accept pre-orders from 8th of April on. We can give away the (anticipated) prices of the figures in advance:
The Slamurai & Snake Troopers 3-Pack will probably cost 259,- EUR. The Horde Zombie He-Man will be at 89,99 EUR and the Starburst She-Ra Doll at 79,99 EUR. However this is still to be understood as pending - but so you already have a rough price range of the Exclusives.


01.03.2019 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH MARCH 2019

Today is the 1st of March - meteorological beginning of spring. It's slowly getting green... Also at S.P.A.C.E it's getting green in March - namely with our new Product of the Month.

This time, we chose a figure from the popular S.H.Figuarts series by Tamashii Nations for the first time. The Incredible - and entirely green - HULK from »Avengers: Infinity War« is our highlight in March!

Bruce Banner's Alter Ego is an action figure that turned out so well and definitely deserves its name. Due to the three interchangable heads and his great flexibility, you can stage Hulk in countless poses.

If you're not into the Tamashii Nations line yet, we highly recommend the detailed video review by our mate Dennis (Twitter / Instagram). He precisely examined Hulk and, on this occasion, took us some cool pictures ;-)

28.02.2019 • DARK PHOENI(X)

Right, there was something... DARK PHOENIX almost fell in oblivion here. Actually, the - probably last - X-Men film should have hit theaters already in February. But meanwhile the starting date was relocated to June 6th. If you watch the new, second trailer, it looks like if this decision was good for the movie.

In our opinion, this trailer is much better than the first one!

27.02.2019 • PIKA PIKA

Ryan Reynolds is just such a cool guy! Not only that he - like you would expect it from a first class actor - completely merges into the embodied character... no, he controls his social networks and their marketing tactics so incredibly well. Two days ago, he released an extremely funny clip to his role as DETECTIVE PIKACHU on his YouTube channel where he provided "insight" into his family life together with his wife.

Appropriately, the new, very action-packed second trailer of the Pokémon blockbuster was put online yesterday. We are so hyped for this movie! How about you? :)

And as luck would have it, an awesome shipment of Pokémon LED lamps arrived at our warehouse, which every fan of Pikachu and co. should definitely have a look at!

21.02.2019 • A STAR WA(R)S BORN

In our opinion, the musical film A STAR IS BORN was definitely on of last year's top movies. Bradley Cooper has not only once again demonstrated his acting talent but also for the first time his cinematic skills behind the camera. Let's see if this will be honored accordingly on sunday when the Academy Awards will be awarded.

A find that we discovered on the web this week fits perfectly to the DVD and Blu-ray release of A STAR IS BORN today:

NERDIST produced a magnificent parody of the title song »Shallow« produziert in which they replaced Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga with Kylo Ren and Rey. The thing is called »A Star Wars Is Born« and you really have to say that the singing of both the protagonists is great! It's also just so funny how Kylo passionately smashes a ballad with his guitar on stage :-)

You should definitely check out the video!

19.02.2019 • NEW YORK TOY FAIR 2019

It's just amazing what this year's NEW YORK TOY FAIR had to offer for us collectors! Numerous manufacturers and licensees from our range were represented with a booth at the Javits Center in Manhattan and they ensured grinning faces of the visitors with extremely cool novelties.

We would like to give you a really compact summary of our personal highlights. Thanks to our friends from EXCLU COLLECTIVE we virtually took part live from a distance, and we love to share the photos on our Facebook page with you. In addition, we highly recommend the "Walkthrough" videos by the legendary PIXEL DAN. He shows all of the novelties in his Booth Tours in moving images and mostly he even did an interview at the booths.

And these are our highlights by...

MOTU CLASSICS to the Masters of the Universe movie from 1987 incl. Dolph Lundgren as He-Man
SNAKE MOUNTAIN again confirmed and available for pre-order from May on
Wave 4 of the MOTU VINTAGE figures with Evil Seed, Buzz-Off, Evil-Lyn, Stratos, Shadow Weaver, Dark Orko and transformation He-Man
Wave 5 of the MOTU ReAction figures
New license topics like TOXIC CRUSADERS, VOLTRON, CONAN and TURTLES (!) in the style and 7" scale of the MOTU Classics figures

5.5" PREDATOR figures, similar to Funko, inspired by the Vintage MOTU figures
Extremely impressive ALPHA PREDATOR as 100. figure
Brand new TOONY TERRORS line with Freddy, Jason, Pennywise and Pennywise in Wave 1
Amphibian Man from SHAPE OF WATER to Guillermo del Toro's Signature Collection
BOB ROSS as Figural Doll with everything that goes along with it
More IT figures, incl. an 8" Pennywise Figural Doll
HALLOWEEN novelties incl. a 1/4 scale Michael Myers
TURTLES 1/4 scale Shredder and Foot Soldier
Exklusive TURTLES 2-packs of the 6" figures

DARTH VADER from the new 8" HYPERREAL series, with an anticipated price of 80 US-$
There will be two EPISODE I retro figures as SW CELEBRATION EXCLUSIVES - Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi
KENNER RETRO COLLECTION with the first 6 Star Wars figures "of yore" plus TARKIN
And - there haven't been shown figures from EPISODE IX

WESTWORLD as new license for action figures
New MARVEL SELECT figures like Movie Captain Marvel
BRUCE LEE Select action figures line
GALLERY LINE with new characters like Movie Captain Marvel
IRON GIANT Deluxe figure
Action figures line to the CASTLEVANIA animation series
New waves of the NBX Select line
Takeover of GENTLE GIANT and distribution of their novelties like Luke Skylwalker Bust from Episode VIII

Replica line continues with WONDER WOMAN SHIELD
LUCHA EXPLOSIVA line with characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman
Brand new ENGINES OF CHAOS statues line with Batman, Poison Ivy and Lobo
Frank Miller Batman from the DESIGNER SERIES statues line
New DARK NIGHTS METAL statues incl. the impressive Devastator
New Harley Quinn statue by Greg Horn from the RED, WHITE & BLACK series
New BOMBSHELLS statues - Death from the Vertigo Universe and Shazam

New BISHOUJO statues like Shazam, Poison Ivy, Scarlett, Baroness, Domino and Catwoman
New, high-class line ARTFX PREMIER in 1/10 scale with Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America

GAME OF THRONES line up of the 6" action figures
Proclamation of a DC license for DC MULTIVERSE action figures

5 POINTS as new line with licenses like Scooby Doo
Numerous ONE:12 COLLECTIVE figures like Movie Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Hellboy ans so on.

A bunch of these new announcements are already listed on our website for pre-order! We are now extremely excited about what the brands will show to the collector community at SAN DIEGO COMIC CON in summer, because what has been on display in New York was extraordinary, right?


Heads up, der Masters of the Universe fans! Today's Monday is again totally in the sign of Eternia :-)
On the occasion of New York Toy Fair last weekend, there were not only awesome news by SUPER7 (more about that tomorrow...). Val Staples, chief operator of »Power-Con«, was finally able to reveal this year's exclusives yesterday:

Slamurai & Snake Troopers 3-Pack Power-Con 2019 Exclusive (MOTU Classics)

Horde Zombie He-Man Power-Con 2019 Exclusive (MOTU Classics)

Starburst She-Ra Doll Power-Con 2019 Exclusive (Princess of Power)

And now, here comes the big bang, dear customers, for all you MOTU collectors in our region:
In collaboration with the »Die Welt der Meister« magazine, we will be able to offer you - as single partner of Power-Con for Europe - this year's exclusives in a pre-sale! On Monday. 8th Apri, the pre-order phase will be kicking off on our website - so you should note this date with a fat marker in your calendar. We are so glad about this honor of Grayskull. As soon as we are able to release further details about pricing or avaiable quantities, you will get an update from us in our news...


February has to offer a colorful mixture at the theaters. From animation to horror movie, from drama to science fiction - there is something for almost every taste. We've put together our personal top 5 hit list in the following. Tell us what you are going to watch and what you think won't be worth it!

Number 5:
HAPPY DEATHDAY 2U | release date: 14.02.2019

Number 4:
COLD PURSUIT | release date: 28.02.2019

Number 3:
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD | release date: 07.02.2019

Number 2:
VICE | release date: 21.02.2019

Number 1:
ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL | release date: 14.02.2019

James Cameron intended to do this manga film adaption already a long time ago, but big projects like AVATAR did always intervene in his plans. Now he brings the movie to the big screen with the help of Robert Rodriguez and a budget of 200 million dollars, whereby Cameron only did the screenplay and handed over the direction to Rodriguez. It's a pity, because Cameron himself probably would have made an even more epic movie out of it...
When it comes to the actors, Rosa Salazar (as Alita) and also Mahershala Ali are convincing - Christoph Waltz as Dr. Ido is strong but not always that brilliant as he's actually able to act. He it is who finds a cyborg with a female human brain in the 26th century and brings it back to "life".
All the cyberpunk world around Iron City is technically implemented in an incredible way and can visually take maximum profit in 3D - a kind of 3D how James Cameron would expect it. If the story has some flaws, the look will be definitely able to offset!

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!


»Kung Fu Hustle«, the comedic tribute to all martial arts film classics of the 1970s, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Now, it's confirmed that there will truly be a sequel!

Stephen Chow, who directed part 1 and played the main role at the same time, will also be directing the shooting of KUNG FU HUSTLE 2. If he will again be active as an actor is not clear so far. Also, the movie will take place in the present and will therefore not be a direct sequel.

Before the start of the shooting, Chow will finish »The Mermaid 2« first. How did you like »Kung Fu Hustle« then and do you think that this sequel makes sense?

11.02.2019 • BACK TO THE 90S...


Like we already promised in our Newsletter last friday, we listed the both versions of the brand new 1/6 scale Captain Marvel by HOT TOYS for pre-order on our website. The pictures speak for themselves... Especially the details of the Deluxe Version are amazing - the collectible awakes your desire for the movie nearly more than the other way round ;-)

MARVEL itself came up with a funny campaign for Captain Marvel: the official website of the movie was done in a style of the WWW from the 90s. A guestbook, GIFs, jarring - no, terrible color combinations and Comic Sans send their regards. It's definitely worth a click - wake up your memories :-)


Today, we have a really nice find that we discovered on the web - namely by the London digital artist and Star Wars fan Stephen Lear (WhyTheLongPlayFace). The nerdy designer with an "unhealthy obsession with Movies, Music and Photoshop", as he describes himself, did a mash-up of a number of album covers including Star Wars characters everywhere.

You can gaze at what comes out with so much creativity here.

The ideas and realizations are absolutely fabulous - we like it ;-)

05.02.2019 • YEAR OF THE PIG

Happy Chinese New Year! It's already February here, but for our friends in Asia the new year only starts today - the year of the pig.

Disney came up with something really nice - specifically for CNY, they created alternative posters of all blockbusters that come out in 2019, in a simple Chinese drawing style. We think this is a neat idea!

Even if each title is only written in Chinese, it shouldn't be a problem to correctly assign the movies.

1. Avengers: Endgame
2. Captain Marvel
3. Dumbo
4. Aladdin
5. Frozen 2
6. The Lion King

04.02.2019 • SUPER BOWL LIII

If there's somebody amongst you who hasn't noticed it: last night, the 53. SUPER BOWL took place in Atlanta. The biggest sports event of the world not only produces a media hype because of the sport but especially due to the sideshow.
Even if the halftime show with Maroon 5 (and Spongebob!) could not keep up with the past years, the TV spots had a lot to offer though. Especially the both 30-second clips of »Avengers 4« and »Captain Marvel« caused goosebump moments. Here you can find a list with all trailers and teasers:

Avengers: Endgame

Captain Marvel

Alita: Battle Angel

Toy Story 4

Hobbs & Shaw


Wonder Park

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

The Handmaid's Tale

The Twilight Zone

Our Planet

And the "most important" thing: congratulations to the New England Patriots for the 6th Super Bowl triumph! They decided the game against the Los Angeles Rams with 13:3.


For our new product of the month we time traveled back into the 1930s. No surprise that it's getting black-and-white now.

The small but superfine italian studio INFINITE STATUE has some figures like Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd or Groucho Marx in its »Old & Rare« series. The latest release is a wonderful homage to probably the most famous comedian duo in film history - Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Laurel & Hardy.

The statue called »Another Nice Mess« - inspired by the popular quote "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!" - is limited to 400 pieces and it's now in stock. At least for the moment...!

31.01.2019 • NUREMBERG TOY FAIR 2019

Yesterday - as every year - the visit to the NUREMBERG TOY FAIR was on our schedule. A part of the crew hit the road to the 85 km away "metropolis of Franconia" early in the morning to get access to the exhibition halls at 9 o'clock on the dot :-)

Our highlight were the exhibits by the Brasilian manufacturer »Iron Studios«. We were impressed and happy that a lot has happened at the brand regarding details and especially face sculpts. Particularly the actors' faces, like e.g. of the 1/10 Black Widow Statue from »Infinitiy War«, are a lot better then the first statues from like two years ago. That's a great development and it makes us hungry for more to come!

To get an insight, just check out the snapshots we took - either in our Facebook album or at our Instagram story highlights.

29.01.2019 • SEE YOU SOON

It looks like if the shooting of the HARLEY QUINN movie are in full progress. Margot Robbie posted a photo of herself wearing an extremely funky 80s disco outfit. Furthermore, a first mini teaser called "See You Soon" was released, in which you can also see Ewan McGregor and co. for a split second.

The clip only takes as long as you need for the proper pronunciation of the film title »Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn)«. ;-)

Theatrical release for the »Suicide Squad« spin-off will be February 7th 2020. So in quite exactly one year we will be able to tell what the movie has to offer...


That was hardly to be expected: AQUAMAN is now the most successful DC movie of all time! With 1,091 Billion US-Dollars, it pushed »The Dark Knight Rises« off its throne.

Rumor has it that »Aquaman 2« is already in development - it only remains to be seen if James Wan will come back to his director's chair. It depends on how or even if he can work with the script - that's why Warner seems to think about letting Wan choose the screenwriters on his own. Let's wait and see...

However - congratulations, Arthur Curry!


DEAPOOL 3 is going to happen! Ryan Reynolds confirmed this personally during an interview within the »Deadpool 2« promotion in China. He said that the third part will be completely different - whatever that means...

If or what effects this news will have on the planned project »X-FORCE« remains to be seen. We keep you posted, of course!


Since we are done with the arrival of the huge 1/6 shipment, we are now putting the pedal to the metal in dispatching the goods.

Due to the fact that in this shipping there have also been two novelties from »Middle-Earth« by ASMUS TOYS - Bilbo and Thorin - and we fortunately were able to re-stock a small quantity of the fantastic Gimli figure, we want to recommend you the great and informative review by our friend Mick (Action Figure District) as today's news.

Some weeks ago, Mick talked about the 1/6 Scale Gimli by Asmus in detail on the RETROHELDEN channel and he, in this context, also put together a retrospective of the previous LOTR collectibles on the market. Really a contribution worth watching!

22.01.2019 • OSCARS 2019 - THE NOMINEES

The nominations of this year's Oscars are out now! Represented for multiple times are GREEN BOOK, A STAR IS BORN, THE FAVOURITE, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, VICE, BLACKKKLANSMAN and the Netflix production ROMA. If Alfonso Cuarón can indeed take the triple consisting of best motion picture, best foreign language film and directing...?

Actually, BLACK PANTHER is also nominated several times, even as best movie - the chances for this award are rather marginal though. The category "best visuell effects" will be exciting - INFINITY WAR, SOLO and READY PLAYER ONE fight a duel here. We are also excited if SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE will prevail against the Pixar "classics".

Also the only German input NEVER LOOK AWAY did make it under the nominees for the best foreign language movie. And in addition to the category "cinematography" - we are delighted! You can find the complete list on the official Oscars website.


Today we already had some early-morning exercise, at the S.P.A.C.E warehouse :-) The reason for that was that we had to unload a huge number of boxes - jam-packed with 1/6 scale collectibles.

The collector's items from Asia will now be unpacked, controlled and sorted - we are putting the pedal to the metal so that we can start shipping your pre-ordered items from mid of next week the latest. So please have a bit more patience - it's definitely worth it! For all spontaneous of you, we recommend to keep an eye on the »Just arrived« section.


GHOSTBUSTERS 3 is going to happen! We did not expect this news at all - but now there is the official announcement that there will be a "real" sequel of the Ghostbusters series. After the reboot with female cast was quite a flop at the box office, this part is supposed to directly continue to the original movies from the 80s.

Director will be Jason Reitman, son of original director Ivan Reitman. The filming could already start within the next months because the movie is expected to hit theaters in summer 2020 already. There is no info yet about if performers from the past will also play a part or not.

15.01.2019 • I'M NOT THE ONE WHO DIES...

This Friday, January 18th, it'll get bloody again on Netflix. Because then the long-desired second season of THE PUNISHER with the fantastic Jon Bernthal as Marvel's badass hero Frank Castle is going to start.

The recently released trailer of season 2 is really wicked! You can watch it here.

After »Iron Fist«, »Luke Cage« and above all »Daredevil« were canceled, we are worrying about the punisher and that it could also be canceled soon. That would be really too bad...


Despite the five cinema start Thursdays, there are no true blockbusters in January but an extremely high amount of interesting movies though. Robin Hood may sound as the "biggest" Name here, but the critics are mostly devastating and this is why it didn't make it to our list. There are some worth watching films which are not in our Top 5 either, such as »The Wife«, »The Front Runner« with Hugh Jackman, the - like 10 times rescheduled - horror movie »Polaroid«, as well as »The Mule« (by and) with Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper.

Number 5:
FAHRENHEIT 11/9 | release date: 17.01.2019
Michael Moore's next coup attends the election day when Donald Trump became President of the United States. Furthermore, this uncommonly serious documentary highlights the prehistory, how this was even possible. It impressively shows the split of the US population.

Number 4:
THE FAVOURITE | release date: 24.01.2019
Who thinks, this is a classical history drama of the early 18th century, is wrong and should definitely watch the trailer. Not only Emma Stone makes this funny movie about the fragile and slightly wacky Queen Anne something special - just something different...

Number 3:
GLASS | release date: 17.01.2019
After »Unbreakable« (Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson) and »Split« (James McAvoy) comes now the merger »Glass« by Indian director and mastermind M. Night Shyamalan. Can he perfect the (unexpected) trilogy now? We are really looking forward to this movie! :-)

Number 2:
CREED II | release date: 24.01.2019
The successful Rocky spin-off with Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone enters the second round. Rocky Balboa's eighth appearance will actually be his very last. But one thing is certain: Sylvester Stallone was, is and remains Rocky forever.

Number 1:
GREEN BOOK | release date: 31.01.2019
Last Sunday, the new movie of Peter Farrelly was honored with three Golden Globes - best motion picture (comedy/musical), best screenplay and Mahershala Ali for best performance by an actor in a supporting role. The true story about the piano virtuoso Dr. Don Shirley, who wants to tour through the southern states of the US in 1962 and hires the Italian bouncer (Viggo Mortensen) as his driver, is told simply fabulous. Despite - or maybe because of - the contrasts of the two characters, the result is a very special type of road movie. This could already be one of the films of the year!

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!


Needless to say, the new cinema year has to offer several superhero blockbusters again. The first one is continuing the »Marvel Cinematic Universe«, namely with the powerful CAPTAIN MARVEL.

A few hours ago, there has been released a 90-second clip which shows many new, action-packed as well as funny facets of the movie and of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in particular. You should really watch the trailer - in our opinion, this preview gets you in the mood for the movie, much more than the first trailers.

In addition, we get to see new posters also. This one in kind of a retro comic style is our favorite - just awesome! :-)

07.01.2019 • A GOLDEN RHAPSODY

Last night, the 76th GOLDEN GLOBES were awarded in Los Angeles. »Black Panther« came away empty-handed - the winners of the evening have been »Bohemian Rhapsody«, »Green Book« and »Roma«.

However the first award went to Michael Douglas („The Kominsky Method“ - Netflix) as best actor in a TV series (musical or comedy).

You can find a list of all winners in the motion picture categories below:

Best Motion Picture, Drama:
“Bohemian Rhapsody”

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy:
“Green Book”

Best Director, Motion Picture:
Alfonso Cuarón (“Roma”)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama:
Rami Malek (“Bohemian Rhapsody”)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama:
Glenn Close (“The Wife”)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy:
Christian Bale (“Vice”)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy:
Olivia Colman (“The Favourite”)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture:
Mahershala Ali (“Green Book”)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture:
Regina King (“If Beale Street Could Talk”)

Best Screenplay, Motion Picture:
Nick Vallelonga, Brian Currie and Peter Farrelly (“Green Book”)

Best Motion Picture, Animated:
“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

Best Motion Picture, Foreign Language:

Best Original Score, Motion Picture:
Justin Hurwitz (“First Man”)

Best Original Song, Motion Picture:
“Shallow” from “A Star Is Born” (Lady Gaga)

Even if Bradley Cooper - who delivered a fabulous movie with »A Star is born« without a doubt - was not honored, we are exceedingly pleased for Rami Malek. Let's hope that his Golden Globe is a positive harbinger for the Academy Awards in March.

We were also very pleased with the award for the highly praised »Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse«. Maybe this is another little nudge for some to watch the film at the movies...

04.01.2019 • STAR WARS UP CLOSE

The Force is strong with 2019... because aside from EPISODE IX there will be another highlight for ingrained STAR WARS fans this year - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

At the Disneyland Resort in California and of course at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, the Star Wars theme park »Galaxy's Edge« will be opening this year's summer or fall. Recently there was released a first behind the scenes clip on YouTube, which you should definitely check out:

So, who of you will run to the travel center today for booking the next USA trip? ;-)


Our DINNER FOR POOL New-Year-posting was already a little teaser. ;-) Today we officially unveil the Merc with a Mouth as our first »Product of the Month« of the year 2019!

Surely like for many of you, DEADPOOL 2 was one of our movie highlights of the past year. Now the appendant 1/6 Movie Masterpiece Figure by Hot Toys is in the process of being shipped. Unfortunately we only got a small partial delivery for photo purposes etc. so far, so you have to be patient a little bit until you can hold DP including a unicorn, high heels, katanas and many more in your hands. We can assure you that it will be worth waiting though...

02.01.2019 • WELCOME TO 2019!

A happy and most of all healthy New Year, dear S.P.A.C.E Army!

Hopefully, you all had a good start. We are almost completely on duty again. Now we are heading into a new, exciting year full of beautiful collectibles and creative ideas for indulging our common passion. You can definitely look forward to the next months. Now, at the beginning of the year, two teasers can already be revealed: there will be a lot more and greater content on our YouTube channel and there will finally be a S.P.A.C.E Collectors' Calendar in 2019 again!

We are looking forward to an eventful new year with you, dear customers - WELCOME TO 2019!

Your S.P.A.C.E Crew

24.12.2018 • MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Dear S.P.A.C.E Army, the whole S.P.A.C.E Crew including our two little droids wishes you all a happy Christmas Eve, relaxing and quiet holidays and a great start into the new year!

We thank you so much from our hearts for your loyalty, for your delight to share with us the hobby and the passion of collecting and in this year we especially give back our grateful thanks for the many congratulations which we received from you for our 20th anniversary. The year 2018 marked another milestone for us - 2019 will be at least as thrilling, because we have many plans ;-)

_ [ be continued...]

Sven and the Crew

20.12.2018 • SMASH THINGS

After we already got to see some really cool stills and teaser posters, today we get presented the first trailer of the new HELLBOY movie! You should definitely check out the clip, because there's a lot to see, even though it's just a first preview.

We are only pondering right now about what style the piece of Neil Marshall will be. The reboot was announced as "dark and violent" - the trailer (especially due to its humor and the score) indicates something towards a kind of Deadpool though... And the coloring would also match ;-)


At the Dubai Mall’s Grand Atrium, you can gaze at a first-of-its-kind spectacle. More than 40 life-size figures by SIDESHOW were arranged into an unique STAR WARS exhibition. The army of Life-Size Stormtroopers and a Life-Size Darth Vader was aligned meticulously by hand for months. The exhibition was opened in a proper style by some members of the »501st Legion« fan organization.

So if somebody of you plans on traveling to Dubai the last weeks of this year, you should definitely take a live look at this - a little exaggerated but extremely randy - spectacle. We ask for a selfie ;-) And for us, who stay at home, here is a short clip of the action.

17.12.2018 • WETA IS RIDING INTO 2019

WETA already gives us a little taste of 2019 - at the beginning of the year, a magnificent new »Lord of the Rings« Ringwraith statue will be released for pre-order.

The limited 1/6 scale statue originates from sculptor Brigitte Wuest who already did the great BILBO BAGGINS mini statue for example. The Ringwraith on his black horse transmits an incredibly high dynamic and level of detail, only from the first (moving) pictures.

After Arwen and Frodo on Asfaloth are available for pre-order already, every passionated LOTR collector amongst you will have the possibility to complete the Flight to the Ford soon.


Since this week, so right before Christmas, the "Good guy in red" is coming back to theatres in the US. This will actually happen in a sensational, never-seen-before, filtered to the prison of child-like innocence PG-13 version!

Of course we are talking about DEADPOOL and his part 2. We already spread the news that Americans would be able to enjoy Marvel's anti-hero #1 again for Christmas on the big screen. During the last days, a couple of super funny clips out of the marketing box popped up. You can watch them all on Ryan Reynolds' YouTube channel.

What we can offer you as an alternative to the movie experience, is the outstanding 1/6 Movie Masterpiece figure from »Deadpool 2« by Hot Toys. It will arrive at our warehouse soon :-)


The last cinema month of the year is a real blast! A Top 5 is actually not enough to list all worth watching movies in December. You can definitely slip away to your lokal theater if the Christmas rush gets too much ;-)

Number 5:
WIDOWS | release date: 06.12.2018
Already last week, Steve McQueen's new film started at the movies. Four widows want to complete a coup which their deceased husbands have planned, but never realized it. The cast around Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Liam Neeson, Jon Bernthal, Colin Farrell and many more, is promising a lot! The critics are partially phenomenal - did you already watch »Widows«?

Number 4:
SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE | release date: 13.12.2018
This Spider-Man comes along in a very special comic style. The trailers did already look very cool and the critics are awesome. Lots of them say that it's even the best Spider-Man movie ever.

Number 3:
MORTAL ENGINES | release date: 13.12.2018
»Lord of the Rings« creator Peter Jackson sends his end time opus to the big screen today. In a far future, cities are not anchored to the ground anymore, but they're mobile and they fight for resources. The trailers already showed that visually this will be great.

Number 2:
BUMBLEBEE | release date: 20.12.2018
We are curious about what the spin-off from the »Transformers« franchise with Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena and co. has to offer. The story about the likable yellow Beetle could become the most successful movie from the »Transformers« universe.

Number 1:
AQUAMAN | release date: 20.12.2018
With pretty high expectations, the "protector of the deep" is in 1st place of our Top 5. The next chapter of the DCEU shines with a cast around Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman and of course Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry. This subsea adventure about the ruler of the Kingdom Atlantis will blow everybody away at the movie theaters, just by its special effects.

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies - before, at or after Christmas!

11.12.2018 • LONG LIVE THE KING

Last night, a new and really monstrous GODZILLA trailer was released. The second part is called »King of the Monsters« and it will hit the movies on May 31st 2019.

To show who's the true king amongst the titans, Godzilla is going to mess with the three-headed Ghidorah and other giants. The trailers are promising an enormous amount of action and much screentime for the Japanese monster.

This will definitely be a film highlight of next year! The story will continue in 2020 with »Godzilla vs. Kong«. Are you also hyped after this trailer? ;-)

06.12.2018 • GOLDEN WAKANDA

There is more and more a discussion, why BLACK PANTHER should be an Oscar winner in 2019. Disney and Marvel probably do not object this and they are already advertising it heavily. It would be the first nomination of a super hero film in the category of "Best Motion Picture". Surely, Black Panther was one of the most successful movies of all time - especially in the US - and we don't want to talk it down, of course not. But best motion picture favorite...?

Today, the nominees for the Golden Globes, which will be awarded on January 6th, were released. And also here - unsurprisingly - Black Panther is up for "Best Motion Picture - Drama". Let's see if the biggest movie awards of the world will indeed go to Wakanda ;-)

And speaking of Wakanda: for all HOT TOYS collectors amongst you, we fortunately managed to get a few pieces of the 1/6 Scale T'CHAKA Movie Masterpiece MMS487 Toy Fairs 2018 Exclusive. They will be delivered already next week, probably :-)


Yesterday, the new CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer was already announced with a new poster. Last night, it was released as expected.

Our highlights of this second trailer are the extremely impressively rejuvenated Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and the - as we think - fantastically casted Brie Larson. Surely, we will see the noble warrior hero again in the first »Avengers 4« teaser soon :-)


Granted: for many people, SUICIDE SQUAD is almost "water under the bridge" - since it's more than two years old. The movie still has a huge fan community though and especially due to its characters it still continues to have an effect. Suicide Squad 2 has been in the process of planning for quite some time now, but it was rescheduled because of the higher priority of »Birds of Prey« with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

You can also see that the DC villain is an absolute fan favorite by the fact that within the last two years there has been a variety of Harley Quinn action-figures and statues. Various manufacturers grabbed licenses and collectibles were released in almost every common scale. It took the artists from SIDESHOW a lot of time to complete their version of a Premium Format Figure. But now finally the wait is over - Harley Quinn, Property of Joker, is now in delivery! We could do nothing else but crown her as our »Product of the Month« in December.

We will meet with Dr. Harleen Quinzel for an extensive photo shoot soon and we will show you the results of course ;-)


From tomorrow on, Lucasfilm will be publishing episodes of a new animation series of shorts, called STAR WARS - GALAXY OF ADVENTURES. You can find a trailer here.

Scenes from all STAR WARS movies have been adapted in a very special animation style and there were added original sounds and voices.

The whole thing is indeed ment for children and shall introduce young kids to the STAR WARS universe. We really would like to know your opinion on this, especially from the parents amongst you. Would you show the series to your kids or would you rather wait for 1-2 years and watch the original movies together with them?


There's almost no day passing without another reboot or remake being announced... This time, there are news from the anime genre. COWBOY BEBOP is one of the most famous anime series and it will get a live-action remake.

The original space western by Hajime Yatate was released 20 years ago - now Netflix grabbed the rights for a live-action adaption and they will not only make friends with this. Of course, you have to wait for the final result but you really have to ask yourself: is it necessary?

Those of you who haven't seen the original series, can quickly change that - with Netflix :-)

27.11.2018 • FIRED UP FOR MORE

We already showed you the first posters of the HELLBOY reboot some time ago. EMPIRE has now published the first scene image. It again shows that David Harbour seems to be a great choice for the cast of Hellboy. Due to director Neil Marshall, the movie is going to be "more violent and bloody".

Whatever may be thought about a reboot - we are really excited about the first trailer, which hopefully will be presented to the entire world soon. The US cinema release is scheduled for April 12 2019.

26.11.2018 • CYBER MONDAY - LAST CALL!

Happy Cyber Monday! You bargain hunters did really make our warehouse smoke! So we will definitely need some time to handle and ship all of your orders, because there have been a lot.

During the day, there will be a last-minute special offer replenishment - since our CyberSpaceWeekend continues until tomorrow 8 a.m.

23.11.2018 • CYBERSPACEWEEKEND 2018

On today's BLACK FRIDAY, it's the official kick-off to our CyberSpaceWeekend 2018! You can grab the best deals on our shop until Tuesday morning. Hundrets of items are marked down and we will put up even more! So be cautious and check in more often over the whole weekend!

So then - let's start the wild discount-race :-)

21.11.2018 • WE'RE BAD GUYS. IT'S WHAT WE DO.

The next spin-off has a name. What sounded like a temporary title at first, is now officially confirmed: the Harley Quinn solo movie will be called BIRDS OF PREY (AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY QUINN).

Protagonist Margot Robbie personally announced it posting a picture of the script. No, the additional title isn't a note by Robbie just for fun, but it belongs to the actual name of the movie. This looks like being a reference to BIRDMAN or (THE UNEXPECTED VIRTUE OF IGNORANCE) :-)

Christina Hodson is in charge for the screenplay by the way. She already wrote BUMBLEBEE, among other things. The theatrical release is scheduled on February 7th 2020.


The final trailer of AQUAMAN is available online! And we have to say that we like it the best from all clips.

However some scenes appear more like from a videogame than from a motion picture. CGI fair enough - especially when it comes to the subsea scenes - but it seems just a little too much because of all the gaudy colors and light effects. Let's see...

It is especially exciting which movie will be leading in December - Aquaman is of course the highlight but it has to be on par with BUMBLEE directly from its start. What are you looking forward to in December or what do you think about the "protector of the deep"?

19.11.2018 • MORE THAN A TOY...

Almost exactly 30 years ago, CHILD'S PLAY - the first part of the horror franchise with (meanwhile) cult status - came out. Now the remake/reboot wave is slopping over also here.

Next summer, more precisely on June 21st 2019, a reboot produced by MGM and Orion will hit the movies. We already set eyes on a first poster. The killer puppet gets a completely revised look and you can already tell its "real" name by the packaging on the poster: Buddi.

Alright then, we are ready for the first trailer :-)


20th Century Fox came up with something really special for the pre-Christmas season: there is going to be a "family-friendly" variation of DEADPOOL 2, called »Once Upon a Deadpool«.

The movie will be shown at the theaters in the two weeks before Christmas Eve (at least in the US). The age rating will be defused to PG-13 and in addition there will be eight brand new scenes, which will relate to the classical »The Princess Bride« including original actor Fred Savage. You can already see him riding on a reindeer together with DP on the associated poster :-)

A great initiative: a part of the box revenue will be donated to a cancer association. Awesome!


This week, one trailer after the other pops in. Two days ago, Ryan Reynolds surprised us as Pikachu, yesterday the final trailer of »Alita: Battle Angel« was released.

We are really amazed by the Pokémon live-action movie »Detective Pikachu«, to be honest, and the reactions on the web are telling the same. What looks almost like a PR campaign for a new Deadpool movie at first, appears to be very interesting after watching the trailer. It just looks hilarious. And then Deadpool's voice - almost like a family-friendly version of Ted ;-)

We actually don't have to say much about »Alita: Battle Angel«. The movie created by James Cameron has been rescheduled to February 2019 in the meantime. This is going to be one of THE movie highlights next year.

13.11.2018 • FAREWELL, STAN!

Stan Lee passed away yesterday at the heroically age of 95. Recently, news were loud that Stan's state of health was unfortuntaley getting worse. But still the fact of his death comes over all of us like a shockwave. Stan Lee was not only the "father" of so many superheroes and comic series, we can in fact also thank him for the »Marvel Cinematic Universe«. He surely was THE forerunner of modern pop culture!

Almost as cultish as his creations have been his funny cameo appearances in so many movies. No matter if he was one of the jury members in Hulk, selling sodas on the beach in X-Men or if we just saw him on a huge wall poster (like recently in Deadpool 2) - it always was exciting and amusing to stumble on the bedrock in every new superhero blockbuster.

With all the superhuman strengths, powers and skills of Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man and Co., it's out of the question who's the biggest superhero among all Marvel characters: STAN THE MAN.

PS: Here you can find a nice compilation of many cameos by Stan Lee :-)

09.11.2018 • WHAT IS BEING COOKED?

As you know, the US channel AMC announced a film trilogy of »The Walking Dead« earlier this week. Now they go even further and dare to one of the most successful series of all time - BREAKING BAD!

It is confirmed that there is indeed going to be a sequel in the form of a movie. The story won't just take place in the BB universe but we will find out what happens to Jesse Pinkman after the final scenes. It is actually considered safe that Aaron Paul is involved in the project.

We just don't know what to think about these news... If the story is continued by Vince Gilligan in the customary manner, we can expect a terrific movie. On the downside, there's the risk of damaging the incredibly full and completed series itself. What do you think?


The last month but one of the year 2018 has just begun and there are a lot of novelties starting at the theaters. We just put together a colorful mix - you will find something for every taste in our top 5, from the animation family movie to the creepy psycho thriller :-)

Number 5:
THE GRINCH | release date: 29.11.2018
Again a "classic" which was newly filmed - even if it's animated this time. For many, Jim Carrey as grinch is part of the pre-Christmas season like glogg and gingerbread. The reissue could be a nice animation film for all ages though, even if you love Christmas ;-)

Number 4:
THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT | release date: 29.11.2018
Lars von Trier's new movie about the psychopath and serial killer Jack is worth mentioning, not only because of the cast around Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz and Uma Thurman. You can already tell from the trailer, that this thriller will send shivers down your spine...

Number 3:
SUSPIRIA | release date: 15.11.2018
We already told you about this remake, or better its "need", some weeks ago. It seems as if the director Luca Guadagnino (also »Call Me by Your Name«) has succeeded in making a truly good movie. Let's leave to one side the argument about if it has still something to do with the original one - it at least belongs in our top 5.

Number 2:
FIRST MAN | release date: 08.11.2018
Director Damien Chazelle and actor Ryan Gosling are making common cause again after »La La Land«. This is why the result has to be something gorgeous. As you can tell from the term biopic, the movie is not only about the first moon landing but especially about the story of spaceman Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. That's one small film for moon landing skeptics, one giant film for everybody else ;-)

Number 1:
The second of five movies in total from J.K. Rowling's »Fantastic Beasts« series is probably one of the most anticipated movies of the year - not only among fans of Harry Potter. In the sequel, Grindelwald's escape succeeds and Dumbledore relies on Newt Scamander's help in tracking him. The story mainly takes place in Paris this time. We were already keen on the very first teaser trailer and we are just extremely looking forward to this film!

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!

06.11.2018 • NOW ALSO RICK...

For those of you who are always up-to-date at THE WALKING DEAD, yesterday's episode was surely nerve-racking. (Don't worry, you won't read any spoilers here.)

AMC revealed super hot news from the world of undead: there are going to be three TWD movies! Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes will be the main character here as well. As we think, this is actually kind of surprising, because the series itself is definitely headed south. The viewing rates haven't recovered so far and despite this they will do direct spin-offs? Or maybe because of that?

What sounds like a desperate effort of saving the cult zombie series, could also become a hit, you never know. It also depends on how the series itself is developing further...


DreamWorks put online the second trailer of the brand new SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER series a few days ago! We not only get to see new characters in this clip but also we get to hear the official title song »Warriors« (by Aaliyah Rose) for the first time.

We think that this appears quite good and we are excited what the series has to offer. It will launch in just over a week on NETFLIX! How about you inveterate He-Man and She-Ra fans? Are you looking forward to the series or couldn't you care less about it...?


One of the most famous and successful mangas will be converted into a Hollywood Blockbuster: ATTACK ON TITAN!

Mastermind of the project will be »It« director Andrés Muschietti. When the movie will be shot is still written in the stars. Because for the time being, Andy is still hanging out with Pennywise.

Fun Fact: Hajime Isayama, creator of the manga series, did get his inspiration for the architecture and the disposition of his districts right in front of our doorstep. Our hometown Nördlingen actually conduced as a role model for his creation. It seems that Hajime was visiting our small town one day :-)
Did anyone of you guys also already visit Nördlingen?


Since »Masters of the Universe« of course plays a big role with us, it was quickly decided in our committee that our product of the month November will be the newly arrived LAUGHING PRINCE ADAM from Super7's MOTU Club Grayskull line!

For this very special figure, which by the way was released exclusively for this year's San Diego Comic Con, the Super7 designer team got inspiration through a YouTube video - a so called meme. HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA is the strange title of the clip - but you will quickly get a flashback not only to the great 80's, but also to the 90's surely.

Even if the video might not be everybody's taste, we think that the Prince Adam Filmation figure is absolutely geeky - already because of its really unique packaging. But if you are afraid of glitter, then you should think twice about a purchase ;-)

31.10.2018 • HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Isn't that phat? Look what an awesome anniversary pumpkin the world's best pumpkin carver brought us, with his beautiful chainsaw!

So the night of horror, darkness and terror can begin - the whole S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you a spooky Halloween!

And in case you still need some fresh music for your party tonight, we highly recommend you this video by the SLASHSTREET BOYS. We all know the popular tune »I'll kill you that way«, don't we :o)

26.10.2018 • EVEN MORE PENNYWISE...

The slightly rainy weather of the last few days had the perfect mood or inspiration for extensively dedicating ourselves to our current product of the month again.

We did this together with our buddy and very gifted toy photographer Patrick. You can find the results of the PENNYWISE shooting in the appropriate album on Facebook.

For those of you who don't know Patrick's Instagram page yet, you should follow @wonderbunk straight away ;-) And speaking of "follow": after both the already available IT figures, NECA announced another 2017 Pennywise in the super-scary »Well House« version. Of course, you can already find the clown for pre-order online on our website.

25.10.2018 • MICHAEL IS BACK!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! No, we did not make a mistake in our calendar... It's actually only October 25th but it's already Halloween at the movies. On this date 40 years ago, John Carpenter's iconic original hit the big screen. With a budget of only 325.000 dollars, the movie from 1978 brought in over 70 million dollars. Now Michael Myers is back and already brought in phenomenal 77.5 million dollars to the box offices, just on the opening weekend (the movie is playing already a week in the US)! So »Halloween 2018« only just missed VENOM which achieved the best October start of all time. It also took the 2nd place in the category "best opening of a horror movie" behind Stephen King's IT from 2017.

Does it attract you to go to the theater already tonight or are you waiting until the 31. of October? Then you should maybe hurry up and get your ticket because the movie theaters will definitely be crowded. Who's not up to Halloween? On Halloween... ;-)


It looks like Oscar premiered director Guillermo del Toro has a new project after his hit »The Shape Of Water«. And it will be an absolute affair of the heart for him: PINOCCHIO - filmed as stop-motion-movie in a musical style. It's made possible by streaming giant Netflix.

The movie will be much darker than the Disney original and it will play in the 30's in Italy. For the screenplay del Toro had support by Patrick McHale and Mark Gustafson, who has already been animation director at Wes Anderson's »Fantastic Mr. Fox«.

When the project will be released in theaters or probably on Netflix directly is still unclear - probably it won't be before 2020.


The look at this photograph will probably cause heart flutter with all LORD OF THE RINGS fans and collectors... The incredibly talented artists from the WETA WORKSHOP from New Zealand will launch the pre-order phase of their so far biggest collectible in 1:6 scale next week: TREEBEARD!

Back in summer at San Diego Comic Con, when the Treebeard (with Merry & Pippin) »Masters Collection« Statue was revealed for the first time, it immediately gave us goosebumps. It surely was one of the highlights from the show. Now, every collector with the proper room and budget can secure this wonderful collectible. But you have to be fast, because it is limited to only 333 pieces worldwide.

In case somebody has serious interest, please drop us an e-mail with your inquiry. We will probably get allocated by Weta with some few pieces only and because of the small edition size, we will not list this item on our website yet.


We have a little TV tip for tonight: as a DC superhero fan - provided that you receive the PayTV channel SYFY - you should not miss the German premiere of KRYPTON.

The US series tells the story of Superman's grandfather on the home planet Krypton and follows him on his way of saving the planet from chaos and destruction. The first season contains 10 episodes and starts tonight at 8.15 pm. Who of you is also looking forward?


Recently, we gave you quite some informations about several reboots and remakes. What do you think about this current trend of making new editions of old movie classics? One example is SUSPIRIA. The original horror film from 1977 is considered as absolutely legendary. There will now be a remake after more than 40 years, directed by Luca Guadagnino.

The whole movie seems to be getting a complete new impression when it comes to the setting as well as the music or just the fact that it will be one full hour longer. So does this remake still have anything to do with the original? Or do they just try to market an unspectacular thriller better by giving it a famous name?

A remake of Dario Argento's masterpiece looks like an act of sacrilege to true fans anyway. You can't improve a masterpiece. As no one would have the idea of re-print Mona Lisa.

The movie can only be good if it takes its own way. Good remakes have never been real remakes actually, but were always reinterpretations of the source material. Like »Hammer Films«, who reinterpreted the Universal classics, or Carpenter doing his "Thing", and Cronenberg making his impression on the Fly.

Maybe some "fresh blood" is needed within the movie terrain, especially in the genre of horror... HEREDITARY, for example, proved it: everyone defining horror with more than cheap jump scares, everyone liking his brain being strained and being surprised by non predictable twists of the story is well served here. It's definitely a movie which has a potential to become a modern classic. By the way: it will be released for your home cinema next week.

So for all you nostalgia fans, here's the trailer on the real Suspiria from 1977:


After DISNEY "separated" themselves from »Guardians of the Galaxy« director and writer James Gunn a couple of weeks ago, he obviously seems to change sites! Rumors say that WARNER recruited the film-maker for the DC Universe and chartered him directly for the sequel of »Suicide Squad« - at least for the screenplay. Of course the director seat would be a logical consequence ;-)

Why not - at least that's what we think! The way how Gunn brought the Guardians - or the bunch of assholes, as they are also called sometimes - to the screen could greatly work also for Task Force X. We are excited how the story continues...


...seems as if this is the plot of Stephen King's PET SEMATARY remake. The first trailer is online and it scares the hell out of us.

We are really excited what to expect from the movie hitting theaters in April 2019. The wave of reboots and remakes doesn't even stop at cuddly animals... :D


After the last year's highly successful remake of STEPHEN KING's »IT«, numerous collectible manufacturers had the idea to catch the clown franchise license. Therefore, quite a number of Pennywise items were presented at San Diego Comic Con this summer - in the 2017 blockbuster version as well as with the classical 1990s look.

Both of the "Ultimate" action figures by NECA fortunately are available in the meanwhile (check out our current product of the month). The figures leave nothing to be desired at their price category due to the rich accessories and the great finishing! For those who would like to spend some more money, there are several options by brands like Prime 1 Studio, Iron Studios or Quantum Mechanix. However our favorite is the 1/5 scale Maquette by TWEETERHEAD. The truly threatening pose of Pennywise, as he's sitting on the coffin, is looking amazing. The sculpt, the paint job and in addition to that, the variable possibilities of displaying it, are just gorgeous in our opinion. That's why our buy recommendation for every "It" fan (when it comes to limited editions) is: Tweeterhead's Pennywise Maquette!

09.10.2018 • HELL YEAH!

Recently a first film poster of the HELLBOY Reboot with David Harbour was already released - and we think it is absolutely smashing! A Hellboy on fire with a blazing blade across the shoulder - the short text "LEGENDARY AF." above the logo needs no explanation ;-)

The new, official artwork shows additional main- and secondary characters, but its style is in clear contrast to the poster mentioned above. There shall be a first trailer coming soon because at the New York Comic Con, first moving pictures were shown to a handful of people.

The new release date in the US is April the 12th 2019. The release date for Germany is unknown yet.

08.10.2018 • A NEW BEGINNING

As you know, October is the classical starting month for a new season of THE WALKING DEAD. So it's about time again - last night, the first episode of season 9 was aired on American television. For German fans, the premiere is going to follow tonight (at least for all Pay TV customers that receive FOX).

Are you still looking forward excitedly like during the times of the first seasons or do you also think that it's time again for some more thrill and zombie action? Somehow, we are indeed excited what developments there will be in and around Alexandria, besides Rick's new short hairstyle.

05.10.2018 • THE MANDALORIAN

Heads up, Star Wars fans! Today we have some super hot news from a galaxy far, far away:

Jon Favreau - the director of the upcoming STAR WARS live-action TV series, which will run on Disney‘s own streaming platform - revealed the name and plot of the project! The series will be called THE MANDALORIAN. We will probably get to see a mandalorian anti hero as title character. The timeline is supposed to be set after the fall of the Empire and before the formation of the First Order, that means between Episode VI and VII. Hopefully, all ingrained fans of Jango and Boba Fett will be calmed now, after Disney did put e.g. a Boba Fett solo movie on the back burner. That could really be good!

Last night, a first photo of a mandalorian gunfighter from the set was published right away - so the shooting of the series has already started!


The cinema month October is full of great film releases - you could even go and get a book of 10 tickets for the movies. :-) As always, we picked out our 5 favorites - this time the ranking is pretty close together though, so we will maybe watch all five:

Number 5:
BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE | release date: 11.10.2018
A pretty freaky movie with a great 60's atmosphere by Drew Goddard, in which 7 strangers (i.a. Chris Hemsworth and Jeff Bridges) check in to the run-down hotel »El Royale«. All of them are up to no good and of course their ways are crossing throughout the story.

Number 4:
A STAR IS BORN | release date: 04.10.2018
The story of a young woman, that becomes a star over night with her voice, was already filmed three times. This time the story definitely subsists on the chemistry of the both protagonists Bradley Cooper (who's also the director) and Lady Gaga. Together with the fantastic film score the result is an emotional movie, where we already liked the trailers a lot.

Number 3:
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY | release date: 31.10.2018
The next musical film in our top 5: the biopic about the legendary rock band QUEEN by director Bryan Singer. Rami Malek seems to be a great cast for Freddie Mercury - you can already tell that from the trailers. Queen is simply cult and this movie looks like it terrifically portrays the story of the band and especially of Mercury himself.

Number 2:
HALLOWEEN | release date: 25.10.2018
Exactly 40 years after the first Halloween movie by John Carpenter, Michael Myers is back. The eighth sequel is attached directly to the original from 1978 and also Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle are indeed a part of it again. Even John Carpenter is involved, but "only" with the score of the film. We are pretty damn hyped for this "true" sequel of the classic!

Number 1:
VENOM | release date: 03.10.2018
Already yesterday started the anti hero movie with a superb Tom Hardy in the main role as journalist Eddie Brook. He comes in touch with a symbiote and transforms into the creature from the Spider-Man universe. The reviews differ a lot, but in our opinion Tom Hardy is doing everything right once again, so the - sometimes not so thrilling - story almost fades into the background.

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!


Tomorrow one of the most important conventions of the year will kick-off in the USA - the NEW YORK COMIC CON! This event lately gained more and more on importance and so almost no manufacturer can dare to stay away from the Big Apple.

As a little teaser on NYCC2018, the website »Toy News International« just posted these hot news for all She-Ra fans: SUPER7 obviously signed a license deal with NETFLIX and will reveal 6" figures from She-Ra and Catra from the upcoming »She-Ra and the Princesses of Power« series exclusively at the con! That sounds pretty exciting... we are thrilled to see the figures - and of course the show which will air on Netflix mid of November.


Ho do you often say: all good things come in threes! Due to the fact that NECA is recently convincing us when it comes to product quality and variety, we indeed decided to choose the third »Product of the Month« by the same manufacturer in a row.

Also consistent with the creepy month of October, we came to the conclusion: it has to be the classic 1990 Pennywise from Stephen Kings IT. The 7" Ultimate Pennywise comes with four different interchangable heads in total and additionally with nice little gimmicks like two green monster hands, a noisemaker, colorful balloons and a little paper boat. So there are almost no limits to your creativity!

Like all NECA Ultimate figures the horror clowns is delivered in a elaborately designed window box and looks impressive even when it's still not unpacked. But we would recommend to unpack it and play with it ;-)


All »Masters of the Universe« collectors should be pretty familiar with the in-house figure lines of FOUR HORSEMEN STUDIOS. The very accurate »Mythic Legions« are definately setting the bar in the 7" scale, because the Four Horsemen exactly know the game, due to their long experience and their big passion for details and quality.

In the past years, we got to see a couple of figures from their own themes which were strongly inspired by the Masters. Unfortunately these figures are very hard to get in our regions and they get sold out quickly because of the stricly limited production runs.

We are very glad to be able to offer a small batch of the two upcoming »Soul Spiller« figures now. COWARROS, a warrior who stronly reminds on Cringer, and MALYNNA, a female dark elf who surely had Evil-Lyn as a model, are now listed for pre-order on our website :-)


20th Century Fox has just released the first trailer of the next X-MEN movie. X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX will be all about the character or the growth of the mutant »Jean Grey«m who is played by the charming Sophie Turner. Of course the trailer - as well as the first teaser poster - is a must-see!

DARK PHOENIX will hit theaters on February 14th next year! Well, if this isn't going to be a romantic Valentine's Day ;-)


Fans of horror, listen up! There is indeed going to be an US remake of the South Korean zombie hit TRAIN TO BUSAN. The project will be supervised by two familiar guys: after his current movie »Aquaman« is completed, James Wan (Insidious, Conjuring, The Nun) will set to work together with Gary Dauberman (Annabelle, IT, The Nun) to reissue Sang-ho Yeon's zombie apocalypse.

On the other hand Yeon himself is working on a sequel of the original film called »Bando«, which means something like "peninsula" - so you can basically guess the scenario here. If you haven't watched »Train To Busan« yet, you should go and search for it on Netflix ;-)


Earlier today the new trailer of the Transformers spin-off BUMBLEBEE was released online. The movie with Hailee Steinfeld as "beetle mom" Charlie will hit theaters just before Christmas this year. The trailer promises a lot of action, not only because Bumblebee is facing Optimus Prime...

In our opinion the dialogs seem a little stiff, but that could be due to the (current) German synchronization. What do you guys think?


Yesterday our delivery from California with this year's SAN DIEGO COMIC CON exclusives have finally arrived :-)

The yield wasn't as sumptuous as usual this time but there are some tidbits though. Due to the fact that we only have small numbers or only single pieces of most of the exclusives, you won't find them on our website for the moment. So don't hesitate to contact us by mail or phone if you're interested...


At the end of October we can look forward to a real highlight when it comes to series: the terror series »Bodyguard« celebrated a sensational start in Great Britain (on BBC ONE) at the end of August and attracted over 10 million visitors at home. The largest share has Richard Madden, who's famous for playing Robb Stark in »Game Of Thrones«. In this new series he convinces as one of two main characters.

Of course NETFLIX, the giant of streaming, secured the international rights and they will start streaming the first season of »Bodyguard« over here on 24th of October already.

17.09.2018 • ARTHUR.

About two months ago we reported that there will be a Joker origins movie with Joaquin Phoenix in the main role. Now director Todd Phillips personally published a picture of the "new" Joker. As a subtitle he only wrote "Arthur.", which probably provides us Joker's real name.

Additionally a recording of the shooting, in which we can see Phoenix in action for the first time, popped up on the web.

We think that this could turn out to be something great... What do you think - will Joaquin Phoenix go down better in the role than Jared Leto?

14.09.2018 • 20 YEARS OF S.P.A.C.E

Exactly today, 20 years ago, S.P.A.C.E was born - and this has to be celebrated big time! Therefore we will kick off our big ANNIVERSARY SALE with following voucher raffle:

Until 23. September, we will mark down 20 products by 20% each day. And you can suggest the items that you would like to see in the sale (it has to be in-stock items though). Feel free to submit your wishes and suggestions by email or via social media.

As a grand finale of our Anniversary Promotion we will raffle 20 shop vouchers with a value of 100,- EUR each among all customers who made a purchase from the sale! (In case you would not like to participate in this promotion because of any reason, please advise this in the comments field of your order.)
The lottery will take place on 29. September live on  our Facebook page.

Thanks for 20 years of loyalty, dear customers!
Sven and thee S.P.A.C.E Crew


It is September and you can notice that the "cinema season" gains momentum. This month a lot of new movies are starting, among them are also some German productions worth watching - however with our Top 5 we are concentrating on films from the genres thriller, action, sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Number 5:
MILE 22 | release date: 13.09.2018
Looks like a solid action thriller with (a not so powerful) Mark Wahlberg who has to smuggle an informant out of the country as an elite secret agent. On the way to the airport, which is 22 miles long, one action scene lines up after the other.

Number 4:
THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS | release date: 20.09.2018
Eli Roth's magical adventure tells the story of a little boy who moves to his uncle (played by Jack Black) into an old house where an invisible clock seems to be ticking all the time. The mysterious place turns into a secret world of witches when little Lewis accidentally wakes up the dead.

Number 3:
THE NUN | release date: 06.09.2018
The latest part from the »Conjuring« universe is set in the 50's in Romania. A young nun commits suicide and there shall be an investigation, why she did this. Already the grim atmosphere of the cloistered abbey guarantees goosebumps.

Number 2:
INCREDIBLES 2 | release date: 27.09.2018
14 years after the animation blockbuster by Disney / Pixar now finally follows the long-awaited sequel. After more than three months (!) later than the US, we here in Germany at last get the chance to get our laugh muscles strained again by the family with superpowers.

Number 1:
THE PREDATOR | release date: 13.09.2018
Shane Black's new film from the Predator franchise hits theaters in Germany today. Predators make it back to earth and they are now even more superior and deadlier than ever before. Especially the ultimate Predator seems invincible for the crew of ex-soldiers and the result is a very action-loaded Predator sequel. Also a large chunk of irony and loose talking seem to matter this time - if this is actually good remains to be seen. The reviews are widely divergent - we are just excited what the sequel has to offer.

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!

10.09.2018 • MATTEL AS WELL

All Barbie, He-Man or Hot Wheels fans listen up: Mattel established their own movie-making business.

Mattel Films is going to be lead by Robbie Brenner, who was involved at »Dallas Buyers Club« or »Alien vs. Predator 2«.
Of course a lot of fans are waiting for an implementation of a new »Masters of the Universe« Movie, but if and when remains to be seen. We would be extremely happy about that.

In your opinion, which project should Mattel shoot first?

06.09.2018 • HALLOWEEN 40 YEAR LATER

Since yesterday night you can find the new HALLOWEEN trailer on YouTube

The movie of director David Gordon Green will be seen on screen at the 25th October 2018.
The story around Michael Myers will take place 40 years after the original movie from the 25th October 1978 as a direct sequel.

The trailer is definitely giving us goose bumps, doesn’t it?


Finally we know who is going to be the Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix Series »THE WITCHER«.
It’s going to be no less than Henry Cavill who played the role of the Superman last.

The shooting of the series is planned for November 2018.

We are curious how Henry Cavill will turn out as Geralt. What do you think about this cast?


This time our product of the month is no less than Marvels anti-hero DEADPOOL.

The 1/4 Scale Ultimate Deadpool is not only NECA’s first Ultimate figure in 1/4 scale, but also equipped with a lot of rad accessories like changeable heads, Chimichanga and cheese pizza topping.
The figure is around 45 cm tall and as all the NECA Ultimate figures very agile because of its more than 30 articulation points. The packaging is also an eye catcher.

It was generally agreed, that DEADPOOL shall be our product of the month for September and is allowed to decorate our front page of the shop.


The epic eco-thriller is finally going to be shot after 14 years of publication.

The 987 pages comprising works is going to be a “High-End-Series with international format“, according to ZDF.

Besides the author Frank Schätzling, the "Game of Thrones" producer Frank Doelger will also work on the eight episodes with 45 minutes duration.
When the series is going to have the first run, is not clear, but the filming shall start in 2019.

Who of you did read the book and is excited about this series implementation?
We are definitely curious about it.


The POWER-CON in Los Angeles ended recently and the MOTU Fans got to see a lot again.

SUPER7 did not only show the second Vintage Wave, they also revealed new POWER-CON EXCLUSIVES.
Among others an Anti He-Man ReAction figure on English card was spotted.

MATTEL showed some displays with different prototypes everything around the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and THUNDERCATS.
If they were implemented in reality remains to be seen.

You can find one or another Video of the Power-Con in the internet already.


Not long ago the shooting of the ninth part of the STAR WARS SAGA has begun.

Now, first pictures of the set appeared. You can see Poe, Finn and Chewbacca along with a group of unknown on the pictures.
The one who is missing is Rey.

Which way she may has chosen?  What do you think?

23.08.2018 • ZIMMER IS BACK FOR WW84

On October 31st 2019, WONDER WOMAN 1984 will hit the movies. Now we get to know that Rupert Gregson-Williams won't be in charge of the soundtrack as he was for the first part (although it wasn't bad at all - quite the contrary!). His successor will be nobody less than Hans Zimmer!

The german star composer actually declared that he won't be scoring another superhero movie after Nolan's »The Dark Knight« trilogy, »Man Of Steel« and »Batman V Superman«. It seems that he now got an offer he could not reject :-)

There's nothing wrong with Warner Bros.' decision, because Hans Zimmer is always a good choice when it comes to extraordinary film score, right?


FUNKO launches the most famous horror characters with its »Horror Savage World« line, inspired by the 5.5 inch »Masters of the Universe« figures by Mattel from the 80s.

There will be FREDDY KRUEGER, JASON VOORHEES, LEATHERFACE, MICHAEL MYERS and PINHEAD - all in a pumped up superhero look. We think they're kind of funny, but we are not on the same page about this kind of interpretation being conclusive or not. What do you think?

Anyway, you can already find Jason, Michael Myers and Pinhead for pre-order online.


Today starts the 10th edition of the world's biggest game trade fair: the GAMESCOM.

This Tuesday is trade visitor and media day, from Wednesday to Saturday the gates are open for everyone who wants to obtain information about the latest trends and novelties in the gaming scene at more than 1,000 exhibitors from 50 countries. Up to half a million visitors are expected to attend this year!


This week, 1/6 scale top dog HOT TOYS fires one after another! Today they revealed a collectible set consistent to the motion picture »Christopher Robin« which hits theaters today.

The set, which brings you WINNIE THE POOH and PIGLET, is surely going to make disney fans' hearts beat faster. HOT TOYS' cooperation with Disney is flowing ;-)

You will find the sugar-sweet set for pre-order with us online soon.

15.08.2018 • NEWS FROM WAKANDA

For some weeks already the BLACK PANTHER DVD or Blu-ray will have found its place in the TV racks of (almost) every Marvel fan.

HOT TOYS now follows with the release of SHURI as breathtaking 1/6 scale collectible, as well as an appropriate Wakanda Throne for the 1/6 scale Black Panther. SHURI already ranked among the highlights of the SDCC and the product images are extremely promising.

You can find the HOT TOYS collectibles to the Marvel blockbuster for pre-order here.


Our friend Mick from the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT has again some great and detailed reviews for you.

This time he took a close look to the three »The Walking Dead« characters Michonne, Daryl und Negan in 1/6 Scale by the Asian manufacturer THREEZERO.


Many new released are coming our way in August - but we honestly couldn't find any outstanding highlight. Still we put together our personal top 5 list of this month's new movies for you:

Number 5:
THE MEG | release date: 09.08.2018
A story similar to »Jaws« does always work, doesn't it? This time they took Jason Statham in the boat (literally), to bring Steven Alten's novel about a long extincted Megalodon, some sort of origin shark, to the big screen. Mega trash or packing action flick - we're not so sure yet...

Number 4:
MY NAME IS THOMAS | release date: 23.08.2018
Finally Terence Hill is back - though of course without his mate Bud Spencer... The movie rather looks like from the road movie / drama genre, but still worth seeing, especially for the real fans.

Number 3:
THE EQUALIZER 2 | release date: 16.08.2018
The sequel from 2014 surely is going to be a hit, with the great Danzel Washington in the leading role. The trailers appear really action loaded!

Number 2:
MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT | release date: 02.08.2018
Round 6 was the call for Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, who again was shooting all his stunts on his own. Some critics say that this sequel is the best of all MI episodes.

Number 1:
BLACKKKLANSMAN | release date: 23.08.2018
Director Spike Lee is famous for his very own, unique kind of film making. His new "joint" takes place in Colorado Springs, a city in which never before a black detective had anything to say. But now, Ron Stallworth (played by John David Washington) comes to lead the office, in order to prevent a mean attack of the Ku Klux Klan. His (white, Jewish) partner: Adam Driver. The whole thing looks very special but thrilling somehow, especially also because of a certain portion sarcasm in the story and the funky beat in the soundtrack. The movie is based on true events, by the way - or as it's said in the trailer: dis joint is based upon some fo' real, fo' real sh*t!

We hope that your local cinema has some good air condition ;-)
The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you lots of fun movies!

08.08.2018 • ANT-MAN IN TINY

It's been a couple of weeks now that the Ant-Man and the Wasp are whizzing over the big screens worldwide. And of course the latest MCU blockbuster is a success at the box office all over the globe. To celebrate that, Hot Toys just came up with another new announcement on ANT-MAN:

Back in 2015, Hot Toys released Ant-Man on Antony from the first movie as part of their »Movie Masterpiece Series Compact« line. This Miniature Collectible was very popular and sold out really fast. Now they are also offering such a set on part 2 - of course including Wasp! Aren't these great news, especially for those of you who might have missed the first set ;-)

06.08.2018 • R.I.P., SERVER...

We are under a technical state of emergency today... :-(

Our server passed away this morning, probably because of the extreme temperatures! That's why your orders and the communication with us may be a bit delayed. We ask for your understanding and hope that everything will be working smoothly again by tomorrow night.

Your S.P.A.C.E Crew


This time we decided to choose a pretty unorthodox collectible as »Product of the Month«: the ASHY SLASHY Prop Replica by NECA. This collector's item is not only intended to be a decorative article, but actually as a functional hand puppet.

It was realistically recreated from the original version from ASH VS. EVIL DEAD. The arms of the puppet can be positioned as you like by articulation points and the huge mouth is controlled by movement of your hand.

Now you can make the puppets dance - just like Bruce Campbell ;-)


We have to be patient and wait for another year to see chapter 2 of Stephen King's »It« remake. But we are very excited, especially because there appeared a first picture of the grown-up members of the Loser´s Club from the set!

The picture was uploaded on Twitter and it shows Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh, James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough, Bill Hader as Richie Tozier, Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon, James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak and Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom :-)

30.07.2018 • TIME FOR EPISODE 9

There are super hot news for all STAR WARS fans: the shooting of Episode 9 will start this week!

Under direction of J.J. Abrams old acquaintances will jump in their roles again for the third part of the sequels. Mark Hamill is definitely going to be involved again - also Billy Dee Williams will take part in Episode 9 as Lando Calrissian. Due to the fact that Carrie Fisher should also be a part of the trilogy conclusion, they will fall back on unreleased footage shot for »The Force Awakens« instead of conjuring Leia to the screen by CGI or something else.

We think this is magnificent and we are of course super excited to what J.J. Abrams will have to show us (probably) by December 2019...

26.07.2018 • FINALLY...

Finally also here in Germany we are getting the next firecracker from the MCU. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP hits the theaters with 3 weeks “delay”. Especially we are excited about the role of Michelle Pfeiffer and of course about Evangeline Lilly in her wasp outfit.

The trailers did promise a lot and the critics are also pretty positive. Going to the movies with an air conditioned cinema hall is really a good alternative considering the sauna temperatures outside, or what do you think? ;-)

Who wants to have the insect duo as 1/6 figures from Hot Toys in his or her collection can pre-order them here.

25.07.2018 • ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL

We have to admit that the live action adaptation of ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL wasn't really on our radar so far. So during the Comic Con we opened our eyes pretty wide... ;-)

The both famous manufacturers HOT TOYS and PRIME1 presented their versions of Alita (played by Rosa Salazar). In addition to that Fox published the second trailer of the Manga based movie by director Robert Rodriguez yesterday.

Nobody less than James Cameron is in charge of the script, Christoph Waltz is playing the scientist Dr. Ido - ideal prerequisites for a box office success. The film will hit the movies on December 20th.

23.07.2018 • SDCC2018 TRAILER OVERVIEW

That's it! SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2018 is over and what remains is lots of impressions of new collectibles, movies and series. We already talked about the collectible sector at our live-stream on Saturday, that's why today we want to give you an overview about the most interesting new trailers that launched within SDCC:



Godzilla: King of Monsters


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Doctor Who | Season 11

Star Trek: Discovery | Season 2

The Walking Dead | Season 9

Fear the Walking Dead | Season 4B

Mayans M.C.

Better Call Saul | Season 4

Voltron: Legendary Defender | Season 7


Iron Fist | Season 2

Arrow | Season 7

The Flash | Season 5

Legends of Tomorrow | Season 4

Supergirl | Season 4

Black Lightning | Season 2

The Gifted | Season 2

19.07.2018 • SDCC2018 SPECIAL GUEST

While the first photos and impressions from the SDCC Preview Night are hitting the web, our friend Mick from the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT is on his way to us.

As every year Mick will attend our Comic Con Feature and he will also take part in the Facebook live-stream on Saturday of course :-) We are looking forward to a cosy get-together.

18.07.2018 • SDCC2018 LIVE-STREAM

As a highlight of our this year's SDCC FEATURE we will have a Facebook live-stream with you on Saturday at about 11.00 am :-)

We did invite some guests to the headquarter for this media spectacle: as in the previous years our friend Mick from the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT will come over. Further we will welcome some friends from RETROHELDEN, namely Dominik and Steven from CHOKING HAZARD!

Just switch on and have a chat with us. Surely we are going to have one or another surprise for you...

17.07.2018 • SDCC2018 PANEL HIGHLIGHTS

Today we want to give you a short summary of the 2018 SDCC panel highlights. The first trailer of the upcoming DC blockbuster AQUAMAN - which was already teased with an official movie poster - will also be part of it.







16.07.2018 • OUR SDCC2018 FEATURE

In only a few days it’s happening again: San Diego in the south of California will be the center of pop culture, because SAN DIEGO COMIC CON will hype us fans and collectors :-)

This week everything will be about the SDCC2018 of course. As always we are going to screen the news, highlight and the many pictures of the Con for you and put together everything interesting in our feature.

This year’s SDCC exclusives are, in our opinion, not that spectacular (at least the things we got to see so far), but of course we will direct our sensors towards the convention centre. Take a look at the SDCC Exclusive checklist at AWESOME TOY BLOG or the SDCC BLOG! and let us know which exclusive which exclusive is turns you on the most…

12.07.2018 • ROBOCOP RETURNS

At the beginning of the year it was only a speculation and now it really comes true: we will get a direct sequel of the 80's classics »RoboCop«.

The project is called ROBOCOP RETURNS and it will indeed be a continuation of the original RoboCop from 1987. So both the sequels RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3 as well as the remake from 2014 are disregarded completely. Director will be nobody less than Neill Blomkamp, creator of DISTRICT 9. That could turn out to be something great...

11.07.2018 • JOAQUIN JOKER

Warner did confirm that there will be a JOKER origins movie with Joaquin Phoenix in the main role. The film shooting will start in 2018, but there is no cinema release date yet.

Todd Phillips (i.a. creator of HANGOVER) will be director, Martin Scorsese - who was originally intended as producer - will not be on board though.

09.07.2018 • DP UNCUT?

There will be shown an uncut version of DEADPOOL 2 at this year's San Diego Comic Con. This will not just be an "extended cut" - which is considered safe - but an once more enlarged "super-duper special screening" of the blockbuster.

If it will be played only once or if it will be released for our home theaters on Blu-ray and DVD is not known yet - but we definitely hope so ;-)


The summer slump at the movies still continues noticeably and because of the World Cup the few highlights are rather moved to the end of the month. Nevertheless we selected several - surely worth watching - movies for you and packed them into our top 5.

Number 5:
SKYSCRAPER | release date:
There's almost no cinema month without Dwayne Johnson - here he slips into his role of a former FBI agent and veteran who is hold accountable for a fire at one of the tallest and safest buildings of the world. He has to prove his innocence and at the same time his family is inside the inferno. So this time it will more of a dramatic »The Rock« action again.

Number 4:
THE FIRST PURGE | release date:
This fourth part of the franchise is showing the first purge night in the US and how the "tradition" of the anarchy was even possible. It's definitely going to be bloody, but for all of you that are alright with this kind of action and not so profound stories, this will be fine.

Number 3:
HOTEL ARTEMIS | release date:
In the year 2028 there is a civil war going on at Los Angeles and the streets are full of violence. In a hospital - disguised as the "Hotel Artemis" - a nurse (Jodie Foster) takes care of wounded gangsters and Dave Bautista watches out that everybody follows the rules.

Number 2:
The second part of SICARIO guarantees a lot of action. Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) and Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) are facing the toughest guys in a war of Mexican drug cartels. Watching the trailers you can get ready for something great - and already the first part was really awesome.

Number 1:
ANT-MAN AND THE WASP | release date: 26.04.2018
The highlight of July will be of course the sequel of Ant-Man. This time the Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) is supported by a Wasp-Lady (Evangeline Lilly) and what we saw from the trailers was desiring us for more. The combination of the special kind of action - created by the extreme resizing - and the hilarious gags did excite us already at the first part. We hope that it will continue like that. In the US the film hits the movies tomorrow and in Germany we have to wait another three weeks...

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!


Today was the day: the new huge 1/6 shipment from Asia did arrive in our headquarter!

Until we over everything, it may take 1-2 days - so please be a bit patient with us :) And you should definitely keep an eye on our »Just arrived« section on our website.

02.07.2018 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH JULY 2018

July has just started and that means we choose our new product of the month.

This time we decided to pick something for all of you 80's fans or better of its movie classics: Kurt Russell JACK BURTON from »Big Trouble in Little China« in 1/6 Scale by SIDESHOW - a really special collectible for another John Carpenter cult film!


Recently the new trailer of THE PREDATOR - strangely in Germany it is called »Predator: Upgrade« - was released.

At the same time NECA presented the first official produkt pictures of the ULTIMATE PREDATOR, which you can already find online for pre-order by the way.

What do you expect of the »ultimate« Predator? We at least think that the second trailer looks much better than the first one.


The first pictures from the set of the next - and meanwhile sixth - TERMINATOR movie have reached the internet. Chronologically the film is a direct continuation of »Judgement Day«. James Cameron even supplies the story and Tim Miller (Deadpool) is going to be the director.

On this snapshot we get to see Linda Hamilton in her original role of Sarah Connor and it seems as if - 27 years later - she still has it.


Tom Holland accidently revealed the title of the »Spider-Man: Homecoming« sequel.

The second movie is supposed to be not just called »Homecoming 2«, but »Spider-Man: Far From Home« and it will hit the movies in July 2019.


It seems as if after the pretty big flop of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, Disney and Lucasfilm decided not to shoot any more spin-offs for the moment.

The full concentration shall be on Episode 9.

Therefore the spin-offs of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett will be put on ice for now. Let’s see, if - and if yes, how long - they will stick to it.

20.06.2018 • SDCC IS NEAR

In 4 weeks the San Diego Comic Con is going to open its gates again.

We will keep you updated with the hottest news and highlights before and during the Comic Con.

So the best thing you could do is to keep an eye on our newsticker, newsletter, Facebook and Instagram ;-)


In March DC Comics announced a brand-new publishing imprint named "DC Black Label".
Now DC revealed that the first title to bear the imprint name and logo will be Sean Murphy’s "Batman: White Knight", which will hit comic shops in October.


DOCTOR SLEEP, the sequel of Stephen King's timeless masterpiece »Shining« will now be filmed too with Ewan McGregor, as Danny, in the leading role.

Mike Flanagen is supposed to do the direction. But we don't know yet, when the Horror-Movie will be released on the big screen.

13.06.2018 • TIM BURTON'S DUMBO

Already some time ago, DISNEY confirmed some of their titels to be converted into live action movies. Among them was DUMBO - and we now get to see the first teaser of the movie:

No less than Tim Burton, one of the most outstanding visionaries among film makers of our time, will take place on the director's chair. He will bring Dumbo to life with a very promising cast and the music from Danny Elfman. That assures goose bumps not only for our eyes, but also for our ears! And we actually did not know so far that it's possible to even get the goose bumps in the eyes ;-)

12.06.2018 • ASIA COMIC CON 2018

From June 8th to 10th the ASIA COMIC CON took place in Bangkok -  brands like PRIME1 STUDIO, HOT TOYS and BANDAI were represented there.

You can find a large foto album including almost 400 pictures from the con on Facebook. Every collector's heart is beating faster here, isn't it? ;-)

11.06.2018 • VERY EXCLUSIVE

Attention, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE fans! There is going to come something really exclusive towards you this summer...

We mustn't reveal too much at the moment, but on June 30th the cat will be let out of the bag - namely at the booth of »Die Welt der Meister Magazin« at Hörmich 2018.

All we want to say right now is: our Shared Exclusive will NOT be a radio play. Otherwise we would call ourselves ;-)


With the cinema June comes also the notorious summer slump. In addition to that, the Football World Cup is around the corner which will compete to all film releases of course. So we aren't expecting a lot of highlights or big names, however we did arrange our Top 5 of the month for you:

Number 5:
OCEAN'S 8 | release date: 21.06.2018
After Ocean's 11, 12 und 13 we will get the full girl power now. Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), Danny Ocean's sister shows together with her companions Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna aso. that there are indeed also many female crooks out there ;-)

Number 4:
THE RIDER | release date: 21.06.2018
A very profound drama about a rodeo cowboy who suffered head injuries after an accident. But he keeps on fighting to get back to the saddle. Chinese director Chloé Zhao is defining her very own western genre here which is impressive.

Number 3:
GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN | release date: 07.06.2018
1977 the animated film »The many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh« was released by Disney - about 40 years later we get to see this biopic about the inventor of the bear, A. A. Milne. The emotional story about the children's book author is convincingly told by Domhnall Gleeson and Margot Robbie in the main roles.

Number 2:
HEREDITARY | release date: 14.06.2018
Next week a gripping horror thriller will come to the big screen. After the grandmother passed away, a blameless family is haunted by shocking incidents, that lead back to a dark legacy of their ancestors. That looks extremely creepy and also the critics are very good.

Number 1:
JURASSIC WORLD 2 - FALLEN KINGDOM | release date: 06.06.2018
Our first place of June already started yesterday - the next part of the legendary dinosaur franchise. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Co. are this time trying to rescue the dinos - that are now living seclusive in the jungle - from a volcanic eruption on Nublar Island and prevent their extinction. While doing so they come across a huge conspiracy that could plunge the whole planet into chaos...
We already showed you the trailers and we were partly really flashed about what we could expect from JURASSIC WORLD 2. Besides the CGI effects that will probably outshine everything previous, the new part seems to have much more creepy-shocker-moments and more excitement overall.

So, if you are pushed into the movie theater during such hot weather conditions - have a good time!


Today we once again have two new and interesting trailers for you that are definitely worth a click:

First there is a first trailer of BUMBLEBEE - a TRANSFORMERS spin-off, which won't be the last one. The story of the little yellow Beetle includes "young star" Hailee Steinfeld and "old star" John Cena and will hit theaters just before Christmas this year.


Looks really lovely and could be a bright spot in this franchise.

Also in December the "Lord of the Rings" creator Peter Jackson is going to present an epic apocalyptic opus with MORTAL ENGINES. The grandmaster is not only the producer, but also the co-author of the script.
Finally we get to see the movie's first real trailer - however we are not really sure about what it will bring. Visually it will be a cracker, but the story...? Watch it yourself:



We finally received some highlights today, which we are waiting for a long time – and it was definitely worth waiting. Besides our current Product of the Month we also got Captain Jack Sparrow, the newest DX-Figure by HOT TOYS after years.
Sideshow also came down handsomely with the new Zatanna Premium Format Figure and the gigantic Legendary Scale Stormtrooper. We highly recommend you to take a look at our new arrived products on our website.

But don’t waist too much time – some collectibles are nearly out of stock!

01.06.2018 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH JUNE 2018

In June, we had a really hard choice, because we had a huge variety of title contenders arriving in our warehouse. Last but not least an action-figure from HOT TOYS - better said our Tobi with the vicious smile and his suggestion - did win through:

We elected the Videogame Masterpiece Figure of Joker from Rocksteady Studios’ Videogame-Hit BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM, a worthy and extremely detailed collectible, as our product of the month.
JOKER the CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME comes, as usual for Hot Toys, with a lot of accessories and a special Arkam Asylum backdrop. The head sculpt, the costume and the workmanship are high-quality, and we can contend this figure can’t be missed in any good DC or Batman collection. And everybody who loved the game can’t get by this collectible anyways ;-)

We are waiting for our incoming shipment and to date we have a few pieces left...

30.05.2018 • THE NEW SPAWN

Already some time ago, the good Todd McFarlane confirmed that he would be working on a remake of his own SPAWN movie in collaboration with »Blumhouse«. Now just a couple of hours ago, Todd released the first big bang about this project:

The amazing actor and Academy Award winner JAMIE FOXX will take the lead role and bring the Al Simmons aka Spawn to life in a surely outstanding way. It will take some time until the movie gets to hit cinemas, but the kick-off is definately done now - awesome!


In the last years, we got to see a couple of collectibles from directors and film makers. Let's think back to NECA's Quentin Tarantino on »The Hateful Eight« lline lately or miscellaneous Peter Jackson figures.

Now NECA will bring us another grand master of film as an action-figure for our shelves - Guillermo del Toro! The outstanding director and Academy Award winner will be released as a 8" Figural Doll by NECA in collaboration with »Entertainment Earth« and he will exclusively be available at this year's San Diego Comic Con in an edition of 2,000 pieces probably!

We think that Guillermo del Toro is an absolut icon who definately deserves a little monument in form of a Mini-Me. Really cool idea, NECA!

Of course we will do our best to grab some pieces of this surely sought-after figure for you...


SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY did celebrate its premiere yesterday and hits theaters today. Now everybody can make himself an image about Aldan Ehrenreich's (previously doubted) acting abilities. Share your opinions about that with us!

in the course of our anticipation we have already been waiting for the releases of new collectibles. Hot Toys fulfilled our wish just in time: the main character HAN SOLO was released just this morning. You will find the 1/6 Movie Masterpiece figure of Aldan Ehrenreich in two versions at our shop for pre-order by tomorrow at the latest.

We hope, or rather we assume, that Han will not be the only character and we are counting on more releases – at least Han’s buddies Chewbacca and Lando would be desirable ;-)


At the beginning of 2018 SIDESHOW fired the starting gun for their new »DC Premium Format Figure« collection. Meanwhile there are released six fantastically implemented characters from the DC Universe and already listed for pre-order:

Joker // Harley Quinn // Batman // Wonder Woman // Superman // Poison Ivy

Those who want to see more than the first pictures should definitely watch the exclusive »behind the scenes« video from BLEEDING COOL!

Extremely impressive what you can see there – we can barely wait until the first produced statue arrives in our headquarter ;-)

22.05.2018 • A HERO WILL RISE

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE fans watch out! It was now officially announced that there will be a reboot of the 80s-classic »She-Ra«. Netflix (who else?) is going to produce the animation series SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER together with DreamWorks and it will be released already this year.

The description of Netflix reads as follows: "In this reboot of the '80s series, a magic sword transforms an orphan girl into warrior She-Ra, who unites a rebellion to fight against evil."

Sounds like a true to original reissue of the series around She-Ra - but it will be probably adjusted to a modern audience. Her twin brother He-Man isn't mentioned with a single word so far, but however the grim Hordak will most likely be part of it.

We are excited... also regarding the dubbing voices. Surely you will find more news from Etheria here soon and we keep you posted on this!

17.05.2018 • 20TH CENTURY FOXPOOL

This week is of course characterized by the cynical mutant DEADPOOL. Today we have a genius find from the web for you: on Walmart's shelves in the US you can find various Blu-ray titles by 20th Century Fox (including e.g. TERMINATOR, FIGHT CLUB, LOGAN, PREDATOR and X-MEN) - as a Deadpool-photobomb-edition!

The boxes are covered in an additional case which shows the original cover interpreted in a Deadpool style. Fabulous idea, Fox! But please also delight us with those special editions here in Europe ;-)


Guess who's back! The most unorthodox superhero - or let's say anti-hero - of the entire Marvel Universe is back to the big screen. Wade Wilson aka Deadpool aka DP aka Mr. Pool is probably around the corner again with a lot of black humor and rough spells - that's why we love him so much!

The critics to the sequel are very positive, many of them say, the film is better than the predecessor.

Here are the current rankings:

- IMDb: 8,6/10 stars at 7.300 votes
- Rotten Tomatoes: 87% at 120 reviews
- Metacritic: 68/100

Our presumption: those who celebrated part 1 will also celebrate part 2; those who couldn't deal with part 1 ("Wait, that is actually possible?!") will also struggle with part 2.

By the way - have you already seen the brand new 1/6 scale Deadpool figure (including a unicorn and high heels) by Hot Toys? Of course you can already pre-order it here.


Last Thursday the world premiere of »Solo: A Star Wars Story« took place at Cannes. The whole star-line-up around Alden Ehrenreich has been on the red carpet - but those who tried to get the "original Han" Harrison Ford in front of their lenses, got disappointed. According to Ford himself, he didn't visit the event because he did not want to steal the actors' - especially the young Solo's - show. He did watch the film already though and he thinks it's "phenomenal".

The overall critics after the premiere were completely positive, even though not enthusiastic. It seems that Ehrenreich played his role fantastically, unlike many people have expected. He didn't try to imitate the young Harrison Ford but lend the character its own special charm.

Also director of »Star Wars: Episode VIII«, Rian Johnson, expressed his thoughts on his colleague Ron Howard's movie - he thinks it's great. But lots of Star Wars fans won't be convinced by that ;-) From next Thursday on, we finally can form an opinion ourselves.

11.05.2018 • LUXOR FANTASTIC 3

Tomorrow, the 3rd LUXOR FANTASTIC will take place at the Luxor Filmpalast in Bensheim, Germany. This will be a very special event for all toy collectors and comic and movie enthusiasts. Besides a dealer area throughout the main hall which invites you to do some shopping, you can also make a look through their own toy museum or join the panels and the show.

For the first time we will also be on board! Stop by at a small but fine booth for a small talk or just a "hello" :-)

Another highlight of the day will be the birth hour of a whole new project which was raised along others also by our friends from »Choking Hazard TV« lately - RETROHELDEN. More about that shortly or tomorrow, premiering in Bensheim at LUXOR FANTASTIC 3. Come over ;-)

Here the most important links for more infos:



Facebook page


Merry month of May puts forward 5 Thursdays at the movies - including two top blockbusters. How about visiting the movie theater tomorrow, on Ascension Day?

Number 5:
RAMPAGE | release date: 10.05.2018
You can expect an action-packed and emotional gorilla story with primatologist Dwayne Johnson. The eponym of this film is the 80s-arcade-classic „Rampage“ - the result is quite a sparse story, but at the same time it's just good and simple popcorn cinema with great CGI effects.

Number 4:
HOSTILES | release date: 31.05.2018
A visually stunning Western drama by director Scott Cooper with a convincing Christian Bale as "Indian hating" army officer in the main role. The release in Germany is extremely late - in the US it already hit theaters in January...

Number 3:
ONLY THE BRAVE | release date: 03.05.2018
The heroic story about a crew of fire fighters, that is trained to risk their lives in a devastating forest fire in Arizona as so called 'hotshots', is based on true incidents. It is not told too patriotic at all, and Thanos, uh Josh Brolin, again shows a great acting performance in Joseph Kosinski's (i.a. Tron: Legacy, Oblivion) perhaps best movie ever.

Number 2:
SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY | release date: 24.05.2018
Ron Howard's »Star Wars« spin-off with Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson and many others is already dividing the fan base and will probably do so further on. The trailers have improved from the first to the last and we can definitely expect a first quality blockbuster! But it has to prove first, if the story about Han Solo and Chewie can give us a new »Rogue One« experience or if it will "only" be a great movie. The world premiere will be next week within the Cannes Film Festival, by the way.

Number 1:
DEADPOOL 2 | release date: 17.05.2018
We are super hyper about this sequel of one of our favorite movies of the last years. The range of freaky and absurd teasers with Ryan Reynolds and his new X-Force, which are facing Thanos, uh Josh Brolin, as Cable this time, always put us a big smile upon our faces. We hope that Marvel does not overplay DP's genius humor from the first part and let it drift off into ridiculousness - let's wait and see, and not spoiling the anticipation of next Thursday :-) The reunion with Wade Wilson will be THE highlight for us this May!

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!


Today is the first day of the 71st Cannes Film Festival. And guess who's not invited? Netflix.

Last year, the head of the festival, Thierry Frémaux, invited two great in-house productions by the streaming provider to the official competition. The problem here: in France you can only offer movies on streaming platforms three years after their release at the theaters. So in French cinemas, the films weren't even played - makes sense, because they were produced for immediate streaming.

There was a big outcry in France after that - you HAVE TO show outstanding movies in the public theaters, otherwise they can not make it into people's minds and also into cinematic history. That's a very romantic view by the Frenchmen. So this time, there's a rule that a movie participating at the competition has to be played at the movies afterwards. That's why you can basically say, Netflix was excluded from the film festival.

It seems as the famous festival wants to do a favor to French cinema operators - and at the same time they try to weaken the giants of streaming. Romantic, as we said...

What do you think - should just be any good movies get honored at such competitions, no matter if it's a classic cinema production or not?

07.05.2018 • RAMBO NO. 5

After the 4th part of the RAMBO franchise from 2008 there have always been speculations about a sequel or spin-offs of the legendary film series - with or without Sylvester Stallone.

Now it seems as if the almost 72 years old Sly will indeed play the role of John Rombo for a very last time. In RAMBO 5 he may be facing Mexico's biggest drug cartels. According to Screen Daily the filming could already start in September 2018 - director will probably be somebody else though.

Maybe we will get an official confirmation this week within the film festival in Cannes - let's see ;-) What do you think about a 5th part?


As expected, »Avengers: Infinity War« made the box offices all around the planet glow on the opening weekend. In the US and Canada the Marvel blockbuster brought in over 250 million dollars and in the other countries 380 million dollars. Globally that's an unprecedented sum of over 630 million dollars - record! And China isn't even involved in that numbers, because the release date there will be next week. In Germany the film at least attracted over one million people to visit the movies.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, addressed a thank-you-letter in the name of everybody involved in the 300-million-dollar-project to all the fans that made this record possible.

Also Star Wars, or rather Lucasfilm congratulated Marvel on the huge success with a little artwork that shows Rey handing over a lightsaber to Iron Man. There's also a handwritten (or at least concerning the look) message on it - lovely gesture :-)

02.05.2018 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH MAY 2018

The special feature about Kotobukiya's BISHOUJO series is the Manga style realization of classic characters. This second version of DC's SUPERGIRL PVC statue in its sexy pose is a result of a sketch by the Japanese illustrator Shunya Yamashita.

What first strikes the eye is the flashy painting which is basically kept in the Supergirl's colors red and blue and in addition it is completed by golden applications.

The candy-red cape with a golden hem looks like it's literally flowing along with the wind - as well as the short skirt of her slinky outfit and her blonde mane. That's why the figure gets an amazing dynamic - characteristic KOTO!

Also the quality of the painting is really fine and precisely crafted for the size (1/7 scale), just like we are used to it from Kotobukiya. The detailed sculpting makes the little statue look incredibly vivid and not flat or artificial at all.

This Supergirl is truly super cute and super sexy - a dignified product of the month ;-)


Last Friday, SQUARE ENIX sweetened the weekend of all you gamers and Lara Croft fans a lot, because the brand new trailer of the next game of the TOMB RAIDER franchise was revealed!

SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER will be the title of the next part and it will be released on 14th September. You should definately take a look at the trailer! The graphics, the cut and the atmosphere will let you think that it's from a cinema blockbuster...


AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - most of the critics are of the same opinion: this movie is an absolutely epic spectacle. The battles are of an unprecedented manner - and in addition there are lots of emotionally and at the same time groundbreaking incidents.
Josh Brolin convinces in his role of the villain Thanos. It also seems like every superhero occupies his individual role and comes into his own inspite of the huge amount of characters.

Of course there are probably some single weaknesses or long-winded scenes, but due to the film's length of more than two and a half hours, who really wants to judge the Russo brothers for that...

The common rankings are like that at the moment:

- IMDb: 9,2 at 28.000 votes

- Rotten Tomatoes: 86% at 162 reviews

- Metacritic "only" 68/100, but that's about the score of the first two parts of Avengers

As always, you have to watch the movie your own to form an opinion. The S.P.A.C.E crew will visit the cinema tonight to do exactly that.


VENOM is back - after the short teaser that Sony presented us about two months ago, now there is the first full trailer for the solo film of Marvel's anti hero, that we only know from Spider-Man yet.

Carlton Drake is testing alien symbiotes to humans and the reporter Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) comes in contact with one of those creatures when doing the researches for these tests. Suddenly he has a voice in his head and achieves supernatural powers, which he is able with to completely transform into the »Venom«.

Spider-Man does not show up in the trailer, but that doesn't mean that he isn't involved at all. We will have to wait for all the details until October when VENOM is going to hit theaters. What you can already tell: it's going to get dark - that's what the trailer and poster are promising...

23.04.2018 • HALLOWEEN 2018

Man, that looks mean and dark - a very old looking Michael Myers (or rather his mask) on a plain black background. That's how the first official poster of the 8th sequel of the horror classic HALLOWEEN looks like.

40 years after the first part, Nick Castle and Jamie Lee Curtis will return in their original roles to the big screen - right in time for Halloween 2018. Even John Carpenter at his age of 70 will be a part of the movie, although it will be (just) within the soundtrack.

So it can't take that long anymore until we will get to see the first, probably very dark, trailer.


Today is a day to party for all the Kratos fans – the newest GOD OF WAR part was released today.

Even in the S.P.A.C.E Headquarter the game was already delivered :-) and we are thrilled about the story of the Spartan, especially after the consistently rave reviews.

Who of you will also be playing the game today?


It's the final Countdown... One more week to go until the Infinity War is going to break out. That means two and a half hours of superhero action as we have NEVER seen it before.

In advance of AVENGERS 3 Marvel now published a featurette of the MCU's 10 year success story, exactly from the time on when Iron Man started at the movies. A very emotional clip which is absolutely worth watching!

Another interesting fact: ostensibly nobody of the actors has actually set eyes on the entire script. That's how it was ensured that only a few people know the exact story of the movie. In addition to that there are guys like Robert Downey Jr. who partially didn't even read their own particular part of the script completely and almost went into the shooting spontaneously. That's just the way, superheroes are :-)

There are also new rumors regarding the storyline: a major character will die in the first 5 minutes of the film. That's all we (possibly) know - and maybe also we don't wanna know...

18.04.2018 • THE PARK IS GONE

It was already teased that the new - and at the same time final - trailer of JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGODM will be released today. And Universal kept its word ;-)

Also this third preview emphasizes that the newest part of the dinosaur franchise is going to be full of suspense. Already the scenes with the gigantic Mosasaur will take your breath away. Jason Statham with his Meg(alodon) can pack his bags straight away ;-)

Official release date in the US will be June 22, but in Germany we will have it on the big screen even 2 weeks earlier.


On April 27 a real Nerd Trash movie called »Supercon« will start in the US. Of course we don't want to keep the brand new trailer away from you.

The film makes fun of the current hype about star guests at conventions and the related fan rip-off with autographs and photos. In the style of »Ocean's Eleven«, a small group of former comic book artists and TV stars wants to scam the big earnings of the star guest Adam King. Obviously everything is getting out of control - but check it out yourself:

Unfortunately there isn't an information about a possible release in Europe, but in the US the movie actually tries to compete with AVENGERS. Courageous... ;-)


It's thursday - time for the movies! From now on, every month we will put together our personal top 5 ranking of new movies playing at the cinemas for you. As always we will directly include the appropriate trailers. Tell us your expectations, your feedback, any insider tips or your favorites of the month on Facebook and Instagram :-)

Number 5:
YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE | release date: 26.04.2018
Won multiple awards at the Cannes film festival, as a harsh but profound action movie of an ice-cold hitman who rescues young girls from forced prostitution.

Number 4:
GHOST STORIES | release date: 19.04.2018
Looks like an extremely spooky horror film - it's about a skeptic that investigates paranormal activities to refute them. But the whole thing turns into his nightmare...

Number 3:
A QUIET PLACE | release date: 12.04.2018
An intense scenario after the invasion of aliens, which are attracted by noises: someone who makes a sound will be hunted and killed. Already the trailers are able to communicate this oppressive feeling incredibly!

Number 2:
READY PLAYER ONE | release date: 05.04.2018
Actually we don't have to say much about this movie. Many of you will have already seen Spielberg's master piece. Those of you who haven't should make it up as soon as possible - or even repeat it 2 times ;-)

Number 1:
AVENGERS 3: INFINITY WAR | release date: 26.04.2018
This long-awaited blockbuster by the Russo brothers of course has to be number one in April. As surely many of you, we are unbelievably excited and crazy for that unprecedented battle of superheroes.
Along the last weeks and months we fed you with all trailers, news and collectibles of the movie - now it's really about time for the upcoming flagship of the MCU to hit the big screen!

The S.P.A.C.E Crew wishes you good times at the movies!


Lord of the Rings fans and 1/6 collectors will probably hype our today's news, because the Asian manufacturer ASMUS TOYS just revealed their photo gallery of their brand new 1/6 scale GIMLI figure!

Somehow incredible, how long we had to wait for a worthy conversion of the famous dwarf in this scale. But according to the first images, the long wait will be paying off, because the details that Asmus comes along with here are just breath taking!

Of course you will find Gimli, Son of Glóin soon for pre-order on our website. It seems that he will be shipping in May already and his edition size will be set on 1,500 pieces worldwide only.


This morning the brand new trailer of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY went online! It's the first (and probably final) wholesome trailer with about two and a half minutes length:

This clip somehow reminds of a western (especially regarding musical backdrop and editing) - in fact a pretty action-packed one. Of course this trailer is worth watching and it absolutely makes us curious to Ron Howard’s final piece of work. It remains exciting if SOLO will have a lot of slapstick or even space-western style in it, or if it will have a similar charm like ROGUE ONE. According to us you can't really figure out the exact style of the film from the preview. What do you think?

05.04.2018 • THE OASIS IS OPEN

Today is the official release date of READY PLAYER ONE, Steven Spielberg's latest Sci-Fi epic!

The trailers were all promising and already shared some intense goosebump moments... We're pretty sure that this movie will be one of this year's highlights.

We are very looking forward to see it on the big screen. How about you? Who of you already got the tickets?


Rob Zombie is working on the sequel of »House of 1000 Corpses« and »The Devil´s Reject«, called »3 from Hell«, for a few weeks now.
Among others, he revealed that Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Moseley and Sid Haig joined the cast of this splatter movie.
Yesterday, the rock musician and director also announced the comeback of Danny Trejo as Rondo for the sequel.

For now we don´t have a release date of the bloody horror movie.
But we will be happy to see the well-known faces on the screen again.

03.04.2018 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH APRIL 2018

In April, we are placing a true highness on the S.P.A.C.E throne, namely Daenerys Targaryen from the HBO hit show »Game of Thrones«. The fully poseable 1/6 scale version of Daenerys was realized by Threezero in full detail and it captures the likeness of Emilia Clarke perfectly. Along with her, the Mother of Dragon has her favorite Drogon and a couple of more accessories.

We got along pretty fast that she is worth becoming our product of the month. Daenerys will be available from stock within the next few days and she definately has to be part of every serious Game of Thrones collection.


NETFLIX just confirmed to the news blog »Den of Geek!« that a second season of the retro-toys docu THE TOYS THAT MADE US is planned and ordered!

As Brian Volk-Weiss, founder of this project, revealed in the interview, season 2 will also focus on themes like »Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles«, »My Little Pony« and definately the »Power Rangers«. That sounds pretty amazing :-)

If you want to learn more - here's the link to the complete article on the »Den of Geek!« website:


Here in the headquarter, we actually thought to get a short first appearance of CAPTAIN MARVEL in the credits of »Guardians Vol. 2«... This hope was a bit hasty, but now Disney officially confirmed that the shooting of the next stand alone blockbuster of the MCU has started!

This picture of the set shows the incredible Brie Larson as security chief Carol Danvers when she was still in service of the US Air Force.

So let's be optimistic to get to see a first teaser soon ;-) But keep in mind: start at the movies will be March 7th 2019.


34 years after the first part of the cult movie KARATE KID there's going to be a serial spin-off called COBRA KAI. The first real trailer is now released after we already got to see a few short teasers lately.

In the US the first season will launch on May 2nd 2018. Because it is a »YouTube Red« Original Series, we don't know yet, when and where the series will be shown in Germany. YouTube's (quite young) streaming service is still not available here. So we hope, Amazon or Netflix will take charge of it and we as karate kids of the 80s can celebrate the reunion of Johnny and Danielsan soon :-)


Parallel to the epic trailer last week, Disney also revealed an official movie poster on AVENGERS 3: INFINITY WAR. It shows all superheroes together on one artwork. Can you count them all? ;-)

In case Hot Toys or any other brand will really bring out every single character as a collectible, then you can prepare yourselves (and your cabins and showcases) for something big... Hidee Ho!


All of you comic-, movie- and toy figure fans should put a big mark on May 12th 2018: at the »LUXOR Filmpalast« in Bensheim, Germany, the 3. LUXOR FANTASTIC will take place - an event of a very special kind!

For the third time the unique »Luxor« cinema with its toy museum and the theme auditoriums will become a platform for all collectors and retro toys enthusiasts. On top of that, several YouTubers and bloggers will come together on one stage and will present a varied schedule. The guys of CHOKING HAZARD will guide through the show and also our S.P.A.C.E captain will have a little panel :-)

Of course we will also be in place with our own booth. Due to the fact that it's our premiere in Bensheim, we are pretty excited ourselves. And we're very looking forward to this weekend!

We are going to give you more information soon - or you can just check out the Facebook-Page of the event.

15.03.2018 • LARA IS BACK!

17 years after the cinema premiere of one of the most succesfull video game franchises of all time - TOMB RAIDER - the protagonist returns to the big screen! Now Lara Croft is represented by young actress Alicia Vikander und surely not only her predecessor Angelina Jolie, but also a huge fan base is excited, how the movie will perform...

The by now 21-years-old Lara Croft works as a bike courier in London instead of running her father's business empire. He disappeared 8 years ago and she decides to go and find him at his last whereabouts: on an island off the coast of Japan, where he explored a secret tomb.
For Lara this will be a journey dangerous to life and she will get to her physical and mental limits - and even beyond...


What an EPIC Teaser Trailer is that?!

We already knew that 2018 is going to be an awesome cinema year - but what approaches with J.K. Rowling's FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD in November, will be an absolute firecracker. All of you Harry Potter fans will get massive goosebumps together with gasping for breath and/or misty eyes ;-)

Just watch it yourself:


The start of the ultimate Marvel spectacle AVENGERS 3: INFINITY WAR comes closer and closer. On April 26th the wait is finally over and we will get so see the two and a half hour firework of pure superhero-power.

The two screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely as well as »Iron Man« actor Robert Downey Jr. have now revealed that some of the characters may bite the dust though. Probably it will be Thanos who eliminates one or another hero out of the MCU irreversibly (yes, indeed without any chance of return!). Of course it remains a secret, who it will be about.

By the way: last week »Entertainment Weekly« published 15 different covers with alltogether 22 characters of »Infinity War«. Looks quite impressive, this sheer amount of superheroes, right? :-)


Yesterday, MARK HAMILL finally got his long-time overdue star on the »Hollywood Walk of Fame« in Los Angeles! The ceremony was accompanied by George Lucas, Harrison Ford and R2-D2- and of course numerous screaming fans.

If you'd like to watch the almost 40-minute live stream of Variety again - here is the link:

Congratulations, Mark!

08.03.2018 • MARCH AT THE MOVIES

It is March, spring is (hopefully) almost here and the cinema month is full of new starts - including lots of awesome stuff. As always, we are going to give you an overview of the movies which we think are worth a visit.

Since last week the - on Sunday with an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay awarded - drama CALL ME BY YOUR NAME is flickering across the big screen. It‘s a brilliantly told „coming-of-age" film - of course with a lot of romantic but at the same time tremendously atmospheric.

For those of you who are more into the world of secret services, we have RED SPARROW on the note. Since last Thursday you get to see - maybe often overhyped - Jennifer Lawrence in the role of a Russian prima ballerina. Due to an injury she can‘t practice her sport anymore and so she takes the opportunity to be a part of the so called „Red Sparrow“ program. What are your thoughts on that thriller?

Today finally DEATH WISH starts! Nobody less than Eli Roth is responsible for the remake of the »Death Wish« classics. And Bruce Willis is back on the big screen - fitting greatly into the role of a vengeful family man. However Willis apparently performs weakly and faceless. But look out: it‘s still going to get very bloody! The R-rating seems to be absolutely legitimate.

From today on you can watch an incredibly fast story (based on true incidents) in MOLLY‘S GAME. It is about a professional skier (fantastically played by Jessica Chastain) who enters the poker business after her active career and rises to one of the biggest playmakers in Los Angeles. Director Aaron Sorkin also took Idris Elba on board and created an exciting biopic with a strong acting performance.

We are especially looking forward to next week, when TOMB RAIDER hits the movies. At first we were very sceptical about Alicia Vikander beeing the „new“ Lara Croft, but after the first film stills and trailers we are convinced to experience a very good and action-packed sequel of the franchise. That‘s going to rock!

On March 22nd it continues with robots-action in PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING. In the first part Guillermo del Toro was still director but this time he‘s only involved into screenplay and production. John Boyega, who‘s for example known as Finn in the last two »Star Wars« episodes, is now also part of the movie.

Furthermore we‘ll get so see wonderful Margot Robbie as the famous ice skater Tonya Harding in the biopic I, TONYA. She‘s blamed to be implicated into the assassination of her biggest competitor Nancy Kerrigan. Allison Janney received the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for playing Tonya‘s mother.

On the last Cinema-Thursday of the month there is a very special project by Steven Soderbergh. UNSANE is about the story of a young woman who suffers from a stalker. Somehow she goes into a psychiatry where she‘s held against her own will. She recognizes that a male nurse could be her stalker - reality or imagination? The special thing about this movie: it was completely shot on an iPhone! If Soderbergh's exciting experiment will be successful? We look forward!

07.03.2018 • THE GALACTIC BONUS!

Disney and Lucasfilm truly want to sweeten the STAR WARS fans' waiting time until the DVD / Blu-ray release of THE LAST JEDI end of April... two clips, which are going to be a part of the bonus footage, have been recently published on the web!

The first one shows an extended version of the very rousing lightsaber fight in Snoke's throne room with Rey and Kylo:

The second video is a really impressive "Behind-the-Scenes" cut with Andy Serkis in his role of Snoke:

Even if EPISODE VIII was disappointing for some of you, there won't be an escape from the home theater version... and chances are good that we can take home a large and interesting package of extras :-)

05.03.2018 • 90. OSCARS

A few hours ago the 90th OSCAR awarding ended and again Los Angeles was the glamorous center of the world.

As we hoped and almost predicted, GUILLERMO DEL TORO deservedly received the trophy for the best direction. His masterpiece THE SHAPE OF WATER was enforcer of the evening with four Oscars, including the honoring as best motion picture.

That should definitely motivate Sideshow to produce an exclusive, extremely limited collectible (as they did with DEVIL'S BACKBONE) :-)

We did a quick overview of the most important categories / winners for you:

The Shape of Water

Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour

Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Allison Janney, I, Tonya

The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro

Call Me by Your Name

Get Out

The Shape of Water

A Fantastic Woman, Chile


Blade Runner 2049


Blade Runner 2049

The Shape of Water

"Remember Me", Coco

02.03.2018 • GREAT SCOTT!

Some folks are just blessed with inconceivable talent... so is Juliana Lepine, an exceptionally gifted sculptor, who found her royal discipline in creating 18 or 24cm tall figures. Although this is not the famous 1:6 scale, the works of the Brasilian artist are definately worth a click on her YouTube channel:

In her latest video, Juliana shows us a timelapse making of of her Doc Emmett Brown figure. Starting off from scratch with a blank human wire-skull, she's creating an incredibly realistic Mini-Me of Christopher LLoyd by using clay and other materials and components. This we can spoiler to all »Back to the Future« fans: Your jaw will drop!

Well - if you got hooked now, but prefer to stay in your standard scale (or just don't want to spend 3,000$), then we can put you off with the just arrived 1/6 Scale Dr. Emmett Brown Movie Masterpiece figure by Hot Toys. 'Cause this one is also pretty cool... :-)

01.03.2018 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH MARCH 2018

During the whole day the »Awesome Mix Vol. 2« is booming out of the speakers at the S.P.A.C.E headquarter... because we are madly celebrating our new product of the month - the GROOT Life-Size Figure by Hot Toys!

Under product code LMS004 Hot Toys rolls out their fourth 1:1 collectible of the so called »Life-Size Masterpiece Series« (after Batman, the First Order Stormtrooper and Armored Batman) - and at the same time it's the first one that fits into your showcase ;-)

The little Groot is about 26cm (10") tall and movable at 15 points of articulation. Already the box will put a big smile on every »Guardians of the Galaxy« fan's face, because Hot Toys shows great attention to detail here. It of course gets even better when you unbox the figure itself. Three interchangeable face sculpts, alternative hands and an elaborately tailored Ravagers outfit give you numerous opportunities to present everybody's favorite appropriately to the movie. You are definitely going to have fun - and don't forget: you need to put in the »Awesome Mix Vol. 2« and listen loudly when unpacking him :-)

28.02.2018 • MY STARDUST.

Not only our fellow Mick comes up with comprehensive reviews on 1/6 scale figures of all kinds from time to time. Today it's about an article from Daniela, a member of the passionate »Action Figure District« community. The object of desire: Jyn Erso by Hot Toys.

The incredibly well done figure with all its details - from head sculpt to the accessories - is scratching almost at a 9/10 ranking - for us another statement that Hot Toys delivered a very special highlight here!

Through this link you can get to the diverting review with with many nice shots:

We're wondering though: where are all the other (human) characters from Rogue One? Besides Jyn we do have Chriut Îmwe on the market, but besides that we have to stick with K-2SO and Co. Baze Malbus was at least already teasered by Hot Toys - so let's keep our fingers crossed that there will be coming some more releases our way ;-)

We currently do have exactly 1 piece of the regular version left in stock of the lovely Jyn!

26.02.2018 • FEAR WHAT'S INSIDE

A few days ago, the new film by Alex Garland (Ex Machina), ANNIHILATION, started at the movies in the US. After almost 6.000 critics on IMDb the apocalyptic Sci-Fi flick is set at a smooth 8 and is constantly getting new positive feedback.

Outside of the US it seems that the movie won't be hitting cinemas, but will be available online at NETFLIX by mid of March. This is a totally new way of marketing or placment, which sort of gives us an advantage here in Europe. Interesting for sure - like the movie itself. If you haven't heard or seen anything yet, you should check out the latest trailer on »Annihilation«:


Thanks to the extremely successful remake of Stephen King’s IT, which drew us all to cinemas in September last year, the manufacturers of licensed collectibles finally have a heart and grabbed the rights for the horror-franchise.

NECA is kicking-off ahead and just revealed PENNYWISE - both in the old 1990 and in the fresh 2017 version - as »Ultimate Action-Figure« at New York Toy Fair! Furthermore, we can expect Body Knockers, Headknockers and Scalers of the most famous horror clown of all times.

You can already find all figures listed on our website for pre-order. Please definately take a look, because especially the »Ultimate« figures by NECA are not only packaged very nicely, but they also come with loads of accessories auch as exchangable heads and hands... and, in this case, of course balloons :-)

By the way: IT is out now on DVD and Blu-ray!

20.02.2018 • THE DAY HAS COME...

...your Eternia collection will be extended by new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

The first both MOTU Waves (Collectors Choice and Club Grayskull) by Super7 are available now!

But you should hurry up, because our stock is apparently shrinking ;-)

19.02.2018 • THIS IS THE OASIS...

The long-awaited new Spielberg movie READY PLAYER ONE is waiting in the wings and the new, (probably) final trailer is joining us into a real blockbuster.

This preview looks more dramatic than the last ones and shows again how many hints and recourses to film- and comic-culture the movie will contain: if you blink at the wrong spot, you may miss a wonderful easter egg.
Not only the DeLorean from »Back To The Future« makes our fangirl/fanboy hearts beat faster, but also the T-Rex from Spielbergs »Jurassic Park« finds a place in the digital world of »Ready Player One«.

The movie will hit theaters worldwide by late March / early April - are you ready to immerse yourselves into the Oasis?

15.02.2018 • RETURN TO WAKANDA

Superhero fans are looking forward excitedly to this thursday for a long time - finally the the next Marvel blockbuster hits cinemas: BLACK PANTHER!
Most of the reviews are overwhelming, because the film is not simply a sequel of the MCU mass production, but seems to be really exciting and just different. If that will disappoint a lot of fans of classic superhero movies?
What can be already said: Black Panther is going to break a number of records. Due to the crazy ticket-presale, about 170 million dollars are estimated being brought in on this (President’s-Day-)weekend only. That means, it could dethrone DEADPOOL when it comes to most successful February starts!
Unfortunately outside the US it's always more difficult for blockbusters with an afro-american cast. That's why the forecasts aren't that clear, if and how the movie will strike.

We are really looking forward - not only for the film itself, of course, but also for the appropriate collectibles - for example the 1/6 Scale Black Panther by Hot Toys with its reflecting suit.
You can check out the matching category either BEFORE or AFTER your visit to the movies!


The Swedish 80s-trash-tribute-cult-short-film KUNG FURY is definitely getting a sequel - as a motion picture film with star cast!

David Sandberg, creative head and maker of the project, surely had always the dream to bring his idea to the big screen someday. This dream will now become reality and it is confirmed that Hollywood star and two time Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender takes on a main role next to Sandberg himself. If Fassbender will perhaps incarnate the Kung Fuhrer? We are excited!

The blockbuster will be produced i.a. by the trio David Katzenberg, Seth Grahame-Smith and Aaron Schmidt, who were jointly responsible recently for the most successful horror movie of all times - IT. So this has to be great. What's definitely still missing though is action-figures! We will have a word with Mr. Fury regarding this ;-)

Oh, and who doesn't know KUNG FURY yet, you should really treat yourself to half an hour of trash par excellence. The movie is available for free on YouTube and it's going to break the 30 million clicks soon:

12.02.2018 • THE YEAR OF THE DOG

Our year is already one and a half months old, but our friends in Asia are going to start their new year this Friday.

2018 is the year of the dog, therefore it's characterised by loyalty, diligence and reliability. Due to the fact that these attributes apply to us as well (;-)) we planned everything of the upcoming 1/6 shipment from China and it's already on the way to us - that means, you won't have to wait for weeks.

As we know by experience, at that time the Asian continent - at least regarding work processes - is in relaxing, standby mode.


Even though the cinematic February is already one week old, we will give you a summary of the monthly screen highlights as usual:

Last week already a few interesting movies started, for example THE DISASTER ARTIST. The winner of two Golden Globes about the genesis of the worst film ever (»The Room«) persuades with the two Franco brothers James (also the director) and Dave in the main roles.
It‘s a funny story which makes the audience practically a part of the set and also shows, how this „masterpiece“ by and with Tommy Wiseau even came into existence.

Furthermore the third part of MAZE RUNNER (additional title: The Death Cure) started. In the action-packed sequel, Thomas and his friends do now know, why they are being chased. They carry the key to an antidote against a virus inside of them. This time their way leads them back to where it all started...

Since last thursday there‘s also playing a beautifully „dirty“ action movie again: DEN OF THIEVES with Gerard Butler and Curtis James Jackson alias 50 Cent. In the capital city of bank robbers, Los Angeles, a gang is targeted by a special force after a failed security van coup. The crew is planning a last big attack - on the Federal Reserve Bank which is rated as uncrackable. A game of cat-and-mouse begins ;-)

Today we have WIND RIVER on the list - even if it won‘t play in all the theaters. The story takes place in a freezing, snowy reserve in Wayoming, where tracker and hunter Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) spotts a dead body. A young and inexperienced FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) is called for the case, but she rapidly reaches her limits.
That looks like a tough but also sensitively played thriller.

We won‘t mention FIFTY SHADES OF GREY part 3.

All Marvel fans will be drawing a thick red line around next thursday on their calendars. BLACK PANTHER is on schedule! T'Challa, who‘s already seen in »Captain America: Civil War«, returns home to Wakanda and goes to fight for the country‘s legitimate throne.
This superhero movie is definitely going to be a highlight of the MCU - trailers and reviews are promising...

But yet it will probably have to share the pole position for the cinema start of the month with a huge oscar favorite (13 nominees!): THE SHAPE OF WATER. This fantasy film is again going to be a great success by filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. A mute lady called Elisa works in a research facility during the cold war. Secret experiments are happening and she builds up a special connection to an amphibious creature held in captivity. Her life will change forever...

Also on February 15th ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD by Ridley Scott is hitting German theaters. Right, it‘s the movie where Kevin Spacey was replaced by Christopher Plummer afterwards! Mark Wahlberg as a former CIA agent is part of it, too. The movie is based on true incidents and tells the story of the kidnapping of a rich oil tycoon‘s grandson in the earl 70‘s. The Italian mafia charges 17 million dollars, but the grandfather refuses the payment.

February seems to be the month of famous directors: on the last thursday we will get to see THE POST, the new movie of Steven Spielberg. The main cast contains names of the same quality - Maryl Streep is Kay Graham, who takes over the »Washington Post« as a company of her family in the 1970‘s. The role of the editor-in-chief, who received secret information about the Pentagon Papers, was occupied by Tom Hanks. This motion picture impressively demonstrates how journalism proceeds and is literally „lived“. That‘s surely going to be a cinema highlight at the end!

07.02.2018 • MOTU-DAY ON 2/20 :-)

Heads up, dear MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE fans and collectors: both the first waves of the »MOTU Classics« and the »Filmation« figures by SUPER7 are about to march in! Crap, they're already here, at the S.P.A.C.E Headquarter - since a couple of days actually...

However we have the restriction from Super7 to not start shipping them out before 20th February. All of you who already pre-ordered or still plan to do this shortly, can definately mark that Tuesday as MOTU-Day in the calendar :-)

Until then, we will sweeten you the waiting time with some quick unboxings on our Instagram stories, a couple of crazy photos taken by our Etaernian Timo and a review on Hordak by our friends from Choking Hazard TV.

In case somebody will totally freak out now because of the anticipation and you need instant replenishment from Eternia: we just received the ReAction wave 3 (Battle Armor He-Man, Battle Armor Skeletor, Kobra Khan, Zodac, Teela, Stratos) brand-new in stock!

06.02.2018 • I'M GONNA BE A PILOT...

Disney and Lucasfilm extremely delayed to please us with info and pictures of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. Punctually at the Super Bowl (as expected) the very first teaser of the Star Wars spin-off was released. Then yesterday, the wholesome trailer ultimately followed:

We already get to see the main actors - including Chewie of course - and not only visually it gives a hint of what we will get to see on the big screen in nearly four months.

The trailer (and probably also the movie itself) will cause controversial opinions again, like Episode VIII did. The question always is: what do you expect from such a film? Has such a story always to be told in the classy way and how "everybody" is expecting it to be? Or isn't it allowed to make it just more modern and unexpected sometimes? Especially ROGUE ONE proved it - and let's keep in mind that a Star Wars institution, Lawrence Kasdan, wrote the Han Solo spin-off together with his son Jon. So let's get excited and think positive ;-)

Furthermore, four official movie posters were published which are portraying Han, Chewbacca, Lando and Qi'Ra in a new, but very cool style. Here we can certainly say "May the Twenty-Force be with You..."!

05.02.2018 • SUPER BOWL LII

Last night the 52nd SUPER BOWL took place in Minneapolis and as every year, this event was an exquisite media spectacle.

The evening was initiated traditionally with the national anthem of the USA which was presented by the magnificent PINK. During the 15-minute halftime show exceptional talent JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE made the stadium freak out. You should definitely not miss out on that performance.

Of course the break was also used to release hot new trailers of upcoming movies and series to the world. Disney didn't miss to show us a new clip of AVENGERS. Star Wars fans at least got to see a 45-second teaser of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY - the full clip will be published in a few hours. Also just stunning is the new trailer of JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM, as well as the utterly atmospheric preview of the second season of HBO's WESTWORLD. At the end of the appetizer of THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX, Netflix lighted the biggest firecracker though, announcing that the movie is going to be available right away and exclusively on Netflix! Last but not least the riddle about the mysterious DUNDEE trailers was solved: the Australian tourism association is behind this brilliant PR campaign. The newest clip to this is definitely worth a click!

We did a compilation of all the videos for you so that you can stare in an infinite loop ;-)

Oh, and by the way: the »Philadelphia Eagles« defeated the »New England Patriots« 41:33 - congratulations!

Pink Belts Out the National Anthem! | Super Bowl LII NFL Pregame

Justin Timberlake’s Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Solo: A Star Wars Story (Teaser)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The Cloverfield Paradox

Avengers: Infinity War


Red Sparrow

A Quiet Place

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime)

Castle Rock (Hulu)

Westworld Season 2 (HBO)

Dundee Ad (Tourism Australia)


Sideshow’s COURT OF THE DEAD Collection belongs definitely to the most creative and fascinating collectibles lines for us. Not only because every collectible is made with the highest measure of quality regarding sculpting and painting. But also every character of Sideshow’s self creation is endowed with a background story.

You can find this fantastic realization in our product of the month as well! A fool, better said the fool of the death, made it on the February throne: the »Malavestros - Death's Chronicler-Fool« Premium Format Figure!

This unique statue is limited to 750 pieces worldwide and it's a must have for every »Court of the Dead« collection.


Yesterday we visited the famous toy fair in Nuremberg checking out novelties for you guys regarding collectibles.
As every year the main part of the S.P.A.C.E Crew went on its (only) one and a half hour car trip to Franconia for catching as much as possible out of the twelve halls. It's almost impossible to go through all of them in just one day - that's why we concentrated on the thematically most important ones as always.
Here are some of our fair highlights of this year: DEATHSTROKE by Sideshow (especially due to the base's super realistic details) as well as the massive GUTS Statue by PRIME 1 - and of course KRATOS in all sizes and versions ;-)

As we know most of you won't get the chance to visit this fair, we captured our impressions on camera - the result you can find in our Facebook album.


Marvel Studios has just posted the first teaser trailer of ANT-MAN AND THE WASP online... and it's wheting our appetites for July 6th!

Of course all fans are looking forward to seeing Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Michael Pena again, but Evangeline Lilly in her amazing outfit as »The Wasp« will definitely steal the guy's show. Because she got wings and blasters ;-)

29.01.2018 • IN APRIL 2019 WINTER IS COMING

After the last season of GAME OF THRONES we were disappointed that there wouldn't be a continuing in 2018. Now the 8th season of the famous series finally has it's starting date!

GOT actress Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) divulged that the film shooting will be finished at the end of 2018. In April 2019 we will finally find out who will win the game of the Iron Throne.

There's nothing left for all fans than bridging this long long time with speculations and theories...


The fans are already waiting for months for the release date of GOD OF WAR, the fourth part of the iconic gaming series. Now the time has come:
Sony did announce the 20th April 2018 as official launching date of the newest slaughtering of Kratos. And what's almost the sickest: he has now a full beard!
Lovers of the franchise will be able to enjoy not only a standard and limited edition, but also a great collector's edition. This one comes, inter alia, with an exclusive Gentle Giant statue of Kratos and Atreus.

To heat it all up, a new trailer was released as well, which helps us to guess what will lie ahead of us.

Also the gaming-addicted part of the S.P.A.C.E crew can’t wait to let the gods bleed again.

23.01.2018 • 80s GOOSE BUMPS

Shortly there was released a new TV spot of Spielberg's new motion picture READY PLAYER ONE, which includes - next to lots of easter eggs - a secret code that brings you to another goodie: the bonus material called »See the Future«.
Everyone who loves the cult classics from the 80s (and of course we all do...!) and who wants to experience a true moment of goose bumps, should definitely give himself three minutes for dipping into the Oasis and enjoying the additional video.

All of you who aren't into riddles can just click this link to get to the mentioned clip.

If READY PLAYER ONE wont be a highlight of the year... and what's the best: it's going to hit the movies already end of March!


This past weekend a teaser trailer of »Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home« suddenly appeared on the web. A CROCODILE DUNDEE sequel with Danny McBride as Brian Dundee - the yet unknown son of the legendary bush hunter - in the main role? How about that?!
So far there was absolutely nothing and nobody to indicate that this movie was planned and now it will launch already this summer. Even the "real" Dundee alias Paul Hogan is supposed to take part...

Is all of that just an elaborately staged PR stunt to promote an entirely different McBride movie or is there really going to be a sequel of the 80's classics? What do you think?


Warner has just released the second trailer on TOMB RAIDER - and it is definately worth a click!

The new clip is revealing surely more about the plot - and it shows us how fully action-loaded the new »Lara Croft« version with the wisely picked Alicia Vikander will roar over the big screens. Mid of March will be the time :-)

18.01.2018 • WHERE IS HAN?

Disney has just revealed a short synopsis of the »Star Wars« spin-off SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. As expected, we will find out how the young Han (played by Alden Ehrenreich) meets his companions Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian and how his shady business as a smuggler gets initiated.

Speaking of "initiating" - where the heck is the first trailer?! At least the start at the movies is scheduled for the end of May, which is just about four months away. We assume that it will be the time at Super Bowl in February. At the latest.

16.01.2018 • HEROES AND VILLAINS...

The next Pop Culture convention will have its premiere in Germany - the »Heroes & Villains Fan Fest«!

This event was initiated by actor Stephen Amell (Arrow) and organizer James Frazier (Walker Stalker Con) and it will take place on June 2nd & 3rd 2018 at the Dortmunder Westfalenhallen. The fan fest with its motto "It's not just Fandom. It’s Family." will also happen in Chicago, Nashville, New Jersey, San Jose, as well as in London.

The closeness of fans and star guests is stressed out here - very popular actors from movies and TV series (e.g. Arrow, The Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., This Is Us, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Punisher etc.) can be experienced very closely when taking photos with their fans and signing autographs. We will keep an eye on the upcoming stars being announced and if the event will also be interesting for us as exhibitors. Has someone of you already had the chance to visit a HVFF and to catch the atmosphere?

12.01.2018 • EVIL SEEKS EVIL.

With the just released trailer on the next and already 10th part of the Pinhead series »Hellraiser Judgement«, Lionsgate makes all HELLRAISER fans smile - hopefully.

The horror flick will be coming direct-to-video on DVD and Blu-ray on 13th February (in the US). This could be a sweet Valentin's Day this year... :-)


The first cinema month of the year is not really showing off with huge blockbusters, but some movies are definitely worth a ticket - including one or the other contender for the Oscar awards...

Already last week started THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, a musical drama with  Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Michelle Williams in the main roles. The film is based on the true story of the legendary showman, politician, businessman and swindler P.T. Barnum, who invented the very first curiosity cabinet.
Right away the title song was awarded with the Golden Globe for the best original song.

Also on January 4th INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY had its start at the movies. It is the fourth part of the horror series, in which parapsychologist Elise now goes hunting demons in her own birthplace. The overall ratings are very differently - what do you guys think?

From today on an absolute highlight for all Anime fans will be on the programme: YOUR NAME. It‘s said to be the most successful Anime of all time! The story is about Mitsuha, a girl from a small mountain town, and Taki, who‘s going to high school in Tokyo. They both are able to switch bodies within their dreams - a story that is wonderfully told and also visually realized. On IMDb it reached a great 8,5 and not only fans of the genre won‘t regret a visit to the movies.

In THE COMMUTER Liam Neeson takes on the - for him almost classic - role of a normal worker and family man. As he commutes to his job like every other day, he‘s expected to find out a specific person on the train for a reward of 100,000 Dollars. He has no choice anyway because his family is in gangsters‘ clutches and the clock is ticking...

Next thursday it‘s moving on with DOWNSIZING. Shortage of resources due to overpopulation of our planet takes center stage of the story. The solution could be the so called downsizing, a process where humans can be shrinked to 3% of their height. Therefore people will have a lot smaller consumption of food, energy and of course space – for example 100,000$ will have a value of 12 millions.
Sounds like an interesting and funny movie that‘s going to be a real highlight this cinematic January, especially due to the unpredictability and the acting performance of Matt Damon and Christoph Waltz (it seems to be his best role since years!).

There will also be heavy stuff on the 18th: in DARKEST HOUR just shortly after his inauguration Winston Churchill has to make the most important decisions of his life and simultaneously on the future of Great Britain. Gary Oldman was awarded with a Golden Globe (best performance of an actor - drama) for his role as Churchill. That‘s not the only reason why the movie is a hot candidate for the Oscars.

January is keeping its climax of movie starts for the end. On Sunday evening THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI cleared four Golden Globes, including as best drama motion picture.
In Mildred Hayes‘ opinion the police is taking too little action after her daughter was raped to death. After months she places three huge billboards at her town Ebbing on which she attacks the sheriff with unmistakable messages. The situation between the traumatized mother and the local police is escalating more and more.
Martin McDonagh won the well-deserved Golden Globe for his screenplay because the characters, the plot twists and the handling of delicate issues like police violence and racism are realized just brilliant.

What are you going to watch and what not? There is definitely enough to watch on uncomfortable and boring January evenings :-)

10.01.2018 • 12 DAYS OF SIDESHOW

As already in the years before, the major brand SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES featured their annual »12 Days of Sideshow« product preview over the turn of the year. On every of these 12 days they gave us tasty treats which heatened up the anticipation on new, upcoming collectibles.

Besides new products out of the existing line-up from MARVEL, DC or STAR WARS they also confirmed THUNDERCATS as a brandnew license. Further, we can be excited about a »Rebel Terminator« in Premium Format. But the best thing is to take a close look on the complete list of all teasers from the 12 days:

Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure   
Yoda Legendary Scale Figure   
Boba Fett - Mythos Sixth Scale Figure   
Daredevil Premium Format Figure   
Spider-man Miles Morales Premium Format Figure   
The Joker Premium Format Figure   
Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure   
Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure   
Mumm-Ra Statue   
Batman Premium Format Figure   
Lion-O Statue   
Elektra Premium Format Figure   
Superman Premium Format Figure   
Black Widow Premium Format Figure   
Spider-man Legendary Scale Figure   
Wolverine Life-Size Bust   
Rebel Terminator Premium Format Figure   
Captain America Premium Format Figure   
The Joker - Gotham City Nightmare Statue

We will surely be able to start listing all these novelties on our website for pre-order soon...


As you all know, yesterday the 75th Golden Globes awarding took place in Los Angeles. The most successful motion picture of the evening was »Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri«. The movie about police violence and racism was honored as best Drama, Frances McDormand for the best performance by an actress (Drama), Sam Rockwell for the best performance by an actor in a supporting role, as well as Martin McDonagh for the best screenplay.

We think it's also very impressive that Guillermo del Toro was able to assert himself as best director (»The Shape of Water«) against his fellows Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg - we shall definitely not miss this movie ;-)
Obviously we are extremely proud of Fatih Akin, who received a Golden Globe for »In The Fade« with Diane Kruger in the main role as the best foreign language motion picture. Congratulations!


Soon we can enjoy the first superhero TV show of the new year - BLACK LIGHTNING! The US station »The CW Television Network« is currently releasing one clip after the other and sweetens the waiting time for fans a bit. The first season with 13 episodes will kick-off on 16th January in the US and on 23rd January in Germany (on Netflix).

The story of »Black Lightning« is about the return of the superhero Jefferson Pierce, who wants to protect his city and especially his two daughters against the omnipresent violence and crime, by using his superhuman abilities to contol electricity. Not bad for a school director...


We love WETA and basically everything from Middle-Earth - even when it comes to not the prettiest of all creatures ;-)

So it was immediately clear, when the invasion of the battle trolls began here last week, that the brute WAR TROLL STATUE has to be our first product of the month in the new year!

The team from the Weta Workshop again delivered an outstanding collectible here which shouldn't be missing in any established »Lord of the Rings« or »Hobbit« collection. Not only because of the strictly limited edition of 400 pieces worldwide, this mean battle troll with its removable helmet is definately yet a highlight in 2018.

02.01.2018 • WELCOME TO 2018!

Dearest S.P.A.C.E ARMY, a happy, joyful, prosperous, pleasing and especially healthy new year! May all our wishes come true :-)

2018 is surely going to be an eventful year for us here at the S.P.A.C.E headquarter, because we have a lot on our agenda. A milestone will surely be our 20th anniversary in September, which will be accompanied by another highlight - the expansion of our warehouse and our offices. But we also want to evolve "online" and get some new features rollin'. Let's start with a little face-lift of our weekly newsletter. And then there's of course our website - and YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And and and...

Be excited and be welcome in the year 2018!

22.12.2017 • MERRYYY XMAS!

So well, may the quiet times come...
Dear customers, we are now looking forward to a long weekend and a little break from all the buzz. Our almost empty batteries urgently need to get refilled with good food, glogg and cookies ;-)

We wish you a happy and harmonious Christmas with all your beloved ones - and your collectibles! A big special thanks goes out for all the many Christmas cards, candy boxes, small and big gifts and the nice emails and comments from you guys! This really made us happy - and it already brought us some more pounds on the scales...

MERRYYY XMAS from the whole S.P.A.C.E Crew!

21.12.2017 • THE TOYS THAT MADE US

So there we are: NETFLIX definately made it to our no. 1 streaming portal of the year!

We already celebrated a lof of stuff which Netflix has produced or brought up during this year - but with their brandnew doku series »The toys that made us« they are definately catching all vintage collectors, toys fanatics and kids of the 80's!

The 8-Episode documentation will be all about franchises like Star Wars, G.I.Joe, Masters of the Universe aso. and it will air tomorrow with the first 4 episodes. Surely many of you guys will watch them with huge childhood flashbacks during the holidays.


The STAR WARS fan page »Fantha Tracks« has revealed the working title of Star Wars - Episode IX! According to the website, through which by the way also project names of former Star Wars movies leaked, the final part of the current trilogy has the nickname »Black Diamond«. The production company behind the project seems to be »Carbonado Industries (UK) Ltd.« :-)

J.J. Abrams seems to be ready, by the way, to give the trilogy a worthy end. He already pitched his story plans to Disney boss Bob Iger some days ago...

Shooting is supposed to start in early 2018 of course, so that we all will hopefully finally learn more about Rey's background by Christmas 2019. Wouldn't that be nice?

19.12.2017 • MORTAL ENGINES

Universal Pictures has just released the first trailer of MORTAL ENGINES - a film based on the sci-fi novel by writer Philip Reeve.

The content is about the war between cities at a sparse end time after the "Sixty Minute War". The trailer definitely does communicate this atmosphere very well.

What's even more interesting and promising: the Middle-Earth trio Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh wrote the movie's screenplay. Therefore not just the optical aspect of »Mortal Engines« but also the storyline could make it a big highlight in the upcoming theatrical year...

14.12.2017 • EPISODE VIII

Today’s the day: STAR WARS - THE LAST JEDI is finally hitting theatres!

Everybody who couldn’t make it on a midnight premiere will probably start his seek for the last Jedi tonight (so will the S.P.A.C.E Crew!).

We wish all Star Wars fans forceful 152 minutes, with loads of goosebumps, spinning heads, wet eyes and smiling faces. May the Force be with You!

12.12.2017 • HELP US SAVE THE OASIS!

Yesterday, WARNER released the new trailer on READY PLAYER ONE, the filming of the sci-fi novel by Ernest Cline. What a spectacular... Mastermind Steven Spielberg seems to really like the book, because what we are facing here will be massive!

Already in the trailer you will find so many easter eggs (besides the one itself) - both for your eyes and your ears - that you probably will have to watch the movie several times to be able to discover everything. If all stays in timing, then we can fasten ourselves in the cinema seats in April and dive into the Oasis :-)


Last Saturday, the STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI world premiere took place in Los Angeles! Daisy Ridley, Lupita Nyong'o, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver and many many others of the cast marched over the red carpet in front of the Shrine Auditorium. Daisy Ridley was shining in her proper evening dress, with sparkling stars. John Boyega just made it on last minute to the premiere in California, because there was a hefty snow storm in Atlanta which disturbed the air traffic. Where the heck is an X-Wing Fighter when you need one?

The evening was opened by director Rian Johnson with a pathetic speech. He dedicated the movie to the princess of our hearts, to dear Carrie Fisher who passed away last year.

We all still have to wait some more days untill we also can make our journey to a galaxy far, far away. Episode VIII is already being hyped as one of the best »Star Wars« films EVER among fans. Ough, why can't it be already Thursday...

08.12.2017 • DINOS ON THE RUN

One of the next year's absolute highlights at the movies is going to be JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM. All week long the first official trailer was announced - and here it finally is:

The next part of the dinosaur spectacle will be hitting theaters on 8th June 2018. What we can definitely expect after we saw the trailer: the screen is going to glow ;-)


Well, fans of modern pop culture, it's GERMAN COMIC CON Time - Dortmund here we come! About five hours of driving in a full-packed van lie ahead us before we'll build up the massive booth at Westfalenhallen tomorrow.

We're looking forward to meeting as many of you guys as possible at our booth, because we have lots of stuff prepared for you. All information about that and the framework programme can be found in this Facebook-Album or in our special newsletter of today!

Please understand that we can only handle your online orders and requests infrequent until Monday, but we do need all of the S.P.A.C.E Crew's man- and woman-power at the con. Our headquarter will be staffed again completely by Tuesday.

06.12.2017 • WHO YA GONNA CALL?

To pay tribute to our current product of the month, the 1/6 GHOSTBUSTERS figures from Blitzway, our Sven made a couple of days ago to the studio of our dear friends from CHOKING HAZARD TV, to celebrate a nerdy unboxing of the »Special Packs« together with Max, Dominik and Steven.

The result of the session can be watched online on the guys' »Radio Nukular« YouTube channel! And if you would like to see the figures live, then you should come to German Comic Con in Dortmund this weekend ;-)


The last month of the year just started - so the last movies of the year 2017 will start at the theaters as well. Even if we don't want to be disrespectful or peasant at all - looking at the December starts - but we have to say there can only be one movie which cineasticly completes 2017. But first there are of course a few films which should be mentioned. You almost get the impression that nearly all movies of this month are pushed on this Thursday (07.12.), so they at least have a chance to compete for the cinema crown. Understandable ;-)

First there's A GHOST STORY, a movie that sounds like horror genre, but it's more of a mystic drama. A woman loses her beloved husband (played by Oscar winner Casey Affleck) in a car accident. He appears again as a ghost (without any CGI effects, just with a bed sheet over his head) and helps his wife overcoming her sorrow. Could be a pretty special movie due to the fact that it's broadcasted in 4:3 format and its topic is mostly about afterlife.

Also noteworthy is the story of THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US with Idris Elba and Kate Winslet in the main roles. The two first meet each other at the airport and they just want to get home quickly. The flight is cancelled so they have to change to a small sports aircraft. This plane - what else could we have expected - is crashing somewhere in nowhere and struggle for survival begins. Doesn't actually sound like new scenario, but the movie shows on a really emotional level, how two strangers have to trust each other to escape from such an extreme situation.

Very exciting - even if it will just be played in selected theaters - may be the horror thriller POLAROID. Its content in just one sentence: an old (cursed) polaroid camera leads everyone who's photographed by it to a cruel death. The trailer definitely looks quite spooky...

On the 21st we have scheduled the new edition of JUMANJI. Its cast is equipped with jesters like Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - we will stick with the original including Robin Williams.

Between the years there will be a highlight: candidate for an academy award THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER. The heart surgeon and family man Steven (Colin Farrell) lives a happy life with his wife Anna (Nicole Kidman) and his children. But then he's taken back to his past - one of his patient died during a surgery and now there's kind of an odd connection between Steven and the son of the deceased.

But now to the (probably) movie of the year: STAR WARS EPISODE VIII - THE LAST JEDI!
As we think, Disney and Lucasfilm make it more particularly exciting this time, as they just gave us one single trailer to heat us up for the next part of the saga. When you hear interviews with the actors or see Kathleen Kennedy's euphoria for Rian Johnson, you can be assured that »The Last Jedi« is going to blow us out of the theater seats. Only through Carrie Fisher's death, this movie is going to have a special aura - not only for hardcore Star Wars fans. Those (including us) are surely already counting the hours until 14th / 15th of December.

So: ensure your tickets for a midnight premiere, be nice to the Porgs and may the Force be with you!


Today exactly five years ago, our friend Mick Baltes launched his German online-magazine ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT! Since then, the platform is the top source for news, hints, features and archived knowledge - especially when it comes to "1/6 Scale" - for us, but surely also for many of you.

The whole S.P.A.C.E Crew congratulates you, dear Mick, on this wonderful anniversary! Thanks so much for your efforts and work, your passion and wisdom which you are sharing with us collectors day by day!

If anybody from the S.P.A.C.E Army would like to send out congrats, please do so - but be as creative as can be. Because then you have the chance to snag one of five prices. More can be read... exactly - on ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT ;-)


In our opinion the manufacturer BLITZWAY is one of the "little gems" among the brands. Even though those kind of companies are rolling out less novelties - compared to big competitors like Sideshow, Hot Toys or Neca - these are often real highlights. At Blitzway there seems to be exactly 1 such an extraordinary collectible per year, because interestingly in December 2016 we picked the 1/6 Scale Tyler Durden figure(s) of »Fight Club« as our product of the month.

It's definitely not due to any algorithm, but due to the impressive quality of the figures (combined with the extremely interesting theme) that this month we decided on the brand new GHOSTBUSTERS figures from Blitzway as our monthly highlight!

Dear Ghostbusters fans out there: the waiting for dignified realizations of your four paranormal 80's favorites in the form of high-end collectibles is over! These 1/6 Scale figures (headsculpts, clothing, accessories... and even packaging) thoroughly are just eye candy and a must-have for lovers of Ivan Reitman's classic. Our first batch is almost gone, so slide down the pole of your fire station right away, run to the alarm- ugh order-button and grab the Special Bundle with all four ghostbusters - or even just your individual favorite character. For those of you who are too late, we will receive re-stock in our headquarter in January ;-)


Trailer here, trailer there... :-O AVENGERS TRAILER!!

So finally here it is - the trailer of the third clash of the avengers at the Marvel Cinematic Universe »Avengers: Infinity War« which was long-awaited by all Marvel superhero fans.

Already yesterday Marvel Studios announced the release with a reaction video compilation. Only just the time has come and we get a taste of what will hit the big screens in spring 2018.

Enough words - check out the trailer! What do you guys think ;-)


Since Robert Kirkman announced a crossover between »The Walking Dead« and »Fear the Walking Dead« at New York Comic Con in October 2017, there was lots of specualtion about which character will be involved in this.

After the latest TWD episode was broadcasted last Sunday the secret was revealed within AMC's talkshow »The Talking Dead«: Lennie James alias MORGAN is going to be the first member of the TWD cast, who will be also part of the spinoff series. If that means the assured Morgan's »The Walking Dead«-death?

Yesterday the shooting of »Fear the Walking Dead« season 4 started and AMC gives us a small insight of Morgan's first working day on set:

Season 4 will probably start in June 2018.

27.11.2017 • CYBER MONDAY

A wonderful Cyber Monday morning everybody!

It's getting colder outside - our Headquarter is on fire... thanks to all your diligent shopping at CyberSpaceWeekend! We are really happy that our Sale goes down so well with you and that you're swiping out our shelves :-)

Please have mercy with us this week. We have to process the bulk of orders and parcels one after another, so this will probably drag on the whole week. Of course, we will do our best.

By the way, our special offers will be live till late tomorrow morning, so you can still browse through on today's Cyber Monday intensively...

24.11.2017 • CYBERSPACEWEEKEND 2017

Heads up, you Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday-Pre-Christmas-Deal-Hunters! Of course, also we are starting off - since yesterday evening, the first batch of items are marked down on our website and this morning lots more have been added.

More than 400 collectibles from different brands are waiting for your pick-up - and on some you can save more than 50%. Everybody should find something, for sure. Treat yourself, or somebody who's sharing the passion for modern pop culture!

But you should be fast, because some deals are already gone or only left in a very small quantity. So happy deal haunting and a wonderful, deep Black Friday ;-)


Dear GHOSTBUSTERS fans, today is an awesome day for you! Not only that we were finally able to list the monsterous ECTO-1 by Blitzway in 1:6 scale for pre-order yesterday... no - matching to this we just received the four ghostbusters themselves in stock!

They were part of a big 1/6 shipment from Asia, where all kitbashers among you will get very pleased for sure :-)

All pre-ordering customers will be notified in the next days. We will even do an extra Saturday shift this week to make sure that all your packages will be sent out as fast as possible.

20.11.2017 • THREE FACES OF FEAR

Horror fans definitely got their money's worth the past few weeks - three different conventions took place from end of October to mid of November in Germany: FEAR CON, HOUSE OF HORRORS and WEEKEND OF HELL.

We "only" took part in the first two mentioned and overall we draw a marbled conclusion. Our colleague Mick compared strengths and weaknesses of all three events in his »GHOUL'S GARDEN« and also did a personal rating:

Your opinions are quite different? Write down in the comments on Facebook or Instadram, how you did experience the conventions und what kind of improvements/changes you wish for next year...

16.11.2017 • UNITE THE LEAGUE!

Today, finally the long-awaited DC Blockbuster JUSTICE LEAGUE starts at cinemas! Probably the opinions about this movie will differ, but at least it's at a good 8 on IMDB. Feel free to share your thoughts about it with us on Facebook or Instagram.

In the meantime we're looking after the relevant collectibles. So for example DC COLLECTIBLES fortunately has the first drive of 1/6 scale statues already in delivery, which means that Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman will arrive soon at our warehouse. Another highlight definitely is going to be the new Wonder Woman JL edition by Hot Toys, which we did put online for pre-order yesterday in two different versions :-)


What was only a rumor last week is now confirmed: Amazon did secure the rights for a LORD OF THE RINGS series.

Of course more than one season is planned, which shall take place before the »The Fellowship of the Ring«. Only for the rights, the Online-Giant had to dip deep into their purse. Grima Wormtongue rumors something around 250 Million US-$.

When the series will be filmed and aired, is not yet known. We will definitely keep you updated, because we are curious in any case.


An old nerdy saying is »After the Con is before the Con«...

We are totally excited about telling you that we will be at the GERMAN COMIC CON DORTMUND from the 9.-10. December!

After the HOUSE OF HORRORS the last weekend we will go into a furious season finale and will rock the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund with you - and a lot of special guests at our booth. More information to come soon. But so much can be said already: it’s gonna be a S.P.A.C.E Deluxe Performance ;-)

Tickets are available through the Comic Con website. We're looking foward to see you!


Surprisingly the Movie-November appears a bit weaker, regarding to Genre-Movies. In return, there will be a furious superhero final of DC…

Apropos DC-Superheroes: last week the very interesting movie PROFESSOR MARSTON & THE WONDER WOMEN kicked off this cinema month. It’s a true story about Dr. William Marston, a Harvard Professor from the 1920s. He’s the inventor of the lie detector and was inspired by his love triangle with his feministic wife and one of his students and created the fictive character of Wonder Woman. An interesting background story for all fans of Diana - but for sure not shown in every cinema.

One highlight is out by today: There is again a MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. The movie impresses with a huge star ensemble around Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench and many more. Whether the remake can top the original movie from 1974? We will see.

16th November - of course all the superhero movie fans are waiting for long and wistful for this date to come: the JUSTICE LEAGUE unites on the big screens of the world! It’s the next part of the DC Extended Universe franchise from director Zack Snyder, who already proved his skills among other movies like 300 and Watchmen. Old acquaintances like Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are on it as well. The bad Steppenwolf is attacking the earth with an army of Para-Daemons and Bruce Wayne recognizes fast that it will take more superhero power this time. Together with Wonder Woman he recruits Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman to originate the Justice League. We don’t really have to ask, who is going to watch the movie, right? ;)

On the same cinema Thursday a Horror-Comedy is left in the shadow of Justice League. HAPPY DEATH DAY is telling the story of a young student who was murdered in the night of her birthday - but she awakes the next day and recognizes that she is caught in a time loop. She has to go through the day of her murder over and over again. She wants to find out how she died and is trying to prevent it. Sounds a bit like Groundhog Day, but could be a humorous shocking entertainment for a good movie night.

Last but not least we want to mention COCO. All friends of the technical and optical wonderfully implemented Disney and Pixar animation movies are getting their money worth. It tells the story of a Mexican boy who wants to become a musician, but his family tries to prevent that in any case. The little Miguel gets in the realm of the dead were he meets his great-great-grandfather, who loved music as well. He experiences a beautiful journey to the place of the souls of his relatives.


This news did trigger a big discussion in our headquarter: There are rumors that there will be a renaissance of THE LORD OF THE RINGS in form of a serial. Apparently interested in acquiring the rights are Amazon, Netflix and HBO. Whereby HBO already supposed to quit the idea, because of the tremendous expected production costs. 

If this huge project is realized remains to be seen. What do you think of a Game of Thrones like »Lord of the Rings« seriel? We are a bit sceptic to be honest...


Amazon proved their skills with »You Are Wanted« and now their competitor Netflix is also trying: on December 1st the American streaming service will releas their first German show DARK.

The mystery series is written by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar (»Who am I«) and produced by the Munich company Wiedemann & Berg (»The Lives of Others«).

In ten episodes, »Dark« is telling the story of four families living in a typical German small town. As two children disappear in mysterious circumstances, the families' ideal world is turning upside down. Investigations turn back to the year 1986 - the fates of all four families are connected through time and space.

We're excited what Netflix will show us. It sounds - and looks - very good so far.

03.11.2017 • 45 SECONDS TO AWAKE

About three weeks after the long-awaited trailer on THE LAST JEDI, Lucasfilm actually regales us with the a new clip which contains a couple of new and impressive scenes!

AWAKE is the name of the video - and if you're not wide awake yet after watching it, then your name is probably "Sleeping Beauty" :o)


Beginning of the month - it's time for the new »Product of the month«! And it's finally time for an action-figure again - no, 3 action-figures - as our monthly highlight :-)

When DIAMOND SELECT TOYS releases a new licence within their brilliant "Select" line and in addition to that it's about an absolute Tarantino cult movie, we have to pick this novelty as our product of the month.

Just arrived, unwrapped and judged as "cream of the crop": the brand new PULP FICTION Select Series 1 from Diamond, with Butch Coolidge, Jules Winnfield and Marsellus Wallace.


Most recent behind-the-scenes images from the set of »Ant-Man and the Wasp« are proving that Michelle Pfeiffer will definately become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

So the rumors become truth that Pfeiffer, after her role as Catwoman in »Batman Returns«, will again participate in a superhero movie. We will probably get to see her in a flashback scene alongside Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) as his wife. As Janet van Dyne she will portrait the original Wasp, which of course means an important role in the Ant-Man or Marvel franchise.

Everybody who loved the first part will surely anticipate the sequel with its high graded cast. But we have to be patient until summer 2018. Maybe we will get a first teaser pretty soon...


TV shows everywhere and still no end in sight of the hype. YouTube’s Pay-TV section »YouTube Red« is also stepping in the ring more and more often. All kids of the 80’s will probably smile now, because 2018 we will get to see a KARATE KID TV series!

The new show will actually be a sequel on the original movies and will air next year with 10 episodes of 30 minutes each. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka will return to their old roles as Daniel Son and Johnny Lawrence. They will even be executive producing the series, together with Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossburg, who were in charge for such films like »Harold & Kumar« or »Hot Tub Time Machine«.

We of course hope that the show will make its way to Europe pretty fast. If not, then the Crane Kick will be brought into action!


Incredible, how NETFLIX is giving full throttle! A short while ago, the new trailer on their in-house action-fantasy-flick BRIGHT went online. If you wouldn't know exactly that this movie is produced by the streaming portal and that it will air there exclusively, then you would probably stand in line at the box office on 22nd December and ask for a ticket.

Take a look at the trailer and let it please you with the cool claims by Will Smith, the hammering soundtrack and the slightly inspired cyberpunk look:

25.10.2017 • A FAMILIAR FACE

The Cast of AVENGERS 4 is growing. Marvel does come down handsomely and is bringing back a young but very well-known face to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. IMDb officially confirmed that Jurassic World Star Ty Simpkins did join the cast.

The most of you will remember his part as Harley Keener in Iron Man 3. He did help Iron Man to repair his Suit. It remains exciting which role he will be playing.

Avengers 4 will come to cinemas in spring 2019. In order to keep the story of „Avengers 3: Infintiy War“ secret, the topic and the title of it’s sequel will be kept under wraps.


For over half a year THE WALKING DEAD fans had to be really patient - and now the day has come. The new and already 8th season starts on German Pay-TV channel FOX with the first Episode called »Mercy«.

In addition to that it's the 100th episode of the popular zombie series about Rick Grimes and his companions. Don't worry, we are not going to spoil anybody - just one thing: it's going to be a very special season kickoff!
The 16 episodes will be broadcasted in two parts as usual, the first 8 until December and the rest as of February 2018.

20.10.2017 • HAN'S SOLO

Regarding all these news there's absolutely nothing to complain about for STAR WARS fans at the moment.

Now director Ron Howard released the final title of the next »Star Wars« spin-off , which officially finished shooting this week. The movie about Han Solo will be called: »Solo: A Star Wars Story«.

The »Star Wars« spin-off will be playing before the story of the original trilogy und it will hit theaters worldwide in May 2018.
So there won't be much time to wait for new »Star Wars« feed after Episode 8.


This weekend, the FEARCON will take place in Bonn, Germany for the very first time! For three days (20.-22. October 2017), the Maritim Hotel will become a Haunted House with lots of ghosts, zombies and monsters wandering around :-)

Most of the S.P.A.C.E Crew is already on the way to Bonn for setting up the booth today. At 1 p.m. tomorrow the gates will open! If you like to get a glimpe form afar about this event-premiere, you can follow us on our Facebook page and keep an eye on this album.


Today we need your eagle eyes as well as your movie-knowledge! This extremely cool GREMLINS fan-art poster, which "hides" 84 movies, was designed by artist Kevin M. Wilson (ApeMeetsGirl). It was released by the Hero Complex Gallery at New York Comic Con and was - understandably - sold out quickly.

So unfortunately we have to take the digital version of it and our eyes are already hurting due to all these small details - how many are you able to detect? You can find the solution in our SHOCKTOBER album on Facebook ;-)


About two weeks before the official start, NETFLIX revealed the final trailer on »Stranger Things -Season 2«. We can barely await until the show continues and we hope that the second season will tie with the success of the first. The trailer looks promising, but see for yourself:

Matching to this, McFarlane announced the first wave of »Stranger Things« action-figures. Of course you can already find them in our shop for pre-order.


In exactly one week from now at about this time we will already arrive in Bonn, where we will set up our booth at the very first FearCon. We are very curious about this event premiere and are looking forward to a spooky weekend :-)

Of course we hope that many from you guys will find the time to visit and check by our booth. The program schedule is fully packed with guests, panels and further highlights, so that all creep and horror fans will be delighted for sure!

More infos can be found on


Of course it was crystal clear that the trailer on THE LAST JEDI would create a huge buzz of reactions and speculations on the web. The US YouTuber Tyrone Magnus - well known both as a huge Star Wars fan and an eminent authority of „reaction videos“ - again takes the lead when it comes to (over)reacting :o)

Lean back for 10 minutes and enjoy his video on the Episode VIII trailer from yesterday:

Who else did escalate like Tyrone?  ;-)


San Diego Comic Con? No! Force Friday? No!! Labor Day? Nope!!!
Ohhh right, during »Monday Night Football«, right on time for the ticket pre-sale launch and the revealment of the theatrical poster, Disney and Lucasfilm are finally injecting us adrenaline in highly concentrated form! Star Wars fans, here is the forceful trailer on STAR WARS - THE LAST JEDI:

How many times are you going to press the "repeat" button ;-) ?


October is yet two weeks old, but already has three namable conventions on record:
From 1st until 5th October, the CICF took place in Guangzhou. And last weekend, the gates opened at the same time in New York and Shanghai for their Comic Cons.

Of course Sideshow was presenting themselves massively at NYCC and had some really cool new items to show, as we think. But take a look for yourself - Mick from Action Figure District made a nice round up of all three events in this article.


Zombie fans, on 22nd October it's your date - at least in the US. Because this will be the release day of the 8th season of THE WALKING DEAD. We here in Germany have to wait one day longer. But our anticipation isn't any smaller, for sure ;-)

About two weeks prior to the release of the new season we get to see two teaser trailer - one rahter smooth and one really bangin'. We are excited and hope to get a great and fully loaded 8th season!


Although October has five movie street-dates, the highlights are manageable. As always, we present you the most interesting genre-starts in our monthly preview:

It starts off with today’s Thursday with one of the highlights of this year: BLADE RUNNER 2049! Denis Villeneuve will follow in the director-footsteps of Ridley Scott and will put his ability to the test. But with the cast around of Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto it will surely be a success.
According to the first voices of the press and film critics, it’s definitely worth watching and it seems to be an honorable sequel of the classic film of the year 1982. You definitely have to get a huge portion of popcorn and 1 liter of coke because Blade Runner runs nearly 3 hours ;-)

Next week, on 12th October, starts with WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY a promising thriller with an interesting story. Because of the extreme overpopulation there is one-child policy. As one family has an addition to the family of septuplets, the granddad of the family invents the identity-splitting. Every sister is only allowed to go outside at the day she is named after. And one Monday, Monday is not coming back home... That sounds very interesting and like an innovative script. All of the seven sisters are played by Noomi Rapache, and she will surely buckle down acting.

On the 19th Shocktober it will get freezing cold at cinemas, because the SNOWMAN is coming... The creepy thriller with Michael Fassbender, Val Kilmer and J.K. Simmons in the main roles is surely worth seeing. Already while watching the trailer you get the goosebumps all over your back.

And  those who are in shocker mode can stay there, because one week later, at the 10-26, JIGSAW will haunt us again, the 8th part of the »Saw« legacy. As a Saw fan you can’t stay away from it, we just hope that the story doesn’t get too crazy and complex.

The fifth and last release date of the month is an earlier start on a Tuesday. This can only be a highlight, sure. THOR: RAGNAROK finally is coming to cinemas on 31st October. You nearly couldn’t stay away from the flood of trailers to the 3rd sequel. Well then let’s be excited about how the God of Thunder will fight against his buddy from work in the arena and how the history between the brothers Thor and Loki continues...


In order to pay proper tribute to Shocktober, we decided to pick the LEATHERFACE Premium Format Figure from Sideshow for our new product of the month!

Unfortuntaley Thomas Hewitt will yet arrive by mid/end of October at our warehouse. But already back then with the announcement we knew that this statue would become a true highlight.

If you did not pre-order this horror icon in Premium Format yet, you should come to a decission soonest, because the edition size of 2000 pieces worldwide seems to be almost gone. And Leatherface in this outstanding conversion definately is a must-have to every »Texas Chainsaw Massacre« fan ;-)


Summer has definitely moved on, it's getting more and more cloudy and cold outside, days are getting shorter and nights... creepier - welcome to SHOCKTOBER!

Because we love Horror and October is the absolute month of creepiness we start our S.P.A.C.E SHOCKTOBER today! There are going to be some terribly great activities and shocking unveilings. Let's get started today with the »Spooky Specials«, which will replace our regular offers of the week for the next four weeks ;-)

29.09.2017 • MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL :-)

Star Wars fans, soon the long wait for the new THE LAST JEDI trailer will come to an end!

The fanpage recently posted that they learned from sercure sources that the trailer will be published on 9th October. This date goes along with a hint by Mark Hamill, who answered a fan's question on Twitter a short while ago, that everybody should watch the Monday Night Football game on 9th October closely.

ESPN (the station which will broadcast the game) belongs to DISNEY and already in 2015 the trailer on »The Force Awakens« was published during a Monday Night Football game. Everybody who has no access to ESPN will keep their fingers crossed that the clip will appear on YouTube soonest. But we are pretty sure that this will happen... It will happen.


Finally it’s time for our adrenaline level to hopefully rise, when we will watch the remake of Stephen King’s IT at the movies!

After the huge success at the boxoffice in the US at the first weekend (123.1 Million Dollars / record start of an R-rated movie) we hope our expectations will be fulfilled.

We are excited about your opinion of the »Loser’s Club« movie and what you will say about the new Pennywise actor »Bill Skarsgard«. Because, if we stay with the truth, to top »Tim Curry« as horror clown won’t be an easy child's play.


Already a couple of moons ago »Star Trek: Discovery« was supposed to go on a journey to distant worlds, but due to delays on casting and some issues on the creative level, it just was able to take off on 25th September.

Even as a „Non-Trekkies" should be able to give a big thumbs up to the new show. There are already some numbers regarding visitor counts. Almost 10 million viewers were watching the first episode on CBS.

Fans in Germany for example are able to stream the new series on Netflix shortly after the US release, every Monday morning. Will you give the new STAR TREK series a chance or will you rather stick to TNG aso.?

25.09.2017 • THEY'LL BE BACK!

James Cameron will bring the TERMINATOR franchise back to life and obviously is in the plans for a new trilogy! »Deadpool« director Tim Miller will write the script and direct the first movie, James Cameron will be producing and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will be returning to the screen!

Rumors say that Cameron wants the new movie to carry on directly after »Terminator 2: Judgement Day« and ignore all other parts which came out after this.

We think that this sounds pretty good, because everything in the Terminator franchise after »Rise of the Machines« wasn't that big of a hit. Let's hope that hardcode fans will be amazed... somewhen in 2019 then ;-)


NETFLIX uploaded the first, full trailer on THE PUNISHER yesterday. Jesus - this will be a big hit, for sure! Everybody who loves hard and bloody action and still has no Netflix account yet should subscribe the latest by XX.XX.2017.

Correct, the steaming portal is still keeping the release date of the show a secret - that's a cool marketing strategy, isn't it?!

Definately check out the trailer and get teased by Frank Castle and Metallica, on one of the TV series highlights of fall 2017!

21.09.2017 • SUPER7 - NEXT ROUND

Dear Masters of the Universe fans, last night, SUPER7 revealed the first images of the next 7" deluxe figures. Although pre-order phase will officially start on 2nd October for both waves, we did not want to hide the pictures and infos from you...

The »Club Grayskull« wave 2 will have Man-E-Faces, Mer-Man, Sorceress and Tongue Lashor. And the second »Classics/Collector's Choice« wave comes with Dyla-Mug, Granita, Karg and Wraptrap.

Of course you will be able to pre-order both waves as usual with us - from Monday, 2nd October :-)

20.09.2017 • LARA CROFT IN ACTION!

The wait was long, but now we can astonish Alicia Vikander as Lara Croftfor the first time in moving pictures and on the poster on the TOMB RAIDER reboot!

The first trailer is promising an action-loaded adventure movie, which put the "new" Lara though differently than Angelina Jolie, but definately interesting and appealingly in the spot.

Especially movies based on videogames tend to fail at the boxoffice sometimes. But we all know... hope dies last.

So let's look forward to early next year, when Tomb Raider will hit cinemas on 16th March 2018.


From time to time, Sideshow joins up with chosen artists (like J. Scott Campbell and Stanley Lau lately) for converting their great illustrations and art of famous comic book heroes and especially heroines to outstanding collectibles.

A brandnew project of this kind will be the just announced »Mark Brooks Artist Series Spider-Verse Collection«! In a few weeks - namely during New York Comic Con - we will get to see prototypes of the 1:5 scale statues from Spider-Gwen, Silk and Spider-Man. A first teaser image definately makes us already wanting to see more :-)


Now it seems to be official: HALLOWEEN will be returning to the big screens in 20118!

John Carpenter himself has read and approved the script of the sequel, which will probably continue the story after part 2 from 1981. If Carpenter will compose the score on the new »Halloween« is not confirmed yet - but in general he seems to be in the mood.

David Gordon Green, who was in charge for movies like »Pineapple Express«, will be directing. We can probably look forward to get shocked by Michael Myers in October of next year, so right in time for Halloween. We think it's great to have this cult slasher back to the cinema soon.


About one month ago we already got the info that the female leading role in the new HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN will be played by Mila Jovovich. Today, the first images of the new Hellboy in person of David Harbour have been revealed. Yes, for those who didn't notice it yet: the role of the big Red won't be played by the anatomic perfectly fitting Ron Perlman anymore, but by the »Stranger Things« actor instead.

By looking at these images, we could almost assume that Perlman himself jumped again into the character, but it actually is the new guy in the Hellboy "outfit". Of course some are doubting if it was the right decission to place a new actor on that character. But we will better have to wait and see it on the first moving images. Or what do you think?

12.09.2017 • RETURN OF THE J.J. JEDI

What a bang! Last week, Disney announced to stop working together with director Colin Trevorrow and today they reveal the reason for that on J.J. Abrams.

He will - together with Chris Terrio - be writing the script on STAR WARS - EPISODE IX and directing the third part of the sequel trilogy.

Since he already proved his skills in »The Force Awakens« we have no doubt that he will also deliver this time. The president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, seems to share this opinion: "With »The Force Awakens«, J.J. delivered everything we could have possibly hoped for, and I am so excited that he is coming back to close out this trilogy."

So now we can not only look forward on 14th December, but also on everything which follows...


The current issue of the EMPIRE magazine is not just about Star Wars, but it also gives us the chance to get a small but nice insight on the next TOMB RAIDER movie. In the first real scenic image Alicia Vikander is shown in a characteristic Lara Croft pose with bow and arrow.

We all definitely have big expectations of the new movie and we hope that this franchise will get a fresh update from the old movies and will be able to score with great action and the power of a wonderful cast. Apart from Vikander there will be Walton Goggins as Pater Mathias Vogel and Daniel Wu as Lu Ren.

It will hit German cinemas - as far as everything works out - on March 15th 2018.


Every month in the forum of ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT, the members vote their photo of the month in a little contest. In August, a very cool but still simple kitbash of Daryl Dixon as prisoner made it on number 1.

We think that this photo is a great example that everybody - even without any big experience - can dare to approach "kitbashing". Mick (congrats, by the way!) just put a standard body in the 1/6 Scale Prisoner Outfit Set with bare feet and of course added a custom Daryl head. Placed on a proper surface and background (poster-cardboard) and set in scene nicely and photographed with atmospheric light from a great angle... and there you go!

Here you can find the whole article with more photo highlights of the past month:


Let's use today's first movie-start-Thursday of the new month to check out all genre highlights in September:

Among a couple of new releases today, AMERICAN MADE is surely the most interesting flick. We get to experience the (true) story of Barry Seal (played by Tom Cruise), one of the biggest drug smugglers of all time. The movie takes place in the 70's/80's and seems to be really worth seeing and extremely cool, according to critics.

Next week, the latest film by Steven Soderbergh - LOGAN LUCKY - will hit cinemas. The trailer let us assume that we can expect an action loaded movie in the taste of »Ocean’s Eleven«. And it comes with a great cast: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane, Alex Ross, Katie Holmes and Daniel Craig - just to name a few of them.

On 21st September, the Kingsmen will return to the big screen! The first part was great fun indeed - and if the trailers of the sequel keep what they are promising, then it will definately be worth going to the movies for KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE!

On the last Thursday of the month, 28th September, IT is time for Pennywise! The remake of Stephen King's classic novel is surely expected by horror fans with greatest anticipation. So did you already prepare the red balloons and the wig for going to the movies as Pennywise?
Feel free to post us pictures on our Facebook page - also from your arrest :o)

We think that September comes with a great mixture for all gustos. So, have fun at your local cinema!


Even ahead of the production start on STAR WARS - EPISODE IX, the originally signed-up director Colin Trevorrow has to give back the lightsaber!

Why this is happening will of course stay a secret. But the maker of »Jurassic World« now is the next one in line - after the duo Christopher Miller and Phil Lord who were supposed to direct the Han Solo movie - who gets erased from Disney's salaries list.

His successor shall actually be Rian Johnson who is - as we all know - responsible for THE LAST JEDI. Rumors say that he already shot some scenes of part 9 during the works on Episode VIII.

What do you think? Isn't this a strange up and down in the Disney/Lucasfilm headquarter? Well, in the end it's the final movie that really counts - and the result which hopefully will enchant us fans and will keep the Star Wars magic. And if they would eventually come up with the trailer on Episode VIII finally, then we would get an appetizer on that ;-)


With all the Star Wars hype last Friday, our new product of the month really got left behind a bit. So we are thrilled to present you today the WONDER WOMAN ArtFX statue by KOTOBUKIYA as our product of the month September 2017!

Why "thrilled"? Because the super heroine seems to be late on her way from Themyscira and will probably arrive tomorrow. Women... ;-)

But we are totally convinced that Kotobukiya will deliver an outstanding collectible on the latest DC blockbuster here and we are extremely looking forward to unpack one!

In case the official images are already good enough to make your mouth watering, then you should place your order fast, because there are only a few pieces left over from the first batch...

01.09.2017 • FORCE FRIDAY II

On this cool and rainy FORCE FRIDAY II the first new merch of STAR WARS - THE LAST JEDI is allowed to be published for the first time. So NOW it's time for all of us Star Wars fans to count the days until the 14th of December. We're all pretty damn excited about what new collectibles on Episode VIII the manufacturers are going to present us as of today.
Within the scope of Force Friday events in Kong and Japan, last night HOT TOYS has released the brand new 1/6 scale »Executioner Trooper«. You can already pre-order it now on our website.

HAPPY FORCE FRIDAY (even if the whole world, no - the entire galaxy is still waiting for the trailer...)!

31.08.2017 • AZ UTOLSO JEDIK

Where the heck is the trailer?! DISNEY and LUCASFILM are really putting us on the rack... At first the release date everybody speculated was "mid of August". Now it's tomorrow's FORCE FRIDAY II where the first, full trailer of THE LAST JEDI is supposed to be presented! So we can probably expect the World Wide Web to boil over in the next 48 hours when we finally will experience the trailer.

Until then, the Hungarian magazine »Cinemania Mozimania« gives us a super hot cover showing Mark Hamillnek (or Luke Skywalker) in his Jedi outfit from Episode VIII - forceful!

29.08.2017 • WASP FLYING IN!

About four weeks ago, MARVEL officially announced the production start of ANT-MAN AND THE WASP with a cool short clip. Now, starring actress Evangeline Lilly just posted a first picture from the set on Twitter.

On the still you can see her as Wasp in her cool superheroine outfit. This is a great appetizer on the second Ant-Man part, which will probably hit cinemas in August 2018 :-)

23.08.2017 • WE PROUDLY PRESENT...

... Oli Podchul - a child of the 80's, comic book, movie and gaming fan, geek from the heart, a Berliner and now part of the S.P.A.C.E Crew! Oli will work with us as a freelancer on social media and marketing. He will also support us on cooperations and at events.

Our beautiful captial and media metropolitan Berlin is a hot spot for spaced out news, where Oli will source the latest infos for us - and of course you guys. You can reach out to him on social media under his nickname or, so the name is program ;-)

Welcome on board, Oli!


33 years after the release of the cult film GREMLINS there's finally a sign of life of Gizmo and Co.!

Chris Columbus himself announced that he completed the script of the third part of the franchise. He does not want to reveal too much of the story - only that Gizmo will play a key role und that it's going to get gloomy. According to Mister Columbus, all Gremlins fans don't have to worry about one major thing: there will be still used real dolls and no CGI wherever it's possible. That sounds just great :-)

21.08.2017 • TIME TO FINISH THE JOB.

Last week, we had the Defenders kicking-off on Netflix - today the next highlight for all Marvel fans is up on your screen: the first teaser on MARVEL's THE PUNISHER!

The 1-minute clip is called "Demolition" which sounds pretty much like the proper harshness and unfunnyness - just like you would expect it from Frank Castle ;-)

Regarding the release-date, Netflix is still keeping us in the dark a bit, but it seems like the series will start at least in 2017.


Weekend is just around the corner and this means that it's bingewatch time, because Marvel's Defenders are available today on Netflix!

Marvel's supergroup of street heroes, consisting of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist, has finally come together to fight agains evil in New York. The new series contains 8 episodes and so has the perfect binge-length for the weekend :-)

By the way, who is your favorite Defender? Feel free to leave us your comments on Facebook or Instagram!

17.08.2017 • WE ARE MOVING...

...but not with our beloved headquarter (of course, not!), but “virtually”, which means we will move our websites to a new web server.

Therefore just a note on our own purpose: you might be facing technical issues while using our website today. Our outstanding hosting team is of course well prepared and the server work should normally go quick and smooth, but you never know what difficulties might appear on the technical side. In case anybody has problems with placing an order or logging in his account, please try again later or give us a call.

As soon as everything is up and running on our new server, surfing trough our website should go a lot faster. So fasten your seatbelts ;-)

16.08.2017 • ARE YOU READY?

In spring 2018 we can expect a true movie-highlight of next year, because Ernest Cline's READY PLAYER ONE (directed by Steven Spielberg) will hit cinemas around the globe.

Yesterday, Warner gave us the first trailer of the movie in German, so we are more than happy to also share the English version again with you, which was exclusively shown already during San Diego Comic Con.

If you still haven't seen it, please click now and pay close attention to all the great easter eggs! We probably can look forward a lot on this movie... :-)

15.08.2017 • THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE...

...or maybe a few more? How about 350? The Connor MacLeod Figure by Kaustic Plastik is limited to 350 pieces worldwide. The movie from 1986 is definitely a modern fantasy classic. So it is really time to give him a state-of-the-Art monument in 1/6 scale, because the sideshow figures from 2005 are quite a bit dusty, aren't they?
Our friend Mick from the Action Figure District did a great review, taking a closer look to the HIGHLANDER and putting him to the acid, sword and shield test.

Check it out: click here!


WETA WORKSHOP from Neuseeland continues their line of extraordinary collectibles on THE HOBBIT - and how greatly! We did already know the bloodthirsty WAR TROLL from last year's SDCC. About one year later we are finally able to list him for pre-order for you. This good (or bad) boy is limited to just 400 pieces and he comes with a removable helmet.

We actually were totally surprised though by WETA revealing the also strictly limited KING THORIN ON THRONE statue which they didn't even present in San Diego a few weeks ago. Thorin definitely is going to be as impressive as his grandfather Thror and will be an absolute highlight in every Middle-Earth collection!


Everbody knows Mila Jovovich, the zombie destroying beauty from RESIDENT EVIL. Her newest main role will be in HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN. She is going to be the villain, which Hellboy has to challenge in this blockbuster. Her character is discribed as "a medieval sorceress who seeks to destroy humankind". Not Guillermo Del Toro, the director of the first two Hellboy movies, but Neil Marshall will direct this time.
What do you guys think about Mila being the "bad girl" this time, instead of being the savior?
We are totally stoked about the sequel of the beloved Hellboy series!


As we all know, DEADPOOL is a labour of love to Ryan Reynolds. Of course he was the one to bring us the next little Appetizer on the sequel DEADPOOL 2 via Twitter a short while ago.

Ryan's tweet shows a first picture of Josh Brolin as CABLE, who appears fully armed, of course including teddy bear. A berserker!

Let's hope that we soon will get to see the first real trailer with scenes from the film... :-)


Silly season in the movie industry? Not even close! Even August is fully packed of worth watching blockbusters, and we want to check out our selection with you today:

This Thursday the apes go to war against men again in the 3rd movie of the reboot franchise of PLANET OF THE APES. The reviews on »War for the Planet of the Apes« are even better than of the ones of the both forerunner movies. The story about the leader Caesar doesn’t only come to a militant, but also to an emotional highlight. We are extremely excited, not only because of Andy Serkis as Caesar, but also because about Woody Harrelson!

Today is also the new EMOJI Movie coming to cinemas. Haven’t we all been eagerly waiting for this since years? No - we have not! Therefore there won’t even be a trailer link here. Period.

Next week, to be exact the 10th August, it will get dark and full of action. What else if the story of this new movie is penned by Stephen King. THE DARK TOWER with Idris Elba as “Revolver Man” and Matthew McConaughey as „Man in Black” in the starring roles starts in the middle of the book series and it looks like it continues the narrative thread of the story beyond the books. If you like the cinematic implementation of Stephen King novels, you can’t get around the cinema tickets here.

From the 24th August Charlize Theron as ATOMIC BLONDE will deliver slaps in the face and loads of bullets. We already linked the fist trailer a few months ago. Let’s hope David Leitch did a good job, because his next project on his list will be Deadpool 2. In our opinion the movie will be splendid. Not only because some cool dudes like James McAvoy and John Goodman will be in on it.

On the same day we will get served ANNABELLE 2, another prequel better said spin-off the »Conjouring« franchise. Let’s see how creepy and worthy the movie will be...

A really special highlight will be released on the 29th August, exact 20 years after the last judgment day: TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY will be performing again, and this time in 3D! A great opportunity to experience this Sci-Fi classic again (or for the first time?) on a big screen with great sound. So “I’ll be back…”- Arnie is keeping his promise, very cool!

At the fifth and last starting Thursday from August it’s worthy to go to the cinema because of those two stars: Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson rock rhetorically versed and of course violence abhorring livens up the joint in THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD. For those who haven’t heard of this action movie yet, do watch the trailer! Attention, spoiler alert: a great and full of action soundtrack from Whitney Houston... ;-)

As you can see, August is a real kick. We think this month can offer a variety of genres and that in fact WITHOUT any superhero movie. Unbelievable, isn’t it?
Have fun in the movies!


Vampirella is one of the biggest comic book icons. Created by Forrest J Ackerman in 1969 and then brought to paper by the artists Frank Frazetta and Tom Sutton, there's no way around her while talking about modern pop culture. She has appearances in several comic books, participated in a video game and a movie and was released in serveral versions as a collectible.

With that much of fame and sexappeal the time has really come that the vampire lady gives her debut as a 1:6 figure. And who could convert this better than TBLeague (formerly Phicen). The manufacturer was setting new marks with their realistic seamless bodies with steel skeletons in the one-sixth world. This is exactly what our poorly dressed heroine with the sexy costume needs.

In collaboration with Executive Replicas, TBLeague is presenting us the female hero in an outstanding appearance as a 1:6 figure. We are greatly giving applause and concordantly voted for her as our new product of the month :-)


Sun rises in the East - it's ANIMATION-COMIC-GAME HONG KONG time!

Directly after San Diego Comic Con lots of brand and players in the Asian market are currently presenting themselves at Ani-Com #ACGHK. And although there is not so much new stuff to be seen compared to SDCC, we still think that the images and the video clip from the HOT TOYS booth is definately worth a click. Our friend Mick has put together the most interesting images in an article on ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT. Although it's in German, you can take a look anyways.

27.07.2017 • QS MEANS QUARTER SCALE :-)

After a bit more than a year, HOT TOYS continues with their »Quarter Scale« Series! In San Diego the both counterparties BATMAN and JOKER were already introduced - now you can pre-order those unbelievably detailed and opulent equipped 1/4 scale figures in our online shop!
Even if those two don´t fit in your showcase or your budget, nevertheless we recommend clicking on the pictures, because they are a real treat to the eyes for all the fans of the Christopher Nolan trilogy :-)

25.07.2017 • TODAY'S 1:6 OVERDOSE

Today, we really have a state of emergency in the S.P.A.C.E warehouse, because our long time announced, huge shipment from Asia with like 1 million novelties finally arrived! After our gals Julia and Patricia were done with digging through all boxes for about three hours, we can confirm that everything has arrived safe and sound. This means we will be able to start shipping out pre-orders by the end of this week.

You will be surprised about what great new stuff has been added last minute to this shipment... just to give you a small glimpse you can see the drop-dead, brand new and brand hot VAMPIRELLA in the »Asia Version« by Phicen / TBLeague.

24.07.2017 • MONDAY AFTER SDCC...

This year´s Comic Con mania did come to an end. At least nearly, because now we have to get the scored exclusives over the big pond as soon as possible. Besides that, all brands surely will spew out a lot of novelties in the next two to three weeks to us, the distributors, so we can list most of what was shown in San Diego for pre-order.

In the meanwhile we go back to our normal madness ;-) Our friend Mick is already on the way home  and we are ringing the bell for the second round of our S.P.A.C.E SALE SUMMER. This week you have the chance to grab items from WETA for a bargain price. It’s best to step in our special offers category right away...


Tonight at 3:00am (which is 06:00pm San Diego local time) the Comic Con 2017 officially opens its gates! For about 3 hours folks can take a sneak peek into the holy halls of the San Diego Convention Center during the preview night, before it really kicks off on Thursday.

We are totally excited in our S.P.A.C.E headquarter and are looking forward to the weekend like crazy! Our colleague Mick is already on the way to us and will be here just in time for our End-of-work-get-in-mood-for-Comic-Con-beer.

From tomorrow on (Thursday) we will feed you the whole weekend with the most interesting news from the Con. Short and precise will be the highlights on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - at the Action Figure District you can read more accurate news about the line-ups of the most important brands.

Because it was so funny the last time, we will go live again this year! Tune in on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 06:00pm on Facebook and let us chat about the Comic Con fun. Tuning in will be rewarded, ‘cause you can win something every day!

18.07.2017 • SDCC2017 EXCLUSIVES: SUPER7

We only have to sleep two times - then it's time for San Diego Comic Con :-)
Our friends from SUPER7 are more enthusiastic than ever this year when it comes to SDCC. Besides their regular booth at the show they will have the »Skeletor’s Lair« Pop-Up Shop for all Masters of the Universe fans in a specially rented location downtown. Yahoo, it’s a SKELEBRATION!

On MOTU we can look forward to the following exclusives: the ReAction Figure Carry Case with an exklusive Mini-Comic Mer-Man, He-Man and Skeletor as 2“ Micro Japanese Vinyl Figures in red and black, variants of the 5“ Skeletor and Beast Man Japanese Vinyl Figures, 7“ resin figures of He-Man, Skeletor and She-Ra, a Trap Jaw ReAction Figure as Mini-Comic version, a Black Possessed Skeletor as variant of the Curse of the three Terrors version, M.U.S.C.L.E. 4-packs with Wind Raider & He-Man and Roton & Skeletor in color variants and a wonderful Art Print Portfolio set by artist Rudy Obrero.
Premiering will be items like the figures of the third ReAction wave (with Teela, Stratos, Zodac aso.) as well as a couple of shirts and other gimmicks. These we will be able to list regularly on our website after the con, so there's no need to make extra effort or pay sky-high prices for them.

Of course Super7 has a lot of other great licenses besides MOTU. Other SDCC exclusives will be: the Metallic Blue Mayhew Alien Queen 5“ Japanese Vinyl Figure, the Furious Fossil Caveman Dino as 4“ Japanese Vinyl Figure, a bunch of new M.U.S.C.L.E. figures from Aliens, a Star Wars / The Worst crossover set consisting of 6 Star Worst ReAction Figures, the super cool ReAction Lord of Light as black & gold variant from Heavy Metal and lots more. The brand new ReAction figure stands will also become available in our standard product range, so you will be able to pre-order them soon.

This was just a summary of the Super7 items that seem to be the most interesting from our perspective. If you wish to get more detailed infos on the exclusives, about the many variants or about the Super7 licenses like Unkle, Iron Maiden, The Worst, Alien or of course Masters of the Universe in general, then feel free to get in touch with us!

17.07.2017 • THE S.P.A.C.E SALE SUMMER 2017

Attention dear deal hunters...
Today we are kicking off our S.P.A.C.E SALE SUMMER!

We thought that we have to defy the summer low and also wanted to sweeten the shopping pleasure to all holiday-dislikers among you. So we will have the following promotion for the upcoming weeks for you:

Every week, we will pick one manufacturer from our product range. Several mixed items of this brand will be placed for exactly one week in the SALE, where you will have the opportunity to grab the best deals of the summer. Of course everything will only be valid while current supply lasts and only in the appropriate week.

We will start the S.P.A.C.E SALE SUMMER with the manufacturer MEZCO TOYZ. So if you are still looking for some Breaking Bad variant figures, or in case you would like to complete your Mortal Kombat or Sons of Anarchy cction-figure collection or if you just would like to try one of the One:12 Collective figures, then you should quickly check out our SALE ;-)

Next week the featured brand will be WETA. If you would like to have a special brand featured, just let us know.

And now have fun with hunting down our deals!


Like every year at SDCC, the SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES booth will be one of the highlights at the show. That’s why we today are taking a look at the exclusives that Sideshow will bring with them:

Besides a variety of fine art giclee prints, there will be a BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS bust and two different 1/6 scale IRON MAN figures. Nevertheless those three are from third-party manufacturers! The exclusive »Blue Version« BATMAN bust from Prime 1 will be a limited edition of 500 pieces.

The IRON MAN MARK XXIII – SHADES and the IRON MAN MARK XLI – BONES in the »Retro Armor Version« are both out of Tony Stark’s House Party Protocol and of course from Hot Toys. SHADES will come in a metallic color variant with a circular dynamic base. But BONES will have an adapted base, which can make the armor parts “fly”. Looks pretty rad! As usual both of the IRON MEN have appropriate LED features.

Honestly those exclusives don’t knock our socks off - what do you think?

13.07.2017 • JULY AT THE MOVIES

It indeed is a little late for our monthly round-up of all movie starts, but better late than never. So let's use today's release of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING properly and take a look on what will hit the big screens in July...

Already since last week, the Minions are around again! Unbelievable how the hype on these little yellow guys continues. DESPICABLE ME 3 definately is a must for all minions and animation lovers.

Today, on 13th July, the friendly spider from the neighbourhood gets its first official and very own appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man is being coached by Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man. This alone should be taking care for enough laughter. We are very excited to see Tom Holland as Spidy in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING!

It will go on fantastically next week, when we can dive into the world of VALERIAN on 20th July. We all know Luc Besson for his outstanding productions and visuals, also in the Sci-Fi genre. Everybody who knows and loves the comic books from the 60's will extremely look forward to the movie. Whoever does not know the comics can surely also reserve a ticket, because the trailers look impressive enough.

On the last starting weekend of the month, surely Christopher Nolan will draw many of you into the movie theatre, because his war drama DUNKIRK will hit the screens on 27th July. This will not only be thrilling and visually impressive, but also very emotional and hefty. We're excited!

Also on 7-27 we can celebrate the currently very hyped BABY DRIVER. The action flick is standing on a strong 8 on IMDB. Director Edgar Wright, which we all know from such cult movies like »Shaun of the Dead« or »Scott Pilgrim, obviously delivers his next big bang here. No wonder that stars like Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey and Jon Bernthal wanted to play with „Baby“ (played by Ansel Elgort.

You see, there's no summer hole in this year. Good stuff :-)

12.07.2017 • 1984 ONLY GETS STRANGER

On 27th October, the super cool Netflix series STRANGER THINGS kicks off for the next round! The streaming portal just released a new clip and the poster for the new season.

This definitely is a great teaser - not only on season 2, but also on the newly announced action-figures by McFarlane. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will get to see them at San Diego Comic Con.


The exclusives from Gentle Giant are on our spotlight today.
We definitely have to point out the NEGAN BUST from THE WALKING DEAD, which will be at least as interesting as the Michonne from 2013.
The statue of Skottie Young´s GERTRUDE from I HATE FAIRYLAND and the apparently 3D printed SPIDER-MAN Animated Statue seem to stand out the most from the other exclusives. STAR WARS fans can be really excited, because there will be a few novelties. The HOLOGRAPHIC PRINCESS LEIA COLLECTORS GALLERY STATUE will be our highlight in any case. Besides her Highness, there is a HAN SOLO CONCEPT BUST, as well as a LUKE SKYWALKER BUST X-WING PILOT and a DARTH VADER BUST in the 40th Anniversary Edition announced. Totally vintage-styled there will be a Kenner Jumbo DIANOGA TRASH MONSTER - very trashy!
We don´t know the accurate edition sizes by Gentle Giant yet, but one thing is for sure: the limited editions don’t come in huge numbers.

06.07.2017 • SDCC2017 EXCLUSIVES: NECA

NECA also announced their SDCC 2017 exclusives.
Besides the Coraline Set, there will be a Death Figural Doll from BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY.
There is also an amazing TMNT figure set, which is limited to 5.000 pieces worldwide. But we guess it won´t be a bargain.
Our highlights will be the Sewer Mutation Warrior Alien and the Jungle Briefing Dutch from PREDATOR.

05.07.2017 • SDCC 2017 COUNTDOWN

Dear fans of the modern popculture, in exactly two weeks we will have that time of the year... because then, SAN DIEGO COMIC CON will open its gates and we will all reach out with highest excitement to California.

Today, we officially are kicking off our SDCC 2017 COUNTDOWN! This means for you that you can now start to submit your wishes on SDCC exclusives. As in the past years, we've set up a special sub-page on our website where you can read further details and also get in touch with us properly.

In the next 14 days we will introduce hot picks of this year's exclusives to you, so that we all can get in the right mood for the event of the year :-)


We’re very glad to introduce our new teammate Patricia to you today! Patricia had her first day at the S.P.A.C.E Headquarter yesterday and she actually did appear again this morning ;-)

Of course the upcoming weeks will have a very intense training, but July with all the events is just perfect for getting into our crazy world of collectibles. Patricia will mainly take care for communication and customer service along with Tobi. You can reach her under or of course through our Facebook and Instagram page.

Welcome to the Crew, Patricia!

03.07.2017 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH JULY 2017

When it gets heroic, very female and bloody on top, then all guys can’t hardly stand to unpack and marvel at newly arrived statues. That happened last week with the brandnew RED SONJA Premium Format Figure from Sideshow.

Gladly Sideshow again delivered an A+ work here and did justice to the expression “Premium” in all aspects - no matter if it’s box design, sculpt or paint job! So we came to the unanimous resolution to make the red haired icon from »Dynamite Entertainment« our current product of the month!

The outstanding SHE-DEVIL WITH A SWORD Premium Format Figure is limited to 3000 pieces worldwide and still available with us in a low quantity. So in case you’ve missed the first version of Red Sonja from 2014, then you should act fast this time...

29.06.2017 • AN APE-IC WAR IS COMING UP!

There are still a couple of blockbusters to come in this year. Of course the third part of the PLANET OF THE APES prequel-franchise has to be mentioned along, but what will be a total surprise is surely the potential that this movie has. It will probably leave all other films behind. Some first screenings already took place in the US and the reviews and ratings are just excellent.

So for all of us in Europe (especially in Germany) - stay away from spoilers, because also this time it will be similar to Wonder Woman... we have to wait some more weeks than the Americans until we can make our marge to the WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES...

28.06.2017 • FROM SAW TO JIGSAW

It was well known since many months that the legendary and super successful SAW franchise would get another sequel. The original title of the horror thriller »SAW: LEGACY« has now officially been renamed to »JIGSAW«! This definately does sound exciting and the first artwork on the movie looks pretty cool.

We all surely would love to see a first trailer, wouldn't we? And it's about time for it, because the horror flick will hit cinemas already on Halloween...


Probably never before any figure from Hot Toys had a longer production phase than the MMS285 HULKBUSTER from »Avengers: Age of Ultron«. Therefore we collectors never had to wait thaaaaaaaat long for a figure to arrive. But according to the 1/6 makers from Hong Kong, the long wait will soon have its end!

This fall will finally be the time for the arrival of Tony Stark's colossal battle armor. Hot Toys is promising us an outstanding action-figure and the latest images are definately underlining this statement, as we think. But take a look by yourself:


Masters of the Universe fans - today it's your turn of the total joy escalation, because we just received our SUPER7 shipment with the brandnew MOTU ULTIMATES figures today!

Congratulations to everybody who pre-ordered in time, because as Super7 already predicted up front, the production of the Ultimates was very limited and will be totally sold out soon. Therefore we only have some very few single figures left to offer.

And since everything around »Masters of the Universe« means so much to us, as you all know, we can throw one more in the ring: every customer will receive an exclusive, strictly limited MOTU sticker on top from us! The 1st sticker from our own collection is inspired by a scene from one of the first MOTU mini-comics of the 1980's. We hope that you'll like it ;-)


But WINTER is here!
HBO just put up the brandnew trailer on GAME OF THRONES season 7. Who dares to watch?
We don’t ;-)


The partnership between Hot Toys and Marvel seems to be very intense since years. On many blockbusters like »Avengers« for example, Hot Toys sponsered and organized special events and exhibitions in several Asian cities. So they do for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING.

Until 13th July there will be a big shopping event with the spider at the »Langham Place« mall in Hong Kong. Of course Hot Toys has all the Spider-Men from the new movie as prototypes on display!

And parallel to that, they just revealed the »Peter Parker« head from the Homecoming figure. What do you think - isn't Tom Holland nailed extremely well here?!


What a joyful announcement for fantasy-fans of the first hour... After several years of rumors and hopes, the streaming portal NETFLIX makes us fantasy children of the 80's and followers of the great Jim Henson more than happy, because there will definately be a 10-episode series on »THE DARK CRYSTAL« in 2018!

The story will probably take place ahead of the one from the movie and it will be called »The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance«. Really fantastic that there's already a 55-seconds teaser and an official press release :-)


WONDER WOMAN is also finally hitting cinemas in Europe. Today it's officially starting in Germany!

If you've already seen the film, then you will surely eventually definately maybe agree that it is worth seeing... No, to be serious - the movie is worth to be seen, already because of the gorgeous Gal Gadot. She just fits perfectly into the role of the allmighty amazone, what she actually prooved in »Batman v Superman«.

In that sense: let' raise the curtain for Princess Diana or Diane Prince!



Past weekend, again a couple of nice, brandnew trailers have been put online by all kinds of studios. The highlight of course was the first trailer on Marvel's BLACK PANTHER:

You should definately check out the clip immediately, because it's cut so cool, underlined with a blasting soundtrack and it introduces, besides the actual hero »T'Challa«, another very interesting character... the totally freaked out and extremely charismatic »Klaw«, played by the great Andy Serkis.


If your collection is mainly set on the 1:6 scale and you are also a »The Walking Dead« fan, then you were surely chewing a couple of zombie bones through frustration during the last years. Though THREEZERO is the licensee on the famous AMC show since 2013, there so far - to be more specific during the last 4 years - has been just one character figure (Rick Grimes) released from the cast.

Our friend Mick from ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT put the spotlight on the "delays of licensed figures < > bootlegs" topic in his latest review of the »1/6 Carol Character Sets«. Interesting!


Masters of the Universe collectors, heads up: the wonderful MOTU 1:5 scale statue line from SIDESHOW will be expanded once more - and this time it will be the Princess of Power herself!

With SHE-RA, our all-time favorite hero He-Man will get reinforcement and your MOTU statues collection will gain one more outstanding highlight. It's really remarkable how much creative detail Sideshow is putting into this line - no matter if it's sculpt, painting or the materials. So after He-Man, Skeletor and Evil-Lyn, we can now look forward to the keeper of Crystal Castle :-)

You are more than welcome to pre-order the She-Ra statue with us now. She will probably be released towards the end of next year...
Oh, and if there's any late starter out there among you... we still do have exactly 1 last piece of the He-Man statue in stock:

06.06.2017 • JUNE AT THE MOVIES

Since June is already about one week old, it’s really time for our overview of the most interesting movie starts of “our industry”:
Already last week, on 1st June, the reboot of BAYWATCH was hitting cinemas. We prefer to rather skip and not comment this one ;-) Well: in case anybody of you desires a little collectible on the cult TV show from the 90’s, we can offer on demand the Funko PoPs! from David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.

So let’s head on to the first fantasy blockbuster of the month, which will be starting this Thursday: THE MUMMY. As regards content, this flick has nothing to do with the 3 Brandon Frasier movies, but it’s a re-issue of a very old story, of course state-of-the-art in a visual overdose, if you look at the trailers. Let’s hope that also the content is appealingly and that the writers did not only put Tom Cruise as the star in the spotlight.

One week later, on 15th June, we surely all have to be on duty at the cinema, because then Gal Gadot alias WONDER WOMAN will also rage over the big screens in Germany and Europe! The movie already started in the US and jumped into the raking of IMDB with a stable 8 right away! Also Gal’s appearance in »Batman v Superman« was convincing for most DC fans. Therefore the pleasant anticipation on the highlight of June is surely big.
Speaking of anticipation: those of you who pre-ordered the Hot Toys 1/6 Wonder Woman from »Dawn of Justice« in time can soon look forward to the release. Hot Toys obviously pimped this figure in many details for the final production - this will be a good one!

On 22nd June Michael Bay again will invite us to the fight „Autobots versus Decepticons“.TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST NIGHT already is the 5th part of the franchise and will be a big bang as usual. The cast is a blast with actors like Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, Anthony Hopkins, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee and everybody who already enjoyed the previous movies surely can’t pass by the new one.

These are the highlights for June for the fantasy and fiction genre. Enough choice for some nice evenings at the movies :-)

01.06.2017 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH JUNE 2017

Right on time for the first of the new month we of course set a product on our throne.

This time all eyes are on Link, actually on the new Link PVC statue from First4Figures from the shortly released Nintendo game »The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild«.

All gaming or Zelda fans among you surely can't get enough from this figure - so can't we ;-). And that's exactly why this great collectible deserves to be our favorite of the month June.


What happened to Neill Blomkamp's ALIEN project...? Thanks to Ridley Scott probably nothing, because it looks like if Mr. Scott completely took the whole Alien franchise back under his own wings...

Not much of a problem for the very creative and busy youngster director, because he just turned over to a new, totally own project:

OATS STUDIOS is the name of the new movie factory, with which Blomkamp will make a series of experimental SciFi short movies. The trailer on »Volume 1« just went online:

On the first sight this looks like "Predators meets The Walking Dead meets District 9" - definately promisingly and apocalypsy! We're excited :-)

30.05.2017 • ARAGORN, SON OF ARATHORN...

Today we have to take up the Gondorian cudgels on behalf of ASMUS, a wonderful manufacturer from Taiwan in the 1/6 industry:

Watching Asmus competing with Hot Toys as a serious competitor - mainly thanks to their great work on their »Lord of the Rings« license - already made us very happy. Their closeness to the fans, the open ears for collectors and the attending motivation for a high quality level really is remarkable. So Asmus, as one of some very few brands with an own production facility, made themselves autonomous and plan to be distant even more from the "mass market" and possible compromises when it comes to quality and manufacturing. You can learn more about this on ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT and from the interview which Mark Chuah from »One Sixth Republic« did with Asmus boss Andy Hsu.

And to prove that all this is not just hot air, Asmus is demonstrating their philosophy with their latest announcement - the revised "slim version" of their ARAGORN figure! Although Strider comes in a rather lightened version regarding his accessories, he will have a total newly done and improved head. Asmus even raises the bar that high, to hand-finish the rooted hair in their own (barber-)studio, instead having it done at the factory. They want to make sure that the head will come with the perfect finish and make us collectors happy with the screen-acurate Strider out of the box. That is exemplary! But even more exemplary are the plans to come up with "expansion packs", parallel to the re-releases. This means that everybody out there, who already had the first version of f.e. Aragorn on his shelf, can pimp his figure.

We are already pleasantly anticipating the new Strider. If you would like to grab one of the strictly limited 800 pieces, you are more than welcome to do so here :-)

25.05.2017 • JACK IS BACK!

It's not only a holiday in Germany and Fathers Day today, but also fans of »Pirates of the Caribbean« will be delighted:
Exactly six years after »On Stranger Tides« the fifth part of the pirates saga »Dead Men Tell No Tales« starts in theaters!

Of course there will be Johnny Depp in his famous role of Captain Jack Sparrow as well as new faces like Academy Award winner Javier Bardem as Salazar.

Whether death catches Jack Sparrow and part 5 will be the final one? We'll see... Anyway we look forward to this movie and hopefully it will be able to carry up the previous iconic parts.


At the Hong Kong Toy Festival last weekend, there was also represented the 1/6 Scale forge of Star Ace.
They caused an absolute highlight: exhibited were Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) from Quentin Tarantinos PULP FICTION.
Seemingly Star Ace secured several licenses of Tarantino-blockbusters because there was also exposed a Uma Thurman aka THE BRIDE from Kill Bill in 1/6 Scale.
We look forward to experiencing what they will come up with.


Threezero is putting the pedal to the metal, at least with revealing new figures.
Three weeks ago we told you about the Asian manufacturer’s plans for the future and which figures they are going to produce.
Now we have a new update for you and this is an amazing information for all THE WALKING DEAD fans: Threezero announced a teaser picture of a 1/6 Scale Negan.
Hopefully we can list the leader of the Saviors in our pre-order section soon.


Today Ridley Scotts ALIEN: COVENANT starts officially in German cinemas. People in the USA have to wait one more day.
The newest Alien-Saga movie is a sequel of PROMETHEUS and it acts ten years after this storyline.
Everybody who plans to watch ALIEN: COVENANT in cinema this weekend: have a great time and enjoy it! :-)


Geralt of Riva drafts on our TV Screens as a TV Series in english language on Netflix.
Andrzej Sapkowski, the writer of the WITCHER novel, acts as a creative adviser for this project.
There is no official release date yet, so we have to be patient :-(

16.05.2017 • WHAT A COMEBACK

WOW - that was our first impression of the new Hot Toys announcement: Captain JACK SPARROW from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 in 1/6th scale.

But the main point which makes this new release very exciting is that it´s a new figure in the DX-Line.
The last DX figure was delivered more than 3 years ago. Who would have thought Hot Toys continues the line?
And now this...of course, we will list this figure for pre-order soon.


Our Tobi does sports now! Sure that he needs a run-shirt ;-)

Are you also into sports and would like to have such a nice shirt like Tobi? Or are you just a hardcore ALIEN fan who would die for the shirt, a poster and 2 movie tickets for ALIEN: COVENANT?!
Then participate on our facebook lottery and grab one of the five ALIEN fan packages! Please note that the tickets are only valid for movie theatres in Germany.


Heads up, MOTU fans! Super7 just revealed the first new MOTU Classics and Filmation figures and opened the pre-order phase for them.

This means that, after the Ultimates (which are ready from production by the end of May and then immediately get on the way to us), we will be delightened with brandnew characters :-)

Of course we already put up both waves for pre-order on our website - so check in quickly!


During the last couple of days, the Asian manufacturer THREEZERO revealed some interesting news and announcements. With the »1/6 Scale Special Agent Fox Mulder« figure from X-FILES we will get a real TV show dinosaur. In case you still have the old Sideshow figures in your collection, then you can monitor the evolution in the 1/6 figure industry a bit. We are already excited...

Of course, one of their major licenses - THE WALKING DEAD - draws a lot of attention. So it was really cool to get a little warm up on this franchise, although it was just a "coming soon" graphic without a specific character announcement. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that it will indeed be Daryl Dixon who's the next reveal in this line. He is long time overdue.

Oh, and speaking of "major": Threezero also gained the license on Paramount's GHOST IN THE SHELL blockbuster and just announced their »1/6 Scale Major« figure. We think that the portrait of Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi already looks pretty good on the first prototype images, so let's hope that the release of this figure won't take too long. We'll list the figure for pre-order on our site during this week :-)

04.05.2017 • HAPPY MAY THE 4th!

A great 4th May, dear STAR WARS fans! Of course we prepared a very special goodie for you on this very special day:

We will add a FREE Jakks Pacific STAR WARS BIG SIZE figure to every online-order which is placed today (between 0:00 and 23:59 o'clock) and contains in-stock items of at least 50,-- EUR value!

In that sense - May the 4th be with You!

(No coupon is necessary for this promotion! We will add one figure to every qualified order. The free figure will be picked by us randomly and upon availability. Maximum 1 figure per customer, even on higher valued orders. This promotion is valid only while supply lasts. You are welcome to mention your favorite character.)

03.05.2017 • MAY AT THE MOVIES

Also May seems to be a very interesting month for movie-lovers - especially when it comes to phantastic movies!

Tomorrow, on May 4th, the highly celebrated psycho-thriller GET OUT will hit cinemas also here. Looking at the trailer, the movie appears to be a smugly two-class society drama on the first sight, but then all of a sudden some shocking scenes come up, which makes you assume that this movie will turn into a big suspense with unpredictable twists and shockers... So if you like thrilling cinema and love to nibble some fingernails instead of popcorn, then you are surely right at GET OUT. The movie already gained a 8.0 on IMDB, by the way!

Also slightly creepy will be the mood in A MONSTER CALLS, a visually very impressive fantasy-/mystery flick. The young and very charismatic actor Lewis MacDougall is playing his second big hollywood role (after "Pan" in 2015), alongside Sigourney Weaver and Felicity Jones - and of course the Ent like tree-monster, which Connor will be encountering.

Next week, on May 11th, we can look forward to the new film by Guy Ritchie. This time, the British cult director dedicaded himself to the theme KING ARTHUR. The trailers appear very epic, of course, and do have a very special touch, which surely makes this historical classic worth seeing.

Run. Can a tagline be any more clearer? Already the teaser poster of the next part of the Alien franchise surely made the hearts of all hardcore fans beat faster. On May 18th, 20th Century Fox will bring us the sequel to Prometheus - ALIEN: COVENANT - to the big screen. Director Ridley Scott apparently did not save on gore and spitting blood. In case the flick will slip through as a PG-13 at cinemas, we can probably expect an unrated extended cut on DVD/Blu-ray later... This will be fun!

Of course Disney may not be missing in May. As a grand finale Captain Jack Sparrow will visit us again at the movies in the 5th part of PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN. This time, he will be chased by the half-rotten Captain Salazar. Fans of the series surely will have to be on duty for a meeting with the cast around Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom on May 25th. We're excited to see if DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES will be able to delight us - sound and pictures will surely be awesome!

02.05.2017 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH MAY 2017

For collectors and lovers of classic action-figures (in the 7" scale) NECA's "Ultimate" line surely is a pure pleasure. Across the board NECA was able to convince us in this line with enormous creativity and detail. Just remember such highlights as the Ultimate Kratos from the classic game »God of War« or the Ultimate Leatherface from the cult horror flick »Texas Chainsaw Massacre«. No wonder that many of the so far released Ultimate Figures are totally sold out now...

The latest release of the series, the ULTIMATE GIZMO from the very famous GREMLINS franchise, also immediately convinced us and made it straight  to the product of the month May 2017!

The comprehensive accessories and especially the many "bulding" possibilities on Gizmo's face (including the movable eyes) make you wanting to take the figure immediately out of its - very beautifully designed - packaging and play with it. But, while doing this, please never forget the three golden rules:
keep the Mogwai out of sunlight, don’t let the Mogwai get wet, never feed the Mogwai after midnight!

28.04.2017 • GOING BACK TO ETERNIA...

After three decades, the time has come... He-Man and the »Masters of the Universe« will be returning in a live-action movie to the big screen in December 2019!

"Finally" everybody would think, because rumors about a new film with He-Man and co. have been around since years and the project has been put on hold ever since.

More detailed infos are still rarely available so far, but already the fact that we will be able to look forward to our old fellows from planet Eternia makes this official announcement from SONY a true highlight of the day :-)


The time has come - the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY are raging again today on the big screen!

Of course the Marvel heroes have to face a new adventurous journey with numerous dangers - we certainly can expect again lots of funny gags and a new funky soundtrack. We are already curious, what Vol. 2 will come up with and how Thanos will have his appearance... And the cast this time gained two real Hollywood legends with Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell - YESSSSS!


20th Century Fox just released the first trailer on »Kingsman: The Golden Circle« and - as expected - it really is a tasty appetizer on the sequel:

The teaser is cut really cool and underlined with a great soundtrack, but it does not tell too much about the story... besides that there seems to be a new, by the Wild West inspired organisation crossing the way of the Kingsmen. So let's look forward to the movie coming this fall... :-)

21.04.2017 • GOODBYE!

It has been a bit more than two years since I joined the S.P.A.C.E crew. And those two years have just been amazing - what a great time! But now it's time to say "goodbye"...

On next week's Tuesday I will have my last day at S.P.A.C.E before I'm heading to Lisbon. A couple of month ago I got a job abroad and so I got the chance to make my dreams come true and leave Germany. But now the farewell is pretty hard.

Now there's nothing more to say but thank you - all for the great time I had here with you guys. You as our costumers make our great jobs possible. That's what I am really thankful about. And I hope to join the one or other event in the future to meet with you again.

With this in mind: I wish you all the best, a lot of amazing collectibles and keep it bowling!



20.04.2017 • CLOAK & DAGGER!

Marvel expands the TV series universe and get us the very first trailer of »Cloak and Dagger«, that is addressed to a younger audience.

Cloak and Dagger are pertained to be the underdogs in Marvel's comic universe. Both eloped from home and feel now homey in New York City - such as their colleagues Daredevil and Luke Cage.


There's no need to say much about THE highlight at the Star Wars Celebration - the teaser for Episode VIII. We surely all watched it many times so far.

But of course there has been more in order in Orlando at this weekend. There have also been some of our collectibles forges at the spot. Some had their own booth, the others joined the accordingly panel.  Among others Gentle Giant, Anovos and Kotobukiya showed some highlights.

And at the Sideshow/Hot Toys booth we could see some well-known characters live for the first time. We found some clips on YouTube, take a look:

Hot Toys
Collectibles Panel


15.04.2017 • A SIGN OF LIFE FROM THE OFF...

What a mess! Of course, technical malfunctions can happen from time to time with any telephone provider. Luckily such - very rarely appearing - disruptions usually are solved within a few hours max, which doesn't hurt too much. But this time, the stuation is becoming a drama soon...

Since Wednesday we have to deal with a dead telephone- and internet line, which of course is extremely annoying during such highly frequented times as Easter, combined with an event like the STAR WARS Celebration.

Thanks to the help of a couple of friends and nice neighbours (who luckily have their line with another provider), we were at least able to bring our newsletter-emailing-computer online, to get this week's newsletter out to you ;-)

So true to the motto "better late than never" you are getting the newsletter from Thursday today. Check it out, because we included a big Easter promotion for you.

And though we were not able to follow the panels at STAR WARS Celebration here in our headquarter as planned, the EPISODE VIII teaser yesterday really sweetened our evening :-)

By the way: just to be able to get this news message out to you, Sven is holding the line in his best Doc Brown style outside in the yard... :o)


Because of a big breakdown at our internet and phone provider we are currently offline. Already since yesterday afernoon we are cut from the outerworld.
Since it seems to be a fierce technical problem we can not say when we will be back at the moment. You can browse our website as uasal and also place orders.

Nevertheless we can not answer your mails and get the orders shipped or take your phone call. So we do not not reply because we don't like you... ;-)

So we ask for your patience and promise to take care of everything as soon as we are back online!

11.04.2017 • THE SMALL WOH!

Last weekend the WEEKEND OF HELL took place at the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen - for the first time in April before it comes to the bigger event in November. Because we couldn't make it Mick joined the event and reports in the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT.

And we will surely be in on it in autumn again and we are already looking forward :-)

10.04.2017 • THOR: RAGNAROK

Here we finally go: the very first Teaser-Trailer of »Thor: Ragnarok« has just been published! Not only that Thors Mjolnir breaks up but also Asgard gets destroyed and the God of Thunder gets enchained... but take a look on your own!

07.04.2017 • LAST CALL: THANOS

When we put up the breathtaking THANOS ON THRONE Maquette by Sideshow last week on our website, it was clear to us that this would be an outstanding collectible. Nevertheless the run on a statue of such a price point is more likely slow. Not the case with Thanos, because SIDESHOW seems to deliver an extremely convincing piece of art from probably the most iconic villain from the Marvel Universe, which makes it hard indeed to pass for every hardcore fan. Even that there's no statement yet from Sideshow regarding the edition size of this statue, we are pretty sure to get challenged with an allocation of our order. Therefore we highly recommend everybody, who is planning to get this dude for his collection, to place a fix pre-order very soon. And definately check out the "Making of" video from Sideshow, because this is really worth seeing:

06.04.2017 • APRIL AT THE MOVIES

In April we can finally watch the eagerly-awaited movie highlight of the year! On the 27th »Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2« will finally be released in the German theaters. So the adventures will continue and we can hardly wait for it anymore!

But before that there comes up the one or other film where it could be worth taking a seat in front of the big screen. Admittedly there are no genre movies amongst them but nonetheless... :-)

With »The Shack« there will be released a drama today, starring Sam Worthington in the leading role. Here the father Mack Miller comes back to the place where his daughter has been seen the last time before she died. And this weekend will change his life totally... really a deep story.

On April the 13th is get a bit happier in »Going in Style«. Three old friends, acted by Alan Arkin, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, decide to break the law the first time in their lives after the bank has frozen their pension funds. Now they want to rob this bank! That promises to be a good comedy!

Also on the 13th Matthew McConaughey returns to the screen with »Gold«. In the unexplored jungle of Indonesia the prospector Kenny and the geologist Michael are on their search for gold. And what they find there throws the stock exchanges into turmoil and makes them rich, but...

And if that is not enough for this Thursday, you can also watch »The Fate of the Furious« - but you probably don't have to ;-)

In the following week - on April 20th - Michael Keaton takes the part of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers' innovative fast food eatery, McDonald's, into one of the biggest restaurant businesses in the world with a combination of ambition, persistence, and ruthlessness - »The Founder« could be a good one!

And then... here we finally are: it's April the 27th and we ALL will run to the cinemas :-)


At the upcoming weekend the MONSTERPALOOZA takes place in Pasadena - so to say the counterpart to our Weekend of Hell in Oberhausen. And it will be worth taking a look at this event, for the reason alone that Sideshow will be there!

And that's because the team from Thousand Oaks teasered to not just bring the usual suspects such as Freddy, Jason and Leatherface but also the brand new clown Malavestros. We're excited to take a first look at him! Furthermore they promised a few surprises... so we will keep an eye on the West Coast during the weekend.

03.04.2017 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH APRIL 2017

At the Academy Awards in 1993 »Batman Returns" has among others been nominated in the category "best make-up".  The evil implementation of Mr. Cobblepot by Danny DeVito surely had a large share here.

Now NECA succeeded to transform the penguin into a great figure in the scale 1:4! The almost 40 cm big DeVito convinced us a hundred percent - whether the sculpting, outfit or the accessories. So it was an easy decision to make him our product of the month! There has already been a 1/4 Scale penguin made by NECA that has been awesome. But with the mayoral outfit Cobblepot is even more wicked ;-)

A couple of weeks ago we received the first pieces so that we could take a look at it - more will follow within the next one or two weeks.


In two weeks from now, the STAR WARS CELEBRATION will take place in sunny Orlando, Florida! Yesterday, the program schedule was revealed on Besides the »40th Anniversary« panel on Thursday - which will surely again be greatly hosted by Warwick Davis, accompanied by Kathleen Kennedy - the main highlight of the weekend will surely be the »The Last Jedi« panel on Friday. Let's just fully expect that Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson will present us the EPISODE VIII trailer during this panel :-)

Teams will be streaming live all weekend long, both on the own website and on the official YouTube channel. So everybody who hasn't the chance to travel to Florida can join the fun from home.

As always at Celebration, there will be a bunch of exclusive collectibles and merch items. A highlight and must-have for every fan surely will be the very noble, official Celebration poster which combines all three generations of the Star Wars universe.

This surely will be HAPPY EASTERN ;-)

30.03.2017 • PENNYWISE IS BACK!

The brand new and very first trailer of »It« already scares six month before the theatrical release! We all know Stephen King's horror story of the sadistic killer clown Pennywise that lures children into death pretty well - but the upcoming remake could pack a punch!

In 2018 the story will be continued. The first movie is set in 1989, the second one will take place almost 30 years later, when the clown comes back.. we're excited!

29.03.2017 • DEADPOOL MUSICAL!

At the moment we get served with so many new trailers - Justice League, Spider-Man... Deadpool.

Deadpool? Okay, it's not an official clip that popped up on YouTube some days ago. Nevertheless it is a firecracker and worth a click! Wade takes »The Beauty and the Beast« for a ride and we can see him as a musical performer. And he destroys a bar, of course! Thereby he comments on his actions with a touching and catchy song. Click it!

27.03.2017 • JUSTICE LEAGUE

It was promised and here we go: the first trailer of »Justice League« has been released at the weekend. The team event of the DC Extended Universe unites Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) to the Justice League. Superman (Henry Cavill) is missing  so far.

Justice League will be theatrical released on November 16th 2017 and one of the biggest promises of the movie is that it should not be as serious and gloomy as Batman v Superman.

What do you think about the first trailer?

23.03.2017 • FARGO - THE THIRD!

There have already been a few teasers for the third episode of »Fargo« and now the first official trailer has just been released. So we can get a little foretaste of the story around the Stussy brothers Emmit and Ray. Emmit, the "Parking Lot King of Minnesota« is successful, attractive and confident. His younger brother is the complete opposite. Since he left High-School he has taken a turn for the worse. Today he works as a frustrated probationer. Both brothers are acted by Ewan McGregor.

And who has watched the first two season knows that it gonna be wicked :-)


We almost did not believe anymore that it will happen until THREEZERO teasered a picture and re-installed hope some time ago. There is talk of MICHONNE and now it really happens. On March 31st they will list her officially for pre-order!

On the Facebook page of Threezero you find the first pictures, take a look!

20.03.2017 • NEWS FROM THE GALAXY!

About a month before the theatrical release of »Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2« there came up some news about the crew around Star-Lord! James Gunn announced with Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor in Smallville) a new cast member. His role will be kept under wraps but it shall be linked to that of Sylvester Stallone. A few characters that are very important for the Marvel universe and that we don't know yet will debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as Gunn signalized.

Furthermore the director disclosed that we can safely assume that there will be a third part of the Guardians - so there mission won't come to an end soon. But before that we will see the merging with the Avengers in Infinity War...


Today AMAZON ORIGINAL releases their first German TV series productions »You Are Wanted«. It's about Lukas Franke (Matthias Schweighöfer) whose life gets disordered as his personal data are hacked and somebody tries zu write his existence new... sounds pretty exciting and the trailer looks pretty good as well.

What do you think? Will you watch that series?

16.03.2017 • BYE BYE, CHRIS EVANS?

An article in the "Esquire" magazine suggests that Chris Evans will not take the role of Captain America after »Avengers: Infinity War« anymore. After that movie, the actors has complied his contract for six movies. Evans often said that he rather focuses on a career as a director than to go ahead as an actor.

So if this will happen, we ask ourselves: what happens with the Captain in Infinity War by fighting Thanos? And will maybe somebody take over his shield - the Winter Soldier? Falcon? What do you think?

13.03.2017 • SHE'S A KILLER QUEEN

You really didn't hear anything yeat about ATOMIC BLONDE, the new flick with Charlize Theron?! No wonder, because so far this movie war relatively unknown. But now you can see something about it, namely the first trailer - and this kicks ass:

Fight, Kiss, Kill - but at the max! Director David Leitch can show us his skills with this action movie and get us a nice appetizer on his highly anticipated work on DEADPOOL 2.

Along the trailer on »Atomic Blonde« there were a couple of other new interesting trailers released last weekend, such as the new one on »Wonder Woman« and the on on the 7th season of »Game of Thrones« :-)


Collecting action figures is for many of us a big hobby and passion. And we as a dealer have the big pleasure to also work with those great collectibles and we can unpack great novelties all the time -wonderful!

But there are also still those moment when we as a established merchant have a breathtaking moment and get goosbumps. Every passionate collector surely felt pretty much the same at the sight of the 1/6 scale classroom for magic potion of the legendary Professor Severus Snape from »Harry Potter«. Our customer Mabel (in respective forums better known as »Raven«) has shown her love for the figures with this fantastic piece of art. So she has been rightly awarded with the title picture of the month from the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT. We highly recommend you this article, because Mabel inspires and shows that there's so much more to do with action figures than just putting them into a vitrine ;-)

Congratulations for this outstanding diorama, Mabel!

Blog: or


In February, many gamers and Lord of the Rings fans celebrated the official announcement of the sequel to »Shadow of Mordor« by Monolith Productions.

Since yesterday, the first gameplay-trailer on »Middle-Earth: Shadow of War« is online! Wider worlds, a new ring of power, a re-modeled Nemesis system and more, lots of more orcs are waiting for us in the second part of this famous RPG. »Talion« and »Celebrimbor« have to recruit a horde of orcs to defend themselves against Sauron's forces.

But you better check out the clip immediately - it is definately woth it:

Our Tobi, the major orc along all S.P.A.C.E guys, can hardly wait for the release of the game in mid August :-)

07.03.2017 • MARCH AT THE MOVIES

March is literally going to be fantastic, because what we can expect this month on movies from the fantasy, sci-fi and comic genre, definately rings the "movie flat rate ticket" alarm...

Kick-off already was last week, March 2nd, with »Logan« and probably the last appearance from Hugh Jackman in his mutant role. This film really turned out great and it is an outstanding finale of Wolverine. A must-see!

Also on the 02.03. we had the release of the new film by master director Martin Scorsese - »Silence«. We get to see a historical drama, which takes place in the 17th century in Japan, starring Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson.

This week, King Kong will shout you down and out of the movie theatres, when he freaks out in »Kong: Skull Island« and clearly states who's the boss on that mysterious island. The cast is not half bad (Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman...), as well as the final trailer, where you can see primeval brutes and monsters everywhere.

Also starting this Thursday we have the - according to AMPAS - best motion picture of the year 2016: »Moonlight«. The drama from director Barry Jenkins is surely worth seeing!

If you prefer coke, Las Vegas, corrupt cops and a lot of action, then you should fix a date with Jamie Foxx for »Sleepless«. The title is so right, because there's not much time for sleep anyway if we look at the flood of blockbusters in this month...

Because next up, on March 16th, we get to see the next Disney real-life movie. This time, »The Beauty and the Beast« will enchant us magically. Emma Watson surely is a brilliant cast for Belle and we are already looking forward on her 1/6 figure by Hot Toys :-)

One week later, all female movie lovers will surely keep on staying in line at the box office, because you will get to see two great actors in »Life«, namely Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, when they are about to discover something revolutionary, but also scary on a space excursion - extraterrestrial life!

Speaking about "extraterrestrial" - also on March 23rd the »Power Rangers« will hit the big screen in the real-life conversion of the cult TV show from the 90's. We'll see if this will work out...

Besides a couple of more movies which will have their release on March 30th, »Ghost in the Shell« surely will mark the grand finale for most of us in this month. Let's reminisce the first trailer back in November, which totally blew us away and gave us a visual overdose. Scarlett Johansson surely is the perfect pick for the key role in this anime real-life flick, so that we can look forward to a cyberpunk movie of first grade.

So, isn't this a fully packed program guide?! Have fun and enjoy yourselves at the movies :-)

06.03.2017 • NO GOOD DEED

It was so obvious that Wade could not leave the theatrical release of his x-mate Logan standing without a comment. He of course grabbed the opportunity for a very first teaser - or let’s better call it appetizer-clip - on DEADPOOL 2 :-)

The short-video is being shown in advance to »Logan« at cinemas and can also be found online since last Saturday - even in a longer version, which takes almost 4 minutes. It is full of easter eggs, by the way, and of course ironic and sarcastic to the max. Totally Deadpool style - awesome!

Oh, and in case you didn't watch LOGAN yet, you should immediately march to a movie theatre in your neighbourhood, because this film is just outstanding and means fun from the very first untill the last minute!

02.03.2017 • THE OLD MAN LOGAN

Starting today, mutants will be rampaging again on the big screens, because Wolverine will be returning - eventually for the last time - to the cinemas worldwide. The trailers already looked pretty good in advance... the mood of the film and especially the appearance of Hugh Jackman seems very rough, broken and hard - simply very different than all the other flicks from the X-Men franchise. On top of that, the movie received an R-Rating, which will probably mean a lot of claws-action, topped with some blood. This is surely worth a night at the movies!

01.03.2017 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH MARCH 2017

It's been a long time that we voted for a Premium Format Figure from SIDESHOW as a product of the month, but for March 2017, this decission was easy. To be honest, we already had this in mind while visiting Nuernberg Toy Fair about a month ago, since we had the chance to see CAPTAIN MARVEL in her full magnificence on site!

Sideshow definately raised the bar again with this statue - both in sculpting and painting. Let's give out big compliments to all artists who patricipated in the design and production of this figure - you guys are surely making a lot of collectors very happy with this, doubtless yet best, statue-conversion of Carol Danvers - and this probably does not only refer to hardcore Marvel fans!

We luckily still do have some few pieces left from our first shipment. But since Captain Marvel is limited to 2,500 pieces only, you can be sure that a statue of this quality won't be on the market for too long.

Isn't this breath-taking collectible a real appetizer on the upcoming »Captain Marvel« movie? Unfortunately the blockbuster starring Brie Larson will let us wait untill 2019... But since the female superhero is hanging out very often with the Guardians, it might be worth staying in your seat untill the very last moment when watching »Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2« in April at cinemas ;-)

27.02.2017 • AND THE OSCAR GOES TO...

...MOONLIGHT! Or rather LA LA LAND?! Who knows ;-)
This somehow seemed like well staged show-gag for a grand finale of the 89th Academy Awards last night in Los Angeles - but it actually was a never-happened-before Irish bull! Apparently poor presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway received a wrong winner card inside the final envelope for best picture, so that the crew from »La La Land« initially got on stage. After the first acceptance speaches, they had to pass on the microphone - and the Oscars - to their fellow filmmakers from »Moonlight« then. What a bitter-sweet finale!

But at least the trophies were given out very equaly this year, so that »La La Land« made the run with six Oscars after all. From the Sci-Fi, Comic and Fantasy genre there were only some very few winners to proclaim. STAR WARS unfortunately did not win with »Rogue One«, since the »Jungle Book« won the hunt in the visual effects category. But the Joker surely went crazy over the Oscar for »Suicide Squad« for best make-up and hairstyling :-)

23.02.2017 • THE LAST SUPPER!

Not a new teaser or trailer but a prolog in form of a short movie is what we got yesterday for »Alien: Covenant«. The scene takes almost five minutes and introduces the 'Convenant' crew - right before they fall to their cryosleep. Involved are Katherine Waterston as protagonist Daniels, James Franco as Branson, the Captain and husband of Daniels, Danny McBride as Pilot Tennessee und of course Michael Fassbender... click it :-)


We have to wait until the 15th of June - a chosen few already had the chance to watch »Wonder Woman« at the movies. Therewith Warner Bros. wants to gain first audience reactions.

And those are absolutely positive so far and way better than they have been for »Batman v Superman« and »Suicide Squad«. Especially Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is said to be absolutely convincing...

So we really can be excited!

21.02.2017 • THE BEST OF 2016

Every year the colleague Michael Crawford chooses the best collectible of the preceding year - and the results for 2016 are now fixed. It have been chosen the winners out of a pool in many different categories. Our Mick has also been a part of the jury and he presents the results at the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT. Of course we also added our two cents. And you should do so as well - take a look :-)

16.02.2017 • THE FAN THEORIES

Alleged there have been leaked some fotos and information of »Star Wars: The Last Jedi«. So it's about time to speculate and to build fan theories about what we can expect from Episode 8. Mace Windu as Finn's father, Snoke as the survived Windu, Obi-Wan as Rey's grandfather, Rey as reincarnation of Anakin, the Rogue One Crew as the Knights of Ren and so on... questions over questions and theories over theories.

That Marco from NERDKULTUR is mostly right with his theories shows us the past. So who else could be more predestinated to take a closer look at fan theories?

Take a look at his new clip :-)

15.02.2017 • WHO'S GONNA BE BATMAN?

After Ben Affleck already plunked down the direction of the Batman solo movie, he is now allegedly totally out of the business and he will also not take the Dark Knight's role. Reportedly he is already in negotiations about his phase-out.

So there is now a vacancy in Gotham - and we now wonder: who will be the next Batman?

13.02.2017 • AND ACTION!

About two weeks ago, it has been announced that the shooting of »Avengers: Infinity War« has just begun. Now the Marvel Studios have released a first featurette that gives us some offstage insights of the work that is going on here. But principally that clip makes us want to see the movie right away... but take a look for yourself!


The shortest month of the year is fully packed with theatrical releases - some of them are probably worth a walk to the movies.

Already a week ago »Live by Night« with Ben Affleck in the leading role has been released. He embodies the son of a exalted police officer in Boston during the 1920s. But he has not that much in spare for the law but for the payroll of the biggest gangsters of the city...

On February 16th Ewan McGregor returns to the screen as Mark Renton in »T2 Trainspotting«. After 20 years Renton comes back to the only place that he could ever call "home". And everybody already waits for him, to say hello and ready to dance.

And by talking about returnee and the 16th we come to Keanu Reeves. In »John Wick - Chapter Two« the legendary hitman John Wick gets called back from retirement. Because of a blood oath he is bounded to help an old colleague...

Some kind of lunatic it could get on February 23rd with »A Cure for Wellness«. An ambitious young employee has to pick up his CEO from a idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" in the Swiss alps. Pretty soon he learns that those therapies are not what they seem to be. Everybody is sick...

On the same day for Mark Wahlberg as an Police Sergeant starts a run against the time and one of the most fraught dragnet operations in the history of the United States. As the German title »Boston« assumes, it's all about the assassination at the Boston marathon on April 15th 2013. The original title is »Patriots Day« - of course!

And last but not least, last week has also been released »Rings« - which probably fits in the category "continuations that the world doesn't need" - but tastes are different ;-)


For fifteen years they thought he is dead. Now he is back in New York City and that causes a lot of disturbance. There is talk of Danny Rand aka Iron Fist!

Starting the 17th of March we can watch the series on Netflix and to inflame the anticipation the official trailer has just been released - and it's hot, as we think!

06.02.2017 • SUPER BOWL LI

To put the sporting first: Congratulations Patriots! But of course the Super Bowl hasn't just been interesting for fans of the game. Many clips, teasers and trailers came up that we summarized for you. Click them, it's gonna be worth seeing:

Spot zu »The Fate of the Furious«
Spot zu »Logan«
Spot zu »Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2«
Spot zu »Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales«
Spot zu »Transformers: The Last Knight«
Spot zu »Ghost in the Shell«
Spot zu »Baywatch«
Spot zu »Life«
Spot zu »Stranger Things«
Spot zu »The Walking Dead«

And there have been shown even more commercials that are also worth a click. IGN has made up a long list where you can find all of them.


For us here it was one of the movie highlights of 2016! Almost to the day one year ago »Deadpool« has been theatrical released here in Germany. Now in February 2017 the time has come and we can hold the 1/6 Deadpool by Hot Toys in our hands.

That he will be our product of the month was actually already safe at the time we listed him at the shop. So the election has been unanimous this month :-)

Along these lines: welcome to the headquarter, Mr. Wilson!

31.01.2017 • LET'S GO TO NUREMBERG!

As every year in winter we will visit Franconia to check out the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Tomorrow and on Thursday parts of our team will be in attendance zu keep watch for novelties. Usually there's always something to discover and we will - of course - provide you our picture yield on Facebook and keep you up to date :-)


Get the snow gear, grab the camera and meet Lurtz, the mighty Uruk, for a shooting in the wild...

That's exactly what we did yesterday - and some nice shots were taken from and with the Uruk-Chieftain. You can check them out in our Facebook album!

26.01.2017 • ALSO FOX WANTS THE X-MEN!

Already two days ago the TV station FOX announced that they ordered a pilot epsidoe of a new X-Men series. And now it is also known who will be the director: Bryan Singer!

So a real mutant expert joins the game and will give that yet untiteled series it’s look – and it will be placed inside the Cinemativ Universe. There isn’t set a release date yet – of course – but that could probably be worth waiting for…

25.01.2017 • FLOW AT MCU!

There’s something giong on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe these days! On the one hand the shootings for »Black Panther« have just begun. Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o and Martin Freeman joined the party so far. Also the logo of the movie has been shown. The theatrical release is sheduled for February 2018.

And on the other hand the shootings of »Avengers: Infinity War« started as well. So for Dave Bautista the work continues – without knowing the script so far, it’s all top secret. Here we will find out more in April 2018.

But for now: shoot, so that we can watch the first teasers and trailers soon :-)


Now the cat is out the bag: Star Wars Episode 8 will get the official titel »The Last Jedi«! That’s what has just been twittered by the official account.

Now we have to wait again – for December 15th 2017.

19.01.2017 • HAPPY NEW YEAR, CHINA!

It's that time again and also the Chinese people are about to start the new year. On January 28th they celebrate their party. The upcoming year will be the year of the rooster by the way.

For us and you that means that we have to wait a bit longer these days with requests and things like that - because the office of our partners will close by tomorrow and until the beginning of February... if they celebrate, the do it right :-)

18.01.2017 • BOND TURNS TO CABLE?

Well, basically there are just three men sitting on a couch - so there's a lot to interpret in this situation. But if those three are Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Pierce Brosnan and if you are a big Deadpool fan, than this scene is the subject of speculations: will Brosnan take the role of Cable?

The X-Men associate will get his screen debut in »Deadpool 2« - and he will probably set the course for the X-Force. The release will be in 2018 - by then we will know more :-)


On April 10th it'll go on with the third season of »Better Call Saul« at AMC - that has just been officially confirmed by the American TV channel.  And it's also confirmed, that we will see an old acquaintance again. Therefore just take a look at that promo clip!

Furthermore our favorite lawyer will go to jail at season 3 as you can see in another teaser trailer. And if you already like to see more, check out the first three minutes...

We here in Germany can watch the new stories of Mr. Goodman on April 11th on Netflix.


In May or December 2018 (Lucasfilm didn't confirm the date so far) we will get served with the next "Star Wars Story". Now we got predented another member of the cast: Woody Harrelson!

The two editors of the new movie, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller praised Harrelson's "deepness" and his "wide range" as an actor. He will take the role of Han's master....

Welcome to a galaxy far, far away, Mr. Harrelson!


The TV show FARGO was praised and celebrated all over the world. Joel and Ethan Coen have already been on board as executive producers - now they want to conquere the series-genre with their own work. »The Ballad of Buster Scruggs« will be the title and it will be a completed wild west story that will deal with six different storylines... more is not known yet.

But that doesn't matter, because if the two brothers write a script, it's always getting interesting - and good!

09.01.2017 • UNCHARTED - THE MOVIE

That there will come a »Uncharted« movie has already been announced some time ago. But it is getting a bit more concrete now. The writer Joe Carnahan (The Grey, A-Team, Smoking Aces) has posted a picture of the finished script on Instagram two days ago - the work can be started now. But so far there's no cast or even a date known yet. Allegedly the shooting will begin this year... let's wait and see!


A long cinema year 2017 lies just ahead of us and in January the one or other walk to the motion-picture theater could be worth it:

Today will be released »Passengers« - a Sci-Fi movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Patt in the leading roles.  The rest of the world could already watch that movie in December and the critics are pretty good... the trailer seems promising!

On January 12th »The Great Wall« with Matt Damon will come on the big screen. A legendary wall, a immemorial legend that surely  many of you know. So let's check out how the implementation of the director Yimou Zhang succeed.

Two brothers come together to rob the bank that foreclosed their families house - one branch after the other. That's the story of »Hell or High Water« with Ben Foster and Chris Pine as the siblings. Release date will also be the 12th. An interesting drama!

»Hacksaw Ridge« will come to the movies on the 26th and it will tell the story of the soldier Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield) that received the Medal of Honor during World War II as he saved the lives of dozens of people - without ever holding a weapon. That could really get a great war movie.

And if you prefer something well-known on that Thursday, you'll surely take seat and watch »Resident Evil: The Final Chapter« to see Milla Jovovich fighting for humanity - once again and probably for the last time. Take me down to the paradise city!

Well, and there will also come up the third part of »xXx«... but that's probably the day to grab a good book and relax at home... :-)


Saruman recognized his strength and brutality as he strains out the heart of an Orc... we recognize WETA's great work and choose LURTZ as our first product of the month in the new year.

The figure forge from New Zealand caught the Uruk general in 1:6 scale and from the »Amon Hen« scene - ready to shoot the deadly arrow at Boromir. Incidentally the son of Denethor has also been sculpted by WETA. But the schmuck from Isengard is and will remain our favorite - and he is on the way from New Zealand to us...

02.01.2017 • A HAPPY NEW YEAR

A happy and especially healthy NEW YEAR, dear customers!

We hope that you all made it well into the new year and that - latest by now - the hangovers are gone ;-)

For the new year, we will be coming up with some cool new features in the next couple of weeks. We're kicking-off today, though, with our OFFERS OF THE WEEK! From now on, we will have FIVE specials every week and they will be renewed every Monday morning, as usual. Sounds interesting? Then let's take a look right now...

29.12.2016 • PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR 2016

Once again we had so many awesome collectibles coming in this year. Every month we pick one of those to make it our product of the month. Unfortunately we couldn't give address ourselves to those as much as we wished to. But anyway - those have been our highlights in 2016:

10" Michonne, McFarlane (January)
1/6 Heisenberg, Threezero (February)
Catwoman Bombshells Statue, DC Collectibles (March)
The Hateful Eight Figural Dolls, Neca (April)
Lord Elrond Statue, Weta (May)
Poison Ivy Statue, Yamato (June)
Sniper Wolf Bishoujo Statue, Kotobukiya (July)
Muppets Select Series 1, Diamond (August)
Larva Lab Series, Inflames (September)
Rick Grimes Color Tops, McFarlane (Oktober)
Harley Quinn Statue, DC Collectibles (November)
1/6 Tyler Durden Special Pack, Blitzway (December)

And as good resolutions for 2017 we really want to provide you more pictures and videos :-)

What have been your highlights this year?


Farewell, Your Highness  :’(

27.12.2016 • ALIEN: COVENANT

The very first trailer of »Alien: Covenant« has been published during the christmas holidays. For all of you who didn't see it yet, it's about time to take a look.

The crew of the "Convenant" with Katherine Waterston in the leading role will here occupy centre stage. Theatrical release in Germany will be May 18th 2017.

23.12.2016 • HO, HO, HO!

Slow but steady we also come in some kind of christmas mood - the last packages are packed and everything gets a bit more quiet after those stressful pre-christmas days. Now we eat a plate of cookies while making ready the newsletter before we do a little Christmas staff party LIVE on Facebook. Feel free to join us at around 2 pm and hang out with us.

For those who won't join: MERRY CHRISTMAS! :-)


When we got it in our huge shipment from Asia (with lots of 1:6 scale novelties) about two weeks ago, also Mick from the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT got a package.

Now he published the reviews of two brand new figures at the District. Check it out and take a closer look at the 1/6 King Zombie by PHICEN and the 1/6 Rick Grimes made by THREEZERO!

20.12.2016 • LET'S GO TO SAKAAR!

About one year to go until we can watch the third solo film from and with Thor at the movies. On December 3rd 2017 »Thor: Ragnarok« will be released.

The editor Taika Waititi now officially confirmed that Thor and Hulk will clash on the planet "Sakaar"! So Mark Ruffalo will throw over the gladiators armor. Along the usual suspects such as Tom Hiddleston as Loki we will also see Cate Blanchett as the bad guy and Tessa Thompson as Thor's new love in Ragnarok.

That all sound quite interesting - good news for MARVEL fans :-)


Guys, it's about time now. Today at midnight we all can start to rebel and run the movies to finally watch ROGUE ONE! That's what our Captain will do tonight - right now he reminds us of a child on Christmas eve, that can't wait anymore :-)

Our huge anticipation just got even bigger today as we just got in the first figure to the movie from Hot Toys: the DEATH TROOPER SPECIALIST!

So everything is ready, the tickets are in imperial hands und tomorrow we will now what Death Troopers do ;-)

Let us rebel together and may the force be with us!


During the last weeks we really got beaten round the head with new movie trailers. We showed you some of them but the one or other gone gown at that time. Happily Sideshow was so friendly to summarize the highlight-clips.

It starts with Rogue One (only 2 days left!!!), but also the others are worth a click :-)

PS: It seems that Sideshow forgot to add the ape video. Check out the trailer for »War for the Planet of the Apes«!


Last weekend the first people already had the honor to watch »Rogue One: A Star Wars Story« at the movies at the world premiere in Los Angeles. We have to wait until Wednesday resp. Thursday as you know but what we here from Hollywood, it's gonna be damn good!

The reviewer are not allowed yet to tell us about the film but the first judgments are pretty euphoric. You can ready opinions such as "the most brutal and dark Star Wars movie ever" and "the best Star Wars of all times". In two days we all know more and we can criticize by ourselves. Damn, are we excited :-)   

07.12.2016 • DEADPOOL WILL BE LATE...

For many of us, DEADPOOL has for sure been the movie of the year. So it's no surprise that for 1/6 collectors the appropriate Hot Toys figure is the most long-awaited figure this year. Because of unexpected circumstances we will now unfortunately get him by mid January - later than we initially planned.

That's why we have to do something that we really don't like: we have to stave off you and us.

We gladly would have got you a little Deadpool under your christmas tree - but you will  now get him to cheer up the grey January and as the first highlight of the new year.


Rogue One! That's all we want to say at this point because the 15th is for sure marked red in your and our calendars since a long time - 9 days to go!!!

But until then we can already spend time at the movies. »Underworld 5: Blood Wars« is already on the screens since last week's Thursday. Selene has to fight the never ending battle between werewolves and vampires - together with her only ally David. And she has to make the ultimate sacrifice...

If you want to watch a true story, then check out »Sully« that also had its premiere on the 1st of December. Captain Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) lands a airliner on the Hudson River - you probably remember.

On December 8, »Elvis & Nixon« will be released. Mr. Presley meets Mr. President - that is the story behind this comedy with Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon and Michael Shannon as Elvis. At first Nixon is not really into meeting the famous entertainer but later is seems that they have a lot in common.

With »Nocturnal Animals« it gets a bit more dramatic. The movie with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal will come to the movies the same day and it deals with a divorced couple with dark threats and revenge stories...

Brad Pitt will come back on the screens on the 22nd with »Allied« and on the side of Marion Cotillard. The romantic drama is located in the year 1942 and tells the story of a intelligence officer and a résistance fighter during the crazy times of war. Something different, but why not? :-)

And on December 27th Marion Cotillard will already come back, this time together with Michael Fassbender and in »Assassin's Creed«! You all know the story and the trailers just look awesome. So a real tidbit for the end of the year!


After there has already been shown a teaser, Universal now published the first trailer of »The Mummy«.  This time with Tom Cruise and not Brendan Fraser in the leading role. Furthermore the remake will play in modern times and Sofia Boutella will be the eponymous mummy, that really is a "she" that time... how do you like the clip?

02.12.2016 • MAYANS MC!

It's seems to be fact now that there will be a sequel of the drama series »Sons of Anarchy« - with a other biker gang! Some time ago there came up the first rumors and announcements, now the project gets concrete and the production is planned to begin in March 2017. Not SAMCRO but the Mayans MC will be in the central role in the spin-off and also the style will be totally different from the mother series. Told will be a dark, intensive family story... we are excited!


That has been a spot landing today! For December we decided to make the TYLER DURDEN special set our product of the month - and it just made its way to our warehouse right at the moment. Blitzway got us some absolutely convincing figures of one the best movies of Brad Pitt and presents the charismatic and crazy Tyler Durden as an officially licensed 1/6 scale figure - in two different variants: Red Jacket version and Fur Coat version.

A must have for every fan of the movie and our December highlight!

29.11.2016 • 16 DAYS UNTIL ROGUE ONE!

About two weeks more to wait until we can finally watch STAR WARS at the movies again! Tickets are already available for pre-order since yesterday and also a new TV spot came up that teasers the appearance of Grand Moff Tarkin in the film.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, Cushing could be resurrected with the help of special effects for »Rogue One: A Star Wars Story«. Furthermore it's now known that the movie will run exactly 133 minutes...

We are looking forward so much - how about you?


Until tomorrow morning we celebrate our CyberSpaceWeekend - so if you didn't buy on the spur of the moment so far, better check out our special offer section real quick. We also reduced the price of a handful more items.

On that note: happy shopping! :-)


Eternians, heads up! With the new year, Mattel will pass over the production and the distribution of their MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE license to the small designer-team from SUPER7 from San Francisco. The SUPER7 guys have been around in the MOTU franchise since a couple of years and surely were able to please us collectors with some of their products and cooperations with Funko, for example. Now, they are assigned to bring us MOTU fans the expansion of the »MOTU Classics Line« and other new creations around that!

The first figures are planned to be released in spring 2017. And y'all know... WE HAVE THE POWER!

Therefore you can now start placing your pre-orders of the new line-up with us. Don't hesitate to check out our MOTU section in our SUPER7 category...


About week ago, Mick published a review in the Action Figure District where he takes a closer look at Jesse Pinkman from THREEZERO. So Heisenberg aka Walter White gets finally company.

Now the question is what comes up next. Jesse and Walt in hazmat suits are already listed for pre-order at the shop. But it would be time for the next character...  Skyler, Hank, Saul or Mike? Damn, a lawyer in 1/6 scale would be awesome :-)

21.11.2016 • CHINA IN YOUR HAND

Of course every STAR WARS and 1/6 collector is always happy about new announcements from HOT TOYS. What the incumbent makes with its intergalactic license is just superb. But the latest Star Wars Exclusive brings us into doubt:

A classic Stormtrooper in the so called »Porcelain Pattern Version« seems to be the kickoff of a new concept line, that will be inspired by different cultures and civilizations...

So we just ask ourselves here: "Do we need that?!"

What do you think - is such a expansion of the collectors line really necessary or interesting and exciting enough to spend money for it? We are not sure if we should pull out all the stops to get this Exclusive... #discord

18.11.2016 • MARIO STARTS TO RUN!

After Pokémon GO, Nintendo now wants to hook us up with next gaming hype for our mobile phones: Super Mario Run! At least the users of Apple gadgets can download the app starting December 15th - Android guys will have to wait until January.

Around 20 million people are already on the "inform me as soon as available" list and you will have to pay 10 EURO to play the full game... are you on board?

15.11.2016 • NEW TRAILER THE SECOND...

New day -new trailer... anyway one that we do not want to hide from you. Disney yesterday just published the first clip to »Beauty and the Beast« with Emma Watson as "Beauty" and Dan Stevens as "Beast".

Childhood memories get awake and it really looks great. That could be a pretty great fantasy remake!


Latest since San Diego Comic Con it's no secret anymore that in 2017, a hollywood version of the cult manga GHOST IN THE SHELL starring Scarlett Johansson will hit cinemas worldwide. Yesterday, the first trailer went online...

What director Rupert Sanders will bring to the big screens here will probably blow everything away which was seen in the past years - at least visually! The clip has a very unique atmosphere, especially because of the bizarre version of the Depeche Mode classic »Enjoy the Silence« - simly WOW!

Definately worth an instant click! Or better two :-)

11.11.2016 • BAZINGA!

Right now the tenth season of »The Big Bang Theory« is running on the screens - if there will be more is not known yet. But we know is that there will be a prequel series!

But we will not see anybody from the main cast in there. Only Jim Parsons will join the party because the plot is about Sheldons days as a teenager in Texas. Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady and Steve Molaro together with CBS are working on that right now. Some kind of »Malcolm in the Middle« with Sheldon Cooper... could work, what do you think?


Fall = cinema time! And once again there will be one or another flicker that seems to be worth to take a seat at the movies chair - before there will start Rogue One in about four weeks!!! But all in good time... :-)

Who is up for the big screen, Tom Cruise and Robin Scherbatsky tonight will get all that with »Jack Reacher - Never Go Back«. In the second part of the movie Tom Cruise is searching for the truth after thing get really bad after his return to Virginia... a action loaded fun.

Something to laugh about you can see on the 17th with Michael Pena and Alexander Skarsgard as two corrupt cops in »War on Everyone«. As they try to get on the gravy train once again things get really weird and the bullets start to fly - that's gonna be entertaining!

If you like to watch something more serious on that day, check out »American Pastoral« with Ewan McGregor in the leading role. The filmization of Philip Roth's novel is dark, heavy and let us follow a father, who's life gets out of control. The trailer is really atmospheric, take a look.

The worst ecological disaster of the USA, that we surely all still have in mind, will be on the screen on November 24th. »Deepwater Horizon« with Mark Wahlberg tells the story of the fate of those who have been on the oil platform at the time it exploded in 2010. Eleven people lost their lives back then.

And for the Science-Fiction fans there will also come up something on the 24th. In »Arrival« alien spaceships are landing everywhere in the world.  The US government recruits a language expert to find out if the aliens come in piece or if they are a danger... well, it won't be peaceful!


After our weekend of hell we get things done slowly but surely and also the leftovers of the Clown makeup are cleaned out of our beards... :-)

For those who hadn't had the chance to take part, Mick from the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT made a little summary. Also on Facebook you can find some impressions.


Already four days ago, Warner Bros. published the new »Wonder Woman« trailer. Most of you guys have surely already seen it. But for those who also had a hell of a weekend we have it here in our news again ;-)

But also because we are totally into that clip - what do you think?

03.11.2016 • MICK AND GEORGE!

Asmus Toys is meanwhile a big name in the 1/6-world - not even in license-free areals but also for Hollywood Blockbusters. George Hsu probably not but he is the "product development team leader" at the company from Taiwan.

With him our friend Mick from the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT could do an interview which you can read HERE!


Basically it has already been clear that she will be our product of the month once she is out for delivery - now she's in stock since a couple of weeks and climbs on the throne now: Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad by DC Collectibles!

The whole line-up is really worth to take a look at but Harley aka Margot Robbie is just our crazy favorite. The resin statue is a cracker - come and get her :-)

31.10.2016 • 4 DAYS TO GO FOR THE WOH...

The palettes are packed and the costumes will be test-worn on tonight's Halloween Party. So we're almost ready for the upcoming weekend in Oberhausen!

We all can expect a creepy weekend with a lot of well-known stars, such as John Carpenter, Natasha Henstridge, Tommy Flanagan, Adrienne Barbeau, Sean Patrick Flanery and many many more. Our booth can be found - as always - directly at the main entrance. So you can't miss us or get away from us ;-)



Our friends, the FRIGHTGUYS, put up a great promotion where you have the chance to auction a bunch of rare collectibles and goodies until October 31st. The whole revenue of this promotion will be donated to a Wildlife Fond here in Germany. You can auction the items simply through comments on Facebook.

Check by - maybe there's something cool for you along the offer. We also sponsored some bits and pieces, because as you all know, we have a big heart for animals. And yes, we of course also do like werewolfs, scarecrows and all others monsters aswell ;-)


Today finally another superhero will appear on the big screens of this world! Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE is hitting cinemas and surely is highly anticipated by many...

Will Benedict Cumberbatch be able to convince hardcore fans with this flick? An option for your evening schedule is settled at least! Whoever wants to share feedback or critics about the movie with us, feel free to do so ;-)

26.10.2016 • SOON WE'LL GO TO HELL!

Let's stick to the topics "spook" and "Halloween" also in our today's news and have us teaser you our gig for the overnext weekend...
...because the WEEKEND OF HELL is just around the corner and will take place from November 4th to 6th in the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Germany!

For us, the WOH is of course a traditional thing, which can't be missed out ;-) We're already looking forward to see many of you and spend a creepy-funny weekend with all of you guys! You can find an appetizer of our this year's theme on Instagram - and please believe us - we decided for that already a couple of months ago :o)

25.10.2016 • SIDESHOW's SPOOKTACULAR 2016

Halloween ist just around the corner, fall is arriving soon... so days are getting shorter and nights are getting creepier :-) Like every year, SIDESHOW takes this opportunity to celebrate their own »Spooktacular«, a 7-days online creepy parade with loads of gruesome collectibles!

We're very excited to see what will come up this year. Kicking off today is a brandnew character in Premium Format from Clive Barker's Hellraiser franchise, the »Hell Priestess«! You can find the outstanding statue listed for pre-order on our website already. Your Pinhead will surely look forward to this new company...

21.10.2016 • MUTANTS - THEY'RE GONE NOW...

What an epic trailer on LOGAN, the next and probably last Wolverine movie from the X-Men Universe! Thanks to the musical accompany by the legendary Johnny Cash this clip will bring the goosebumps not only to hardcore X-Men fans - a must-see!

19.10.2016 • ALIEN INVASION

This time, we made an outstanding discovery, dead Alien fans... And to assure what we are telling you, we put our Tobi right in front of the pile of the five ALIEN HEAD REPLICAS from Sideshow, that we grabbed from a private collection :-)

Yes, you do see right: we were able to score five pieces of this long-time sold out and ultra rare collecitble! We are talking about purely new and unopened pieces from the year 2005! If you want to pick a certain number of out these available 5, please contact us. Tobi would be your man to talk to (keeper of the Alien Heads)!


Exactly two months before the worldwide theatrical release, Disney sweetens us the waiting-time with the - eventually - final trailer on ROGUE ONE. In case you really haven't seen it yet... here is the link ;-)

All HOT TOYS collectors should pay attention on our pre-order section today, because we will be coming up with the next portion of ROGUE ONE troopers soon. So may the Force be with you!

17.10.2016 • BERLIN COMIC CON

So there was Berlin's premiere with »Comic Con« last weekend. It's out of the question that our amazing capital does need such an event :-) But how did you like the prelude?

We actually had some challenge to basically find it, because they were using two halls in the rear of the convention center. And because there were no posters or directions, this was not really visible... Surley something to critisize.

So who was on site and could get an impression? Maybe even somebody from abroad? What did you think of the Berlin event, compared with Dortmund, Stuttgart or maybe cities like London or Paris? We are looking forward to any feedback, either by mail or in the comments. Let's see what will happen in Dortmund in December - we are looking forward to it!


Sideshow's own creation, the »COURT OF THE DEAD« line, is making many fans worldwide happy.

Besides already shown busts and released or upcoming Premium Format Figures, Sideshow seems to be also trying to reach out to others industries with this franchise. Together with Arcade Distillery they are planning a video game on the »COURT OF THE DEAD« universe. Since about one week they try find support and investors through a Kickstarter campaign. Currently, they've reached about 20% so far and the campaign has 18 days to go...

We are really excited if this goal can be reached and if the very first game from Sideshow can become real. Of course we will keep you posted if we hear any news.

12.10.2016 • NYCC HIGHLIGHTS

Almost three months have passed since Comic Con took place in San Diego. Luckily a couple of manufacturers seem to have used this con-break to prepare and premiere a bunch of novelties, especially in the 1/6 scale section!

As an interesting matter of fact, it wasn't HOT TOYS this time, who splurged with new releases, but actually more their competitors ASMUS and PHICEN / EXECUTIVE REPLICAS. So Asmus demonstrated their teaser on their »The Hateful Eight« license with two early prototypes. Also from Middle-Earth we get great news, like for example the outstanding »Thranduil« or the two missing Hobbits »Frodo and Sam«. Our favorite reveal from Phicen was the Steampunk figure »Victoria Cross«, which surely many of you are already eagerly awaiting ;-)

For more infos and images you can click over to ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT and enjoy the little feature on the NYCC!

11.10.2016 • THE WALKING DEAD - SEASON 7

The NEW YORK COMIC CON is getting more and more important every year. San Diego's rolemodel seems to get a serious competitor! Before putting some collectible highlights in the spot tomorrow, we would like to recommend all THE WALKING DEAD fans this sneak peak clip on season 7, which was exclusively shown at NYCC. It is of course also accessible online now:

October 23 is the date to save! We here in Germany get to see the season premiere on FOX via SKY on October 24th :-)


Now that it's getting cold, grey and dark again, it's the perfect time for hanging out at the movies... and in October there will definitely be some films worth seeing :-)

On the 13th Tom Hanks comes back on the screens with the role of professor Robert Langdon. In »Inferno« he fights his way through Europe with the help of Felicity Jones aka Sienna Brooks to decode the codes and symbols of Dante's "The Divine Comedy". That's the only way to stop the billionaire and scientist  Bertrand Zobrist. After »The Da Vinci Code« and »Angels & Demons« this will be the third Dan Brown filmization... of course, the book was been better ;-)

And if you want to see something totally different next week, you should take a seat and watch »American Honey«. A road movie with Shia LaBeouf and the unknown (?) Sasha Lane, who seems to very exciting after watching the trailer. A trip through the States - full of emotion, parties, crimes and problems. Exciting!

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a math genius and works as an accountant - but his costumers are some of the most dangerous criminal gangs. That also makes the curious authorities and as Wolff takes the job for a robotic company, things get pretty wasted and people die... »The Accountant« - a potential exciting thriller, that comes to the movies on October 20th.

A week later it's time for the next piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: »Doctor Strange«! Surely we all are looking forward very much to see the neurosurgeon who wants to defend the world as the strongest wizard ever. And every month there comes up a comic movie :-)

And on the same day the at the cinema hall next door »31« by Rob Zombie starts to run. We already celebrated the trailer month ago. That will be a nice splattering. It is the night before Halloween when five people get kidnapped and are brought to a place called "Murder World". Arrived at this spot, they have 12 hours to survive - which might be quiet tricky against a group of clown psychopaths... happy Halloween and have fun at the movies :-)


Last weekend the China International Comics Festival Expo - short CICF - took place in Guangzhou. Incumbents such as Hot Toys, Sideshow, Threezero, Phicen or DAM Toys were also one of the party. At least at the booth of DAM and Phicen we could spot some novelties. And it seems that Threezero gets under pressure...

But take a look at it by your own - at the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT :-)


Rick Grimes by McFarlane... yes, we already had that. In February 2015 the 10" Rick has been our product of the month. And now we once again chose Mr. Grimes - this time in a little bit smaller version and out of the new Color Tops line by McFarlane.

Therewith Todd goes back to the roots and brings figures in the classic 7" scale. We really like that the implementation convinced us all along the line. McFarlane and »The Walking Dead«, that works! :-)

Apropos "all along the line": coincident with Rick we also got in Michonne and Travis (Fear TWD) as the very first characters of the »Red Wave«. A range of other figures (gaming, comics) you can find for pre-order at the shop...

29.09.2016 • THE CIRCLE OF LIFE!

Disney bets on live-action adaptations of their animatic classics since a longer time now. 2015 »Cinderella« came to the movies, »The Jungle Book« and »Pete's Dragon« could be seen this year and 2017 »The Beauty and the Beast« will be released.

And now Disney announced the next real-project: »The Lion King«! The production shall be realized fast but a release date hasn't been told so far. The movie is planned to be fully computer animated. So we better call it the next computer live-action adaptation ;-)

28.09.2016 • THE ROGUE ONE LINE-UP!

Moroff, Rebel Command Pao, the Scarif-Stormtrooper command, the Hovertank Driver... step by step the universe of the Star Wars spin-off »Rogue One« gets filled. On Friday, September 30th the merchandise for the movie will finally be unveiled.

We are really excited! Maybe there will be the one or other surprise resp. revelation - anyway we try to list the highlights and everything that looks nice at the shop asap :-)


Obviously the Avengers need support for their fight against Thanos that is about to start on April 26th in »Avengers: Infinity War«. As Benedict Cumberbatch aka Doctor Strange told the magazine "Empire", he is going to join the team among Iron Man, Captain America and co.

The solo movie with the highest wizard we can watch at the cinemas starting the 27.10.2016. And then we will probably already see him in 2017 and »Thor: Ragnarok« again? Well, that's just a rumor - but 2018 is approved :-)

21.09.2016 • NEWS TO SPAWN?

Todd McFarlane recently talked about »Spawn« at Kevin Smiths AMC talk show "Geeking Out" once again. He assured that the project achieves progress and that it won't be a sequel of the 1997 movie. Dark, creepy and R-rated - a real badass script - so McFarlane.

But there now needs to be found a studio that takes care for the project and that has no problem with TMcF directing it... well, we keep on waiting.


Margot Robbie will produce a spin-off for, of and with her Harley Quinn by her own. That has become apparent recently. So it was vaguely perceptible that it will take a bit longer to see part 2 of »Suicide Squad«. And now it seems that we will see some (more) solo movies first.

Besides the members of the squad that are about to get their own films, there are also »Man of Steel 2« and the Batman movie with Ben Affleck in the pipeline. The guys of the DC Universe do not want to give any dates this time to avoid that the scripts have to be finished under deadline pressure  - such as Suicide Squad back then.

So for part 2 we will have to wait for a couple of years. But is are that bad news? Wouldn't the solo movies have been more suggestive ahead of Suicide Squad? What do you think? :-)


Over the weekend THREEZERO has announced that they got the license for the TV series »Hannibal«. Good news! Who or better which figures will come up is not know yet... will it be Hannibal himself? Or Will Graham or Jack Crawford? We're excited :-)

15.09.2016 • HIS NAME IS BOND...

BIG Chief Studios Ltd announced yesterday that it is to produce a range of high-end collectables based on the classic James Bond film series.

Working in collaboration with EON Productions, producers of the James Bond films, the first wave of figures will feature characters from the 1964 classic Goldfinger including: agent 007 James Bond (Sean Connery) in his iconic grey three-piece suit; treacherous villain Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) and formidable henchman Oddjob (Harold Sakata).

Of course we are on it to list them asap on our website!

14.09.2016 • S.P.A.C.E TURNS 18!

As many of you know, September 14th is the annual anniversary of S.P.A.C.E :-)
Of course this has to be celebrated loud, with a huge ANNIVERSARY SALE and an along-going special for a matter of heart: for each sold figure from our special offers of this promotion we will add 10,- EUR to a pot, which will be benefitting Steffen Stockinger. Steffen WHO?
Oh, you should definately watch our video-message to learn more about this special:

Click here for the Special Sale:

And this is Steffen's Facebook-Blog (German language):

THANKS A MILLION to all our customers, who will now suffer from shopping spree and automatically participate in our this year's special :-)


Last weekend the - high awaited - SINGAPORE TOY GAME AND COMIC CONVENTION took part in Asia. In recent years this event always had a lot to offer, especially at the 1:6 section. Besides the brand leader Hot Toys there also have been a lot of smaller competitors at the show. What happened this year tells you Mick at the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT. Take a look over it - unfortunately the Con has been a bit skinnier this year...

09.09.2016 • IT GOES ON!

Guys, this is not a bad joke now... THREEZERO really goes ahead and just teasered the next character in 1/6 scale from their Walking Dead license: MERLE DIXON!

Three years after the first pictures came up at SDCC 2013 time has come now and Merle will be available for pre-order soon! Well, Rome also wasn't built in a day :-)

08.09.2016 • WELCOME, GANDALF!

Thursday 18:30, basically quitting time. But not, if a high visit from Middle-Earth announces itself. None other than GANDALF just made his way to our headquarter right now.

A figure, that shows that Asmus Toys definitley knows what they do! Already two weeks ago we showed you a turntable video from Mick. Now also his review is online at the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT. Take a look - at the review and Gandalf! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!


Suicide Squad is just behind us... for many the highlight of the year. Meanwhile mostly everybody has seen it and the critics are quiet negative... well, let's move on take a look at the September :-)

And there we take a look back first. Because on the September 1st it started the remake of »Ben Hur« at the movies! Romans, rebels, gladiators and a lot of action and fighting. So the question is: is it a good one or just another fighting spectacle? It sounds like "let's wait for the Blu-Ray..." ;-)

It won't get more demanding on the 15th but with »The Purge: Election Year« there will be another sequel of the horror cult movie (well, is okay to call The Purge cult?). This time there will come lot of tourists to the States to take part at the happening. A senator wants to stop the spectacle and get trouble with the elites... lean back, grab popcorn und everything will be good :-)

But then it gets more pretentious! «Snowden« will be released on September 22nd and tells the story of the whistleblower. What actuates somebody to risk everything to publish secret NSA documents? Who is the human behind the myth? This question wants Oliver Stone to answer with this move and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden. Exciting!

Also the »Magnificent Seven« come rushing into the movies on the 22nd. To safe their city from the control of the big industrialist Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard), the residents engage seven outlaws... the search for them begins and so does the fight! Leaded by Denzel Washington this western promises to be a magnificent cinema-fun!

So enjoy your Cinema-September! :-)

02.09.2016 • WHAT'S GOING ON WITH DC?

We already know - more or less - what will be going on at DC Comics down the road. But now a alleged insider gave out a shout and leaked information and spoilers for the future movies. Well, we don't know if this guy is actually speaking true words... but there are some very interesting points!

On IGN all those leaks are summarized, so take a look at what is about to run at the DC Extended Universe - but be aware: spoiler!? :-)


The name of the new collectors series is really promising: "The Horror Lab Series"! They broke the first ground with LARVA, a in liquid potted Chestbuster. Such a cool thing and definitley something different.

So we made the potted little mini alien to our PRODUCT OF THE MONTH in September. We got in the labor equipment last week and so we could already take a look - and create our own mixture to embed Larva. A big fun and a cool collectible!


In the next Batman solo-movie with Ben Affleck, the Dark Knight will face and fight Deathstroke! That's what Affleck confirmed with a little clip on his Twitter timeline -also the magazine "The Warp" approved it. Who will take the role of Slade Wilson is not known yet, as well as the release date of the movie.

Anyway, the project takes concrete shape und we will surely get more information such as cast, story, etc. within the next month - we're excited!

25.08.2016 • SAMARA COMES BACK!

It has been repeatedly postponed, but now Samara is about to come back to the movies on November 3rd with »Rings«. Really, this time, because there's finally the first trailer.

Once again people see the video that changes their lives - so the story is obvious, but this time with a terrible detection: a movie inside the movie, that nobody has seen before... and so we are all looking forward to see the sequel of that horror classics, the trailer looks pretty nice :-)


About 10 years ago, »The Departed« rocked the box offices worldwide. The masterpiece from Martin Scorsese is just legendary. Based on the thriller »Infernal Affairs«, that has been placed in Hong Kong, the movie was located in Boston.

And now it moves to Chicago - with a TV series adaption from Amazon! As the magazine "Deadline" just reported, Amazon works together with the production companies behind the movie on a TV format. It shall be written by Jason Richman. A undercover Chicago police officer is about to infiltrate a Latin gang... that's all we know so far.

But as a Departed-fan, those are really great news :-)

22.08.2016 • GANDALF THE GREY

In September we will get in the 1/6 Scale Gandalf by Asmus Toys. Mick from the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT already got a piece directly from Asmus to make a review about it. He also made a turntable video that you can already watch on YouTube. We will present you the whole review as soon as it is online :-)


Many of you asked us during the last months about IRON STUDIOS and their Star Wars license or better about their states. Unfortunately the studios from Brazil are not allowed to sell the Star Wars statues in Europe yet.

Nonetheless we wanted to take a look on the work they do and so we just imported none other than the Emperor himself to make a little unboxing clip - take a look!

16.08.2016 • THE HOUND!

About a month ago, THREEZERO announced the Hound aka Sandor Clengane to be the next figure of their »Game of Thrones« license. We hoped to see him at SDCC or ACGHK - unfortunately in vain.

But now THREEZERO published the first pictures of the 1/6 scale figure on their Facebook page. That looks pretty awesome, but just take a look. We will of course list him for pre-order at the shop asap!

15.08.2016 • MOTU AT THE MOVIES!

IGN had the chance to talk to the director Joseph McGinty aka McG about his remake of »Masters of the Universe«. Thereby McG revealed the one or other detail for the first time.

He wants the movie to be guided by the Marvel universe and says: "MOTU needs to be credible, emotional and action-packed  - a real hero story". A concrete example is »Guardians of the Galaxy«, so McG. But also »Game of Thrones« serves as a model.  He also talked about the production process. Kellan Lutz (Twilight) should take the main role, even though the casting hasn't even took part yet. Skeletor is supposed to get realized by make-up and not computer effects.

Unfortunately he didn't talk much about the content, but: it will not just take place at Eternia, so McG...

...anyway, we are looking forward very much - hopefully there will be a release date soon.


Yesterday it was the theatrical release of »TMNT: Out of the Shadows« in Germany. No matter if you like the new movies, the Turtles remember most of us of our childhood or youth. Cult factor, for sure!

But what exactly was going on with those turtles? For those who can't remember or didn't even know, NERDKULTUR uploaded a new clip about the crazy story of the Ninja Turtles - apposite to the movie release!

10.08.2016 • THE FINAL CHAPTER

According to the motto "there's no place like home" it goes back to Raccoon City in the last Resident Evil movie. We now know with the first trailer to »Resident Evil: The Final Chapter« what Milla Jovovich aka Alice has to face...

... anyhow the encounter with some old friends and unexpected allies.

08.08.2016 • STAR WARS AS A TV-SERIES?

Will we prospectively get a Star Wars TV series (live-action adaption, no cartoon) to bridgeover the latency time for the new movies? If it was just up to the US TV station ABC, then yes! Because as is just came out, ABC is in negotiation with Lucasfilm. There are no more information so far - the talks are strictly secret, of course.

Anyway, that sounds exciting, what do you think? Or is a live-action adaption series somehow too much of the Star Wars hype?

PS: earmark Thursday, because there will allegedly come out a new ROGUE ONE trailer...

05.08.2016 • THE FRIDAY-FLASH

Isn't it great when you get flashed on early Friday morning while taking the first bite of your bagle? That's what happened today - thanks to SIDESHOW!

Since months, we are observing the multi-media progress at Sideshow Collectibles, especially when it comes to their teaser-videos on their new announcements. But the latest video for Stanley "Artgerm" Lau's PEPPER PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE just capped the climax, as we think. The presentation of this statue reminds of a trailer for a Sci-Fi movie and it's really an appetizer - simply outstanding! What do you think?

By the way, we expect the PEPPER PF to be going up for pre-order on our website within the next week :-)


Standing up, getting awake and then, for now, Facebook-Check - that's probably how it goes every morning for the most of us... anyhow for Mick! During his check-up he came across a gentleman named Alan Wolfson or rather his works: hand painted and complex urban miniature worlds. He really seems to be stickler for details, well done!

Take a look at the pictures at the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT!


August? Cinema? SUICIDE SQUAD!!! Well, we don't need to talk about that... the 18th is surely already marked red in your calendar. But there are even more promising movies coming up - or some that have already been slated before the release date. Keyword »Ghostbusters«!

What's gonna be exciting is the return of »Jason Bourne« on August 11th. Matt Damon aka the agent with the amnesia is gone underground. But his former allied Nicky (Julia Stiles) gets in trouble with the CIA as some files get lost. Files that are that important that the agency says "... could get worse than Snowden"! So Tommy Lee Jones starts hunting for Nicky and Bourne goes to the rescue and learns that there's a new agent-program which is even more dangerous than the one he went through... a lot of things come to light!

Also on the 11th the Turtles come back to the movies with »TMNT: Out of the Shadows«! And that's gonna be quiet stressful for them because they don't just have to fight their nemesis Shredder but also his mutants Bebop and Rocksteady and the Alien Krang... hard time - popcorn movie! But why not? Turtles together with Megan Fox is always worth seeing :-)

Way more pretentious it gets on August the 18th (Yeeees, Suicide Squad, we know... you can watch that movie a few days later) with »Captain Fantastic«! Ben (Viggo Mortensen) lives with his wife and children somewhere in the wilderness. Totally marooned the family takes care for itself, teaches the children and lead a easy and happy life far from civilization... until the mother/wife dies and Ben and the kids have to set up for a road trip through the United States. Colliding lifestyles, a lot of excitements and adventures - this movie could really be a big highlight, at least because Mortensen ist just awesome in the trailer!

A live-action adaption of Disney animatic classics seems to be very indicated this year. After the Jungle Book and Tarzan now a 10 year old mysterious boy appears and alleges that he lives in the woods with a huge green dragon... that's how the story of »Pete's Dragon« begins, that will be theatrical released on the 25th. The family suitable fantasy-adventure - starring Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard - is for sure worth seeing. The trailer is awesome and no matter if you are 6 or 60 - everybody with fantasy will be doing right by entering the theatres.

Silly season at the movies? Definitley not! A lot of compulsive viewings are ahead of us. Enjoy!  

02.08.2016 • WHERE ARE THEY?

As we already threatened, we wanted to come back with all the highlights of ACGHK - so here we are again, but unfortunately without any climaxes from Hong Kong...

The hottest stuff you could already see on Friday with Hot Toys and Dr. Strange. Otherwise there's not much to talk about. Either Threezero or Star Ace nor Blitzway or Phicen have been there - even though the Ani-Con is said to be one of the most important pop culture events in Asia... well, maybe we see something at STGCC in Singapore. Hope is the last to die :-)

A hand of pictures you can find at the Action Figure District.


This time we decided on a total classics as our new PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: the MUPPETS! Namely the first series of select action figures by Diamond. The complete set of 3 contains Fozzie with Scooter, Gonzo with Camilla and Kermit with Robin and Bean Bunny!

Totally great and well implemented figures to a topic that was for decades and is still popular and liked by generations! So obviously: product of the month! :-)

What makes the whole thing even better is the fact that Diamond already listed series 2 and 3. So you get the chance here to collect a extensive but affordable figure line. Within the next weeks we will take a close look at series 1. What we already can say is: APPLAUS, APPLAUS, APPLAUS, Diamond Select Toys!

29.07.2016 • ACGHK FOLLOWS SDCC!

Yesterday (local time) started the most important branch-event for the Asian market - the ACGHK in Hong Kong! We already spotted with Dr. Strange the first new announcement by Hot Toys. Also the other important 1/6-scale companies such as wie Star Ace, Blitzway, Phicen, Play Toy, Dragon, Soldier Story and Dam Toys will be on the spot and hopefully show us some new stuff. You'll find copious features regarding that at the Action Figure District by next week.

We are pretty excited!

27.07.2016 • TARZAN IS COMING!

These days and especially after SDCC, we all just have SUICIDE SQUAD on mind... but we have to be patient. But to see Harley Quinn aka Margot Robbie at the cinema we do not have to wait anymore. Today at some places - but definitley tomorrow - David Yates' »Legend of Tarzan« will be released at the movies! So let's go to the jungle first, with luminaries such as Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson and flush with Margot Robbie as Jane, before the Squad comes by!

Enjoy! :-)


Even though there hasn't been a Star Wars panel at  the Comic Con, Disney announced in San Diego that Alden Ehrenreich will officially act the young Han Solo!

Furthermore they informed that Ehrenreich won't just take the role for the single Han Solo movie - that is going to be released in 2018 and takes place between Episode III and IV - but for at least three films! Now some speculate that there will be a Han trilogy after the present one, ending with Episode IX in 2019... or is there something totally different lying ahead of us? Basically a smuggler doesn't need to be linked to the classic Star Wars Universe. Moreover there will probably be a single Boba-Fett flicker which what also be imaginable for Han Solo. Or will we already see him in Rogue One?

Question upon questions and a lot of speculating... anyway, Disney plans long-dated with Alden aka Han, whatever it will be. But basically that doesn't matter at all - we are looking forward to everything that comes anyway. If it's gonna be a trilogy, a stand-alone or whatever!

May the Force be with us :-)

25.07.2016 • BYE BYE COMIC CON!

What a weekend! The San Diego Comic Con is just behind us. We had some exhausting but even more exciting days here at the headquarter. So what so say about the event of the year in California?

Well, quiet a lot! First of all it was a fantastic Con for all those 1/6 enthusiasts among you and us. Especially for this scale there have been many novelties! From the Winchester brothers from »Supernatural« and more »Star Trek« characters at the booth of QUANTUM MECHANIX through to figures of the licenses of »Conan«, »Jurassic Park« and »Vikings« at the guys from CHRONICLE COLLECTIBLES and the Ghostbusters at BLITZWAY. Furthermore HOT TOYS flashed us with the line-up to zu »Suicide Squad«. Also SIDESHOW had with Lobo (DC Comics) and Jack Burton from »Big Trouble in Little China« some surprises with them. And then there have also been the figures that we already listed for pre-order, but that we could see "live" for the first time. That makes a big anticipation for the release dates!

But also in cause statues and other collectibles we could discover nice stuff! WETA for example showed us a statue of Lurtz and Boromir and the dioramas in the new introduced 1:30 scale. DC COLLECTIBLES presented their »Suicide Squad« statues for the first time, that just look awesome. Two breathtaking Freddy Kruegers could be seen at ECC and Sideshow and Yamato had with a Joker variant statue a nice piece at their booth. Well, we could write endless here... just go on our Facebook page to see all (or at least most) of the highlights.

There you can also find the hottest new trailers from different production studios - or the links to get them :-)

That takes us inevitably  to the disappointments... where has been Disney resp. Lucasfilm with STAR WARS??? Well, definitely not there, so we didn't get any news for the upcoming movies. Also for some collectible brands have been searching vainly such as THREEZERO and McFARLANE. So now pictures of the 1/6 Hound and Michonne...

Nonetheless it has been a great SDCC2016! Some more detailed reports you can find at the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT.

20.07.2016 • LET'S GET STARTED!

It's served: Mick from the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT just arrived here at the headquarter and of course first enjoyed a cold beer. Cheers, hello Mick and let's get started Comic Con!

Once we step in the office tomorrow morning, the Preview Night in San Diego will already be over and we will hopefully get served the first yummy cream puff for breakfast. Of course we will update you all the time via our Facebook page. Just keep an eye on the album SDCC 2016 BREAKING NEWS, where you will find everything we discover within the next few days. As always the evidence: you do not need a FB account to see what's going on. So everybody is very welcome to share own detections and thoughts - and come by for a cool drink... but just if you get us grill stuff ;-)

And besides that you will have the chance to win the one or other collectible during this weekend with the nerdy overdose. We'll talk more about that by tomorrow.

Have fun and a nice SAN DIEGO COMIC CON TIME :-)


Kotobukiya banks with their Exclusives on DC and Marvel again. Thereby they undress Batman's and Superman's suit and present them totally private as Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in the ARTFX+ line. The two guys will be accompanied by a exclusive version of the Lady Deadpool, who seems to be pretty hungry after her run through the Convention Centre in San Diego :-)

That really whets our appetite for the SDCC - partly because Kotobukiya increases the excitement by coming up with the first sneak peeks. Keyword Squirrel Girl, Nightwing and (what makes especially Tobi and Björn happy) Clash of Clans... 1/10 Scale CoC Magier ARTFX+ Statue... YEAH :-D

18.07.2016 • MATTEL AND THE CON

We surely had more exciting years regarding MATTEL and their SDCC Exclusives - but the one or other highlight is nonetheless on the line-up. For example the Thundercats 2-pack including Wily Kat and Wily Kit. A Monster High figure is also in on it, as the years before. And last but not least the She-Ra Doll and Wonder Woman Barbie are counted to our SDCC favorites. The rest is probably not that interesting for us and you...

Tonight we already start hunting for the Exclusives. This year it's the first time that Mattel offers those before the SDCC starts online. Of course we stay in the office to grab them :-)

If you have a serious interest, please be aware that the quantities will be very rare! So better make short work...

15.07.2016 • THREEZERO GOES ON!

We already got or will get Tyrion Lannister, Ned Stark, Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister! Now THREEZERO just announced the next character of their »Game of Thrones« license:  Sandor Clegane aka "The Hound" - hot! We are in careful spirits so the see the first prototype at the San Diego Comic Con!

An that we will list him asap at the shop goes without saying ;-)

14.07.2016 • NECA AND THE CON

NECA serves the fans of Marvel, Aliens, Predator and the Turtles with exclusives this year. So if you like one of those topics better pay attention :-)

To TMNT there will be two 4-Pack - on the one hand the turtles in the video game look and on the other a "Shredder and the Foot Clan Pack". If you like Aliens/Predator you can look forward to Newt and a Cloaked Scar Predator. Last but not least for the Marvel geeks:  X-Force Deadpool and Spider-Gwen Headknocker... not bad, right?

And the good thing for you: we already listed those six exclusives for pre-order, directly from San Diego. If already ordered with via our contact sheet you don't need to place an order - we noted you ;-)

13.07.2016 • STAR ACE AT CCG EXPO

The San Diego Comic Con is fast approaching and we all are focused on this event - but elsewhere on the world take part some interesting events, too. In Shanghai the CCG Expo ended two days ago.

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, there should have been showed the first prototypes of STAR ACE's 300 license figures -they kept their words :-)

But this hasn't been the only highlight at the Star Ace booth. On the contrary: the figure forge from far east really opened the throttle and showed some more disclosures. Mick summarized all the lovely stuff at the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT!


Also the 1/6 incumbent HOT TOYS has now made up their line-up for the SDCC (and the Asian summer conventions). On board will  of course be a colorful IRON MAN - this time it's the „Disco“ variant.  Also on it are a JUMPTROOPER for the Star Wars fans and the KNIGHTMARE BATMAN from »Dawn of Justice«.

The Fourth and definitely the highlight is undoubtedly  THE JOKER aka Jared Leto from and of the »Suicide Squad«! We expect him to be just the herald of the whole squad that we can hopefully see by next at the SDCC!

Unfortunately it's always rather a fight to get one of those exclusives. So we can't promise you anything at the moment but we will give our very best to get the one or other!


We were waiting very long - secretly and quietly... but now the wait is over:
SUPACRAFT, a new High-End Collectibles brand, officially announced his first masterpiece: a life-size bust of Bryan Cranston aka Walter White from BREAKING BAD!

Back in February, we already had the luck to admire this awesome piece live at Nuernberg Toy Fair. We just couldn't stop staring. The bust surely was THE highlight of the whole fair for us and we kept on believing that Bryan Cranston himself would be standing next to us.
Of course we weren't allowed to report or show any images, because it was an early prototype for the show. But now the item has been revealed and you can find this stunning Walter White bust listed on our website for pre-order :-)


It seems that somebody at Gentle Giant invented a new motto: from Jumbo to Proto, so called Prumbo - maybe, or something like that...
Without a doubt, the 12" versions (the so called "Jumbo" figures) of the old STAR WARS Vintage Kenner figures were a nice thing and many vintage lovers totally celebrated this line. But we are now getting to see unpainted prototype issues of these figures - either from STAR WARS or from the DC Universe. Of course this can greatly be released as Comic Con Exclusives and so hardcore fans may look forward to 12" First Shot BATMAN and SUPERMAN figures. If you like it colorful, then you have the choice between to hair variants of the »Farm Boy« LUKE SKYWALKER by the way. The world is not enough ;-)

We are seriously wondering: Do we really need this? Does the love for vintage really go that far and collectors are willing to pay probably a lot of money for such variants?? We're excited to read your comments about this topic and these kind of Gentle Giant exclusives. A Chewie as a McQuarrie concept bust actually seems rather "normal" in this line-up - what do you think?


Accompanying to San Diego Comic Con, since a couple of years SIDESHOW is running their internal »Online Comic-Con« which usually starts many days ahead of SDCC. Many novelties are getting introduced or at least teasered and of course they also report live from San Diego.

Kick-off was four days ago... and the first mega sensation has already been revealed: BLACK CANARY as Premium Format Figure out of the DC COMICS line. If you have always been looking for a convincing argument to start a Sideshow PF collection, then here is your answer ;-)

01.07.2016 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH JULY 2016

She is the highly gifted sniper of the FOXHOUND squad - trained and admitted by Venom Snake. He helped her out of her life of misery ... until she starts to wreak revenge on the world...

There's talk of SNIPER WOLF from Metal Gear solid, of course, and Kotobukiya devoted this great Bishoujo statue to her  - and we made her our PRODUCT OF THE MONTH in July. We've always been fans of this line of the Japanese guys and now Wolf is another highlight, that deserves to get into our spotlight within the next weeks!

30.06.2016 • NOT SO POISON, BUT A LOT IVY...

As June comes to an end, we took our current product of the month, the POISON IVY statue by YAMATO, out in the botany, to take some nice pictures and shoot a little unboxing-video. Just take a look ;-)


For the next one and a half weeks we do not have to think about what to do at the evenings - we will be served with soccer.  But then - and after Germany won the championship on July 10th - we will have time for going to the cinema again. Some movies definitely seem to be watchable!

July the 7th will be the release day of the novel adaption »Our Kind of Traitor« - a exciting thriller starring Ewan McGregor, Stellan Skarsgard and Damian Lewis. A English couple on a vacation trip in Marrakech gets in touch with a alleged Russian business man, who is actually a money launderer for the mafia, looking for asylum. A grueling chase through Europe begins... gonna be exciting!

If »Independence Day: Resurgence« gets that excited is surely doubtful. But for some Emmerich-Action-Entertainment with Sprite and Popcorn it's gonna be good, probably. Release will be on July 14th. The story is obvious: aliens are about to kill all of us! Let's hope that the implementation is not to low and that Liam Hemsworth and Jessie Usher will save our asses. What we can be sure about, is that it's gonna be visually stunning.

Another Si-Fi classic can be watched on the 21st - »Star Trek Beyond«! Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) makes the Enterprise ready for a long-term journey through the cosmos. When they get attacked by the alien Krall, they have to do a emergency landing on a random planet and face a big fight...

And last but not least our highlight of July on the 28th - »Legend of Tarzan«! The adventure movie brings the big guns in such as Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan and Margot Robbie as Jane and legends as Samuel L. Jakson, Christoph Waltz und Jim Broadbent.  Great cast among the story of Tarzan getting into a intrigue of hate and greed...

Gonna be good!

Well, but back to the European Championship... :-)!


23 days left until we set up our shop here at the office. This is when the COMIC CON in San Diego is about to strike up! Our planning is starting to run and we already primed our Californian exclusives hunters ;-)

For you guys, we made up a special contact sheet again to coordinate your wishes for Con exclusives. As always with those limited items: we can't promise anything but we give our very best! Before the convention begins, we'll serve you the highlights of the particular manufacturers in our daily news... so let the games begin :-)


The Korean manufacturer BLITZWAY has already been around for a couple of years in the collectibles market and lately gained honor and glory with the stunning MARILYN MONROE statue. Although the studio does not release that many figures, their quality though is definately settled in high class!

We just discovered the latest postings on the Blitzway Facebook page with three teaser images on their just signed GHOSTBUSTERS license. Besides figures in 1/6 scale they will even bring a proper Ecto-1! Well, if that ain't awesome news?! We can expect to see first pictures of these collectibles in July... very cool :-)

23.06.2016 • 300!

Star Ace is meanwhile well known for great 1/6 scale figures - especially to their Harry Potter license and now latest with Selene and Viktor to »Underworld Evolution«.

Now they start with the first figures of their 300-license. King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo have just been announced two days ago and we are looking forward to see the first "live-pics" of the figures - likely in 2 weeks at the CCG Expo in Shanghai. Let's hope to get them listed for pre-order soon :-)


The set for the new Justice League movie can be found in London these days - and from England we get some first concrete information to the movie that will come to the cinemas on November 16th 2017.

As they disclosed it won't be a two-parter (as announced in the first place) but a standalone movie - part 2 will hinge on the success of the first. But what is already for sure - besides the logo - is the plot of the flicker:

“Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat.  But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.”

That's the official statement of Warner so far... not that much but they get it going :-)

21.06.2016 • WESTWORLD

Masterpieces such as the Sopranos, Band of Brothers, Rome, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective and not least Game of Thrones have proofed, that HBO is rightly called one of the best producers of TV series! Now there's probably gonna be the next highlight: »Westworld«! As it seems HBO didn't spare any expenses once again. Not only that you can find the name Jonathan Nolan under "Directed by" and "Written by" but also the actors taking part whet our appetite for this series. And - of course - the Story of the mysterious theme park (based on the 1973s movie)...

The teaser trailer that has been released yesterday makes the anticipation even bigger! But now enough words, just take a look :-)

17.06.2016 • THIRTYONE!

It is the night before Halloween when five people get kidnapped and are brought to a place called "Murder World". Arrived at this spot, they have 12 hours to survive - which might be quiet tricky against a group of clown psychopaths...

The trailer to Rob Zombies »31« has just been published a few days ago and promises the flicker to be a interesting, frightening and awesome splatter horror movie - in a badass implementation. Unfortunately there are no dates for European cinema releases known yet...

16.06.2016 • SHI*** EXCHANGE RATE

Today it's time so say "THANK YOU"! The hefty swoop of the Euro versus the US-Dollar early last year really became a huge challenge for us. As many of you know, we had not other choice than adjust many pre-order prices at least by some percent. That was very unpleasant and annoying... but we most likely passed it by now. With today's video message we want to give out a big THANKS to all customers who have been affected by such a price adjustment and who supported us with their kind understanding!

Towards the end of the video you can find a THANK-YOU-RAFFLE ;-)


You know how the game is played: every Monday we present you our two new »offers of the week«. But next week things will be a little bit different...

And that's because on the upcoming Monday there won't be just two offers but eleven, and all from the guys from Hot Toys! More details you'll get on Monday the 20th - just a little teaser so far... stay tuned :-)

13.06.2016 • HELLO, MR. PRESIDENT!

As we all know, it doesn't always need to be Hot Toys if you want to acquire a great figure on a scale of 1:6. From time to time a piece of a small and mousey manufacturer enters the stage and is worth to come into the limelight.

That is what our friend Mick of the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT did in his review with the latest figure by POP TOYS - the "President of the White House"!  Every fan of HOUSE OF CARDS knows right away that it is Kevin Spacey aka Francis J. Underwood! How good this sixth scale implementing is, you can see and read at the District.


Star Wars Identities? No, that's not a new Star Wars story which we can watch at the movies in the distant future... but a great touring exhibition that takes place in Munich right now and until October. What to expect there tells you Marco from NERDKULTUR - in German, but take a look anyway, you will feel the force :-)

So if you plan a trip to Germany within the next months, make sure to stop by the Bavarian capital. Otherwise hopefully the exhibition will rest near you the next time.


A short while ago the US networks defined their line-up for the TV series season 2016/2017 and released broad range of teasers and trailers - well, quiet a lot! The guys of serieslyAWESOME have  summarized all the novelties and made a great overview.

Among those new series you can find something really new... SON OF ZORN! We just loved the trailer and are looking forward so much so watch the first episodes - it's gonna be wicked :-)

But convince yourself!

06.06.2016 • SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2016

Just about one and a half months to go until the COMIC CON opens its doors at the Convention Center in San Diego! It starts on Wednesday the 20th of July with the Preview Night and takes until Sunday.

But the Con is already getting topic because of the first Exclusives announcements. Of course we will provide you the opportunity again to get some of those. The procedure will vaguely be the same as the years before. We'll get you more details within the next weeks and are already looking forward to the highlight of the collector-summer ;-)


May really has been a great month regarding some long awaited movie releases. As we often called it the Cinema-May... now it's getting a little bit more quiet but there also be some (potential) good flickers in June!

Today is the release of »Truth«, a exciting drama starring Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford. Told will be the story of two investigative reporters and their reports that caused a big controversy in 2004 about the military service of George W. Bush and how they risked their careers.

If you prefer to laugh today, you be well served with »The Nice Guys«! The private detective March (Ryan Gosling) and the roughneck Healy (Russell Crowe) who can't stand each other need to work together to get a big job done! The paper chase through the Los Angeles of the 1970s begins...

Jake Gyllenhaal embodies in »Demolition« a Wall Street banker who falls into a state of shock after his wife dies. Now he has the goal to send written complaints to a company for vending machines... many of them! Naomi Watts gets those letters and so they get a special connection... another promising drama, that will be released on June the 16th.

But also the horror fans among you will get served some new stuff the next weeks. There will be two continuations of popular spine-chillers - »The Conjuring 2« also on June 16th and »The Purge: Election Year« on the 30th!

Have fun at the movies! :-)

01.06.2016 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH JUNE 2016

Born as Pamela Lillian Isley she grew up as a spoiled and lonely only child of wealthy parents. Pretty early she contracted a big passion for botanic out of her loneliness. But also a unstable mind loomed ahead during this time.

After finishing school she attended to her botanic studies without getting a final degree... because out of love for her lecturer Dr. Woodrue she served as a guinea pig for a experiment which made of her what she is now: POISON IVY! After Ivy heard about Batman she set off for Gotham to get his attention by committing crimes...

And now the icon of the DC universe gets our attention in form of the FANTASY FIGURE GALLERY STATUE by YAMATO and made it to our product of the month in June! So will take a closer look at the poisonous beauty during the next weeks and we are looking forward to that pretty much :-)

31.05.2016 • LET’S WAIT AND SEE...

Melissa McCarthy, the probably most famous among the four new Ghostbusters ladies, defended herself now in an interview with »The Guardian« against the many negative comments on the movie, which so far almost nobody knows... Especially such hater-lines like »You are ruining my childhood!« are totally overdrawn, as she thinks. Her fellow actor Dan Aykroyd is backing her up, by the way, and gives compliments to the director and cast, after his first test screening.

We also think that everybody should give this movie a chance and wait until it hits cinemas. By then we can do a final judgement - trailer or not. We will know more in about two months :-)


Following our latest "work in progress" we finalized our session with the noble Lord Elrond this week. Check out our photos and the little video on this outstanding 1:6 scale statue by WETA Workshop.... AND don't wait too long to get yours, because the limited edition of 1500 pieces is still there, but probably won't be back again.


A fierce and unmerciful war is in the offing and we all can be close to action at the movies tomorrow - fortunately with popcorn not with axes and swords! With »Warcraft: The Beginning« we have another highlight getting released in Cinema-May. So we really have been well provided with good stuff for our Thursday evenings for the last weeks...

And besides that there is another holiday tomorrow, well for some of us ;-)


A chosen few had the luck and honor to see »Suicide Squad« months before the theatrical release over the weekend - and those were just enthusiastic! On Twitter they described it as "amazing", "carzy good" and "breathtaking"... damn, we are looking forward so fu***ing much to see that flicker!!! :-)

Oh well, dear Warner Bros. team, we volunteer for another test screening!


Meanwhile the mutants are mostly accepted in society... but then Apocalypse awakes of his millennia-long sleep to subject the humans and mutants! The immortal and apparently invincible Apocalypse gets powerful mutants such as Magneto, Psylocke, Storm and Angel under his control. Just Raven and Prof. X are about to fight against him and lead a team into the battle against this powerful enemy...

This story you can watch at the movies starting today! Here you get the trailer to »X-Men: Apocalypse« once again to keep up the anticipation :-)

18.05.2016 • ANSWER THE CALL

Ghostbusters fans, watch out for the just launched new trailer online!

We think that this one comes a lot better 'round the corner than the first one. Let's just calm down, relax and look forward to July... And always remember this one thing: Don’t piss off the ghost!  ;-)

17.05.2016 • A NEW 1/6 STAR IS BORN

Well, STAR ACE TOYS LIMITED is not so new anymore, since they have been on the market for more than two years now and managed to proove themselves - with their HARRY POTTER license - truly being a serious competitor for HOT TOYS and others. So we're really glad for the Asian manufacturer to be able to expand their range by more license themes.

Last fall at New York Comic Con we gladly got to see first prototypes of Selene (Underworld) and Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games). Also some "work in progress" images of Leonidas (300) have appeared during the last weeks. We finally can at least offer the - really well done - 1/6 Mini Me of Kate Beckinsale aka SELENE for pre-order and enjoy the official images of this great figure! You should really check out the Action Figure District for Mick's articles on STAR ACE to be able to get an impression of the quality and the line up of this brand. We think that it is really exciting!

12.05.2016 • DANCETROOPERS!

At the show "Britain's Got Talent" there has been a invasion of imperial troops... a dance invasion! Break dance in a different way - the Star Wars way so to say. Worth seeing it how we think. The jury liked it. Maybe you like it too - HERE you get to the YouTube video:


Dear fans of »The Walking Dead«, we have something for your collection! On the one Hand we will get in - if the hauler plays along - the set of 6 of the TV Series 9 (which was formerly a set of 7 - but Abraham seems to be impeded) by McFarlane!

On the other hand we just listed some great pre-orders, now with an Abe figure, for sure ;-)! The new 7" Color Tops line just got extended by Mister Ford and Mister Dixon. Also Madison of »Fear the Walking Dead« joins the party! And because Daryl seems to be the favorite of most of you guys, you get him twice - namely also as a 5" box set with bike.

So just Glenn as a 10" Deluxe figure is still missing...

10.05.2016 • THE FEVER IS BACK!

Actually we are afraid of scrolling down the Facebook timeline these days... since we are always afraid of getting spoilered in the matter of GAME OF THRONES! We could avoid it so far and hope that it stays like this :-)

And if the fever gets to high so that you need to do something between the new episodes of season 6 come out, we have something to tinker for you - the Construction Sets by McFarlane! How that works you can see at the YouTube clip of our costumer Tim. Spoiler-free, guaranteed!

04.05.2016 • MAY THE 4TH!

On today's Star Wars Day the force is strong with all the deal hunters out there - we blast out special deals hour by hour for all the Star Wars fans! So be fast and increase your collection...

All the info you find HERE!


Once again there is a steamer from Asia on its way to us! With a lot of stuff on board, that make your 1/6 hearts leap for a joy. Among others with highlights such as the Death Dealer by Phicen/ Executive Replica or the first female figure of the »Gangster's Kingdom« line by DAM Toys. Even a US president is on board ;-)

Because there are almost 50 positions you should take a close look at our coming soon list!

02.05.2016 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH MAY 2016

He heals Frodo's stab, that he got from the Nazgûl on Weathertop. He leads the council of humans, dwarfs, elves and hobbits that decides what to do with the ring of power and he supports Rohan and Gondor  with their fight against Mordor! Also in »The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies« he goes to war on the side of the dwarfs!

Based on that, WETA made this awesome statue of LORD ELROND and convinced us to make it our PRODUCT OF THE MONTH MAY. So we will show this great work from New Zealand a bit closer during the next weeks. The dispensation is already on its way to us - so if you didn't go for it so far, you still have the chance to grab the elvenking from Rivendell :-)

28.04.2016 • THE WAR BEGINS!

Guys, the time has come! The big showdown between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark begins! Also Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Spider-Man and many more are of the party... so basically (almost) all characters of the Avengers circles :-)

The first critics are very promising, the trailers have always been! Enjoy and have fun at the movies!


What’s left of yesterday’s ALIEN DAY? Well, our Facebook follower MICHAEL now has increased his collection thanks to our spontaneous competition.

But there are great news also for all other ALIEN fans: SIDESHOW introduced their new »Alien King Maquette«, HOT TOYS is running a special exhibition in their Japanese flagship store with two new »Ellen Ripley« Movie Masterpiece figures, KOTOBUKIYA will produce a »ArtFX+ Dog Alien« from their 1/10 line, NECA finally presents us a »Newt« action-figure alongside the exclusive Ripley and FUNKO delivers a bunch of new ReAction figures and Pops! to collectors.

So if that wasn’t a big Alien Day…? We’re already looking forward to next year!

26.04.2016 • HAPPY ALIEN DAY 2016!

Mother’s Day - Father’s Day - Earth Day... ALIEN DAY, totally clear!?!

20th Century Fox decided to celebrate the ALIEN ANTHOLOGY with a very special day from now on – the ALIEN DAY! As a nod to the exmoon »LV-426«, on which Ripley in the first Alien movie from 1979 encountered the extraterrestrial species for the first time, April 26th shall now be installed in all calendars (at least in the ones from movie maniacs) as the worldwide “Alien Day”. That’s great, as we think – and so we celebrate with you and will hand out a 10% discount on all in stock ALIEN items TODAY ONLY!

Just use this coupon when placing your order: ALIENDAY2016

And today at about 6 p.m. we will have something even more special for you... stay tuned on Facebook!


Past weekend, MONSTERPALOOZA 2016 took place in Pasadena, California. As its name already suggests, this show is all about monsters, aliens, horror and spookyness :-) It seems that Monsterpalooza is getting more and more the top event for everybody involved in special effects, sculpting and collectibles of this genre. Even many actors and directors – foremost one of the biggest authorities in this business, Guillermo del Toro – are hanging around there, chatting with fellows and fans. Very cool!

As a collector, you can get view on many novelties of some major brands like SIDESHOW or ELITE CREATURE COLLECTIBLES, but you can also see the works and handcrafted items of many unknown artists and smaller studios. The impressions there are literally monstrous!

If you’d like to get a little glimpse from afar, we picked these two video-links for you:

Spoiler for hardcore monster-fans: you will probably pick Pasadena as your holiday destination 2017 ;-)


Yesterday it was the premiere date of »Captain America: Civil War« in Berlin - well, at least for a little group of people. Latest on next week's Thursday we all can run the theatres!

And now that friends become enemies there was just Robert Downey Jr. walking on the red carpet among some other actors at the Sony Center. Seems that Chris Evans didn't want to be on the carpet with his new foe... you can take a look at it HERE and on Marvel's Facebook page you can find some clips of the event.


We made up a little competition for you. So if you are up for a brand new Wii U and together with the game »Star Fox Zero« just click HERE :-)

19.04.2016 • THE DEAD ARE COMING!

Guys, it's happening soon! On Sunday the first episode of GAME OF THRONES season 6 will be out and released here in Germany and surely you also have marked the date red on the calendar! Finally the story continues and we can expect it to be epic again!

Marc from Nerdkultur made a little clip about what to expect - take a look! But be careful if you are watching the former seasons to not get spoilered! :-)

13.04.2016 • DOC. STRANGE!

It's now the third time that we talk about new super heroes in our news this week... but we don't want to keep back the just released new teaster to DOCTOR STRANGE... remindes a little bit of Inception but well, it need to be strange!


That Captain Marvel will be the first female superhero with a solo movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was already teasered and the release was set for 2019. Now things will become more concrete as Kevin Feige, the boss of the Marvel Studios, promises: "You'll get the editor and the cast of the movie this summer! Maybe a bit earlier, maybe a bit later..."

Well, we are pretty excited. Imaginable that Carol Danvers will show in a movie that will be released over the next year and before 2019. There is a lot in the pipeline...

April 28th 2016: Captain America: Civil War
October 27th 2016: Doctor Strange
April 27th 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
July 7th 2017: Spider-Man
October 26th 2017: Thor: Ragnarok
February 16th 2018: Black Panther
May 4th 2018: Avengers: Infinity War Part 1
July 6th 2018: Ant-Man and the Wasp
March 8th 2019: Captain Marvel
May 3rd 2019: Avengers: Infinity War Part 2
July 12th 2019: The Inhumans


Yesterday the MTV Movie Awards have been awarded in Burbank, CA. The big winner was »Star Wars: The Force Awakens« with 3 accolades and 11 nominations! Also »Deadpool« and »Pitch Perfect« grabbed some prices... BUT the real highlight is surely the new trailer for DCs »Suicide Squad« that you can find HERE!

Awesome, right? :-)


THIS and a whole lot more is the first teaser on ROGUE ONE - A STAR WARS STORY. Dig in now!

05.04.2016 • APRIL AT THE MOVIES

In April there will be some genre movie releases again. Highlight will surely be »Captain America: Civil War«, which is about to run at the theatres from April, 28th. A closer look at the Avengers will come later this month :-)

Already on April the 7th »The Huntsman & The Ice Queen« - or »The Huntsman: Winter's War« as the original tile is - will be released. The sequel bases directly on the fantasy universe created by Rupert Sanders in 2012 and tells the background to the movie »Snow White and the Huntsman«. The movie among Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron will probably not be a landmark but a considerable fantasy adventure. We will see...

Mowgli, Shir Khan, Baghira, Balu, King Louie... all names that most of us know pretty well and that makes us thinking back to the times of our childhood. On April 14th all those names will be on the big screen and »The Jungle Book« will be released in Germany. We probably don't need to say much about the story of the Jungle Book. We just hope for a epic remake of this great story. The trailer looks very promising! Maybe the real highlight in April?

Before the Avengers will be back on the screen, the »Gods of Egypt« will come around on 21st of April. If we can believe what the critics says, this flicker is probably not worth watching... but we will make up our own opinion and there are worse place to take a nap then in the movies :-)

So nothing more to say then just: April 14th »The Jungle Book« and April 28th »Captain America: Civil War«. Those two are a must go! The rest is more or less just for those who are pretty bored on a Thursday... have a nice movie April :-)!

04.04.2016 • WONDERCON 2016 - A QUICK SIDE-TRIP

From March the 25th until the 27th the annually WonderCon took part in Los Angeles again. Unfortunately there haven't been much highlights, novelties or surprises for us collectible fans. For those we have to wait a little bit longer until the Comic-Con opens the doors in San Diego again...

Nevertheless it is worth taking a look around - at least at the Sideshow booth. They showed some highlights which we are about to see "live" in a couple of month. So just take a look and increase your anticipation :-)

And there is another clip - also by Sideshow - that shows the cosplay highlights from California. Take a click here as well to get little walk-around at the WonderCon ;-)

01.04.2016 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH APRIL 2016

Eight people in a snowy little cottage somewhere in Wyoming... and eight figures in a (thank god!) less snowy cottage somewhere in Bavaria. And so the circle is complete and we proudly present you our new product of the month April 2016: Major Warren, General Smithers, Sheriff Mannix, Mr. Gage, Mr. Ruth, Mr. Mobray, Ms. Domergue and Bob. Together they are »The Hateful Eight« and pooled in a Set of 8 figural dolls. Well done NECA!

Iconic retro figures in the 70s "Mego" style, a iconic movie by a iconic director with the usual iconic characters... no doubt - product of the month!

30.03.2016 • THE BEGINNING!

No matter if you play the computer game or not, this move looks promising and it's definitley going to be a highlight in the movie year 2016. To increase the anticipation for this blockbuster (release in Germany at May 26th), there has been published a new trailer to »Warcraft: The Beginning«!

Finally some Orks on the big screen again and no super heroes - that makes us looking forward pretty much :-)


Based on the THE WALKING DEAD comic books, McFarlane Toys already released two outstanding resin-statues – MICHONNE and RICK. The third character of this awesome collectibles line will be NEGAN, who we will meet on TV in season 6 for the first time…

Since these statues are actually exclusively made for the McFARLANE COLLECTORS CLUB, they are very hard to get. We were able to score a few pieces though and the great news is that they are now on their sea way to our headquarter. So if you are interested, then you’re more than welcome to get hooked up with one piece for your collection. The price will be 349,- EUR (incl. VAT, plus shipping).

Todd McFarlane himself put up a little unboxing video just yesterday, to give us fans a first impression of this collectible. You can watch it HERE – no need to add any comments… ;-)


It's on, tonight! Several previews of the long awaited »Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice« will be hitting cinemas in Germany and also in the rest of the world this week. Since Bjoern and Tobi obviously still haven't decided what to wear, I will probably go and watch the movie without them. Of course, we are all very excited to see how Zack Snyder will bring the showdown of the two DC superheroes to the big screen...

Oh, by the way, for my part I am looking forward to Wonder Woman aka Gal Gadot the most, especially since Hot Toys' announcement yesterday :-)

Along these lines, have fun at the movies - either today, tomorrow or over the weekend - and tell us what you think about the film! And about Wonder Woman!


Well, if this isn’t a super sweet appetizer on tomorrow’s theatrical release of BATMAN V SUPERMAN…?! Just a few hours ago, HOT TOYS announced the next character on the current DC blockbuster. And luckily it is not another variant of Batman, but it’s the stunningly beautiful WONDER WOMAN!

For the 1/6 conversion of Gal Gadot Hot Toys will (finally!) be using a seamless body this time. In that way the figure immediately appears a lot more authentic and realistic from the first look. The hair will be again done by rooted real fabric hair and also the other details are very movie-accurate as usual. Now let’s just hope that the movie will rock…

We plan to list the 1/6 Scale WONDER WOMAN Movie Masterpiece on our website for pre-order tomorrow!


On the upcoming Thursday Sideshow will extend their »Court of the Dead« line with CLEOPSIS. Not just the epithet "Eater of the Dead" but also the little teaser-clip promise another great premium format figure!

Although we won't be in the office on Friday and you'll get our newsletter already on Thursday, we will list Cleopsis at our shop - comfortable from the couch. So keep an eye on it :-)

17.03.2016 • HELLO, DARK CROWN TOYS!

As you might remember, we gave you a little round-up in February about our excursion from Nuernberg Toy Fair. One thing we did leave out though - and this will be revealed TODAY:

The young brand DARK CROWN TOYS from China hit the market last year with their own line called »Dark Blood«. They produce high-quality and really extravagant collectible figures in the famous 1:6 scale. Besides incredible details and really well done clothes, these collectibles come with extreme impressive, LED light-up bases!
Last fall, the first figure - the HELLSAINTS - was released. In spring 2016 the second character - the JEERER - will follow.

We were able to convince ourselves by the quality and the originality of these figures at Toy Fair and we nailed an official distribution-deal with DARK CROWN. Although the HELLSAINTS is sold out since months worldwide, we were able to catch a few last pieces. The JEERER is listed for pre-order on our website and he is expected to be ready from production in June.


Nine days left until the fight of the DC giants begins at the German theatres! So it's about time to raise the anticipation for »Batman v Superman«! Perfect for that is a clip with all the trailers, teasers and clips, made by a YouTuber - many thanks at this point!

And if that is not enough for you, check out the latest Korean trailer with brand new scenes. Along these lines: Have fun raising your anticipation and don't forget to book your cinema tickets :-)


The marketing machinery for the DEADPOOL movie - especially via social media - was simply genius and surely pioneering. Not to mention the entertainment factor! This strategy was certainly a big part of the great success of the record breaking release weekend!

Now it seems that the involved studios of DC's SUICIDE SQUAD  want to be in no way inferior to Marvel and drive another rail - not less creative! They started a campaign in the United States where you can get a artwork tattoo of the DC villains - deep under the skin, real, permanent and for free! You can choose from ready made motives. Well, what if not that is useful marketing? COME TO BAVARIA, dear Suicide Squad advertisers :-)!

Impressions and pictures of Harleys Tattoo Parlor can be found on Instagram and Facebook!

10.03.2016 • THE HATEFUL NINE

In a few days we will finally get in NECA's set of 8 to »The Hateful Eight«. But that's not all of good news...

Nobody less than the grandmaster Quentin Tarantino himself will now join the Eight! NECA has just announced the maker of the movie as a figural doll and we have of course listed him at our shop. The exclusive figure of Quentin is worldwide limited to 3.000 pieces - so get him quickly :-)

08.03.2016 • LET THE FORCE AWAKE

Now that the theatrical release of »The Force Awakens« is already a couple of days behind us and Episode VII is not on everybody's mind anymore, it is now about time to let the force awake again.

And that's because the Blu-Ray and DVD will be available in Germany on April 28th and we can already look forward to a lot of extras and deleted scenes. Marco from NERDKULTUR made a little clip about what to expect - check it out!

07.03.2016 • S.P.A.C.E GOES INSTAGRAM!

The year is 2016 and it is a snowy and grey march day. But not everything is grey and bleak today because we just started our Instagram account today. What you can find at "spacefiguren" will be everything that is fun for us and you!

Now that YOU are reading this right now, we have at least one big passion in common: the best collectibles! So take a look, follow us and have fun with all that will be going on there! And don't forget to tell everybody about it :-)


You need new clothes? Our walls need to be pimped? Or do you always have coffee stains on your table? Then we have something for you!

Today we listed a lot of new merchandise items at our shop to themes as Marvel, DC and Star Wars! Also a trifle to Breaking Bad can be found on our in-stock list! Just have a look if there's something for you!


Today we'd like to help you with your cinema plans for the next weeks and show you the (how we think) highlights that are about to be released in Germany in March. We don't talk about »Batman V Superman« at this point, because we will do that more detailed later... so around the 23rd :-)

Tomorrow will start »13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi« from the director Michael Bay. The true story is about a ex-elite-soldier-team that has to protect the US-Embassy after the terror attacks on 9/11 2012 in Lybia and also safe what is left to be saved. Bay-like we can surely expect a exciting action flicker that is currently rated with a 7.6 on the IMDb - sounds all very promising!

On March the 10th Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman will be on the screen together again with the movie »London Has Fallen« by the director Babak Najafi. The story is simple: the prime minister of Britain just died under mysterious circumstances. At the day of the funeral all the powerful guest are planned to kill and all the famous landmarks to be destroyed. The President of the United States (Aaron Eckhart) and his chief of secret service (Gerard Butler) have to stop the bad guys once again in the same roles as they had in »Olympus Has Fallen«. Sounds like another good action movie evening - if it will not be too patriotic!

Furthermore there will finally be released the Academy Award nominated movies »Trumbo« (starring: Heisenberg!) on the 10th and »Room« on the 17th. So there's much to watch this month - along these lines: have a great Movie-March!

01.03.2016 • PRODUCT OF THE MONTH MARCH 2016

For our new product of the month we have to go back in time a little the 1940's when in Europe rampaged World War II. Chaos everywhere and a lot of young Americans are fighting overseas. Also some superheroes tried to liberate Europe on their side.

But the home front is not unprotected during this time. A bunch of tough and even more attractive women keep things running at home - the DC Bombshells! An absolute grenade among those brave ladies is CATWOMAN and we are totally under her charm. Or better the charm of the statue to DC Collectibles' Bombshells series. Now that we already had several characters in this line, it is more than time to devote this month for the awesome Bombshells. With Catwoman leading the way as our product of the month March 2016!

29.02.2016 • THE OSCAR GOES TO...

What an evening for the team among George Miller! Six Oscars for »MAD MAX: FURY ROAD« what made it the most successful movie this evening. Even though they got the golden guy mostly in the technical categories. But this is a great success anyway.

The most exciting decision was surely that Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the award as the best actor in a leading role for his part in »THE REVENANT«. Congrats, Leo! Also to Brie Larsson, who made it to the best actress for her role in »Room« this year.

And what made us really happy is the Oscar for Ennio Morricone who finally got the regular golden boy at the age of 87 and after several nominations. He definitley deserves it and it is also a confirmation for Quentin Tarantino and the good work they do together - now with »The Hateful Eight« . And Leo, there you can see how long others had to wait... ;-)

All the winners and those who had to go home without the award you can find here.

25.02.2016 • I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!

With this sentence at least for every BREAKING BAD fan it should be totally clear, who's knocking... correct - Walter White aka HEISENBERG!

Threezero created an awesome monument in 1:6 scale to the actor Bryan Cranston and so gave the starting signal for a hopefully very comprehensive Breaking Bad figure-line. Enough reason for us to choose the figure as the product of the month February 2016. Of course we also wanted to give our contribution with a little hommage to Walt by shooting this video :-)

24.02.2016 • Mail from Middle-Earth!

Today we have news from Middle-Earth for you - and that's literally! Because we just got in a nice shipment from New Zealand from the WETA WORKSHOP, with a lot of art prints, pins and other collectibles on Hobbit and Lord of the Rings!

For us, the outstanding highlight is the »Battle of the Peak« art print, which shows Gandalf in the showdown with the Flame of Udun. So if you're looking for a beautiful wall decoration, then you will surely find something in our new arrivals list of today, my preciousssss...


Just six days left until the 88th Academy Awards will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. So it's gonna get very exciting on the upcoming Sunday and we are looking forward to see who will get a golden boy. Here you can see once again who has the chance to do so.

In exactly one week we will know more and be able to present the winners. But we can now already discuss and speculate. What do you think, who NEEDS to win this year? What has been your highlight in the 2015s movie year, even though it's may not nominated?

Feel free to join our discussion on Facebook :-)

17.02.2016 • THEY SHOOT!

Almost two years to wait until we Star Wars fans can go to the theatres again - enthusiastic as little children on Christmas Eve. December 15th 2017 is set for the theatrical release - after the date was originally set for May 2017.

But what we know since Monday: work is in progress! And we can take a short look on it in a first teaser. What to expect of EP VIII is still a secret but regarding to John Boyega it's getting more gloomy then it was in »The Force Awakens«... well, we just wait patiently for the first trailer :-)

16.02.2016 • A LOOK AT NEW YORK

Since Saturday and until today the New York Toy Fair takes part in Manhattan. Because the journey would be more difficult than the ride to Nuremberg, we unfortunately can't join the event, but - of course - we take a closer look at what is going in the Empire State. And this was not really much of highlights. The focus here is definitley on the classic toys and not on the collectibles for our vitrine.

Nonetheless it is worth taking a look at Kotobukiya for example. There was not really something new because the guys from Japan already announced novelties at the "Tokyo Wonder Festival" and during their  Bishoujofestival. But we could take a look on those items such as the Joker of "The New 52" series.

DC Collectibles had some novelties with them. But just take a look at this clip to get into it :-)

And as anticipated Star Wars was a big topic across all types of toys and collectibles. Our big highlight here is the life-size BB-8 by "Spin Master". You can telecommand the droid and he will also listen to what you say. Definitely a must-have!  

NECA went green and announced a 1/4 Scale Donatello and Dark Horse makes the gamers happy with collectibles to "The Witcher".

So basically not much to say but much to look forward to get in our warehouse!

15.02.2016 • IT WAS EPIC!

After we went to the cinema at the weekend, we can't get Deadpool out of our heads anymore - what an epic flicker! And Mr. Wilson not just breaks the bones of the bad guys but also the records at the box office.

Because we just LOVE this movie, we will pimp our DEADPOOL category on the website with some merch within the next days. So better keep an eye on it ;-)


Slow but steady it would be profitable to get a member card here at our local cinema! One highlight after the other and today it is DEADPOOL's turn! Since the first clip came up we were totally looking forward to the theatrical release. And all the trailers made the anticipation for Mr. Wilson even bigger. And now that the flicker just started with a 8.9 on the IMDb, one thing is for sure: it's gonna be really epic!

So now just let's get this Thursday afternoon behind us... let's scram and rush to the movies! Have fun there!

10.02.2016 • YEAR OF THE APE

Already two days ago - on February 8. - our Chinese friends started their new year. What this means for all of us, surely do know the 1/6 collectors among you... right, long waiting times regarding inquiries and shipments. Because Asia will be celebrating now for like three weeks in a row and we of course don't want to be the party crashers. So we send our best New Year wishes to China and the neighbours!

Just in time before the Asian market will be "temporarily" closed, we did receive a couple of new items - for bridging, so to say ;-)
You will find a colorful mix from the 1/6 SUPER SECTION tomorrow in our "new arrivals" list!


The Japanese manufacturer KOTOBUKIYA, which without any doubt is one of our top 3 favorite brands, just revealed a couple of brand hot novelties from their own BISHOUJO line in a very pleasant anticipation on the upcoming »Tokyo Wonder Festival«!

Under the hashtag #‎Bishoujofest2016 you can find a lot of teaser images like Thor & Loki, a New 52 Harley Quinn and a Wonder Girl. A lot cooler even, as we think, is that we finally get to see more horror related figures with Chucky and Tiffany. Which of the ladies do you like the most?

Proper to these new announcements, a huge KOTOBUKIYA shipment will arrive at our warehouse towards the end of this week. So you better check out our "Coming soon" list ;-)

08.02.2016 • SUPER BOWL 50

Football here in our news? Of course! Because there are not just some sport news but also for our genre. So if you just slept the last night and missed the half time show and the spots, there you go:

Clip »Independence Day 2«
Clip »Captain America: Civil War«
Clip »X-Men: Apocalypse«
Clip »Deadpool«
Clip »Cloverfiled 2«
Clip »Turtles 2«
Clip »Bourne 5«
Clip »The Jungle Book«
Coca Cola spot with Hulk und Ant-Man
»Batman v Superman« spots made by Turkish Airlines
- spot 1
- spot 2

Last but not least honor to whom honor is due: congrats, Broncos!

05.02.2016 • WHO IS DEADPOOL?

Less than a week until the merc with the mask - acted by Ryan Reynolds - comes to the German movies. Most of you surely know the story of the anti-hero with the big mouth.

For those of you who don't, the guys of NERDKULTUR made a little clip which shows the story and background of Deadpool in a very entertaining way. Unfortunately just in German but it definitely wakes the desire for the movie.. so have a click :-)

PS: Apposite to this, Kotobukiya just announced the re-production of their 1/10 ARTFX+ Deadpool - get it here!

03.02.2016 • This was Nuernberg Toy Fair 2016

The Nuernberg Toy Fair 2016 is over again - so it's time to give you a little round-up of the most important impressions that we were able to collect:

In general there wasn't so much going on this year. Not only the number of visitors seem to have gone down a bit, but also - which is even more important to us - the line up of collectible highlights. At least Sideshow's Premium Format BATMAN and JOKER from »Arkham Asylum« have been an outstanding blast at the distributors' booths. One of the most beautiful collectible pieces of the last years and a true sight for sore eyes, as we think, is the MARILYN MONROE statue by Blitzway in 1:4 scale. The moment your chin drops when looking at a collectible, because the final product is even better than the pictures online, is just a great experience. A pitty that the edition is already gone totally.

Great news were told by McFARLANE TOYS! Obviously Todd and his crew found their way back to the roots, because there will be new action-figures in the classy 7" scale :-) As Dave from McFarlane Toys explained us in detail, they plan a high grade collection of figures, which will come packed in nice window-boxes and will hit stores in summer 2016 probably. Each wave will consist of main characters from different license themes, so that we eventually can expect a figure from Naruto, from Tokyo Ghoul, from Spawn but also from The Walking Dead and even from Fear the Walking Dead in Wave 1 for example. We got to see the fist prototype of RICK GRIMES in hand and can definately say that he's looking great. Oh, and speaking of the TWD 10" deluxe figures, we will get GLENN as the next character. Very good choice, Todd ;-)

The most outstanding highlight for us though have been two prototypes of the new brand »Supacraft« on their BREAKING BAD license. We already knew since last year that there will something be coming... but now having an almost finished life-size bust from WALTER WHITE in front of us - and that in an extremely impressive finish, almost being real - was the biggest bang from the show! Also the 1/4 scale statue of MIKE EHRMANTRAUT on a nicely done base will surely make collectors hungry for more. We promised the crew from Supacraft though to not publish any images of these collectibles, since they are still prototypes and probably will be overdone a bit in detail. So collectors still need to be a bit patient for the big reveal - but you can be sure that we will list the whole line up from Supacraft on our website.

Of course STAR WARS was present everywhere. But honestly we started to ask ourselves if rollerblades in Stormtrooper stlye or huge balloons of R2-D2 are really necessary... The displayed costumes from ROGUE ONE and the life-size figures of REY and BB-8 instead have been a lot more fun to us and served for a great ambiente all over the floors. Despite a rahter lame mood on the fair we can say that the journey was again worth it and - on top of that - we had a nice dinner meeting with the Wolf Brothers and enjoyed a Bizza :-)


Just on time for February 1st, our next PRODUCT OF THE MONTH kicks off, the 1/6 scale HEISENBERG figure by Threezero.

Like it should be, the main character of the TV show is also the first figure of Threezero's BREAKING BAD license and it's a well done prelude of a hopefully extensive line. We will show you more details of this 1:6 conversion of Bryan Cranston aka Walter White during this month. Though for us as hard-core Breaking Bad fans it was absolutely out of any discussion that the Heisenberg figure needs to get in focus as a highlight.

Very interesting by the way is the fact of the 40th day of the "real" Heisenberg's death, namely of the German scientist Werner Heisenberg, who was one of the key pioneers of quantum mechanics. History lesson over - back to collectibles, exactly HERE :-)

28.01.2016 • THE NUMBER 8!

Eight strangers, eight different fates und one feeling that conglomerates all of them: hate! Today Quentin Tarantino's 8th movie »The Hateful 8« has it's theatrical release in Germany! Casted is the movie among others with the regular Tarantino actors, some great dialogues and - for sure - with great background music. What more could one want for a great evening at the movies?

Exactly - nothing! Well, but there's one wish we probably all have... and that's wish that Quentin will make more movies than "just" 10! But we will see :-)

27.01.2016 • NUREMBERG TOY FAIR 2016

Today the world's biggest toy fair starts in Nuremberg once again.  Until Monday the 1st of February the doors will be open for trade visitors and - of course - we will be there for you to check out all the novelties and interesting things.

And as is usual we will provide you pictures and news from the "Franken metropolis" and we are looking forward to meet some colleagues and suppliers and have some good days with the chance to put our feet up :-)

25.01.2016 • TIME FOR AN UPDATE

About three weeks ago we listed four statues to the movie »Suicide Squad« by DC Collectibles for pre-order. Today we could update the first official pictures of those statues after it was not allowed to show them earlier. So if you already pre-ordered them or if you think about it, just have a look...

And if you wait for more, there will also be a statue of Boomerang and Katana. Of course you will find those at our shop asap!

21.01.2016 • 1/6 TAURIEL BY ASMUS - A REVIEW

Once again Mick from the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT took the trouble to make a very detailed review of a item of our favorite scale. In there he took a closer look at Tauriel by Asmus Toys of the Hobbit movies. He didn't just wrote down something about the figure but also about how the character has been created.

But take a look by your own on what Mick made for you.


What is the best way to fight the evil? Something more evil, of course! So DC now sends their dark villains in the fight against the darkness. In »Suicide Squad« Harley Quinn freaks out together with Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc and - of course - the Joker. And these are not the only crazy rogues of DC you will see in this movie. How all of this will look like, you can see here in the brand new trailer which came up about 6 hours ago.

It's about to get epic...


Netflix came up with pretty good news for all the MARVEL fans among you. The online streaming provider confirmed yesterday, that there will be a second season of »Jessica Jones«. They plan the release for 2016.

So you can see Krysten Ritter a while longer on your screens. Good news, how we think - finally a strong woman of the Marvel universe with her own series. What do you think?

13.01.2016 • THE BEST IN 1/6 OF 2015

As he did the last years, our friend Mick of the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT started a little survey about the world in 1/6 scale. What was your favorite manufacturer? Which one was very disappointing? What has been your favorite figure this year?

Tell Mick about it and take the survey - check his post at the District or on his Facebook page :-)

12.01.2016 • LEO GETS GOLD!

Time will show if he finally gets the Oscar but the GOLDEN GLOBE is already caught by Leonard DiCaprio for is performance in »The Revenant«! This was not the only award for Alejandro González Iñárritus movie. They also got the GLOBE in the category "Best Motion Picture - Drama".

Who else took the little golden ball, you can see HERE!

11.01.2016 • We can be heroes - NOT just for one day...

Some can be heroes, for ever and ever - and so will DAVID BOWIE!

Besides being a great musician, David Bowie was at least as talented and powerful in acting. And so he became one of my personal heroes of my childhood. Without a doubt, his movie LABYRINTH was one of my top 10 movies in the '80s, influencing and fascinating me day by day. Together with its incredible soundtrack, this movie has an aura that is still unique until this day.

But »Labyrinth« was just one of David's achievements in entertainment - and there are countless more. The news of David Bowie's death is very sad and it definitely means that a great hero of our time is not among us anymore. Farewell, Jareth, Goblin King - It's only forever, not long at all.


This proverb fits to Leonard DiCaprios new movie »The Revenant« - which will be theatrical released today - like a hand in a glove!

So if you want to go to the movies for watching something else than Star Wars, you will probably not regret it with this new film by Alejandro González Iñárritu. The director, the cast, the trailer... some auspicious signs for a great movie are given!

We have to book our seats now - have fun at the cinema!


A new year - a new month - 12 new products for our product throne! So it's about time that somebody mounts it!

Our 10" MICHONNE by McFarlane made the run this time and so it's already the second character of the 10-inch-series by McF on our throne - after Rick Grimes in April 2015. We just love our "little" heroes of THE WALKING DEAD and so it is just logic that our favorite Amazon HAS TO MADE the first win of the year!

Let's just hope that McFarlane will get us even more products of the month so that we can complete our collection. What would you like to have next?

04.01.2016 • Inventory needs to be checked!

On the year's prelude we are approaching you with a note on our own behalf, dear customers:
The inventory check is still keeping us very busy. Like every year, this burden takes a lot longer than planned. Therefore we are facing some delays in our normal daily business (order confirmations, requests, dispatches...) during the next 2-3 days still. Please be patient with us - we are making overtimes and push ourselves...

Thanks for your kind understandings :-)

30.12.2015 • PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR 2015

Always - at the end of every month - we have some serious problems here... what's going to be our next product of the month? The decision is a problem because we get in too many great collectibles every month.

But we always made one and so we had 12 highlights this year:

Freddy Girl Bishoujo, Kotobukiya (Januar)
10" Rick Grimes, McFarlane (Februar)
1/6 Tyrion Lannister, Threezero (März)
1/4 Scale Little Groot, Hot Toys (April)
Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue, Kotobukiya (Mai)
Daryl Dixon Statue, Gentle Giant (Juni)
Governor's Room CS, McFarlane (Juli)
1/6 Marty McFly, Hot Toys (August)
Jason Figural Doll, Neca (September)
Bolg Statue, Weta (Oktober)
Leatherface Figural Doll, Neca (November)
Wonder Woman Statue, Yamato (Dezember)

For 2016 we will surely find great items for our product throne again. For January we already made a decision... but step by step ;-)

What has been your favorite in 2015?


Even in the dark city Gotham there's peace and consensus during christmas time. At least that's how our costumer Sascha interprets it on the last sheet of our calendar for 2015. A nice picture and nice work by Sascha. Mick also published a little article about it in the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT.

For 2016 the S.P.A.C.E COLLECTORS' CALENDAR will pause, but we are already planning for 2017. This begs the question what theme we should define for it. Female quarter scale statues or better classic comic heroes...? Or creepy horror icons? What do you think or better what would you like to see? We have an open mind for constructive suggestions ;-)

28.12.2015 • FN-2187. We call him FINN!

Last week in Hong Kong at the Toy Soul fair - now in our shop: FINN, played by the very sympathetic John Boyega, is now available in a perfect 1:6 scale conversion from HOT TOYS' Movie Masterpiece series!
Besides Rey, Finn is probably the most interesting (new) character in EPISODE VII and therefore Hot Toys couldn't resist to offer him both individually and as a special set combo (with the mean »Riot Control« Stormtrooper).

Both options are now listed for pre-order on our site! If we will get to see Poe Dameron as the next character...?

22.12.2015 • FIRST TIME - FIRST LOVE?

So, how was your "first time"? Of course we are talking about your very personal premiere of STAR WARS - THE FORCE AWAKENS ;-)

Most of the S.P.A.C.E Crew was haning around in our local movie theatre from last Wednesday untill Sunday, because we set up a photo-point there. Every visitor was able to get a portrait in a Jedi outfit for a little charity donation. If you like to see more from our activity, then take a look here on Facebook:

What sort of action and fun did you have at your cinema? And even more important: How did you like EPISODE VII??


This is what many of you surely did over the weekend. And if not, our friend Mick of the ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT has summarized the highlights of the TOY SOUL 2015 for us and you.

HOT TOYS - of course - was in a very special focus and they had something new for all the Star Wars fans out there. But take a look by your own!

16.12.2015 • WHAT HAPPENS IN 2016?

We don't have to ask what will be printed on your cinema ticket this week. But what is about to be on the screen next year? FILMSTARTS bothered to make a big movie preview for 2016.

No matter what genre you like most, you will surely find something you can look forward to. Such as number 6 for example... not a long time to wait :-)

What are your highlights?

But now back to STAR WARS. Have fun at the midnight premiere!


Last night CET THE FORCE AWAKENED in Los Angeles! The world premiere of course took place on Hollywood Boulevard (actually in the legendary Chinese Theatre) and among many many fans there were of course the actors and the producers, as well as J.J. Abrams, George Lucas and even Steven Spielberg.

VERIZON put up the complete »Red Carpet Show« on YouTube. Maybe that's great for getting in the right mood for some of you, regarding their very personal premiere this week... ;-)


Next summer, a new Tarzan movie will come to cinemas. "So, what?!" may probably comment many of you... But let's put it this way - at the latest when the names "Samuel L. Jackson" and "Christoph Waltz" pop up in the cast list, everybody's ears get aware.

And that's good - because what director David Yates will bring to the big screen for us, will be epic! The first trailer on THE LEGEND OF TARZAN (played by the slighty worked-out Alexander Skarsgård by the way) just went online and it's definately worth a click. The goosebumps made the round here in our office :o)

Another highlight of the cast by the way is Margot Robbie as Jane. So we will get to meet the beautiful Australian more often at the movies next year... for example in her role as super hot and crazy Harley Quinn in SUICIDE SQUAD!

10.12.2015 • THE FORCE AWAKENS!

In exactly one week! Now that the walk to the movies is so close we just recognize how long we have been waiting for that day. But now it is (almost) over. The excitement among us fans is at the maximum anyway. And for those of you who still need some persuasion, we have some material to get you hooked up.

The force is with us!

09.12.2015 • GERMAN COMIC CON 2015

It really has been an awesome weekend in the west - once again. If we wouldn't be proud Bavarians, we would almost say that it is nice there... ;-)

But isn't it nice everywhere around the world if you are surrounded by great, fascinating and positively crazy people? Definitley yes! And if there are also some good old friends around you it is just perfect. So we are now - totally satisfied - back in Bavaria and very happy that we have been part of this first GCC. A Great event that you really have to check out one more time!

Therefore not just we filled our Facebook album, the FrightGuys and Stefan Makowski of the Walking Dead German Webfanside did as well. Mick just published a article in the Action-Figure-District and if you prefer watching a video clip, Oli of has something for you.

... and yes, the west really is very nice! :-)


McFarlane Toys already teased fans at last summer's San Diego Comic Con with their new GAME OF THRONES Construction Sets. Now the first sets are available at stores in the US and we flew them in exclusively for GERMAN COMIC CON last week!

Those of you who were on-site in Dortmund were already able to grab the Iron Throne Room, both Banner Packs or the figurines from the Blind Bags. We actually have a few pieces each remaining, which means we are able to offer them on our website now. The regular stock through our European distributors will probably be a bit cheaper, but it will surely not arriive before February or March...


She is one of the oldest super heroes and the oldest female super hero of DC Comics. Her first appearance was in 1941 and now - almost 75 years later - WONDER WOMAN is on the top of our product throne.

Implemented by the prestigious artist Luis Royo and published at YAMATOs Fantasy Figure Gallery, this statue is definitley a highlight. There hasn't been any discussion about our number one this month. But have a look by your own and get convinced. We will - of course - get you some more pictures during this month. Working with such a beauty is just a pleasure :-)

01.12.2015 • RUHRPOTT 2.0

After the WOH in Oberhausen we will now join the GERMAN COMIC CON in Dortmund! On the 5th and 6th of December you can find us at the Westfalenhallen (Hall 4) to fill your shopping bags ;-)

We are already very excited what's going to happen at GCC and we are looking forward to have another drink with our friends after just a couple of weeks! Oh beautiful west!

Who of you guys will also be at the con?

PS: You will get our newsletter on Thursday again - as you are already used to! :-)


What a kick-off for the Christmas business! Not just that all average radio stations started to play Christmas tunes today - no, also on our website we can definately see a lot of shopping mood going on - thanks to the CyberSpaceWeekend :-)

On today's CYBER MONDAY you still have the chance to grab some great deals until midnight. We will get you some more special offers during the day!

For those of you who are already good and are waiting eagerly for the arrival of the next HOT TOYS and SIDESHOW pre-orders instead, please be told that we just got in a huge shipment with highlights such as:
Hulk MMS (regular and deluxe), Han Solo & Chewbacca MMS, Obi-Wan Kenobi MMS, The Bat (regular and deluxe), Deadpool Sixth Scale, Jango Fett Sixth Scale, Classic Catwoman PF...

But please give us a little bit more time to notify everybody and start processing all pre-orders in line - thanks ;-)

26.11.2015 • STEVE VS TONY

The friendship of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark will be tested in about half a year in the German theatres! On May the 5th 2016 you can watch the new Captain film »THE FIRST AVENGER: CIVIL WAR« on the big screen.

The first trailer has now been published by MARVEL yesterday! It's gonna be different then the other Avenger movies so far... what do you think about it?


Don't worry, you do not get any dramatic or dark news now... quite the opposite! We just see the black side on the upcoming BLACK FRIDAY and that will be pretty good for you because we will drop the prices :-)

That's why our weekly-news will be spread out by tomorrow so that we can send you some special pages on black Friday with all the hot deals. So if you didn't sign in for our news so far, it is now really time to do that...


Shortly before we started our trip to Oberhausen, we went our for a walk with Leatherface aka our product of the month November 2015. Thereby we took some photos of him which you can find on Facebook.

And if you haven't found something for a Christmas present so far - we still have a few of him in stock :-)


Today it's all about FANTASY again in all movie theatres worldwide, because the second MOCKINGJAY part of »The Hunger Games« finally hits cinemas!

We can surely look forward to a gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and watch her fighting against the good old Donald Sutherland aka President Snow in the epic finale...

For those of you who are looking for a proper collectible on the fantasy saga, we can tell you that the manufacturer STAR ACE grabbed an official license for 1/6 scale figures. We can surely expect their Katniss to be announced very soon. You will of course find the figure and the entire line-up listed with us :-)


A little bit less than a month until the force awakens and we FINALLY can storm the cinemas! At least the waiting time gets a little bit more moderate now.  »STAR WARS Battlefront« will be available for the German market by tomorrow -  so we can start to fight the way through the universe by ourselves. Who of you will join the battle?

17.11.2015 • READY TO BUILD AGAIN!

Finally - and after a little delay - they are here! The new construction sets to »The Walking Dead« by McFarlane. So there's a perfect diversion now for some fun on the dark and cold fall evenings.

But not just for the Walking Dead fans we got a lot of new things in. Many other items by a lot of different manufacturers just made their way to us, so that our warehouse is filled to the maximum now :-)

PS: If you already need new building materials, there are some new sets for pre-order. Coming for diversion on the spring evenings!


Today's Friday the 13th is of course a perfect release date for the latest issue of the German VIRUS Magazine! In #68 we get to see loads of reviews on the latest horror flicks, like for example »Scouts guide to the Zombie apocalypse« (you can check out the funny trailer here!) and a farewell to the great Wes Craven.

For our English speaking customers this magazine is probably rather uninteresting, but in case you want to get a glimpse of what it looks like, we can add a BLUTPROBE (blood sample, so to say) to your next package. Maybe you'll get infected anyways ;-)

12.11.2015 • RICK IS ON HIS WAY!

Well, it is still a long way to go until we and you really get him but during the 2nd Quarter 2016 he'll be here: Rick Grimes in 1:6 Scale from THREEZERO! How would have thought that they FINALLY make something more out of their Walking Dead license...  and then we get Rick, well done!

Now we can just hope, that Michonne gets announced soon... so that the Pets get somebody to guide them...

11.11.2015 • SOMETHING IS COMING...

... videlicet in May next year! »Warcraft« is going be theatrical released in Germany and on last week's Friday the first trailer has been published. It could get really epic, what do you think?

Anyway, Gentle Giant and WETA will provide us some statues to the movie. GG already listed them for pre-order on their website, WETA surely will follow soon and you can - of course - get them at our shop, hopefully soon! :-)

10.11.2015 • BACK FROM HELL

So, there we are again - exhausted, but back home safe and sound. The WEEKEND OF HELL 2015 was a great event, with the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen being just the perfect location!

Not only you visitors, but also we from the S.P.A.C.E Hazmat Crew had loads of fun and it really made us happy to see so many well-known faces and nice people on one spot. We are already looking forward to next year :-)

If you like to browse our pictures (just updated again), you can do this on FACEBOOK. Our friend Mick also made an article about the WOH on ACTION FIGURE DISTRICT - feel free to click in there also...

04.11.2015 • LET'S GO TO OBERHAUSEN!

That's where we go tomorrow to (hopefully) see many of you guys at the WEEKEND OF HELL. We, that are Sven, Tobi and Björn plus our support squad Nadine and Basti. If you watched out...yes, you are right, our ladies have to stay at the headquarter. Somebody has to run the joint! :-)

Of course we can't handle the business  as good and fast as we are used to with this skeleton crew. So we hope that you, dear costumers, are a little bit patient during these days. We will be back on Monday and jump right into our everyday work again to get over everything as quick as possible.

But now we start into a hell of a weekend...



STAR WARS fans, you HAVE TO check this: the batteries manufacturer DURACELL just released a commercial clip which will probably get every Star Wars fan the goose bumps and nails our childhood fantasies exactly. Unbelievably cool!
What an outstanding appetizer on EPISODE VII - yesss!!


We keep it evil with our products of the month and proudly present the winner for November: the ULTIMATE LEATHERFACE figure from »Texas Chainsaw Massacre« by NECA.

How could we get out of our creepy mood... Halloween this weekend and in few days we go to the Weekend of Hell in Oberhausen. So it's really hard to get our horror icons out of our heads. And the guy with the leathery face is for sure one of them. A good work by Neca and surely by us when we show you some of our pictures and clips. You can already get him for 24,99 EUR at our shop.


Hot Toys has just released another of their famous »Backstage« images. These are always very special appetizers from us collectors, because we get to see figure that are actually coming from production and are due to be shipped soon.

The Force seems to be strong with these new releases - but especially influenced by the Dark Side... Because we can look forward to DARTH VADER MMS279 and even on the FIRST ORDER STORMTROOPERS (incl. Heavy Gunner)! Furthermore there will be LUKE SKYWALKER MMS297, IRON MAN STRIKER MMS277 and the very impressive 1/4 Scale IRON MAN MARK XLIII among this wave. Of course we here in Europe will be served at last, but you can reserve a space in your showcases for these Movie Masterpieces towards New Year so to say :-)


In a bit more than one week it's the time of the year again when the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen turns into the perfect horror scenario and becomes an Eldorado for all fans of creepyness!

We are totally busy with preparations! Tonight our crew will come together for a briefing and for a trial make up session (at last we want to make ourselves pretty or actually ugly for you). It will be a very genteel happening this year, because we will all suit up ;-)


Not only ourselves, but also our favorite collectibles may pose as models in front of the camera from time to time. So of course did our current product of the month, the BOLG STATUE by WETA!

In this Facebook album you can find some nice pictures of this impressive collectible. An outstanding ugly orc, which shouldn't be missing in any Mordor collection...

22.10.2015 • MEET THE CREW!

We are extremely happy that our TEAM PAGE on our website is finally shining in new splendor!

As we all know, pictures say more than a thousand words - so please stop by with us :-)


It's October 21st in the year 2015. Precisely at 4:29 p.m. on this date Doc, Marty and Jennifer landet in Hill Valley, California with their flying DeLorean! Exactly today at about this time everyone should be at their local (Holomax?)-cinema, to celebrate this date and the worldwide BACK TO THE FUTURE day. You will surely get to see the trailer on »Jaws 19« up front ;-)

As a special in our shop we will add a FREE decal set with the missing brand logos to every order of a Marty McFly Hot Toys figure from today! This promotion is only valid until our supply lasts and maximum until Sunday, 25.10.2015!

So hydrate yourself a pizza quickley and eventually send the drone outside for walking the dog, because you may definately not miss the kick-off of the triple feature tonight. Great scott, this is gonna be epic!

20.10.2015 • THE FORCE, IT'S CALLING TO YOU...


There's nothing more to say. Period.
Dear STAR WARS fans, here is the brandnew trailer on THE FORCE AWAKENS - check it out!

19.10.2015 • WOH - WE'RE GETTING SET UP

How else could we use such a hazy sunday like the one yesterday better than sawing, grinding, cutting and smudging together with the Wolf Brothers from Nuernberg...
But all this has a useful background! Because what you see here are preparations for our booth for this year's WEEKEND OF HELL!

Make sure to get your tickets for Europe's largest Horror Convention now and don't miss out on this spectacular. We will of course be there again and are already looking forward to the event like crazy. As always, there will be a lot going on at our booth. This time, we will be breaking really bad ;-)
More infos can be found on !


Well, actually it's Marty McFly who is wearing »Calvin Klein« - and »Nike«! And his backpack was a »Eastpak« one, right? At least in the movie!

For those of you who missed the brand-logos on his 1/6 Marty McFly figure from Hot Toys (or on the accessories), you have now the possibility to upgrade your collectible. In our PIMP YOUR MARTY McFLY Video we show you how to make your figure look more movie-accurate, by bringing on these special decals which have been designed by some US kitbashers especially for the Marty McFly.

The set with the decals is available upon request with us for 24,99 EUR and currently still in stock! Some photos, which show Marty relaxed sitting on a bench in a park in Hill Valley reading the newspaper have just been uploaded in our Facebook album :-)

14.10.2015 • COSPLAY AT NYCC

Conventions are not only a highlight for us collectors, but they are a perfect event for people in disguises! The New York Comic Con truly is a summit meeting of cosplayers and it seems that the show is getting more and more important and interesting for this sector.

This video shows you in four and a half minutes a bunch of highlights from this year's cosplay scene in the Big Apple. Lean back and enjoy, because it's absolutely epi